How To Lose 75 Pounds in 75 Days with Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

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Mug “Really, it’s that easy?”- That’s what Zach said when he heard about the Rapid Fat Loss version of Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting.

You may have already read about the basic protocol for Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, and the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol.

The Rapid Fat Loss Protocol is a cyclical ketogenic diet with Bulletproof Coffee.  To avoid the negative effects of calorie cutting, we use appropriate supplements.

This protocol was created for clients who want to lose the maximum amount of fat possible in the shortest time span – without feeling like a zombie.  Besides the fact that I enjoy helping people and sharing my secrets (as evidenced by my blog), I like to create programs that achieve results my clients demand.

Before I share something, I test if it works for me.  Good science is repeatable, which is why I like it when other people are able to lose fat and feel awesome – like me.  Zach provided the perfect opportunity to test one of these techniques.  As with everything good in life, it started with Bulletproof Coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee improves brain function, increases fat loss, and keeps you full.  You never feel hungry, get low energy, and as evidenced by our conversation with Chris Masterjohn, the saturated fat is good for you.

Many executives (or anyone for that matter) would kill to have sustained energy while never feeling hungry.  One such person is my Bulletproof financial trader friend from Las Vegas named Zach.  Zach has struggled with his weight for years, but I convinced him to give the Bulletproof Fasting Fat Loss Protocol a chance.

Zach’s job requires great mental capacity and doesn’t allow for much movement during the day.  As many business men do, he depended on sugar for energy – and got fat.

In order to provide a simple, effective, and easy fat loss plan for Zach, we decided to implement The Fat Loss Protocol.

Zach was hesitant at first, as many people are.  Drinking nothing but Bulletproof Coffee and water for almost a week seems tough on the surface, but as with anyone who gives it an honest effort, it was easy.   He decided to give it a try, and here are the results.

Zach’s Intermittent Fasting Results

After following The Fat Loss Protocol, Zach lost 1 pound a day – for 75 days.  That’s 75 pounds of total weight loss in 10 weeks.  The best part?  He did it without (usually) feeling hungry.

Not only did he lose fat, his focus improved, he was more alert, and he never felt deprived.  He became Bulletproof.

Zach’s supplement regime was incredibly basic for the results he achieved.  He didn’t use steroids, clenbuterol, or dangerous thermogenics.  He stuck to the supplement recommendations from the protocol and got amazing results.

The way most people do it, intermittent fasting is effective only if you remove all calories from the fasting window.  However, Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting allows rapid fat loss without depriving yourself.

If you’re like Zach, and trying to lose fat, gain muscle, and stay focused without hunger and lethargy – try The Fat Loss Protocol.  We’re looking for people to give this a shot and tell us how it works.  Click here to learn how.

If you enjoy either of the Bulletproof Fasting Protocols, please leave a comment on this article or on the Bulletproof Forum.

That said, you’re better off using the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting protocol if you have time to spare. Excess fat stores excess toxins, and extremely rapid fat loss like this can dump a lot of toxins like mercury or BPA from your fat cells into your liver. It’s important to detox as you go and to monitor your blood levels. Most sane people elect to use the slightly slower but equally effective Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting protocol!

Get More On Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

There is a ton of information on the internet about the benefits of intermittent fasting, including right here on the Bulletproof blog. Intermittent fasting is also a very popular subject among the guests I have on Bulletproof Radio like Brad Pilon, Dan John and even Dr. Joseph Mercola. You can check out these episodes here to get more info on fasting and its many benefits.

  • Brad Pilon: Eat Stop Eat & Intermittent Fasting – Brad Pilon is the author of “Eat Stop Eat” and the very popular Eat Blog Eat blog where he has some of the best info available for anyone that wants to learn more about intermittent fasting and all of the studies around this subject. Make sure to listen to our podcast so you can hear Brad and myself having a very deep discussion on intermittent fasting.
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola: Roundup, Aspartame & Intermittent Fasting – #228 – Dr. Mercola needs no introduction, he has the largest health site on the web, has authored several New York times bestsellers, and he also happens to be an avid fan of intermittent fasting! Listen to us talk about a range of different health topics, the subtle differences in how we apply intermittent fasting, and the best way for you to get started fasting.
  • Dan John: Bulletproof Brains & Brawn – #40 – Dan John is a power lifter, fitness trainer, and writer. He brings an interesting perspective to intermittent fasting because of the sports he is involved in, and the clients he works with. He gets into detail about his experience with Bulletproof intermittent fasting, how it helped him focus all day, and what his clients say about it.

Fasting is one the most effective way to lose wight, I have written several blog posts, podcasts, and interviews about it. I was so impressed by intermittent fasting that I even wrote about it in the Bulletproof Diet book, and I continue to recommend it today.

Please remember you have to be really careful with fasting, especially if you’re a woman like I wrote about here, fasting can change your life, but it has to be done right. You can also read more of my articles to see how to enhance fasting so you can super charge fat loss, stay focused longer, and  feel better.

Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol: How to Lose Fat Way Faster Than You Should

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Stay Focused & Feel Great



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By Dave Asprey

  • Hallie

    Hello Dave- I have been eating a very strict Paleo diet- no grains, sugar, no legumes for about 2 years… I eat primarily grass fed beef, unless I eat out which is about 2 x a week and I still make what I consider to be very good choices.I order meat from US Wellness and try to incorporate Liver once a week. I rarely eat fruit and do not eat starchy vegetable as I have been trying to lose 8 pounds. Drink slow cooked bone broth several time a week made from grass fed beef bone marrow. I cook primarily with coconut oil. I used to walk on the treadmill everyday-45 minutes….prior to Paleo, but gave that up and started cross fit for a short time-maybe 3 months….felt it was a bit too much, so just started doing a 45 minute to hour relaxing walk most days- I live in Florida. I do a little strength training at our gym, but not much. Do some planks, some kettle bell swings, but not very much at all. I weighed 128 when I started Paleo and still weigh 128 today. I really would like to get down to my comfortable weight of 120- clothes fit well and just feel better overall. I do supplement daily with fermented cod liver oil/high butter blend(Green Pastures), Krill Oil(mercola), vitamin D3, vitamin C, Vitamin K(mercola), Probiotic(mercola), and have been doing so for the entire time I have been “Paleo”. For the last 2 weeks I have been following a more bullet proof style of eating-implemented Bullet proof coffee, although I have to say I did order the Bullet Proof beans- and prefer a darker roast flavor, so I do not use those beans, but Whole Food’s Pleasant Morning Buzz. I do use Kerry Gold and the MCT oil you reccomend The real question is- my weight is not budging! Could it be the mycotoxins in the coffee as a do drink 2 cups every morning. I do use filtered water and also drink green tea daily. I have read your rapid weight loss protocol and am not really interested in rapid weight loss- just want to get back down to the 120 in a reasonable time- not sure what I am doing wrong to see no weight loss. I must say that I do enjoy a couple a glasses of red wine through the week occasionally, and I do consider that my only real “cheat” and know it is not bullet proof, but I did give that up for about a month at one point and my weight did not change, so I came to the conclusion that was not the issue. Bottom line….just trying to get back to my comfortable weight and don’t know what I am doing wrong. Just wanted to get your thoughts…..

    • Dave Asprey

      Definitely concerned about the quality of the WF coffee. Try taking charcoal caps before you drink the coffee and wine. Those are big sources of mycotoxins for sure. Finally, try which is phenomenally useful, especially for women, as it helps with lymphatic drainage. I use it on occasion, but my wife relied on this plus the BP diet to get her figure where she wanted it in a matter of weeks recently. There are free video samples of it online too, but the 17 minute program is simply amazing.

      • Hallie

        WOW….Thanks for your quick response. I actually ordered the T-TAPP a week ago, after searching your website, and just received it. Is there a concern with too much activated charcoal as I drink coffee every morning and know that the AC could cause constipation…..are you suggesting that I should take it every morning? Is it safe to take it on an on going basis?

      • Hallie

        Dave- if considering the BP Intermittent fast….can you give the supplant protocol? Is it different the the BP Rapid fat loss? And will others supplements interfere? For example….I take Ferment Cod Liver/ High Butter Oil Blend,Hawaiian Pacific Spirulina and Tumeric in addition to Vitamin K, D3, Krill Oil, Vitamin C, Potassium and Mag. Should I stop taking the other supplements?

        • Hallie

          Sorry- many typos in that comment…..too early. What I meant… there a different supplement protocol for the BP Intermittent fast than the BP Rapid fat loss. Also, I take fermented cod liver oil/high butter blend from Green Pastures. The Turmeric I take is from Life Extensions, it is their BioCurcumin formula.

        • Dave Asprey

          You’re good on everything; if the spirulina is low dose. High dose spirulina has enough protein to affect the BP Intermittent Fast.

      • Sometallchick

        Have you ever had a chance to look at “Callanetics”? It’s similar in that it combines muscle groups and deep muscle strengthening, except slower the results really are amazing. One other one that is noteworthy is “Body Flex”, although I have not done it, but it’s based on the muscle working while you hold your breath.

  • Hallie

    This is an added comment to my earlier question…..Sorry for so much information, but wanted to add a couple of more pieces of information….. I do not eat dairy, other than the grass fed Kerry Gold butter and I was on an oral contraceptive for 6 years, but have been off of that for about a year.

  • Hannah

    I started the rapid fat loss protocol yesterday and really enjoyed it until later that night. In the early evening I had a headache and some mild nausea. A friend of mine who had done it suggested taking more charcoal, so I did and I felt better within an hour. But at bedtime I started to feel more nausea and headaches. . I was experiencing severe stomach flu type pains and eventually ending up throwing up before I was able to fall asleep. I had just taken my medication for the night (birthcontrol, mag, potas), so I couldn’t take more charcoal. I haven’t felt that sick… in a long time.

    This morning I feel fine, but obviously a little tired and my stomach is sore. I wasn’t going to keep up with the protocol, I figured my body just might not be ready to process that much toxicity at one time, but I got on the scale and saw that I lost more than 5 lbs in one day (most of which is water I’m sure)… so I figured I’d give it another go and see if I get sick again today. If so, I figure I’ll just move on to the regular protocol with intermittent fasting.

    Thoughts? Advice?


    • Dave Asprey

      Hannah, sounds like you didn’t handle that much fat very well, or you may have a lot of toxins that get flushed when you burn fat. At one day, this is probably mostly water, and the nausea is most likely from a lack of HCL or lipase. The charcoal effectiveness tells us that toxins were involved. The flu like symptoms could have been from entering ketosis, the so called “carb flu” or “induction flu” but I’m not so sure you entered ketosis that quickly.
      Try betaine HCL for sure with the coffee. Make sure you’re using Upgraded Coffee if you got headaches; you could have bad coffee.
      Your mag and potassium may have caused problems on an empty stomach. As for the birth control pill, read “Sex Lies and Menopause” by Wiley for a good perspective on what they’re doing to you! ?
      Let me know how you do today. There is no reason not to do the regular BP IF protocol!

      • Hannah

        I went through with the second day, and wasn’t as sick… But drinking the tea (i dont like coffee, unfortunately) two times a day and eating plain butter was already getting hard for me after only 48 hours. I’ve never been a big butter person. So day three I started the IF and am feeling great. Maybe I can go back to the rapid protocol in a few weeks when I’ve built up a tolerance (and a taste) for the fats.

        • Dave Asprey

          Honestly, I think the Bulletproof IF protocol will work so well that you won’t want the added stress of the rapid fat loss protocol. ?

        • Sonia

          I’m having the hardest time finding the difference between the two (BPIF and RFLP).

        • Sonia

          Never mind, I found it:)

        • Sonia

          And I’m super confused about how to do the fast with morning workouts. I have bp coffee at 6:30a, and do Crossfit afterward. Done by 8a. When would I fast?

  • Dame Liberty

    Dave, have you tested this rapid protocol on menopausal or peri menopausal female clients? Our hormones are in a volatile flux and I’m not sure week long fat fasts will produce the same results as more hormonally-stable males. The fast may even clock adrenals and backfire in us older gals. Even with good lipid supplementation.

    Have you had female clients? And what exactly are they clients of? Nutritional counseling?

    • Dave Asprey

      There is a long history of “fat fasting” working on both genders, going back to Atkins in 1972, even though he recommended poor quality fats with inflammatory things in them (like cream cheese, pork rinds, omega 6 oils, etc.).
      Menopasal women have a harder time losing weight regardless of the protocol because of the hormone fluctuations – having thyroid and progesterone and estrogen levels tested and adjusted with bio-identical hormones is an appropriate response. I spoke with one of the MDs, a menopausal woman who treats others at her anti-aging clinic, at the Personal Life Extension Conference recently about this topic. She agreed that hormones were the likely problem in these cases.
      Adding additional adrenal extract is a great idea for this rapid protocol.
      I’ve had female clients, yes, for nutritional coaching. I am not a licensed counselor or nutritionist so I help to guide people to make their own decisions, and suggest they go to a licensed professional when they need that kind of help! ?

    • RevBev

      I am in same place with no success low fat vegan diet (I almost never go above 800 calories the past 10 years, usually 5-600). My metabolism makes me last one standing after worldwide famine.

      I am also sensitive to caffeine (messes with my insulin levels and am resistant with MetX), therefore doing decaf or green teas with Coconut Oil/Butter RFLP. I have 100# to get to my ‘fighting weight’. Will keep posted. Also adding daily workouts and yoga practice for mental/physical improvements.

      I am adding Vit B12 shots, Progesterone/estrogen transdermal and normal supplements.

      Support from others in similar situations appreciated on the journey.


  • jmenoy


    I’m starting week 5 on the rapid fat loss protocol, and thought my experience may be useful for others. I also have a couple of questions for you.

    I should preface this with a bit of history: I’m a 32 yo male, 6’1″ and started at 225lb. I have been eating low-carb for 5 plus years, and primal/paleo with intermittent fasting for the past year, before adopting the bulletproof diet and BP IF for 2 months prior to starting the RFLP.

    I initially lost about 25lbs when I switched to the low carb diet several years ago, but never really got “lean,” and have been since been plateaued between 220 and 230 for the past several years despite strict adherence to low-carb paleo eating.

    Long-story short: I have had serious difficulty losing any weight for the past several years.

    As I said, I’m now three days into my 5th week of the RFLP, and I’ve been averaging 3 lbs of weight loss per week (I was down 12 lbs as of last Saturday, exactly 4 weeks in). Based on my measurements, strength, and the mirror, this is nearly all fat.

    This is obviously far less than “advertised,” but I’m pleased so far as I’ve had zero success on any other plans.

    I’m following the protocol exactly as described, with the following addition added during my fourth week: I’m using green tea extract and circumin (turmeric extract) along with my morning and afternoon BP coffee, and taking my BCAAs several hours after each time, with the hope of boosting fat loss and maximizing mTOR suppression/activation… plus the curcumin helps pain and inflammation from a nagging tendonitis injury.

    While I was hoping for more “rapid” fat loss, the diet is as advertised otherwise. I’ve tried about every plan out there, and this is one of the easiest to follow. I do not get hungry, and beside occasional boredom, rarely think about food. Each Saturday, I hit the rice and sweet potatoes hard along with grassfed meat… just about the only thing I crave anymore.

    My plan is to keep this up until I hit 12% bodyfat for the first time in my life..

    My questions are:

    – Is it safe to keep this up for several more months?
    – How can I know when it’s time to use carb refeeds more frequently? (In the RFLP post you mentioned your client using 4 and 7 day refeeds.)

    I had the recommended tests before starting from my primary care physician (all good), but I found a great integrative physician (who I will see next month) where I’m hoping to get some more extensive testing done.

    In the meantime, I know (from previous testing years ago and general symptoms) I have relatively high estrogen, and likely low test.

    Without knowing for sure until next month, would it be worthwhile to add calcium d-glucarate now? Any other suggestions?


    • jmenoy

      Any suggestions or comments, Dave?

      • Dave Asprey

        Have you had a hormone workup? Thyroid, estrogen, cortisol? Also, what is your adrenal status? If you’ve been way low carb for long periods without cycling in and out of ketosis, you can get adrenal stress. I’ve seen people succeed by trying sweet potatoes in the evening 2x/week. Adrenal glandular extract can be helpful too.

        • jmenoy

          I got the first results of a full workup today. Haven’t had discussed with my MD yet, but thyroid, estrogen, cortisol, dhea all appear normal. Test is low but within normal range. The only thing that jumps out is I’m apparently intolerant to casein and had no idea.

          The only dairy (I thought) I have been consuming is the Kerrygold… but after investigating I now realize that my BCAA supplement contains casein. I will obviously be switching to a new one immediately.

          I have never experienced any serious symptoms of this intolerance, so I never suspected it.

          1.) In your experience, is it a probable cause of difficulty losing fat on the BP diet and/or RFLP?

          2.) Is the amount in two daily cups of BP coffee typically enough to cause problems?

          3.) If so, can I make my own ghee from Kerrygold?


  • Debbie

    Hey Dave
    On menopause: I think the HRT is most effective at the start of the menopausal roller coaster ride. I am into almost 5 years since a menses and feel it is not worth launching another ride of sorts. I also have stage zero CLL, a form of leukemia and my onocologist is leary of me using any hormones. I have mostly estrogen left, the others are nil.
    Thyroid seems good, good body temps, good sleep.

    My main issues at this stage are belly fat and tough time leaning out. I am making a ‘bulletproof tea”, going to use Green tea chai and black is out for BP diet. As the other woman stated, us ladies of the pause really lose slowly. I want to try the quick keto BP protocol. I am currently doing an IF for 14-16 hours per day, daily. Lifting heavy Lean Gains style.. no weight loss but inches are more important. Main question: Can I keep muscle on while doing the quick loss program?
    If I could shed even 5 lbs of fat that would ROCK!
    Thanks Deb

  • I’m about to start and try to lose 8kgs, will let you know how i go!! 🙂

  • Hallie

    I am a bt confused….I have been reading Mark’s Daily Apple’s series on IF and he commented in a question today that if you add fat during an IF, it can slow fat loss? Everything I read here suggest that fat is OK during the IF? Can you shed some light on the differences?

    • Toronto girl

      Hi Hallie,

      Try this link from Dave:

      I was confused, as you were, but this page on Dave’s site totally explained it all for me about women and IF compared to Bulletproof RFLP.
      IF (intermitten fasting) did not work for me. Only initially for a few pounds (slowly and over a long time) and then I stopped losing. Felt starving, but was also putting full fat cream in my coffee, which was a NO-NO. Dave really, really knows what he is talking about!!! Use butter! And the RFLP did not put my body into stress at all. I sleep like a baby rock-solid at night, and my cycle has not been altered at all since doing this protocol for two weeks (and one week just bulletproof coffee all day and one protein and salad meal at night, the week before). Normally as soon as I start something to lose weight, I am starving, crankly, and my cycle goes totally off.
      Just thought I’d share. Good luck to you! 🙂

  • Nick

    Hey Dave, love the site and content.

    Just a quick Q if you wouldn’t mind answering – let’s say I absolutely hate eating and do not care how I get my nutrition, so long as I get it. Is anything stopping me from getting most of my fat from like 1-1.5 sticks of Kerrygold butter per day if I’m trying to keep a 2700-3000 calorie diet with backloaded carbs? Would really appreciate your input on this. Thanks.

    – Nick

    • There isn’t really a problem with just eating butter, but where are you getting your protein from? Carbs+fat only is not going to spare muscle mass.

  • Hey Dave,
    What about egg yolks as part of the RFLP? Will this affect the outcomes? On my refeed day i think i ate 7 just to make sure i made the most of my chance!

    Just finished week 1 and was 7lb down just before my refeed (i’d be surprised if it wasn’t all water at this stage though!)

  • Annette

    Super curious about the RFL protocol and am starting today. So far so good. If things go fantastically I will let everyone know. One thing. Supplementing with BCAA how to take this… today I just added to some water, but as I stir my powdery mixture, I think, “there must be a better way!”, but what? Is it just chalky water fun-times or is there a more palatable way to consume the 5gs of BCAA?

    • Dave Asprey

      You will learn to LOVE chalky water! Not really. But unless 5 big expensive capsules are appealing, chalky water it is.

      • Annette

        Chalky water FTW. Thank you. Will keep you posted on results.

        • Annette

          …and then there was the moment when measuring out the L-Glutamine. I have 500mg capsules. The protocol calls for (on the lower side) 20g/day… which is 40 capsules. Which now, I realize, means more fun with chalky water in my future.

  • Daleperritt

    Can doing this protocol cause blood pressure to rise due to detoxing? Everything else is fine. Feeling alright etc. Just have this problem. It was 165 over 100 and this is on meds for it.
    Answer soon please. Do not want to discontinue but if this keeps up I will have to.

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  • ChrisN

    Just for everyones interest. Here is my first post after being on the RFLP for 25 days. I have only worked out once lifting heavy.

    Starting: 231 lbs 25.3% BF
    Today: 213 lbs 19.6% BF

    I have been losing weight my whole life with my heaviest being 360 lbs. I started the BP diet at 250 lbs and lost 19 lbs in 2 weeks. And even after losing most of my weight on a basic starvation diet and knee crippling exercise I knew this was the answer. I have never been below 25% BF. I have never looked as healthy as I do. I have never had the confidence that I have now. I have never felt as good as I feel.

    This website has changed my life and I will forever be in debt to the knowledge shared here.

    Thank you Dave! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • JessM

      Wow, fantastic results. I know from experience that feeling of positive reinforcement is incredible. But I’m curious to know your results since then? The thing with diets is that the moment you stray from them, the weight you lost can come roaring back with a vengeance. That’s why it’s better to build healthy habits that you can always fall back on. Check out this nice little article that looks at the most important areas for a weight loss strategy to cover for optimal results: fatfreeme[DOT]net/big5

    • michele reep

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  • Xander

    I am about to start the rapid fat loss program. I travel all over the world most weeks. Is it ok to do this whilst traveling? How do I make bulletproof coffee with MCT oil and butter whilst on the move? I presumably can’t travel with oil and butter. thanks.

    • Andy Moorhouse

      A response to this would be good to know or any tips that you have!

  • lro

    Hi Dave
    Im confused having read studies showing the high
    insulinogenic nature of BCAAs, i.e ) and your recommendation
    of including them (rather than natural bcaas like egg/meats etc)
    during the rflp… wouldnt autophagy be supressed & insulin increased with
    any inclusion of amino acids? And if so what would be the reason
    to avoid other proteins during the week? Or for that matter
    why add all the fat and instead just have a BCAA fast?
    Thanks for your time!

  • Katie

    I’m going to start the rapid fat loss protocol in a week once my groceries deplete but I was wondering will the charcoal mess with my birth control and make it ineffective? Thanks!
    – Katie

  • Katie

    Is this a protocol that you can do for just a few weeks or do you need to do this for a couple months? I have a wine tour scheduled with my family in a month and would love to try out the fat loss protocol for three weeks but would want to stop several days before the wine tour so it wouldn’t mess up my body too bad. What are your thoughts on only doing it for a few weeks? Also even if I spit out the wine on the wine tour how will this affect me coming off the rapid fat loss protocol? Thank you for any help!

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  • t

    I want to begin this protocol, but have fatty liver. Will the rapid fat loss put extra strain on my liver?

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  • olivially04

    WOW….Thanks for your quick response. I actually ordered the T-TARP a
    week ago, after searching your website, and just received it. Is there a
    concern with too much activated charcoal as I drink coffee every
    morning and know that the AC could cause constipation…..are you
    suggesting that I should take it every morning? Is it safe to take it
    on an on going basis?

  • Toronto girl

    I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not I can eat salad on my Carb Refeed Day. I am currently doing the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol and am on Day 6….just enjoyed a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, and sweet potato fries, plus a Bulletproof coffee, of course!
    And…..I am getting sick of “normal” Bulletproof coffee. I added vanilla bean which was heavenly but can I add a tsp of cocoa powder? I don’t have the Upgraded one, which is too expensive to order in Canada with the shipping costs and the UPS costs from the US/Canadian border to where I live (should have ordered it at the same time as when I ordered BP coffee! Dang!)…..
    if someone can share their experience using regular organic cocoa and if it worked fine, that would be great. I did notice it has a very small amount of carbohydrate in it….would that gram or two throw me off ketosis?

    • Toronto girl

      Tried the mocha using organic Green and Black’s cocoa powder, and it was delicious. I will try drinking one again tomorrow and check with a ketosis stick.
      Ate salad twice yesterday on my refeed day and it ended up fine. 🙂

      • Toronto girl

        Thought I’d update on my progress. I am so deliriously happy this is really working!!! I have one more weigh-in to go tomorrow morning, the morning of my second carb refeed day, but so far in 2 weeks less-a-day, I have lost 14 lbs. Amazing!!! I am shrinking by the day. No one has noticed except my husband yet, but I am sure in the next 2 weeks that will come as 30 pounds come off. 🙂 I am not going to lie, it is hard only “eating” butter in the form of butter coffee. The coffee is delicious, and I have changed things up by using cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla bean powder, along with hardwood xylitol…..but I desperately want to eat the yummy food I prepare for my kid’s breakfast each morning, or see my husband preparing for himself and the kids each evening (he knows what dieting is like, so he cooking dinner to spare me the agony!). However, the pounds dropping off by the day keep me going. Knowing I can eat, as Dave Asprey says, “like a queen” tomorrow and hardly gain anything, and lose it the next day, is enough to keep me going for 5 more weeks! Then I will do a week of bulletproof coffee all day but allow myself one protein and veggie meal at night (instead of a tbsp. of butter with himalayan salt on it!), as a transition before we go to Florida on the March Break. I will be very careful there, and try to continue bulletproof coffee and the same type of meal at night (in a restaurant), and not worry because I will go back to doing the RFLP when I return and be back to my pre-pregnancy size by May!
        One thing I wanted to share from my experience is that the one day where I tried Dave’s suggestion to use one square of Lindt chocolate as the chocolate base in my mocha, I only lost 0.4 lbs. I could only find 80% and I suppose it has more sugar than the 99% one he mentions on one of the bulletproof forums. It did set me back, and the next day when I used regular cocoa again (Organic Green & Black’s) I lost 1.8 lbs!
        So this does work for women….I know it’s early days yet, but I feel so incredibly balanced, so calm– not frazzled, not cranky-hungry, not feeling-awful-while-detoxing, that this feels so right and healthy for me. I sleep so solidly at night even though I have a coffee in the afternoon…’s very strange. Not like the “old” me. Perhaps it is because I am not using my “old” (mycotoxin) coffee…..?
        Will update again next week. 🙂

        • Michele Cochrane

          Toronto Girl,
          I am delighted to hear your successful progress. I am starting the RFLP tomorrow or maybe Wednesday. I’d love to be in contact with you. is my email. Congrats!

        • torontogirl

          Hey, someone replied to me! 🙂
          I’ll email you….

        • Stormy Dawn

          Hi, I’m 47 yo Female, been on RFLP for 2.5 weeks, lost 18 pounds so far, still have a ways to go. I feel like the loss has stalled this week a little but I remind myself I’ve made great progress already. My email is

        • Michele Beth Coleman

          Hi Stormy!
          That’s great! It’s great to see that this is working for women… last I checked about this plan, I wasn’t sure if it would be helpful for women, but now I see progression!
          Hooray! I am in. Does the butter coffee keep you full during the day?
          I’m starting tomorrow!

        • Michele Beth Coleman

          Hi Toronto girl,
          Your story inspires me so much! Good on you! I just turned 47 and gained almost 40 peri (pre) menopausal lbs. I’ve always been fit with a flat stomach, but my body has drastically changed in the past year. I really want to try this. My husband does the RELP and loves it. I’m just hoping and wondering how I will benefit, since I am female and 47….
          Any advice?
          Michele Coleman

        • AriD2385

          Hi, how did this work for you in the end?

        • torontogirl

          Well, had to take a break from it. Had slightly high cholesterol from all the fat released in my system, and my metabolism went down from being on it for so long; close to 8 months. Works great for short term weight loss, and maintaining, and for me I lost and maintained that weight well, but at this point I need to try something different. Am on another program (Isagenix) and have reintroduced some carbs (Bulletproof approved ones) at night only, and have started working out again with weights. Having protein shakes, 2 small snacks, and quite a big dinner. Eating about 1200 calories a day in total. I am very tired of trying to figure it out for myself and need a program to tell me what to do, when, and how. I also need to cleanse my liver and body in general and get rid of this cholesterol, which is because of the release of fat in my system. My doctor is not concerned and I know what it is from, but doing RFLP any more now is too severe for me, personally. My electrolytes got too low also and it was so hot this summer, I was sweating like crazy. I could not keep it up for my own personal issues with electrolytes and ketogenic diets. I am very positive and am looking forward to continued weight loss on this new program. Already have lost some this week and am feeling great, and I am actually eating, so that is amazing. I would definitely do Bulletproof in future but don’t want to screw up my adrenals, thyroid, or metabolism in general with more than 8 months of RFLP (on and off). It’s too hard on my body and too hard to keep up for such a long time. I want to thank everyone for reading my posts and being so supportive! This is an amazing forum and I have learned so much from Bulletproof. Good luck to everyone and I wish you all great health (and great Bulletproof coffee!)

          🙂 Toronto girl

    • Hilary Salmon

      eat lots of veges, check out the Bulletproof road map. 🙂

  • Toronto girl

    Thought I’d post here to share my experience with others, especially other women! I am a 38 year old mother of 3, working full time. Eat organic, healed my low thyroid and adrenal exhaustion over the past 8 years but still had issues losing weight put on from pregnancies. Been mildly overweight since puberty and always had trouble losing it. Even eating paleo did not take off the weight. Did Intermitten fasting last year but it worked for a time and then stalled (cortisol?) Bulletproof is my knight in shining armour. I don’t have to starve but can eat fat, which I crave and provide my brain with everything it needs! 🙂
    DAVE: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Started the Bulletproof RFLP this past Monday, and today is Saturday January 18th, 2014. Want to lose the fat once and for all!!!
    I have so far lost about 8 lbs (did not weigh myself the first day, since I had a family event the day before and ate a lot!)….but did Bulletproof IF with a protein and veggie meal every night for a week before to get used to it. Have been eating paleo-ish for over two years now. Have done lots of detoxes so even though I assumed I was not as toxic as most people, I was still prepared for detoxing symptoms. Got nausea and headaches mildly the first 4 days but that was it. Felt amazing otherwise and full of energy. No diarrhea thank goodness, and otherwise feeling like Superwoman! Sleep like a baby. Wake up energized and refreshed. Mildly hungry, that is it. Eat butter for dinner with pink Himalayan salt, and two Bulletproof coffees with MCT oil, grass fed butter, and Dave’s mycotoxin-free coffee beans for breakfast and lunch. Taking all the recommended supplements. I tried testing with ketosis sticks (reminded me of when I was pregnant!) and am in mid-range ketosis, at 40 mg/dL. Lost water and did not notice a huge difference visually (other than the scale telling me I lost approx. 8 lbs of water and glycogen) but when I woke up this morning I finally noticed the difference. I looked smaller! I can also fit into my jeans better. So I am totally stoked for the next few weeks!!!
    I’ll keep everyone posted! 🙂

    • Toronto girl

      Did my 1st refeed day yesterday. It was fun for the first meal, and then I was so stuffed that I had trouble eating the rest of my meals! I did enjoy it but did not like the stuffed feeling. Not used to eating carbs, I guess. I ate organic grass-fed steak for dinner, organic lamb for lunch, and organic pork sausage and bacon with fried eggs for breakfast. All meals were accompanied by sweet potatoes and rice. I had salad with olive oil, lime, and vegan mayo (had a trace bit of rice syrup in the ingredient list) at lunch and dinner. I made the rice with broth I had in my freezer, and it was amazing! I slathered the rice, sweet potatoes, and steak in butter. (The bacon and sausage had a trace amount of brown sugar and/or maple syrup in it, but I realized that after I bought them and looked at it the morning of. Oh well, it was a good experiment and it did not alter things for the negative at all, and neither did the tiny bit of rice syrup in the vegan mayo.)
      I lost about 8 lbs this first week and was quite worried that all my eating would make me gain most of it back, but to my surprise and delight I only gained 1.6 lbs from an entire day of stuffing myself with carbs! Mind you, it was not wheat, which makes me gain (I kid you not), 3.5 lbs overnight from eating it for only ONE meal! I hate to be graphic, but after a morning bowel movement, I lost 0.4 and only gained 1.2 lbs. I also went to the bathroom later and I am sure that is gone now, too. From someone who gains that much from eating a bit of wheat in one meal, it is unheard of that I chowed down on that many carbs and barely went up on the scale. You must understand, this is all from a girl who CANNOT lose weight, and have pretty much tried almost everything. Gym, trainer, paelo, low carb, low cal, weight-watchers, Suzanne Somers style of eating (which is great for maintenance but not for weight loss, for me personally), diabetic carb counting (dad was diabetic), fiber supplements (like PGX), green tea/green coffee bean extract, etc. I am so happy I could cry, and I barely believe the scale’s numbers right before my eyes.
      I sure was ready for my bulletproof coffee today as I don’t want to eat like that and feel so stuffed (and SO TIRED and completely LETHARGIC) again today. I think once a week was fine, but I totally lost my mental and physical edge and it was such a drastic change from how I felt all week.
      I will keep posting and let everyone know how I do this week!
      I have some clothes in a smaller size with my name on them waiting in my closet….:)

      • Danielle Szikszai

        Hi Toronto girl,

        I am so keen to hear about your progress with this. I too am a someone who finds it impossible to lose weight! Am starting this protocol today – hoping I have some great progress like you.

        • torontogirl

          Hello Danielle! I don’t always keep up with the new posts on this forum, so forgive me for not replying sooner. I see your post was from 5 months ago. Hope you had some amazing progress! Good luck and let us know how you do! 🙂

      • Dianna Kramer

        since I am just starting and you seem like the type of person who’s tried everything like myself wondering what I have to eat in the evenings after my coffee or do I necessarily have to eat at all until my carb refuel day

    • Di dy

      On the refeed days do you drink the bullet prof coffee? And on the fast days do you just drink One cup of BOC

    • Amber August

      Toronto Girl,

      I don’t know if you’re still out there or reading these posts, but I just read every post you had here. I did the hcg diet about 3 years ago, got to 200 lbs, and have been stuck ever since. I am a 34 year old mother of 2 (12 and 9). I have done everything to lose weight, and sometimes I even might lost half a pound per week. Then I seem to gain back 5 on my carb refeed. I finally get that off in time for my next refeed…. but seriously, everything I have tried… nothing has worked. I have hired a personal trainer, a dietician, and a naturopath. I have had every lab test there is. No one can figure out why I can’t lose weight. Out of desperation, I have decided to try RFLP. I came across this and read your story, and I see that your last post was 9 months ago. How is it going now? Have you figured out how to get the weight off? I want to hug you and cry because I could so relate to everything you have said about your own journey and I so understand your desperation to lose and being willing to do anything asked of you, and still not being able to lose a thing! So, how are you now?
      Thank you,

      • Toronto girl

        Hi Amber, Diana, and Danielle–I thought I would respond to all 3 of you! I have not checked that email account in a while, so my apologies for not responding in a timely manner to your posts, ladies. Well…..let’s update! I was pretty upset at trying SO HARD (As Amber mentioned….and getting seemingly nowhere). I have gone around full circle as far as eating and trying out different eating patterns, diet types (low-carb, higher carb, no carb, high fat, low fat, you name it) and have finally found some success. It only took me two years to get to this point!!!! But I am grateful for all of it, since had I not experienced these things, I would never have gotten to this point of health and success in my quest for health and in my weight-loss journey. I tried Isagenix….did not work for me. The high levels of fructose in their products just don’t agree with my system, and although I experienced weight loss (about 20 pounds) initially, it all came back and then I was in a worse situation with high triglycerides (never ever had that before) due to the fructose, my liver not being able to process it all, and high cholesterol. And majorly low electrolytes. It was scary for a time. It turns out I had major adrenal exhaustion but it wasn’t showing on blood tests as bad as it really was. According to lab test results and a traditional Western medicine standpoint, my cortisol was within normal limits. But quite low. My thyroid was tanked, with very low T3 and a high-ish TSH level, but still within normal limits—that is the problem. With those kind of test results, an MD will say you are fine. I had almost abnormal sodium, chloride, and potassium levels (low) but eating more salt (himalayan or celtic sea salt) and taking supplements, plus drinking coconut water and having lots of avocados (I was off RFLP at this point due to my many issues and not feeling well at all) did not do much. I had all but given up, starting eating low-carb again as per my usual diet, and gained weight slowly which settled finally at 10 lbs higher than my lowest weight on RFLP. But OK, I could handle that. At least I was eating again, but not eating breakfast because that made my weight go up more. I would at least fast until lunch. At that point, I had all but given up having any weight loss success as my two naturopaths at the same clinic both saw me at different times and just wanted me to eat again. Normally. I had some IVs which normalized things more and helped liver function, mineral levels, etc. But I still had no answer as to the weight loss. I went to a herbalist who helped my liver detox, cholesterol normalize, etc. and that was very important after doing a protocol with that much fat loss and resulting toxin exposure. At that same time my friend got me in to see a genius naturopath in Toronto and she diagnosed me with (and blood tests confirmed) an auto-immune issue. She has since turned that “off” and I am now negative on blood tests for that (!!!!!!!!! YAY!) and that explains the high levels of inflammation I was having, the other issues (many) and the dumping of minerals on keto was due to my cortisol and adrenals being TANKED. I have been on a major adrenal protocol involving glandular supplements and this has played a huge role in fixing my adrenals. I have been on them for 7 months and still am not “fixed” but it will take longer. Most people need 3 months and then they wean off and all is well. You can see how low mine were, due to the autoimmune issue (it’s like draining a car battery every day even though you charge it). Now I am feeling like my old self, and my thyroid is fantastic now with a TSH below 0.5! My T3 is steadily climbing too. All natural supplements, no drugs. This lady is genius, and I am so full of gratitude for life bringing me down this path so I could meet her and be treated by her. I tried eating high-protein (works for me, I know for a fact) and low-carb, but not as low carb as I am used to. Fruit (berries) once a day, carbs (specific ones, slow carbs) at dinner. It made me gain weight! I gained about 10 pounds over 12 weeks eating that way. It levelled off, thankfully, because I eliminated the fruit because I know it doesn’t work for me every day. My food sensitivities improved but still cause issues: after my cheat meal once a week, I can go up 3 or 4 pounds (or 5 if I eat wheat!!!) and it takes all week almost to get back down. So it was merry-go-round on the scale again. Working out was added back in, but did not make a difference, even though I was counting calories and watching everything I ate. Not much fun for 7 months. I lost a few pounds and that was it. Now this naturopath has put me on a cyclical ketogenic diet but one that is tailored for me, personally, and she will watch me carefully for signs of….well, not sure. But she is monitoring me. I guess adrenal issues, mineral levels, etc. I knew it! I knew I was a higher-fat, lower carb, high-protein kind of gal. Eating the other way (even though it was low carb) made me STARVING. CONSTANTLY. It was not fun. I have to have almost no carbs and lots of protein and fat to feel full and to feel good. Now I have tons of energy, am not starving, feel like I am so balanced mentally and emotionally and energy-wise, it’s astounding. It’s how I felt doing RFLP! (But now I get to eat 5 times a day!) I have lost 8 pounds in 10 days on this keto plan, and it’s one I can stick to, so I do hope to stay on it for a while if my naturopath approves, and see if I can get 60 or 70 pounds off in total! I will make keto meals on the holidays and just save Christmas dinner and a few other events for my “cheat meals”. Apparently they are very important for your hormones, thyroid, etc.

        So to answer your question, Diana, I don’t know what to suggest for you as for eating. Meat and nuts are highly recommended by lots of experts in the paleo-keto world. But be careful how much protein you eat: more than you need per kg of body weight will only result in it being turned to glucose, which will hamper your weight loss. It must be measured. Meat and nuts is what much of my diet consists of on this keto plan.
        And Amber, hugs to you too!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what you are going through. I have kids, too, and it completely changed my body, metabolism, etc. but—you can get it all back! You just have to find someone who can really find out what is your issue, just like my naturopath found the auto-immune thing. Everyone else (for 10 years!) missed that piece of the puzzle. Thankfully it’s not Lupus or anything like that, but ANA factor. Now it’s shut “off” so hopefully I can keep it like that! I just want health. I want weight loss for health, not for reasons of vanity. I want to feel good, be healthy, be around for my kids, and grandkids! But being able to wear my smaller clothes in my closet would also be nice! 🙂
        Good luck to you ladies and hope you reach success on this type of eating plan. I don’t want to recommend RFLP because it doesn’t work for me and is very drastic, but maybe keto. The only thing my naturopath told me is—be careful about your cortisol because it can end up raising cortisol which will be more stressful on your adrenals and end up blocking weight loss later. You should find someone qualified who knows what they are doing and be monitored by them, as Dave said in one his posts in response to ladies not having much luck with weight loss doing Intermittent Fasting or RFLP. He was right. It was hormonal (thyroid, adrenals).
        Thanks for reaching out and for reading my posts. I truly, truly hope I can help someone out there in sharing my story!!!!

  • 4evashowzen

    So I had two good days Monday/Tuesday losing 4 pounds but today ate a whole bag of peanuts. Do I just continue tomorrow as normal starting the 6 day period from tomorrow?

  • Toronto girl

    Also want to add a quick comment about detoxing: my nose has been running, and has stopped now, but began when I started and lasted nearly 2 weeks. I also would blow my nose, and there was some “cleansing” going on for sure from my sinuses, shall we say (I did NOT have a cold). My naturopath told me that I am detoxing. Just going off gluten and dairy (not ingesting casein, but butter is OK for me ) and taking glutathione will enable your body to cleanse, which is what it wants to do in the first place. But normally we place such a burden on it, with all the types and poor quality of foods we consume, that it can’t do it’s daily job of detoxing. Now, two weeks later, my sinuses are clear and I no longer snore as loud (so my husband says).
    AND, my time of the month came right on time after two weeks of doing this protocol. In the past, doing the HCg protocol and trying intermittent fasting (at different times), these two things totally whacked my cycle completely off course. Not this time.

  • torontogirl

    Here’s an update. (I am a 38 year old mom of 3, working full time. Husband a bulletproof coffee/diet addict, too!) On the Bulletproof diet for perhaps 5.5 weeks now….lost 20 lbs and keeping it off nicely–was just maintaining and eating bulletproof this past week as I needed a break. Am careful of carbs only once a week, otherwise weight goes up more by a few pounds but I keep it to rice and sweet potatoes only on my carb refeed days. Was feeling woozy (almost dizzy, heart racing) about a week and a half ago, but spoke to my naturopath who loves ketogenic diets and said it was normal, but to manage my electrolytes better. Am on homemade bone broth and electrolyte supplement in my water. It made the heart racing and dizzy-ish-ness completely go away and I got my amazing energy back! This past week and a half, I have been cycling in and out of doing bulletproof RFLP some days, and eating the bulletproof diet for dinner on other days (while doing the fat-fasting–drinking bulletproof butter coffee and buttered broth or buttered tea– throughout the day.) I feel amazing and will go back to the full RFLP next week for two weeks until I go on a week’s vacation. Then I will pick it up where I left off when I get back. I do need to lose about 40 to 50 more pounds, but this diet certainly makes it easy!!

  • torontogirl

    I am having some issues in the last few days with sleep. Wondering if someone has experienced something similar and can help. I feel anxious and feel as though I am (almost) awake all night. I can doze, but any slight noise and my eyes pop open and there I am…..awake. I slept very deeply for the first month or so on this protocol, not sure what has happened. I feel like there is a constant buzzing going on in my brain, like I had coffee at night, but only have one bulletproof coffee in the morning. So that is weird. I have been having good salt intake and taking an electrolyte solution in my water, so since then I have had no issues with fast-beating heart, or weakness. I am full of energy but just feel overly buzzed, all day and all night. The only thing I can think of is that I have been forgetting to take my magnesium. Perhaps my minerals are out of balance? I know we do dump magnesium rapidly from the body, so maybe I am deficient? Any one out there experience this?

    • HungryinTN

      Try a small bit of raw honey right before bed if the potassium and magnesium aren’t doing the trick. This will slow down your ketone production just enough to promote relaxation without inhibiting fat loss.

      • torontogirl

        Thanks, HungryinTN. I will give it a try. I am trying some liquid magnesium drink at night and it is working. I will try the honey too. (I think Dave says to have some MCT oil with it? Will look that up…)

        I went to the doctor for a full work up of blood tests, urine, etc. All was great except for 2 things, which are nothing big since my doctor said it was nothing urgent, but interesting to note:
        1. cholesterol a “bit high” she said. I am not surprised since Dave and many others (Mark’s Daily Apple, a few medical sites, and the WheatBelly site) say that losing fat releases it into your bloodstream; your cholesterol will be high until your weight stabilizes for a couple of months and your body can get rid of it. I am still losing weight so I am not surprised at this result. This just shows that what I have lost is actually fat and not mostly water or muscle. (yay!)
        2. my doctor said I need to eat more protein; apparently my urine test showed this, in a urea nitrogen test. I am giving RFLP a break for a while and just doing the bulletproof coffee all day and having one protein and veggie meal at night. This should help. I still lose anywhere from 0.4 lbs to 0.8 lbs a day doing this, so it’s not that far off from the weight loss results from the RFLP (about 1 lb a day) and it’s easier, since I do get to eat each day at dinner.
        3. I am low in iron, which only happened in my 3rd pregnancy, not before or since, until now. I am not surprised that this would have happened on the RFLP. It does explain the slight fatigue I have been feeling in the last 2 weeks, but I chalked it up to the “bad luck” I had with several things happening in my life and it has been a stressful time. The low iron can cause a fast pulse, that “buzzed” feeling I was talking about before, slight dizziness, some breathlessness upon exertion, etc. Everything I have experienced in the past month or so. I started taking iron and the rapid heartbeat seems to have gotten a bit better, but I need more time to assess this and see that it is not simply my imagination! 🙂
        What I am very happy about is that nothing else negative came up in my blood tests: I am NOT low in potassium, magnesium, etc. That is a surprise! (It was iron instead, but by only eating meat once a week that explains it.) My kidneys are fine (other than showing that I need to eat more protein), my liver is great, my thyroid, adrenals, etc. all perfectly normal. And usually after every blood test, my doctors says “well, your thyroid is a bit low, as usual” and that did not happen this time. (I have been taking iodine). So I am delighted! I just need to supplement with some iron during RFLP next time and rebuild my iron stores right now. I am going to enjoy my approximately 22 lb weight loss and work on maintaining it as much as I can while on vacation, and then go back to it in 2 weeks. This is about health, not making myself sick, and my blood tests prove that this is a healthy way to lose weight. Remember, I have tried everything and nothing else worked. My doctor listened to the protocol and was not concerned at all when I told her what I was doing. She is very integrative and open-minded and was very pleased with my weight loss. My LDL cholesterol was great, and my blood sugar was perfect, so that was good. One more thing that proves that this is an excellent program for my body is that my cycle has gone back to around 28 days (27 to be exact). Any other program, whether working out with a trainer, typical “dieting”, or even doing Intermittent Fasting (before I knew about Bulletproof Coffee) made my cycle go awry, and would either make me very late (2 weeks) or very early (by about a week.) Bulletproof RFLP since the start of January 2014 made my cycle go back to normal! That tells you hormonally that things are good.
        Hope people don’t mind these long posts, but if my experiences can help someone else who is struggling with weight loss and wondering about the safety of the Bulletproof RFLP, then that is great. 🙂

        • HungryinTN

          I, personally, come here looking for testimonial like yours and find it incredibly helpful! Yesterday was my first official day on RFLP. More or less. I ended up eating a couple of eggs in the early afternoon just to get through the worst while my body adjusted back into ketosis after a bad pre-fast cheat. The resukts? 1.6 lb down after a two month plateau! I am just a teensy bit hungry today, but still working on my coffee. And not tempted by the breakfast bring cooked in the next room, even. So far, RFLP has been an overall positive experience.

        • torontogirl

          That is great! Keep it up. The first few days are the hardest. Good luck! You will find you have absolutely BOUNDLESS energy and the hunger will subside. Even now, when I have my carb refeed days I am hardly hungry after breakfast and I skipped lunch because after breakfast and my bulletproof coffee, I just wasn’t hungry! I went all the way to dinner and could barely finish it. This feels abnormal to me because my whole life I have always battled terrible hunger, but I think a large extent of that was hormonal imbalance due to wheat consumption/sensitivity and leptin issues. (I have not touched wheat since New Year’s Eve.) I have no cravings for anything at all, just protein and water! This feels weird to me, but this is what normal should be like; not having to have a huge plate of food (or two!) to feel satisfied. Keep us posted on your progress!

        • HungryinTN

          Giving up wheat was the best thing that ever happened to me. It has been since June for me. Once I went gluten free, and ultimately grain free, forty pounds practically fell off. I am not sure why I plateaued for so long other than my body just needing some kind of jolt. We shall see if the rflp success keeps up. I made it through today with minimal hunger. Breaking the fast Wednesday for sure because of a family gathering. I also have a long road trip on Tuesday so will just have to see how I feel about fasting on the road.

  • Adam

    Rapid fat loss sounds great. My concern is rapid muscle loss and the resulting loose skin… Should I not be worried? Any thoughts?

  • torontogirl

    Update time. Frustrated but still addicted to Bulletproof coffee and convinced of this lifestyle’s benefits. I just have issues hormonally and weight loss is very difficult. But I am going to succeed!! To recap: tried the RFLP for 5 and a half weeks or so in January 2014. Felt amazing. All of a sudden, not feeling so great. Had to stop. Dumped too many minerals and had low electrolytes. Had blood tests, saw a naturopath, my own MD, a homeopath, and all said the same thing. Low electrolytes. Had an imbalance and when I had too much salt (was craving sodium, though!) it would throw all my other minerals (namely potassium and magnesium) off by causing me to have somewhat high blood pressure, while I never had that issue before. Supplemented with magnesium transdermally (gel form) and it was a miracle. A balancing act with the minerals, though, and feeling on the verge of being dizzy-but-not-quite, pulse racing at times for no reason, pulse rising quickly upon any minor exertion, etc. All symptoms of dehydration though I was drinking adequate amounts of water (not too much, but somewhere in the range of 6 glasses a day plus tea and coffee). Adding electrolytes in my water was helpful, but I think almost 6 weeks, plus doing Bulletproof all day and having only dinner for several weeks afterward was just too much on my body: I had issues with water balance when pregnant with all 3 of my kids, so this is nothing new for me. I am not surprised, actually. (I retained something like 40 lbs of water when pregnant with all of my 3 pregnancies, and it just would not come off for years afterward, and I tried EVERYTHING.) I think I have to do Bulletproof RFLP in 2 week stints, 3 weeks absolute maximum. Probably 2 weeks is good, then eat low-carb and do bulletproof coffee only in the mornings for a while. If anyone has any recommendations, please pass them along!

    Coconut water was amazing for giving me potassium; potassium in pill form wasn’t quite doing the trick. Hard to find a good balance between what was the correct dose, etc. It was very frustrating and although I got checked out by several professionals and spoke to a few pharmacists just to check out how I was feeling, it was not fun anymore. (Plus one pharmacist told me to eat a banana a day so he did not really have a clue what eating keto meant!!) I needed to feel like my old self anymore, and going up once small flight of stairs and feeling my heart racing was not normal for me. My doctors said keto was very healthy but I needed to do a less drastic form of it for a while to rebuild my mineral stores, eat protein, rebuild iron stores, etc. In all, I lost around 20 lbs, and gained about 5 back, but I seem to be maintaining that since the start of February, even with a week-long vacation and having cheat weekends. I have to be careful, since carbs put weight on me very quickly, but doing RFLP for a few days and/or eating keto does the trick and am back to my weight, within the 5 lb range. It’s just fibre and food in my gut, since on RFLP you are not eating any thing except drinking butter and MCT oil. It makes sense. (The same happened to me a few years ago on the HcG protocol. I could maintain at 5 lbs over the last and lowest weight, but not less than that.) I want to do RFLP again soon, but not too soon. Am now eating low carb but having some carbohydrates like lots of avocado, some butternut squash, and doing the sweet potato and white rice once a week. I also sometimes have a tiny bit of fruit in a salad, such as a quarter of a small apple, and like I mentioned, drinking a cup of coconut water a day in a large water bottle so it’s not so “carby” all at once. Feel back to my old self. I am frustrated because I want to lose more, and eating low carb alone does not do it for me. I have 60 more lbs to lose to be really slim, but I would have happy with 40-50 lbs. I just want to lose them desperately but in a healthy way. I know some people reading this may think that was drastic, but RFLP was the only way I could lose weight, and it really was pure fat and only a bit of muscle. I can tell from how I look and where the weight came off. I have spent years trying to lose weight, eating paleo, low carb, no carb, etc. If those ways of eating worked for me for weight loss, I would be slim by now. I maintain beautifully, but it is a game of yo-yoing up and down with the same 5 lbs or so. I am going to look into the Carb Nite solution book by John Keifer, and I know Dave Asprey interviewed him on his podcast. At least that way I can eat but hopefully lose at the same time, and the once a week refeed resets hormones. I love the once a week carb refeed; it has done something miraculous to my appetite and I don’t overeat anymore. I am looking for answers on how to lose this stubborn weight once and for all. I eat like other people diet and don’t lose. What to do? I know this RFLP seems pretty drastic, but what’s a girl to do when nothing else works?

    • Hilary Salmon

      thanks for sharing, one thing i spotted was the coconut water, have you ever checked how much sugar/fructose etc is in coconut water? it can be as much as cocacola… from an actual coconut would be better i assume, however i havent researched that. sugar will push you out of fat burning mode in a second. Im doing intermittant fasting, bulletproof style. its fabulous. but think every now and then of the rapid protocol. Im having toxins exit and burning fat just wtih BPIFasting, I really dont want to have toxins come out of my fat faster. any thoughts?

      • torontogirl

        Hi HIlary, thanks for replying! I had to go Bulletproof rapid fat-loss-protocol to lose weight as everything else did not work for me, but not sure if you have checked earlier posts: I had to stop RFLP. I dump electrolytes like crazy while on ketogenic diets and my electrolytes were so low I was feeling ill, my heart rate would race just going up one flight of stairs, etc. I needed the coconut water to replenish my electrolytes which I was dumping faster than I could replenish. I do realize there is a lot of sugar in coconut water, even the lowest-carb kind, but your reply in pointing that out was very kind. I ended up doing Isagenix and have had great success losing 21 pounds on it so far, and am eating. The fasting for very long periods (I was on Bulletproof RFLP, and also fasting until lunch or dinner whenever possible when not doing RFLP, for more than 6 months. It was too much for me, and in the long run it lowered my metabolism. I am not someone who gives up easily, but the heart palpitations and low electrolytes was not fun, and for my own health I had to stop. I was supplementing, too, and with electrolyte tablets, extra minerals, etc. I would feel better and then go on RFLP again to try and lose more weight, but I would begin to feel unwell again in no time at all. I had a heck of a time getting my electrolyte balance normal again: it has taken months. I had to give RFLP a rest and try something else. Isagenix is working well for me; I am eating normally, enjoying protein shakes, and eating a great balanced meal at night (Bulletproof foods), as well as cleansing to help eliminate toxins, and it is working. It took a month or so to get feeling normal again and even then, I began to work out and still felt like I did not have my old stamina back, but after a couple more months on Isagenix, which is very balanced nutrition, I am back to my old self! Working out hard again, and even went for a run one day when I felt like it, and my heart rate, etc. is all normal again. Thank goodness. My situation is not a common one; I had water balance issues with all 3 of my pregnancies, so you probably won’t react to RFLP like I did, but be careful and make sure you are cleansing to help your body get rid of toxins during rapid fat loss. Any kind of rapid fat loss will eliminate toxins quickly. You have to choose between slow fat loss or fast fat loss, and be able to support your liver and cleanse your body regularly in order to not reabsorb those toxins, no matter which type of fat loss you choose. We live in a toxic world so we need to be able to detox effectively in order to experience vibrant health over disease. When losing fat, we don’t want to overload our bodies with more toxins than it can handle, since we need to detox all of that nasty stuff plus our daily toxin load. I would very strongly recommend seeing a naturopath in order to make sure you are on a safe cleansing program. It’s worth the extra money so you can ensure you are doing things properly. It’s your health and safety in the long run! I would say that about any diet, since I had heard of a lot of people that do diets of any kind and don’t detox at all, and a year or so later get very ill. I know 3 of such people and so I think detoxification (safely) is of primary importance. Good luck to you! 🙂

        • Hilary Salmon

          Awesome chatting with you!, I found that the tiniest bit of sugar derailed the BP diet and the bulletproof intermittent fasting, which is why i asked about the sugar in the coconut water, {you can get electrolytes without sugar, I do, as i need them often} Im talking about the small amount of sugar in 50% dark chocolate lindt. when I only have a few squares! Now im not having the chocolate im melting again! and it is effortless, definitly using the detox protocols even though im on the BP intermittent fasting. working very well for me now. enjoy.

        • torontogirl

          Hi Hilary,
          I wanted to mention that I, too, got derailed having one square of dark chocolate in my BP coffee. The sugar did not agree with me. And I only had coconut water on the refeed day, once every 6 days, to replenish my system.
          Hope it all works out for you! Thanks again for replying; it was nice chatting with you again! 🙂

        • Hilary Salmon

          It all makes sense doesnt it! Have a wonderful xmas!

    • Andrea

      You forgot the most important thing: getting sunrise, noon and sunset sunlight and grounding. 😉 Much of the other things depend on how much natural/mammal you behave.

  • RR

    I think bf is a great option for many, but would just warn people against fasting if they have adrenal issues, especially women. Three weeks of fasting for 10 hours a day and I broke into a cold sweat at work, drenching my clothes, and proceeded to have a panic attack. Then I swung the other way, became totally lethargic and gained ten pounds within a week. My cortisol levels were in the toilet, the stress of the diet causing a serious imbalance. If you’re not 100% well, the diet CAN be hard on your body. Due diligence.

  • Sarah

    hey! I’m keen to try this out. I’ve been doing keto for about a week now. I want to try RFLP for 3 days to see how it goes. then go back to keto. is this a good idea? will I see results?

  • Elvis

    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone wants to start it with me tomorrow, Monday 5/5?? It’d be nice to stay motivated with someone by my side! Let me know and I’ll contact you and we can do this together, I think it’ll be much easier.

  • torontogirl

    Had more great success on Bulletproof RFLP!!! Lost another 15 or so in a month, 10 of which is mostly fat, I think. The first week I don’t count because it’s mostly water, and frankly, I had a few decadent eating days and did not want to be depressed as I stepped on the scale. So I stepped on after the first week, and since then, have lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I can really gain a lot of water weight after my refeed day (about 5 lbs) so it takes me a few days to take off that 5 lbs, and then 2 or 3 days before my next refeed is when I go lower on the scale than the week before. Having done this RFLP cycling twice before, I can say for me personally it’s very hard to stay on for more than 1 month. I also find that my liver has a hard time processing all the toxins stored in fat, so things begin to slow down a lot at the end. It becomes a game of willpower and then disappointment as the scale does not go down much in the last week, so why do a 5th week? A month is a long time to go on a severe program like this, so I give myself a break to eat normally (low carb, for my body type) for many reasons–electrolytes, protein replenishment, to get blood tests done, and especially to DETOX before I start another round. If I can attain results such as 10 lbs of fat each time I do an RFLP cycle, I can get to my goal of 60 lbs lost in total by Christmas. This time, I never had even one day of low-electrolyte symptoms, since I was very careful to keep up with the supplements my naturopath recommended. I felt great, full of energy, had no weakness at all even going up stairs (thanks to amino acids–BCAAs did not work as well for me), and loving that people are noticing and that I can go down another clothing size! The fat is coming off in places I thought it would never come off after I had my babies, and having since learned that where you store fat tells what your hormonal issue is, this is good news. Fat on upper arms is a testosterone issue, fat on legs can be both a low growth hormone issue (taking certain amino acids is the precursor for growth hormone) and an excess estrogen issue, etc. So I know that the amino acid supplement I am taking is both halting muscle loss and hopefully helping me produce growth hormone so I can lose that fat on my thighs. The lowered insulin and cortisol levels help lower my estrogen and take fat off my tummy, hips, etc. I am careful to supplement with a methylator, too, for estrogen regulation. My cycle is also exactly 28 days, and continues to be, since I began bulletproof in January. No other diet program keeps my cycle normal, nor allows me to keep my full head of hair! I suffered terrible hair loss in past years whenever I tried to diet. It’s a tough cycle: you’re fat, you need to lose weight, but when you try to diet, you lose your hair, feel awful, don’t experience much (or any, for me) weight loss, and have to stop. Not this time!!!! I’ll keep posting as I continue.
    Off I go to roast my own wet-processed coffee (found some in my city) and have a great cup of Bulletproof coffee as I sit on my back deck…. 🙂

    • CheyenneGirl

      I just read through all of your posts and I am so inspired by your weight loss and success with RFLP. I have struggled with hormonal issues since I was a teen. I am going to attempt this protocol starting tomorrow. I am always weary to try a protocol this extreme because I have had issues with hair loss and cycle disruption while trying to go low carb and low calorie in the past. I have not had any kids but I still have struggled with weight loss since I was an eight year old. Similarly to you, I have tried almost every diet under the sun that has promised weight loss, as well as intense workout routines. I even tried cross fit for a while, and the intensity was too much on my joints. Nothing has ever worked for me. I am currently about 50 lbs. overweight and very desperate to lose weight because I feel like it is negatively impacting my social life and self- confidence. I feel as though I really can relate to the ups and downs of dieting and weight loss that you have also gone through. I am so happy that you have found success with this protocol. Do you have any advice? I wish you the best and take care.

      • torontogirl

        Hi CheyenneGirl! Thanks for replying!

        I am so very glad I can help someone else through my experiences with this protocol. Like you, I have done other protocols with little to NO success, which is very frustrating. This one works for me, and my body loves the fat fasting. You may have read this on my past posts, but truly, in one month on Bulletproof, my cycle went back to 28 days after being “off” for many months. I thought this seemingly drastic protocol would throw me out of whack, but it was amazing. No hair loss either!!! I lost half my hair and thought I’d have to buy a wig last year, after trying two other diet programs. It took a year to get my hair back, and thought I’d be fat (but have lots of hair) for the rest of my life! (Ha, ha. Sort of.)

        Crossfit is very hard on one’s joints AND adrenals, and one cannot keep up with it for long without risk of harm of some kind (I am not an expert, but have researched crossfit as I was contemplating trying it myself, and have known people who tried it and failed soon after.) For people with hormonal issues, it can be harmful in the long run.

        While on RFLP, my advice is: support your adrenals, thyroid, and take the supplements Dave recommends for doing the protocol. Keep up your minerals!!!

        That is my advice. I needed more than Dave recommended just because I seem to have water balance issues that started with my first pregnancy. I know not everyone is the same, but extra minerals will not harm anyone, especially when you are consuming no food other than fat (and drinking a diuretic, coffee). I take broad spectrum liquid minerals in water (no other ingredients but just minerals) plus I add electrolytes in my water (just sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride), then I take lots of magnesium (transdermally on the skin in the form of magnesium oil of gel that does NOT cause diarreah–when you are only eating butter on RFLP, you don’t want any issues, shall we say!), potassium tablets, multi-vitamin, fish oil, charcoal (will help avoid diarreah, too), and my biggie: master aminos. BCAAs, though I took them religiously, did not do the trick and I think I had muscle weakness and some muscle loss because I needed more than that for my personal requirements. Here is an interesting article that explains all this:

        And here is the SON Master Amino Acid (brand) website:

        It’s also VERY important to avoid excess acidity while on a ketogenic diet of any kind, especially this one; I take PASCOE alkalizing tablets (which are basically minerals again, in tablet form) before bed, on an empty stomach, to help alkalize overnight. That is the best time to take them. I found this time around, doing all that, I had no weakness whatsoever and felt like I could run (though did not) and climb stairs, and do all sorts of things, with no lack of energy, muscle weakness, heart pounding upon exertion (symptoms of dehydration–lack of minerals, not just lack of water). My naturopath put me on this regimen and without these things, I could not have continued with RFLP! If you keep up your minerals, it is safe. My naturopath’s words, not mine. However, check in with your doctor before and after, and get blood tests regularly. And detox after each round. You are dumping tons of toxins stored in your fat into your bloodstream, liver, kidneys, etc. as you lose the fat, so you need to cleanse after for your health! I take liver, kidney, and lymphatic homeopathic cleansing drops (you can get these at a health food store) and do it after each round; this on the advice of my naturopath. Remember to check Dave’s list of supplements and DOs and DON’Ts while on RFLP, too, and cross-check everything before you start.

        I also programmed my iPhone alarm to go off whenever I had to take my supplements, with on-screen reminders: “Take Charcoal supplement”, for example.
        I am working full time and would be so busy I would forget. The supplements while on RFLP are a NECESSITY, not a recommendation. Have a routine planned out, right down to the hour: at 6 am, take “x”. Make your coffee at “Y” time. At 10 am, take “Z”. At noon, take that. I found that made the plan easy to do and took the stress out of it. I also found that I needed to keep it very “clean” on my refeed day. The less food combinations, the better on your system and the faster you get that water weight off and keep getting lower on the scale. Keep it to rice and sweet potato, organic/natural meats, no sugar (other than trace amounts in bacon, etc.), veggies, and no fruit. I enjoy avocado a lot and it has tons of potassium to counteract all the salt I was craving on my refeed day.

        Hope this all helps!!! Let me know how it goes. Any more questions, just ask!
        Good luck! 🙂

        • Vanessa

          Well done. Your story has inspired me. Might I ask a few questions please. How many days did you do before you ate the meat and potatoes and are we to take the vitamins every day. i took the plunged and began 3 days ago but my headache just got so bad I needed more pain killers and began vomiting. I think It was the toxin in my body. I broke the diet by eating Avoe and Fillet Steak but will go back tomorrow. Also how long have you been on this diet because I admire your determinination. Thank you.

        • torontogirl

          Hi Vanessa,

          Funny, I am drinking a bulletproof coffee right now as I type this! Headaches are most certainly a detox symptom. When I detox I get them, too. Try to stick with it. Remember that you MUST take the supplements Dave recommends EVERY DAY because you are not getting them from food. Those supplements are vital to your body functioning properly and are why humans eat food in the first place–for the nutrients. Those nutrients all play a role in your body working the way it should, and when you are losing fat rapidly like on this protocol, you must support your detoxification pathways in the liver and get rid of the toxins properly, or you will make yourself more toxic and sick in the long run. You also need your electrolytes since we dump them rapidly when on ketogenic diets, so make sure you are taking electrolytes in water and extra supplements like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. Yes, it is expensive, but you are not eating food so your grocery bill will be less (other than butter and coffee!). Also, weight loss programs are pricey as well, so just spend the money in a different place (your supplements store and on yourself, not the weight loss companies) and it won’t be that much per month anyway! It’s not much more than what you would spend on groceries if you were eating normally. I am pretty sure I included what I take in one of my posts on this forum. Check it out and compare it to Dave’s list. I personally found I needed much, much more magnesium and potassium since I have a water (electrolyte) imbalance issue which stems from my 3 pregnancies. I have figured it out but doing RFLP made me dump my electrolytes like crazy and until I got it in balance, I had to stop. Just be careful; you MUST supplement! Make sure you read Dave Asprey’s instructions for RFLP. I did it for 6 days and then had the refeed day on day 7. I found I lasted 4 weeks quite well but then needed to stop and take a break, eating paleo on the break, with my carbs on one day on a weekend, to keep my weight within 5 lbs of my finishing weight in order not to blow it all. Then I start again and do it for a month again. 4 weeks is my magic number. You have to try it and see what yours will be. Remember, it has to be do-able and maintainable, or you will not have lasting results. It is really a learning process and takes time. I have been on this since January! I am guessing that I will finish by next spring, in order to lose a total of about 90 to 100 lbs. For your refeed days, you are trying out a new way of eating (Bulletproof foods) and learning about how your body responds to certain foods and therefore which ones to avoid. If you go up a huge amount on the scale (any more than 4 lbs, approx.) then you are reacting to a food and it will take a long time to get that histamine water weight off again. Stick to white rice, sweet potatoes, organic meat, no dairy, no sugar, no fruit, just veggies and fats. I tried changing it up a bit and it was a waste of my time: went up 6 lbs one time and it took me a week of RFLP just to get down to last week’s weight; in other words, all that effort and no weight loss. Not worth it to cheat even a bit. Wait until you lose all the weight and then you can have the occasional cheat. Stick to the approved foods or it won’t work! When you are done, like with any diet, if you go back to old ways you will gain weight back. A few pounds are inevitable after doing RFLP (since there is hardly anything in your system, like fibre), but I have found that certain foods make me gain weight fast and I need to avoid them for life (other than special occasions where I cannot help it) in order to keep my weight stable. This is truly the ONLY thing that works for me, so I am determined to stick with it until next year and do it for a month at a time until all the weight comes off. Good luck to you! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

        • torontogirl

          Oh, and cleanse your liver when you are done with each round of RFLP! If your liver is too clogged, then it will not be able to work efficiently to help you lose the fat on your next round. And you will not feel well. This is what my naturopath told me and it was true. When I cleansed afterwards, I was feeling like my old self in no time, and then I began to lose weight again.

        • Vanessa

          I have to watch what tablets I take as I have very bad IBS. I shall go to my health doctor and get help on the liver cleansing.

        • torontogirl

          Hi Vanessa,
          I got both of your replies, though the other one about you vomiting is somewhere else on this page. I don’t know that vomiting is normal for detoxing. Are you are allergic to something? Dairy, perhaps? I would encourage you to go and see your doctor, for sure. Good luck!! 🙂

        • Vanessa

          I stopped the diet and gave myself a few days off tho still in ketones and the vomiting was caused by the rich coffee I was drinking. Living in South Africa we don’t have the use of Daves goods and have to make do with what we have. Our rand is so weak against the dollar hence why i have not bought from him. I begin tomorrow on protocol and thank you again for all.

        • Vanessa

          You are really a great help and most kind for taking the time in replying with such a detailed report. I have copied and pasted to word and then will print and go through it slowly making sure I understand it all. I don’t wish to give up but its days 4 and I woke up so sick again. My headaches which I never get are my problem as is vomiting. I must have been so full of toxins. I take an hour to drink the coffee as my stomach hurls with each sip and I walk around pulling a dreadful face at the thought of the coffee. I have been drinking the coffee for over a year with no side effects till I started the protocol diet and then wam everything went pear shape. I shall let you know how I progress and thank you so very much.

        • Cindy

          Do you drink bullet proof coffe on refeed days?

    • milesmiles

      Hi TorontoGirl, and thank you so much for all your posts. Had my first Bulletproof Coffee today and LOVED it! Which amino acid supplement are you referring to in this post? I have 80-90 lbs to lose and am going to try just the coffee for a week to get started. Never had this much energy or such a positive outlook when starting a diet before. Your info on fat storage is really interesting. I’ve got the arms, belly and thighs but want to make sure I’m not losing muscle in this process. Thanks again!

      • torontogirl

        Hello milesmiles,

        The amino acid supplement that I have found very helpful is called “SON” master aminos. Here is the link:

        I took a break from Bulletproof for the remainder of the summer. I tried it after my holiday in July, got back to where I wanted to weight-wise as I was pre-holiday, but there are just too many BBQs and parties. And, frankly, it’s too hot!! I sweat and lose electrolytes like crazy in summer, never mind doing RFLP. Needed to take a break. I started again this week, doing bulletproof coffee for breakfast and lunch and eating a low carb dinner. Feel amazing, no sugar highs and lows at all, amazing bulletproof energy ALL day. Will ramp it up slowly as the fall approaches….Good luck to you!! 🙂

  • Vanessa

    Day 3 of RFLP and i was so very sick with headaches and vomiting. The smell of coffee and food took me back to the days of my pregnancies which I can hardly be at 57. I listened to my body and ate, though I know it was not what I really wanted. Fillet steak and Avoe. Feeling great so will began again tomorrow. Dave a big thank you for all the work and fat loss chats and sites you have encourage us fatties with. Ok Vanessa speak for yourself. 🙂

  • Alisa

    I’m new to Bulletproof anything! Just started the coffee which is delicious. Anyway this article has me a little confused-I know the difference between Intermittent Fasting and Rapid Fat loss but is there a third option? In this article Asprey refers to the “Fat Loss Protocol”- is that the same as intermittent or Rapid fatloss or is that separate? The links in the article either take you to intermittent or rapid so I’m not sure which to follow.

    • torontogirl

      Hi Alisa, I believe that “Fat Loss Protocol” is the same as “RFLP” = Rapid Fat Loss Protocol.
      Bulletproof coffee for breakfast and /or lunch, and sticking to the “Bulletproof” foods list for any meals eaten works for weight loss for some people, but sadly for my metabolic type, I have to be more drastic to lose weight and do RFLP and just eat food on my refeed day.
      Intermittent fasting does not work well for women, but bulletproof coffee alone (as your only source of food) seems to do that but at the same time supplies the body with fat, to make hormones, so your body does not turn on a negative adrenal stress response.
      So I think there are 3 options, really:
      1. Intermittent fasting (no food or drink, other than water) until lunch or so.
      2. Bulletproof Coffee and RFLP (Rapid Fat Loss Protocol) all day, refeed day on the 6th or 7th day (perhaps after 4 or 5 days for some women).
      3. Bulletproof Coffee as intermittent fasting (so little to no stress response) and eating the bulletproof diet for lunch and dinner, or just dinner (so you have a shorter window for eating).
      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Alisa

        Yes torontogirl this helps a lot! I’m patiently waiting for Dave’s book in December but I wanted to start the thing already. I see what you mean about the IF not working as well for women as I seem to pretty much stay the same weight (but at least not gaining!). I want to try the RFLP but it just seems scary just having Bulletproof coffee for breakfast/lunch and a stick of butter (or so) with Himalayan Sea Salt for dinner and NOT get hungry. I’m going to give it a try and hope I don’t pass out!

        • torontogirl

          You are not going to pass out, unless you have health issues not dealt with before starting the protocol. Get a full health-work-up with your doctor and get the all-clear before starting, so you can detox and process all the fat and toxins that have been stored in your body for years. (As with ANY diet, not just this one!) You need to supplement properly with the recommended supplements and be generous with your minerals. Minerals keep you alkaline, which is where your body needs to be to function well and avoid disease, and electrolytes (specific minerals) keep you well-balanced so you don’t pass out. Remember that the inuit and other indiginous people survive on fat with no ill effects or health problems one would “expect” with all that low-fat nonsense, such as heart disease. Fat does not make you sick unless you are eating bad fats. Good fat with omega 3s are a constant source of energy. You NEED fat for your brain to function, to make hormones, and give your body the energy it requires to function optimally. Sugar and carbs and low-fat (aka: the low fat diet we have been told is “healthy”) are not going to help you. Yes, we need some carbs and our body converts carbs to sugar which our brain uses, but ketones are far better and healthier. Sugar is harmful in a myriad of ways, and the body usually won’t lose/burn fat when you are supplying your body with it. Do your research and you will feel better about the diet. 🙂 Ketogenic diets help fight cancer, and do many other things. (Check out You just have to be diligent with your supplements while on RFLP, but you are doing something very good for yourself. You will be completely, utterly surprised at how amazing you feel!! Nothing rivals it, and it’s not that you are buzzed on too much caffeine: I often have only one coffee in the morning, and then have a tea (green tea or roiboos), then some butter at night. I have more energy than my kids (and that says a lot!), right into the evening. The fat gives you a steady supply of energy, with no sugar highs and lows. You will feel incredible, and that is all natural. It’s a way of life and the reason all these people are hooked on Bulletproof: the amazing energy is addictive! Once you try it, you won’t want to go back!

        • Alisa

          Wow! You don’t know how inspirational you have been to me. Can you be my fat loss buddy? 😀 I’m going to have a lot of questions and was wondering if we can exchange emails? Mine– if you have the time shoot me an email. If you are too busy-no problem, I’m just really glad you’ve helped me up until this point. Thanks again!

        • Hilary Salmon

          Have a close read of the articles and listen to some podcasts, i realise you are being general in your description of what you plan to do, but what you describe is not the Rapid fat loss protocol, read the list of supplements and detox substances and what times they must be taken or you will get sick from toxin overload. the bulletproof intermittent fasting is much gentler to your organs, while supporting quite impressive fat loss, First you must change over to basic bulletproof eating, check the bulletproof diet road map… its so easy to follow. I hope you feel bulletproof soon! <3

    • Hilary Salmon

      Bulletproof Rapid fat loss protocol is the most extreme – you need to take all the supplements and all the detox substances too when directed in the protocol otherwise the toxins stored in your fat will make you sick as they come out as fat is burnt for fuel.

      Bulletproof intermittent fasting is different again, you have bulletproof coffee blended with butter and mct oils from breakfast till you stop your fast with a late lunch and or dinner… much gentler and more sustainable, doesnt have the extreme risks. this is my pick for feeling great and loosing fat and building muscle.

      non bulletproof intermittent fasting is starving till you eat, it has more risks than fasting supported by eating fats as in the bulletproof intermittent fasting protocol, probably less risky than the rapid fat loss protocol.

      then there is simply following the bulletproof diet, the bulletproof roadmap, on this you will get healthy and your body will balance itself just nicely… and you will loose weight, do this first.

      Read the blogs, listen to the podcasts {i do work while i listen, my flatmate drives and listens}, just start, its so very worth it. <3

      love to hear your stories, its nice to be part of the BP community, I value you all so much. and Dave!, Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

  • Destin2Sea

    Toronto girl, Thanks for your post, I too have same issue’s, I’m going to try your mineral’s on my 2nd wk on RFLD. Yesterday was my 1st refeed, I gained 5.6, lost 5.4 on my first 5 days on RFLD I was hesitant to do it, because of these results, and past experiences with carbs. Your post though have encouraged me to press in. I did sweet potatoe’s, rice, beef, blueberries, some butter. I have 60lbs. to lose. I lost 80lbs. on another diet, but hard for me to stabalize after my loss, because I’m always hungry again, gained 60lbs. back. My highest weight ever was 330lbs. I have 60lbs to get back to my goal weight. I’m 6′ 232.8 this morning, I did the IF two wks before the RFLD little success, but I know it helped to prepare. Bulletproof diets DO HELP!!! with my compulsive eating, that has been a lifetime struggle for me.Question? Do you mix butter or MCT on refeed days?, I read you have no fruit, I wasn’t going to but they are in season and I gave in. Also a little confusion, I read on other sites don’t mix fats and carbs, and to many proteins turn into sugar if you are not active. Also I read on another post Dave mentioned a 2wk RFLD smaller meals 50g of carbs.

    • torontogirl

      Hi there Destin2sea,
      You and I are very similar in our weights/goals for weight loss. We both have about 60 lbs to go to reach our goals. We can do this!!!!!!
      Thanks for sharing your story. I have butter and MCT on refeed days, too, but it doesn’t really matter, I don’t think: it’s just good quality fat, and you can have that, but what matters most is carb loading on the refeed day. I have found, however, that perhaps I go a little crazy on the rice on my refeed days and I end up gaining quite a bit of water weight (4 to 5 lbs) that takes several days to get off, so I only start losing more below that weight on Thursday and Friday sometimes, only to go up again on Saturday. It was frustrating but I was doing what I thought I needed to do: carb up. In reading more on women and cyclical ketogenic diets, fasting, etc. it seems that we respond differently to men and need less carbs. Our bodies deal with them differently. If I was working out with weights as in the past, then I could perhaps burn off all that extra glycogen, but on RFLP I am not. So I am going to try eating avocado, eggs, bacon, other meats, salad, etc. (no fruit) all day, and just have a shorter carb-eating “window” at dinner. I’ll see if that helps me lose more fat and not gain as much water, so I can more success during the week and lose more fat in total. I will carefully gauge how I feel as I am very body aware, to see if that smaller window of carbs still does the trick. My body is more stubborn and I lose weight more slowly than most people out there, so I may have to do this just for my metabolic type. Perhaps you will have more success on a full day carb RFLP. Good luck to you! Keep us posted! It helps other women to share our stories! 🙂
      As for my story, I am starting another round of RFLP in the next week or so. I will “hack” myself, as Dave says, and see how it goes with some more tweaks here and there. Success is around the corner! 🙂

      • Destin2Sea

        Hi again torontogirl, I’ve read Dave would rather us not take the RFLD, approach,and I’m thinking, I know I’m struggling with my mind with the refeed weight gain ,and just doing coffee, butter, MCT, for another 6 days to have a gain. I did have a 2 lb. loss 1st day..:) Should I do the IF, and have a green meal for dinner? Or just plug away at the RFLD? I read on one of your post you had a protein salad for dinner, was that IF? How much butter, and MCT can we have for results, sorry if I sound desperate, I feel like I’m on the verge of a good protocol here with bulletproof, but I need to get it right, its awful, I’m all or nothing kind of person, if it works I will do it to a T, I will let info slip about me, I lost my 80lbs. on HCG, great diet, a lot controversy, thats why I didn’t mention it, but I could not stabilize because of hunger after being off it. Thank you for your time!!

        • torontogirl

          Hi again Destin2Sea,
          I did the HCG diet, too. It worked, but I did gain some weight (about 8 lbs) back each time I did it (3 times in all, after each of my pregnancies). However, it is the same with any diet I have been on: if you cannot continue (for any reason) eating those same, very restrictive foods, you WILL gain some weight back. It could just be a few pounds of water weight (unavoidable, from eating any form of carbs) and also having fibre and other bulk in your intestines, which you have very little of on HCG and RFLP diets. Anyway, that is not the focus here but I do know where you are coming from, having done that diet also.
          Try the Bulletproof coffee and “fasting” (no other foods but butter and MCT oil–fat, basically) until lunch and then if you do well that way, try to go all the way to dinner time the next week, and have only one meal a day that way. You are still consuming a good number of calories with the butter coffee: I am sure with the meal included it’s around 1200 or so, give or take), and keep your dinner meal to low-carb (just veggies, protein, and fat). See how that works! If you don’t lose much that way (my situation), then go for the RFLP. Have a two-part plan. Cross one bridge at a time. (FYI: Intermittent fasting is having no food but just water or herbal tea, or black coffee, as I understand it. Bulletproof fasting is where you do fast from food, but allow your body fat, which is where butter coffee comes in. It’s not as stressful on the body, especially for women.) In order to “get it right”, experiment for a while first. Just knock out breakfast and try a bulletproof (butter) coffee instead for a while. Then if it works and you feel well, try one for lunch. Go slow. Remember that this is for you health, not a crazy-drastic diet. Fasting is very important for health, done correctly. Take it one step at a time and see how you feel; see how your blood tests go, get checked in between and take notes. Keep a log of weight, how you feel, hunger, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. Hope that helps! 🙂

        • Hilary Salmon

          start with just the bulletproof diet, then try bulletproof intermittent fasting… it is working for me and five female friends. Im considering the rapid loss protocol, and therefore reading all thecomments. however, its for ‘biohacking interest and ‘what if we could that would be wow and what would it feel like’ type speculations. 🙂 its risky due to the toxins coming out of your fat, thats why you must follow the charcoal and other supplements dosing precisely. all the best to you both, love seeing peoples stories!

  • Andrew Payne

    Hi, All. Friday evening here and I am about to embark, on Sunday, on the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. I am not sure if I can do this, though I certainly need to. I weigh about 385. I will not be able to buy all the supplements listed. I can buy the Brain Octane Oil and the Upgraded Coffee. Does anyone have any tips? Comments from Dave are especially appreciated.

  • Isabeau Chaloult

    Hi Dave,

    Can someone attempt doing the protocol despite not having fixed their hormones, liver, insulin, etc. if the weight gain is threatening their health?

    Here’s my situation: after stopping the birth control pill I have gone from being healthy physically and mentally my entire life to having terrible mood swings and gaining weight like crazy despite a strict Paleo diet and 3+ hours of exercise per week.

    I have gained 70 pounds in 7 months and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, no matter what I do. Doctors cannot figure out what is going on but in the meantime, I cannot keep gaining weight like this, the more time passes the less quality of life I have!

    I have cautiously attempted the diet two days at a time and those moments were the only ones where I felt relief from the chronic inflammation and the chronic pain. I hadn’t been clear minded nor did I have any energy for a few months until I tried this, so it tells me that something must be right!

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

  • LeslieH

    Hi! I am 5’0, now 141# ( I went on vacation)! I tried doing the BulletProof IF and actually gained weight?! I want to get down to 120 or 125 #
    I am going to give it a try again, starting today, I fasted since midnight and drank bulletproof coffee at 4pm, can anybody give me tips? I work at night 7p-7a so my body is screwed up already, any advice is welcome!

    • Hilary Salmon

      are you eating low toxin, low anti nutrient foods according to the BP diet road map? untill i sorted my food supply my weight loss was less than impressive. When ever i am exposed to mould my weight loss stops. with Intermittent Bulletproof fasting you drink the blended butter and mct oils in the bulletproof coffee while you fast, not to break the fast, in your eating window you eat toxin free foods according to the BP diet road map. Never eat gluten, wheat and dairy except butter…. even when not fasting. have a read and enjoy

  • Sharon

    I wish I could start using the bulletproof diet. I hate carrying around extra weight. I don’t like to shop for clothes. I don’t feel sexy anymore. I have been struggling for years with my weight that goes up and down like a yo-ya. I just can afford this diet because I only make 400.00/month right now. I just wish someone would help me out. Wish someone would step forward and give me a break because they care about me and not the money they can make from me.

    • Hilary Salmon

      Im on a low income and i saved $40 NZ a week by going bulletproof, buy teh cheaper cuts of meat, like mince, you only eat a small amount, buy grassfed butter, if you can grow veges, smother them in butter, coconut oil, the fats make up 50% – 70% of your calories. You wont be buying bread, grain based food, no processed foods, little fruit, no sweetened fizzy drinks, no takeout meals…. just small amounts of quality produce, I was stunned that i saved money, buy the coffee beans and MCT/brain octance oils from dave {I get them posted to New Zealand, Christchurch, its very worth it. My Flatmate and i are so healthy now, having the mental clarity is so precious and we have both lost 5 jeans sizes! Just start, and as you learn more you do more towards a toxin free healthy life,… and yeah you will feel so very sexy, and not just due to changing shape! All Daves info is free, so yes, he stood up and cared. Im very grateful. Oh yeah, buy activated charcoal from your local health shop or pharmacy, or dave. that stuff is fabulous.

  • monroe444

    If I add gelatin powder to my bulletproof coffee, will that take me out of ketosis in the morning? I’m just doing this to extend my nightly fast, not for a week long fast.

  • hello..

    Elisa M.
    Elisa’s Vital Stats: Age 42, weight lost: 24 lbs At one time in my life I was close to 180 pounds.

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    Despite the fact that I was eating “clean” and “healthy foods” during the day and everybody viewed me as the healthy food expert, I wasn’t very happy with my weight. Then when I searched for a better way of doing this I stumbled across the Venus Factor.

    The Venus system is amazing. The approach logical and it makes so much sense. It’s more flexible and simpler than anything I have tried in my life so far.
    And the community is amazing. I was scared that those girls will be somehow too extreme, but what I have found out that they are all intelligent, same minded women that are willing to help each other
    This finally worked and the Venus team know
    what they are talking about…..

  • JanetP

    So I have been doing the rflp for almost 3 weeks. the first two I lost about 3 pounds each week. this last one my weight seems to have stalled. Is it possible that I’m taking in too many calories on my refeed day and that is stalling my progress?

  • Miss J

    Hey Dave, would this protocol work for someone transitioning off of a very low calorie diet of 800 or less a day? been on said diet 6 weeks and reached a plateau

  • yessy

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  • Jimmi DiLuzio

    I’m doing this. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Lennard Beyss

      how did it go?

  • Lorena

    hi i am Karly

    thins 8 kilos in 4 weeks just following this method:>

    I can now wear my pants that I love. My waist is smaller and
    firm, I recommend this method.

    Greetings from Miami-usa..

  • Carlos Enrique Mujica Aponte

    I remove 20
    kilos of fat with this treatmentI weighed 81 kilos before, thanks to this method, I can now run without
    shake me and I can also wear the clothes I want, this weekend will show my
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  • Sambasiva Rao Vanimireddy
  • Stephie

    Yikes! I couldn’t get over that long list of supplements. That makes for some expensive urine! Your protocol seems quite complicated, taking this many grams of some supplement at a certain hour and then that many grams at a different hour. Goodness! Keep it simple. I’m a 53 year old woman who has been fasting 20 hours per day for 4 days and have lost 5 pounds of fat. No special vitamins or coconut charcoal. I eat what I want and as much as I want from 8 a.m. til noon and the fat is melting away with little to no exercise. Even though I’m SO hungry before my feeding window I tend to stick with mostly healthy food choices. If I don’t, I don’t feel great afterwards. I did this same routine in my 20’s when I was my heaviest and lost 50 pounds in 7 weeks. I never plateaued until I went off my routine. Luckily I only need to lose 5 more pounds this time around as I’ve kept all but 10 pounds off since my 20’s. Good for everyone that can follow this very detailed program. I’m just here to say that you don’t have to spend tons of money on pricey supplements to get excellent results. Hey, but whatever works for you, right?

  • Can someone post some examples of their dinners they eat during their eating window on IF?

  • Dianna Kramer

    best programs seems like a dream come true to me who has spent the last 30 years trying to get my weight under control I’m not a big eater there’s times when I go for days without eating so this with fasting would be ideal for me I’m not a caffeine person and was wondering if decaffeinated bulletproof coffee would be ok and also on my carbohydrate day would pizza be acceptable it’s the only food I like I only treat myself to it maybe once a year and knowing I could have this once a week would make it all worthwhile especially if I was losing weight I have a good 60 pounds to lose and it would not only boost my confidence it would improve my health I could go back to work and I could feel alive again any comments would be helpful

  • Preethi Ravi

    I’m 6 days into Keto diet and have black coffee in morning. Can I combine IF with BPC and follow my 1450 calorie Keto diet? Will this help for the better?

    F/24yrs/87kg/5.7 height

  • Raymond Shope

    Personally, I combine IF with Keto and Caffeine and the results have been great so far. I’m a cook so I’m moderately active at work. I have so far lost 30 lbs and 12 inches from my belly in 2 months. Feel great too.

  • Raymond Shope

    You are retaining most of your muscle weight and if you are drinking lots of water your water weight as well. As long as the inches keep coming off, don’t worry about it too much. You will dump the weight soon I’m sure.