Bulletproof Coffee Versus Fatty Coffee

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Black coffee is so powerful that Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a musical piece in 1732, titled “The Coffee Cantata,” with lines like “If I can’t drink my bowl of coffee three times daily, then in my torment, I will shrivel up like a piece of roast goat.”

Scientists are still trying to predict what the correct recipe for Bulletproof Coffee would have done for Bach’s music. It turns out that you will have a very different experience when you try the carefully engineered recipe vs. the various “modifications” made by well-meaning experimenters. This post will explain what modifications will lessen the recipe’s effects, and why you owe it to yourself to try true Bulletproof Coffee and not a generic version.

Let’s face it – a creamy cup of coffee tastes good with almost any kind of fat mixed into it. This is precisely why we have the Frappuccino health monstrosity with bad fats and low quality coffee. You can mix any fat (except fish oil, gross) with any street grade coffee to make a drink that tastes ok, but it doesn’t quite clear up a foggy head or bulging stomach. In fact, there are many copycat recipes that promote using butter or other fats in coffee (as opposed to using crappy coffee creamer) as beneficial to our health.  a lot of recipes claim to be Bulletproof but are not made using the carefully designed Bulletproof Coffee recipe, ingredients, and process. The purpose of this post is to explain the differences between the Bulletproof Coffee method and other various recipes.

The recipe for Bulletproof Coffee is carefully designed to help promote brain function, end hunger, turn off cravings, and boost energy levels. Combining Bulletproof Coffee with Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting can enhance fat loss even more.

The Bulletproof Coffee recipe is popular for a reason. Aside from tasting awesome, it makes you feel lean, focused, and energized. Here’s the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe.

However, when following other similar recipes people tend to make a few common mistakes that lessen or even nullify the  benefits of Bulletproof Coffee.

Here are the Top 4 most common Bulletproof Coffee mistakes:

1. “Fresh roasted” and “organic” do not mean healthy or high quality – People use “fresh roasted” coffee thinking it’s better, which it is, compared to “roasted months ago.” But regardless of how beans are roasted, the fact is that the vast majority of beans available for roasting are contaminated with biogenic amines or mycotoxins (damaging compounds created by naturally occurring molds in green coffee production that are linked to all sorts of health problems like cardiomyopathy, cancer, hypertension, and brain damage). Mycotoxins grow on coffee beans before the beans are even roasted [1-3]. So although the damage is caused before the roasting process even begins, most people tend to focus on the roasting method because that’s what’s easier. This is why Bulletproof uses a specially designed Bulletproof process to make our beans. Of course they are fresh roasted (by the #1 SCAA ranked roaster in the country), but the beans are also engineered throughout the entire creation process to mitigate the dozens of ways mycotoxins and chemicals typically enter the coffee supply chain, and we use laboratory grade testing to verify the results. Unless you test your beans in a lab, the odds are (even with wet process) that you’re not feeling the full boost that the Bulletproof Coffee recipe offers.

2. Butter coffee is not Bulletproof Coffee – Making coffee with butter as opposed to crappy coffee creamer is a good step in the right direction, but adding butter alone won’t provide the full mental and physical benefits of the Bulletproof® Coffee recipe. When people use only grass-fed butter to make their coffee, they will be drinking a filling and tasty cup of coffee but not reaping the benefits that Brain Octane or Upgraded XCT oil have to offer. These oils in the Bulletproof® Coffee recipe improve the flavor and mouth feel of the recipe while adding a huge performance boost. You can not fit enough coconut oil into coffee to equal the amount of Brain Octane or XCT Oil I recommend. And don’t even get me started on using corn-fed butter or margarine…totally not Bulletproof!

3. Coconut oil comes with 2 problems

a. Using coconut oil in place of MCT oil brings up another mycotoxin issue. Many brands of coconut oil may contain mycotoxins, especially traditionally fermented types or copra oil. Lots of my clients have complained of brain fog after some types of coconut oil, but not others. I’ve experienced the same.

b. Coconut oil is not of the same dose as Upgraded XCT oil, and this matters a lot. Unlike coconut oil, Upgraded XCT oil is purified to contain six times more of the fatty acids that cause the desired effects. Would you take 1/6 the dose of an aspirin and expect the same results as a full dose?? Even better, Brain Octane has 18 times more of the strongest type of fat found in coconut oil. You owe it to yourself to try it the right way at least once. Neither of these oils is expensive when you consider that you’d need to buy six to 18 times as much coconut oil for the same effects.  You could never find six quarts of coconut oil for only $29, but you can most certainly buy one whole bottle of Upgraded XCT oil that contains the most effective fatty acids found in six quarts.

4. Adding cream, milk, nut milk, sugar, or honey WRECKS the effects – The glorious effects of drinking Bulletproof® Coffee, like better brain function, increased energy, and normalized weight, can be canceled out when you add things like cream, milk, nut milk, sugar, and honey. Each of these foods changes insulin response, stops autophagy, or causes inflammation. These physiological/biochemical changes in your body lead to a foggy brain, hunger, and fat gain. No thank you.

How to tweak Bulletproof® Coffee recipe and keep the Full Effects

How to tweak Bulletproof® Coffee recipe for MORE PROTEIN (BUT LESS AUTOPHAGY)

On most days, a pure fat Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting “breakfast” is an optimal choice, but on days you work out and the day after either put Upgraded Collagen Protein in your HOT Bulletproof Coffee or Upgraded Whey Protein in your ICED Bulletproof Coffee. Getting this right seriously optimizes your body and mind in the morning

For an ultimate milkshake-like consistency, blend in one or two raw egg yolks before the whey.

So that’s it. Good coffee is magic. It’s no secret that Bulletproof Coffee is one of the best ways to supercharge your brain function and enhance fat loss. Every, day more and more people are improving their cognitive performance, forgetting what hunger felt like, and shrinking their waistlines thanks to Bulletproof Coffee.

As biohackers interested in quantifiably measuring our own performance, or as coffee lovers just wanting to kick more ass, we owe it to ourselves to ourselves to try Bulletproof Coffee done perfectly at least one time. Cutting corners with a cup of “pretty good” coffee from unproven beans, with regular butter (or some other random fatty stuff) thrown in, will leave you satisfied, but it won’t leave you in the Bulletproof™ state of high performance. It is worth feeling the full mental clarity and massive energy surge a true cup of Bulletproof Coffee provides.

Do yourself a favor and experience the real Bulletproof Coffee recipe and accompanying Bulletproof Protocols:

Click to read the complete list of references.

1. Fung F, Clark RF. Health effects of mycotoxins: a toxicological overview. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. 2004;42(2):217-34. Review. PubMed PMID: 15214629.

2. Bennett JW, Klich M. Mycotoxins. Clin Microbiol Rev. 2003 Jul;16(3):497-516. Review. PubMed PMID: 12857779; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC164220.

3. Wild CP, Gong YY. Mycotoxins and human disease: a largely ignored global health issue. Carcinogenesis. 2010 Jan;31(1):71-82. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgp264. Epub 2009 Oct 29. PubMed PMID: 19875698; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2802673.

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By Dave Asprey

  • Uros

    how much does clean hay differ from grass? Is there a HUGE difference?

    • MT_Dreams

      with regards to cows eating it, a lot. grass fed dairy will contain higher levels of vitamin B, and especially K & D, and be higher in minerals due to the grass being alive when the cow eats it. This wont mean much if you eat dairy that has been pasteurized at extreme temperatures like most products being sold. This process mutates the protein in the dairy, and you don’t end up absorbing many of the vitamin & minerals (and if it is not organic, you absorb the antibiotics used on the animal). This mutation & absorption of antibiotics makes a lot of people intolerant to dairy,

    • jo

      clean hay is dried grass; slightly higher in carbohydrate, but more concentrated nutrients. still considered part of grass feeding–ie in winter. this is NOT like grain feeding.

  • Kristin

    What about adding a little BPA free coconut milk?

    • MT_Dreams

      if the coconut milk contains sugar, and you add it to the coffee, it looses bulletproof status. Adding watered down coconut milk would be like adding any other nut milk. True coconut milk will separate when refrigerated. If you skim off the top creamy portion, that’s the coconut cream, which the article states can be added, and still be bulletproof.

      • Lc

        Anyone noticed mucus build up, or phlem in the throat throughout the day from bulletproof coffee? I am trying to figure out what is causing this, and it seems to be linked to the butter, or mct oil. It’s unfortunate because I am having success with the bp coffee.

        • MT_Dreams

          Try using just butter, or just mct to determine if it is either of the fats. Some people cannot tolerate coconut oil/mct. Hopefully you are using organic butter. Try using ghee instead of butter by either buying or making it from the butter you currently have. Butter has a small amount of protein which might be causing the mucus, and since store bought butter has been pasteurized, it may have altered the protein. Coffee wise, if it is not Dave’s coffee, make sure it is at least organic. Drink at least 500ml of water first thing in the morning before drinking any coffee as the coffee will dehydrate you somewhat.

  • Dave, I’ve been trying to build my knowledge on you BP concept. I get the mycotoxins issue. What I am lacking is a reference to the impact of adding fat to coffee. From what I understand is that there is a coffee component that binds to fat which enables it to be transported to the brain. And this results in the mental boost. Is that correct? Could you point me to some publications on that issue?
    And BTW thank you for sea of great information you post. I find it very inspiring!

  • Darn got to cut out the raw honey, ok will do thanks for the reminder.

  • Dave, do you approve of the Hemp Force protein powder sold by Onnit? Makes for a great Bulletproof mocha if so!

    • Brad Wetter

      I’ve been adding a scoop of Hemp Force to mine too. Hope it’s alright because it tastes amazing.

  • Sutha Kamal

    Any thoughts on 1) grass fed ghee vs butter and 2) adding maca powder? (Seems to have become popular.)

    • MT_Dreams

      I haven’t used maca in a while, but I’m pretty sure I remember the nutrient info showing it contained sugar/carbs, so this would not lend well to the bulletproof coffee (not to say it’s not healthy when eaten at other times). If you are lactose intolerant, than ghee is an option, though it is more expensive than butter. Ghee is best left for cooking (it has a high smoke point compared to butter or other oils), and it doesn’t taste nearly as good raw, as butter does. I am intolerant to pasteurized dairy, so I use raw butter with great results.

      • Smash the ZOG and NWO

        No lactose in butter (you’re thinking of the A1 cow proteins some are sensitive to. There are negligible concentrations of these in butter from A1 cows, although the most sensitive would be better off with ghee)

  • David L.

    Should I use a steel or paper filter?

  • I was not a coffee drinker before introduced to Bullet Proof coffee. Though I was a little sceptical about the claims, I felt that the only fair assessment would be to follow the program. So, I did what you recommended – I bought grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and Upgraded coffee – and I followed the recipe. It is fantastic! It tastes great and works exactly as you have descibed. I have been eating Primal and drinking Bullet Proof coffee since Jan1 and I have lost 35#. I think more clearly, have better energy, and feel less hungry. Now my son and 3 daughters are becoming Bullet Proof coffee drinkers!

    • Thank you, Bob. It makes me so happy to hear this!!!

  • Matt H

    I thought that you shouldn’t put whey in hot liquid?

    • TMS71

      he said use the whey in the iced version

  • Michael K

    how is the upgraded whey more heat tolerant than other whey proteins? I’d like to know the mechanism if you have time to explain
    thank you,

    • Kamila

      this info is on the website under Upgraded Whey

    • TMS71

      I think he said its the collagen that’s more heat tolerant. He suggested using the whey in the iced version.

  • Ryan

    I seem to be doing everything right in your article, Dave. My problem is I find my heart wanting to beat of my chest from too much energy. I’ve tried drinking from a thermos slowly over a span of hours which helps a little but not enough.

    What would you recommend for a more sustainable energy level?

    • Dave did an article recently on decaf being OK if it’s high quality. I’ve been doing a half caf every morning (both regular and decaf are the upgraded brand), and I feel less like a spas.

    • Pete

      I also have “cut” my Bulletproof coffee with some Bulletproof decaf. It tastes pretty good too. But mostly, I’ve adapted to the caffeine, and reserve the Bulletproof decaf for “later in the day” use if I feel the need for a second coffee.

  • Dani

    Question regarding boiled coffee. I am a total convert and LOVE the bullet proof coffee (and/or tea)But I have been reading a bunch about boiled Greek/ Turkish coffee lately and was wondering what your take is on this…I have lived abroad and I know that many cultures do it this way as well..are there benefits to brewing it this way??can you grind and use your beans..would it ruin the coffee?? Any thoughts??

    • abright

      It should be ok… Dave talks about boiled coffee here: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/coffee-5-reasons-you-can-perform-better-10-ways-to-live-longer/

      And sometimes to minimize the stuff he has to carry when he travels, he’ll take pre-ground beans, steep the beans in hot water, let them settle to the bottom of the cup and carefully pour the coffee into another cup… like when using a french press or steel filter, you’ll still get many of the oils in coffee that would otherwise be filtered out. Possibly some more sediment too.

  • Joseph

    I always get a stomach ache everytime I put MCT oil. Is there an alternative for me?

    • CarolB

      I wonder if you are detoxing? Just a thought

    • tanner

      maybe your just using too much? try reducing the amount

    • Neutney

      Check out the forum. Your body takes about a week or two to get used to it. Start with 1/2 tsp and work up to a tbsp. take Betaine hcl to help your body to digest the fats for a fee weeks

      • PatC

        Thanks- I get nausea every morning with the MCT oil. I will have to start out on a lower dose. Thanks!

        • April

          Joseph, it’s also important to take digestive enzymes with your food, especially lipase (not made from aspergillus mold) to help you digest the fats in bulletproof coffee. The first day I drank it, it made my stomach upset too. .. So, on the second day I took my broad spectrum enzymes (which includes lipase) and no problems since then and having fabulous results! Love it!

        • abright

          Yeah I had a friend that got a stomach ache every time I gave him BPC… and then I gave him digestive enzymes with it and he was fine.

        • stacy

          Which brand of enzymes are aspergillus free? I haven’t found any and would love the referral to some safe brands

        • Greg sees

          Ok, this just doesn’t sound right. Having to take digestive supplements to be able to stomach your new diet is far from natural. Let us stick to natural diets which don’t give you crashes at 1:30 in the afternoon. I only suffer from a crash whenever i drink coffee. I stick to tea since it has never let me down. All this keeps me healthy, energized, and keeps my wallet fat.

        • Toronto girl

          Not necessarily true. Yes, it seems logical that we should not have to, but with age, inflammation and other numerous factors, we lose the ability to digest well as we get older. The newest thing out there is HCL therapy, where people (myself, my husband, and a friend who goes to a completely different naturopathic doctor) have finally found relief and healing from many conditions when using HCL (hydrochloric acid). Many people just don’t make enough and we are not digesting our food, or our supplements. This is disaster in the making, setting up the body for allergies, inflammation, gut issues, malabsorption, etc. Not everyone has issues with digestion, but many do and my husband needed 11 HCL pills to finally digest his food properly. His doctor weaned him slowly off them over time and now he only takes 1. His gut issues are gone. I am not a naturopath so I may not be explaining it properly, but I know that HCL and a good quality digestive enzyme worked wonders for me. I have been on the bulletproof RFLP for 2 weeks now, and the first week I had a lot of heartburn from the butter. But now I am fine and have decreased my HCL and my enzymes.

  • DR

    Can I use 100% Raw Organic Unrefined Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil?

    • Smash the ZOG and NWO

      Anything that shi-shi would probably be free of mycotoxins. Word on the street is that Nutiva’s organic coconut oil is of excellent quality (and Costco has a great price – $21/156oz.)

  • What about adding virgin red palm oil? How would that affect the properties of the coffee?

    • John V

      BP coffee is delicious. Red palm oil would make me gag. I do use the stuff however, mixed in other foods.

    • Jake Fostah

      They burn down hectares of forest daily for the use of palm oil, while coconut oil is vastly superior. Organic or not, palm oil should be avoided if you care about 300 soccer fields of forest burning every hour. It kills animals, not to mention endangered species like orangutans.

  • Love it Dave! Also, like the new look at the site. I am actually going to start STRONGLY encouraging the runners that I coach to start drinking Bulletproofs before their big workouts over at TeachtoRun.com. I’ll try to ping you when the article is up.

    • Jurgen

      Make sure there is enough time between the drinking and the workout, otherwise you might throw-up your BPC all over the floor. (from experience)

  • Jamefree

    These recommendations kick butt!

    Another one I might add is to put a square of Lindt 90% cacao into the mix. This makes for a dynamite mocha blend!

    • heather

      I was wondering if eating a square or two would take you out of ketosis since even the 90% has a few carbs/sugars. I almost always eat one or two with my BP coffee…it just goes together so well.

      • Moo

        No need to allow ,why risk carb creeping in to ketogenic diet…Unsweetened baking chocolate is widely available such as (your choice of brand ,1 option is ghiradelli brand(100%cacao) or other ….has NO sugar 🙂

  • Sean

    Even 1 tablespoon of MCT in coffee (or any other drink) makes me dizzy, and I can “smell” MCT oil somehow in my armpits, a few hours later.

    I still haven’t figured out what’s the deal. Probably a leaky-gut issue. Only MCT oil does this.

    • Pete

      It bothered me a bit at first, and still does if I exceed about a tablespoon. Starting with less than 1/2 TEASpoon for a week and building up worked for me.

  • dbr

    all I have available is Nestle’s cocoa, organic regular butter, and MCT oil. Am I just wasting my time? Money spent on this is money not spent on food for the kids. Same with grass fed meat. Tho there are six grassfed ranches nearby $700+ for a side of beef min. just isn’t happening. So everything except MCT oil is in the orange. Am I just wasting my time?

    • Rich H

      Ive lost 40 lbs so far in 4 months, coming close to the bulletproof diet, but not being 100% bulletproof. I just couldn’t afford it. The grass-fed beef alone is ridiculous. I just get the leanest regular beef roasts I can find for under 4$ /lb (cut that into steaks and fry in butter, grill, or broil to rare or medium rare(YES I cook my food)) and whatever GREEN vegetables I can get my hands on hitting about 8-12 servings a day. My coffee is organic mountain-grown, so it has less mycotoxins, but not 100% mycotoxin free like Dave’s organic unsalted butter, and mct oil (not Dave’s). I exercise for only 10 minutes 2-3 times a week, and otherwise take walks.

      I also cheat on my my diet once every week or two and have some drinks or eat some really crappy food. I don’t think you have to be all the way bulletproof, just get as close as you can within your means. There’s no way I can afford his diet, and it sounds like you can’t really either. If you get get close, however, you will see results and feel better without spending a lot money.

      • Garrett K

        There are a lot of reasons behind what he’s saying to do. Amazing synergy going on in the diet. It’s pretty awesome. I was pondering it today, and seeing it from a variety of angles.

        This being said, you can both totally afford it, eventually. Just use the benefits that are coming from the diet, with what you have NOW, and channel that into being more awesome. It WILL happen. Productively use the benefits that are coming from this into your endeavours, give 100%, and the funds will come to you, allowing you to pick up the necessary pieces to complete the puzzle.

        The organic grass fed beef/bison/etc is there for a reason. Grass fed organic beef/bison/etc contains Omega 3, which is anti-inflammatory (which counteracts some inflammatory/breakdown that can happen from eating animal proteins), and is brain boosting. Non-grass fed (aka grain fed) contains Omega 6, which IS inflammatory, thus slowing down results / effectiveness, of the body. And O6 (Linolic Acid) also stops the body’s ability to convert short chain omega 3 (ALA) to medium and long chain Omega 3 (even though those are mostly covered by the animal sources), and slows down the body’s ability to properly absorb short chain Omega 3.

        As previously mentioned – do with what you have. Take fullest advantage of what you have, right now. Realize that it’s a stepping stone. Set your goal. Take baby steps for improvement 🙂 You never know what a week on Bulletproof (with what you have) might transform into 😉

        • Dave Asprey

          Garrett, what a great Bulletproof attitude you’ve got! You’re going places. ?

      • Bamboohermit

        I understand how difficult not cheating on your diet can be, but coming from someone thats been at this for 25 yrs, its amazing how those little cheats can really mess things up. I went through the same issue, but many times found that although its just one little treat, its negative/ toxic effects can somehow overcome so much hard work eating right. I compare it to say….stubbing your toe…unless you move or stop whatever your keep stubbing your toe on…its not going to get any better…The ol’ 1 step forward 2 steps back routine. For the record, the better you can do, the easier it gets….those “addictions” and cravings are the bad guys whispering in your ear and heart that….”Its okay, its just one little whatever…!” Like a spoiled child, those craving seems to loose power over you when they arent rewarded for their behavior.

      • curious

        And you’ve lost?

      • Kim

        You can afford grass fed meats from here: http://www.orderallnaturalfood.com I get mine there. I have a family of 4, and if you save $30-$50 a month you can use it to buy it here in bulk for cheap. The beef is 93/7 and only 3.99/lb! chicken breasts 1.89/lb but right now they have a special that if you put in an order of beef you can get an order of the chicken for 1.49!

    • Benjamski

      I think the organic butter and nestles cocoa are a waste of time. Regular butter is just a bad idea, you need grass fed and kerrygold honestly isn’t that expensive. Ghee is another great choice and easy to find online. I can’t afford grassfed meat all the time either but when i get supermarket crap i just find whatever has the highest fat percentage.

      Get some ghee or grassfed butter, some cacao powder, or chocolate flavored stevia maybe and keep the mct oil going; that and just do your best with food and you’re still doing great. I’ve gone through periods of cheating a ton on food and while it slows things down, i always keep my portions low then and keep up with the bpc and a solid fast every morning.

      • Hi Benjamski.
        I’m reading this a month after you posted, so I’m not sure you’ll see this, but maybe it will help others. Regarding your statement:

        –I can’t afford grassfed meat all the time either but when i get
        supermarket crap i just find whatever has the highest fat percentage.–

        That is a flawed and unhealthy perspective. When you cannot find/afford grass-fed, your best bet is actually to get the least fatty, leanest cuts of meat. The residuals of the grains that the animal ate are stored in the fat. That is why when eating grass-fed, we eat the fat as well. Please DO NOT eat the fat of grain-fed animals—-at that point, you are basically eating grains yourself.

        Keto-adapted, bulletproof intermittent faster. Went from 320lbs to currently 202lbs in the nearly 6 months since finding Dave Asprey and Jimmy Moore, and combining their philosophies. Flab–gone. Back pain–gone. Migraines–gone. Knee pain–gone. Energy–found. Fitness–regained. Hair–began greying when I was 18. Now at 39, hair is darkening in color, and as full as ever. Etc. etc. etc…..nothing but good has come from this journey!

    • Cheryl

      I’d like to say to your comment even though I know it’s a very old post…grass is free…amazing that grass-fed costs more than grain fed. Most of the beef I see spends all day grazing on grass anyway. They are grain fed at the end before sale. I live in cow country and go by the pastures every day. To me the most important thing is how the calves are reproduced and the mother’s health prior to birthing. But I feel those sellers/farmers who sell beef for outrageous amounts are just milking the customer.

  • dbr

    didn’t want to sound negative cause I think what Dave is doing is one of the best and most important things around. Just can’t afford anything he speaks of in any blog. Maybe someday.

    • abright
    • Jon Estrada Sr.

      Make substitutes when you have to. No excuses.

      • Missy

        Easier said then done…. all healthy good things for the most part are out of reach for most people … I’ve done the substitute and no excuses but you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip! I think we need to make the coast on healthy foods and lifestyle be more affordable for ALL!!! Then there would be NO EXCUSES! 🙂 I’m right on the edge of choosing to eat or pay bills…. It’s life!

        • Jon Estrada Sr.

          Where do you live? What don’t you have access to? And what are your goals? I understand where you’re coming from, I thought this protocol was out of my budget too. And it is. So I drink cheaper coffee. I use coconut oil instead of mct. And because I don’t eat grain, the money I save from pop tarts and ramen has been amazing! lol I have kids, a wife, and a mother in law and they all constantly need things and because of personal beliefs I work for a non profit organization that pays shit. it really depends on your goals. If you’re a slimmer person that already moves like a gazell you may not be as desperate to change your body as my tubby ass is.

        • curious

          Is it effective? I plan on doing the same.

        • Jon Estrada Sr.

          Very if you stick to it.

        • Benjamski

          Hey just trying to be helpful but the coconut oil isn’t really an MCT substitute. I mean it’s fine if you like the flavor of it of course, but as he says in the article, you just cant even put enough coconut oil in there to get the mct benefits in full. I say this only because you should check out Left Coast MCT oil on amazon. It is cheaper than bulletproof and Onnit brands and while i like both of those, it is almost indistinguishable. I’ve noticed a huge difference between that and the brain octane oil, but the regular mct/xct oils compared to left coast feel the same to me and at far less cost. On amazon right now it’s running 20 dollars for 32 oz http://www.amazon.com/Left-Coast-Performance-Bulletproof-Pharmaceutical/dp/B00QL083S4

          Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found the bulletproof brand to be of great quality, the brain octane especially, but i can’t afford it either. I treat myself to a couple a year and get a lot of this brand. Even if you only take small amounts, a teaspoon or two will do more than a handful of coconut oil!

  • MMK

    What suggestions can you make to Canadian bulletproof practitioners? Grass fed dairy is prohibited here but there are a couple organic butter brands that claim to be “mostly” grass fed. I want to reap all of the benefits too!!

    • Sean

      Dave smuggles his Kerry butter from Washington, I think.

      Enjoy the FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

    • TMS71

      I think is raw dairy that is prohibited in Canada. Maybe grass-fed is very difficult to find but I doubt that there is any prohibition against ‘grass-fed’.

      • Heather D

        I have not been able to find any grass-fed milk or butter in my part of Canada. I can get grass-fed beef easily from several different local farms. I can get raw milk cheese — which I presume is grass-fed as it comes from a grass-fed beef farm, even though it’s not advertised as grass-fed for the cheese. But they don’t produce their own butter.

        • Cyle Serra

          We have called every butter producer that we see in our stores and all Canadian producers say the same… They pasture the cows when possible… Meaning here on Vancouver island almost year round but in Quebec probably only 3 or 4 days per year… Call around and see what your local or close to local farms are doing.

    • Toronto girl

      I am doing the bulletproof RFLP right now and so far have lost 14 lbs, in 13 days. More than a pound a day EVERY day. I am using Organic Meadow cultured butter, which claims to be grass fed whenever possible, or “mostly” as you mentioned. It still works for me, and it’s the best I can do here in Toronto. Good luck! 🙂

  • In the past I know cacao butter was suggested as a grassfed butter alternative. I can’t tolerate any dairy so I was using cacao butter and MCT oil. Is that not ok now? If it is ok, how much am I supposed to use?

    • Peter

      Spider: i'[m curious how does the cacao butter make the coffee taste ? i just started today with this new BP coffee recipe, and i need more sweet flavor than just butter and coconut oil/mct oil provides(which is pretty much none !). i was thinking about trying Dave’s upgraded chocolate or vanilla too….

      • LaNette

        Upgraded chocolate is fantastic with bulletproof coffee! I have also blended mid afternoon my leftover bulletproof coffee with whey protein, 1/3 cup bpa free coconut milk, 1 tbs upgraded choc powder and ice. All I can say is it’s amazing!! To answer the question about having bulletproof coffee cold I think it’s fantastic. Thank you Dave for bringing such high quality products to us that also taste like nothing else I’ve had.

    • abright

      I’ve used the upgraded cacao + MCT when I ran out of gf butter and could not find any more butter at the store… it is a bulletproof alternative, although you’re not getting the benefits you would from butter. There are different benefits from the cacao though– read more here for benefits of high-quality low toxin chocolate here: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/real-superfoods-that-destroy-inflammation-in-your-brain-the-body-response-that-may-change-your-mental-health-forever/

  • Pete

    Is there any good substitute for water in BP-coffee? http://americanlivewire.com/nestle-ceo-says-water-is-food-that-should-be-privatized-not-a-human-right/ Just wanted to bring up this stupido speaking up for you to share.

  • Marcello Teofilatto

    Just a correction: Bach’s piece is “The Coffee Cantata” (not Cantana). Best wishes, M.B.

  • Don’t mess with Dave’s recipes. The coffee, grass fed beef, the Tumeric any of it. I started less than a year ago I weighed 210lbs with a 36 waist. Now I am 200lbs with a 32 waist moving mountains just for fun!

  • CreamyAZ

    Not sure I understand why cream is bad and butter is good? If I use raw, grass-fed cream and whip it enough I make it into butter. How is this less than store bought grass-fed butter? I go back and forth but I prefer my raw cream when I can get it. Otherwise, thanks for the tips!

    • I had the same question. Butter is just cream, mechanically processed to separate the solids from the water.

      • Ms

        Protein. Wen you separate cream into butter, there are milk proteins butter has very little. Once in the coffee you denature it because of the temp. Honetstly it’s not that big a deal if you are using grass-fed you are still on the right track.

      • jo

        yes, the ‘water’ is actually whey: water, electrolytes, a little protein, not much.

    • MT_Dreams

      There are only 12 calories per tbl of cream, whereas butter has 100. This is b/c cream is 75% water, butter has 15-20% water. Cream also has 3 times more protein, as well as milk sugar which will make you hungry sooner. Small details, but for someone like myself who does not eat until mid afternoon, it’s a huge difference.

      • jo

        most grass fed full cream is 60 or more calories /Tbsp, NOT 12 calories! that must be diluted cream or low quality that you’re talking about….

    • TMS71

      Cream has milk proteins and sugars (lactose) which cause an insulin response which is counter to the point of the bulletproof coffee as a breakfast replacement.

  • nonmincedwords

    Can anyone explain this or reassure me here? I had the upgraded coffee for 5 days then withheld it for 1 day and a got a withdrawal headache. To Dave’s credit this coffee does not cause me GERD as every other type of caffeinated beverage does. But the intense headaches that occur if a day of imbibing this heavenly beverage is missed makes my continued enjoyment of it untenable. Any ideas to prevent the headache?

    • TMS71

      sounds like caffeine withdrawal. Does he have a decaf version? Maybe try half regular/half decaf and see if that prevents the headaches.

  • AT

    I’m curious as to your take Dave on Keifer’s claim in your interview with him that MCT oils will suppress the GH spike which occurs after waking. To quote:

    “Too much quick acting fat of which there are not very many varieties basically Medium-chain Triglycerides, those can screw up the process if you have a lot of regular fats like animal fats, most of the oils they can take any more from 2 to 5 hours to get into your system so you’re not actually introducing an exogenous fuel to the system. That’s gonna screw it up. So that’s how avoiding breakfast can help you burn fat.”

    He seems to think that having MCT oil first thing in the morning, by introducing exogenous fuel, will stop the fat burning associated with skipping breakfast. Is the only answer to not have bulletproof coffee until a couple of hours after waking up or do you see another way around this?

  • CarolB

    I recently ran across Doug Kaufmann “Know the Cause” online and one of his blogs mentioned bullet proof coffee. Not knowing what it was I did a search. We are currently on Doug’s Phase 1 diet for long term health challenges. Really not supposed to be drinking coffee at this point but haven’t given it up completely yet. So I decided to try Bullet Proof coffee. Haven’t tried the recipe yet (with coconut oil and butter) but just as a cup of coffee with stevia I love it. Feel like at least I’m getting a healthier form of coffee and I love the taste. Not sure how to make the recipe. Do you just stir the butter and oil into your cup or do you need a special machine? Also, not sure what MCT is. Off to do a web search. We’ve been using cold pressed organic coconut oil from Wilderness Family for years.

    • abright

      Hey Carol! Welcome. You can find the original coffee recipe here: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/category/coffee-2/

      And blending the MCT oil and butter together is best. MCT oil is an extract of the best parts of coconut oil, capric and caprylic acid. It takes about 6 tbs of coconut oil to get the same amount found in 1 tbs of MCT oil.

      • Griobhtha

        “The best parts” seems egregiously subjective. Lauric acid is factually the most beneficially studied of the MCT’s. MCT oil is the result of industrial fractionation involving steam distillation and high pressure hydrolysis. The highly valuable lauric acid is separated and sold for industrial and medical purposes, and the remaining MCT’s are packaged as MCT oil (fractionated coconut or palm oils). Regardless of well meaning persons suggesting enzyme use with MCT oil, the fact is that MCT’s are readily absorbed and put to use without bile salts or digestive enzymes. The reason people have digestive issues with MCT oil is that, unlike lauric acid which is anti-inflammatory, capric and caprylic acid can irritate gut linings (much like excesses of monounsaturates can do to arterial walls). With naturally occurring capric & caprylic acids in coconut and palm oils being lower (4-6%) this is not a problem.

        • stacy

          Why not just use coconut milk? That way, it’s an even lesser processed food. On that note, is the guar gum in the native forest brand (the only bpa and organic in one I can find) ok?

    • Mitchell

      MCT oil is 6x stronger than Coconut oil, so way more potency. Grass fed butter (kerrygold unsalted) however I cannot obtain that butter in Canada because of our ridiculous dairy laws. To make the coffee, use at least 500ml of mycotoxin free beaned coffee, minimal 2 tbls Grassfed butter, 1 tbls of MCT oil. It took me 4 months to go from 1tsp of MCT oil to 1 Tbls because it will give you an upset stomach. Using a french press to make the coffee poor the coffee over the butter and mct oil in a magic bullet or hand blender and blend for 20-40 seconds and enjoy 🙂

      • Griobhtha

        This business about this MCT oil being 6x more potent is nonsense. Coconut oil is 60-70% lauric acid, a highly beneficial medium chain triglyceride, and then it also contains the MCT’s commonly found in MCT oil. Math is a great equilizer to bullshit.

        • stacy

          Your last sentence was classic! 🙂 so are u sayin that a pperson would get more benefit out of coconut oil vs mct oil?? Which one Contains the most antimicrobial benefits?

          Also, how is it that coconut oil can contain mycotoxins, as stated in the article? If coconut oil is antimicrobial, how the heck is it loaded with mycotoxins??

        • Griobhtha

          Yes, I do believe coconut oil is more beneficial, because lauric acid is more beneficial and is more practical for the quantities of fats required. As for mycotoxins invading us and all of our food… this is really a fan site for trademarked sales of bullshit. It makes good money for the huckster, but doesn’t really scientifically deal with the microbiome in and around the human body. This is of the same gist as Lysol commercials 🙂

        • stacy

          Griobtha, can u expound on that? I actually do need to be worried about mycotoxins bc i have mold illness (mycotoxicosis) from severe mold explore and increased biotoxin susceptibilities due to certain genes. It’s caused a lot of health issues 🙁

          Also, do u know of any good quality coffee, similar to the BP brand, that I can get at a health food store like whole foods? I cannot afford the BP brand at all

          Thanks for the info

  • Steve

    I am new here, and want to get started with the coffee. What is the “best” way to grind the beans and is a french press okay? Thanks for your insight.

    • abright

      French press is ok! And a burr grinder, medium grind.

  • apoetsred

    Is this meant as a breakfast meal replacement?

    • apoetsred

      That is, for every day of the week? And how long does it take for the body to get used to the addition of such rich fats? I get that it’s different for everybody, but from your experience?

      • abright

        Yes, breakfast replacement. Up to 2-3 weeks to be able to take the full recipe from some of the comments I’ve seen (a smal percentage of people get stomach aches when doing too much too soon, and titrating up and/or using digestive enzymes helps), although many are fine immediately. As for different variations of the morning drink- it depends on what your goals are- this post may address some questions: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/engineering-the-ultimate-morning/

  • Pingback: Bulletproof Coffee | From Cupcakes to Crossfit()

  • Trade King

    I eat 5 eggs every morning after my workout with a 16 oz of iced coffee. Can I put 2 tablespoons of grass fed butter and MCT oil on my eggs and drink a regular coffee and achieve the same results?

  • B.B.

    The weather is getting warm, and I like to switch to ice coffee. The problem is that butter does not do well with ice coffee!

    Please advise about how to handle this issue.


  • HL

    But Dave, I noticed that the MCT oil does not have lauric acid which is desirable for antiviral and antifungal effects. Would it be ok to add a tablespoon of coconut oil in ADDITION to (not in place of) the MCT oil? I am talking about good coconut oil, not copra.

  • I have not seen anyone mention anything about sucanat(unrefined sugar cane) yet? I’ve had it in the past in my homemade tea’s and a slight observation I’ve made is this. When I consume refined sugar via sodas, nasty bacteria ordor happens when I brush my teeth, but when I consume sucanat which has magnesium, chromium and other natural minerals left intact my mouth doesn’t smell at all, and it doesn’t seem to mess me up. So my question is, can we add sucanat to our bulletproof tea in small amounts, especially if I rarely eat fruit.

  • perrmi

    my breakfast:

    2 eggs, +2 2 edges of ham + some walnuts + 1/2 avocado then 1/2 HOURS after the bullefroof coffee is that it’s good??

    thank you mICHEL

    EXCUSES I am french

    • perrmi

      2 and not 2 2 edges of ham:)

  • I make my Bulletproof Coffee w/ 4 cups of coffee (which is actually just one big mug), 2 tb of Kerrygold, 1 tb of MCT, and 1 tb of coconut oil (for flavor). I get that coconut oil doesn’t work as well as pure MCT, but is there any harm in adding some for flavor?

    • John V

      Dave’s early version of BPC called for coconut oil. He would approve. I like coconut oil, but not in coffee. I have yet to try Dave’s beans but to me nothing beats the flavor of a good single origin, fresh roasted. Period. Dave got me off milk and sugar, thank you. You should not want for flavor. I can’t wait for the morning!

  • Kamila

    Thanks for clarifying. I attest to the enormous difference the mct oil makes in my energy! In fact, I have so much energy now that it’s hard to get to sleep. I’m doing the intermittent fasting; would it work to have the honey or honey+collagen+mct at 8pm?
    Also, would it be a mistake to use 1-2 tsp. of coconut sugar with some upgraded chocolate to make a mocha? I have gut inflammation so I am avoiding xylitol. Is the birch or other hardwood-sourced xylitol safe wrt gut inflammation? Is the cacao ok while doing IF? Does your new decaf BPC provide less of an upgrade to cognitive function, eliminating inflammation or weight loss?

    Question: What do you recommend for upgrading your mitochondria and their processes?

    Did you eliminate nightshades completely in order to reverse your Hashimoto’s? WRT eliminating all molds, what about cheese? What else was critical (besides eliminating gluten, grains, soy, and fermented foods, using glutamine intensively for 5 days,) in reversing your Hashimoto’s? Did you abstain completely from alcohol? Do you consider this in the same category as fermented foods? I was so glad that you mentioned that red wine so often contains mold! No more red wine for me! So that leaves just white wine and tequila………any thoughts on these? How long did it take to completely reverse the Hashimoto’s? It is the BANE of my existence! Also, you mentioned B vitamins- how much/how often?

    If I do the Rapid method where you have only BPC and butter/salt; would it be ok to have bone broth?

    Lastly, I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to you for sharing all the info from your biohacking and for making the Better Book in the hopes of reducing the incidence of autism. You totally ROCK!


  • Jill

    I just started learning about and making bulletproof coffee exactly as in the recipe, and trying the intermittent fast. But my brain feels horrible! Even an hour after drinking the coffee, I’m hungry and my brain feels the way I associate with a need to eat some protein. Sort of like seasick, only in the brain.

    What could be up with this? From what I read here, my brain should feel great and I shouldn’t be hungry!

    Also, I feel great energy-wise, but then I crash pretty significantly.

    • Eric Echevarria

      Are you sure you’re putting enough butter in? The fat is what keeps you fuller.

    • JWein83

      I found for me, starting out with 2 tbsp of grass-fed butter and about 2 tbsp of the mct oil (with 16oz of coffee, made from 2 tbsp of ground beans) worked well. Try different amount til you find what works for you. Today i did 8oz of coffee from 1tbsp ground beans, 1tbsp buter and 1tbsp mct oil and it def did not last and feel the same as how i usually make it with everything doubled.

    • Benjamski

      I agree with Eric, not enough butter might be the issue. I also know women tend to require more protein than men and you might want to add some whey or collagen protein in. Play wit the amounts until you make progress. Good luck!

  • Pete

    This is spot on! I, personally, tried violating some of these. DON’T DO IT! Especially DO add the MCT and DON’T use substitutes for grass fed butter, and DON’T add other junk (even if you think they are healthy). I’m in my second year of Bulletproof Coffee living, and am at lowest weight AND highest alertness in a long time. Finally, DO BLEND your coffee, MCT and butter. Stirring it won’t get the job done, and it won’t have that WONDERFUL flavor/texture.

  • aseoconnor

    I’m living in Sri Lanka, so MCT oil isn’t really available But grassfed butter and coconut oil are… What proportions would you recommend?

    Oh, and I found an amazing coffee company that produces quality stuff.

  • Tom

    I just wanted to comment that although I have been following much of Dave’s advice I only briefly tried Bulletproof coffee. After a recent podcast I was convinced to try it again. I have been using regular coffee with Kerrygold butter. The last few days I have been using only BP coffee and the difference is truly amazing. I think Dave says it is different but he has such a relaxed delivery it is easy for us to try to substitute cheap coffee. I have had the clearest focus I can remember. Its just very hard to believe how big of a difference it makes. Thanks Dave.

  • Josh S.

    how does the raw egg work? just crack an egg into your mix and blend it all together?

    • abright

      separate the white from the yolk, drop the yolk in and blend.

  • Dr Simon Norton DC

    MCT is short for medium chained triglycerides as found in coconut oil ,they are absorbed without emulsification from bile salts.
    butter is over whipped cream and is an emulsification of long chain fats from cows for baby cows.
    this is not the only form of coffee from single sources with low toxin loads .

  • Mandi

    I was wondering if anyone can explain why butter is right and not cream, seeing as butter is made from cream.


    • Garrett K

      “1 Tbsp butter has100 calories and 17% total fat (35% saturated), while whipping cream for 1 Tbsp is 45 calories, total fat is 7% (14% saturated), for heavy cream 1 Tbsp is 52 claories, 9% total fat (17% saturated).”

      You’re going for the saturated fat in the organic grass fed butter 😉

  • As a newbie to bulletproof coffee and normally a tea drinker, how many coffee beans do i use ?

  • Nikki

    Do you think it is ok to use cacao butter instead of animal butter?

  • Ram

    Hey Dave; love the BP coffee tastes great and makes me feel fantastic!

    Just had a couple questions for you:

    1. I know you said no honey but I use the raw killer bee honey (Just to give it some sweetness) that can be found here:


    Is it ok to use this or should I ditch it?

    also I drink about 40 oz of this stuff throughout the day; is this too much? I dont have any adverse effects that are noticable but just thought I’d get your opinion.


  • Jes

    Would using raw, uncooked, unfiltered honey still cancel out the benefits of Bulletproof coffee? If so, can you go into further depth regarding how? I understand it causes an insulin spike, I’m just not clear on how this undermines the coffee…

  • Anna

    I’m a bulletproof rookie and I’ve only just recently begun to have (almost) bulletproof coffee in the morning. I say “almost” because I haven’t yet come around to get myself any MCT, so I use butter (the good kind) and coconutoil. While not being true to the original recipe, I do love the taste. This morning I added some fine madagascar vanilla and cinnamon – heavenly. Eventually I will have to try out the real deal bulletproof coffee, but you know, all in due time.
    Greetings from a warm Sweden!

  • iknowthesecret

    Dave, I have been drinking Bullet Proof coffee for about 5 months now every day. Aside from it being everything I have ever wanted, I cannot get above 1 tsp of MCT oil. If I add more than 1 tsp of the Upgraded MCT oil I will feel very sick for 1-2 hours. If I use correctly, I feel amazing for 4-6 hours. Just wondering if you have any input on why my body cannot handle more of the MCT oil seeing as I have been drinking Bullet Proof coffee for almost half a year. (I am using 3-4tbls of butter now too, took a while to get used to but it makes a huge difference in my “Hunger Pains” from the hours of 11am-2pm.

  • bird33

    Interesting stuff! Just a correction: you should be using “effect” and not “affect” throughout. As in, “the effects will be negated” or “you won’t get the same effect.”

  • Michael Sheppard

    Hi, Dave. I’m very new to the whole Bulletproof thing, but it made a lot of intuitive sense immediately, so I decided to try it; I’ve been doing it to the best of my means for the past almost month, and can see and feel the positive effects. That’s all just by way of introduction.

    My specific issue/question at the moment is: what type of blender do you recommend for making it? I ask because I have a Ninja, and after several days of making your exact recipe (your upgraded coffee, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter) in it, the rubber around the rims has started to get eaten away! It must be some kind of chemical reaction to the MCT oil? Maybe? (It’s never happened with anything else I’ve put in it…)

    Anyway, after a few more days, I’d blend and the liquid would start coming out over the top, because the rubber was getting eaten away that much more. Luckily, I have another lid and I’ve started using the larger pitcher (or whatever you call that particular blender component which holds the ingredients), so it hasn’t happened yet because I mix it on low and the liquid doesn’t quite reach the top, where the rubber meets the side of the pitcher (though it does splash up there a little). Sorry about the novel-length description, but I was wondering if you or any of your other customers have experienced this, and, if so, what you/they have done about it. Thanks!

    • Flass Maximus

      I’ve also had this problem. I am going through blenders like newspapers from softening seals!

      Edit: it also causes rubber bands to swell and soften like some petrochemicals do…

      • Michael Sheppard

        I’ve since found that the best solution is an immersion blender right in the coffee pot. Easy.

  • MM

    So much BS and broscience. This dude has made some bucks off the gullible sheep who will believe anything.

    • hihellothere

      Calling people sheep is definitely making the world a better place. You’re doing god’s work. Carry on, friend.

  • El_Profeto

    i have a question regarding caramel, is there any decent caramel that I can add? instead of chocoloate, vanilla or cinnamon?

    • Joe

      Caramel is sugar. The chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon he recommends don’t spike your insulin.

      • El_Profeto

        thanks joe! duh that makes sense!

  • Rdd TheStrong

    Does anyone know if its okay to add maca to bulletproof coffee? Other than the carbs in maca (taking me out of keto) is there any bad side effect to adding maca, mct and kerrygold to bulletproof coffee?

  • Brad Dunn

    It is incredibly difficult to find grass fed butter in Canada. If anyone has tips, please share!

    • Greg Sandsonni

      Find a cow share and buy a share..

  • gcola12

    You gave your alternatives for what you can put in your bulletproof to tweak it a bit without losing the benefits.

    Would Certified Organic Hazelnut Syrup ruin the effects of the Bulletproof Coffee or is this fine to add?

    Here are the ingredients: Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Purified Water, Organic Hazelnut Flavor, Vegetable Glycerine, and Cytric Acid.

    It is gluten-free and non-gmo. Any advise would be helpful, thank you!


    • Joe

      It’s sugar. It’s going to cause an insulin response. You cannot use it to get the desired effects. Look at what he says you can use above. That’s the extent of it.

      • El_Profeto

        aight thanks again joe!

  • scott ramirez

    can I use avocado in bulletproof coffee instead of grass fed butter ?

  • Aj Oliva

    I’m not going to lie… On days I do not IF, BulletProof coffee with upgraded whey, and egg yolks… that sounds amazing!!!!!

  • John Mason

    Come on then, let’s have this in England too. I can get MCT, but not the coffee

    • lance

      John, I got some good coffee beans from pumphreys coffe, they have a gautamala high altitude coffee which is close to the requirements.. http://www.pumphreys-coffee.co.uk/products/coffee/filter/guatemala/ You can order BP coffee from a UK supplier but is expensive due to import tax, look for stevia shop. Still have to order MCT oil but have loads of other stuff i have recently ordered

      • John Mason

        Thanks Lance. I’ll check it out. have used the Stevia Shop before

  • Christopher Barrett Anderson

    Hello there! Can a dairy intolerant person using the bullet proof beans and the bullet proof MCT oil still receive the bulletproof benefits without butter or dairy? Thanks so much!

    • Chelsea

      You can use grass fed ghee! Check out omghee.com, theirs is 100% grass fed, organic, and GMO free

      • Christopher Barrett Anderson


  • Sarah DAgostino

    I bought the 5 lb bag and we are french pressing it… adding the Kerrygold and MCT in it. (I was still adding non-dairy coconut milk creamer to it until I read more.) My question… What is the best way to store/use the coffee without harming the “purity and mycotoxin free” thing that I bought it for in the first place. Will you give me a step by step advice from freezer to grinding (I don’t have vacuum bags and the bag it comes in has the vacuum hole at the top of the bag which gets rolled up after the first use.) THANKS- Sarah

  • Teegeecee

    I am trying to figure out best way to make on the road. I had a mini-blender, but I assume the heat caused both the blender cap and the cup to each crack. I bought a new one, but it says not to use with hot liquids. Is there a way to pre-heat the blender so it won’t crack? Or is there some other way to blend efficiently on the road?

  • shosh

    hi there, so is the bulletproof coffee, jus your coffee and some raw grass fed butter, how much do u add, can you add raw milk as well…

    also i live in australia and woould like to source my coffee locally…i have a local organics coffee producer.. kind regards shosh

  • Jhug

    Ok so, I just found your website today and am so excited to get started. I have been trying vegan for a while and am not happy with it. I love the fact that soo many people comment. It is helpful and educational.

  • Jmo

    I have a dairy allergy. Any recommendations on just adding MCT Ora non-dairy substitute?

    • Kris Augustynski

      Not certain here, but have you tried ghee? And if so, do you still have a less-than-positive reaction to that as well?

  • Jmo

    I have a dairy allergy – butter is out. Will I have positive results with just MCT or can you recommend a butter substitute?

    • Krispy

      Any luck with ghee?

  • Nicole

    What is this warning all about listed with your Upgraded Vanilla on upgradedself.com??? “California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known
    to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other
    reproductive harm.”

    • highlydubious

      California is crazy with frivolous lawsuits. You’ll see that on almost all supplement company labels that do business in california, you’ll even see it on buildings. It means nothing and can be disregarded

      • Rawstagirl

        alot of the HIGHEST quality supplements, superfoods and herbs have this on them highly dubious is right.

    • The US government has it out for saturated fat as it “has been shown to” cause heart disease.

      Better avoid that, too! =)

    • Kevin Blagrave

      California’s prop 65 can be a bit absurd. For example all coffee shops must display a prop 65 warning because all coffee naturally forms acrylamide when roasted, which has been shown to cause cancer in lab animals.
      So if you are scared about prop 65 warnings then you shouldn’t even be drinking bulletproof coffee.

  • Michele

    Does ANY cream wreck the effects of the bullet proof coffee? even raw grass fed cream?

  • Morgan

    Don’t waste your money on the upgraded vanilla. I ordered some along with my bulletproof coffee and I feel totally ripped off. I bought it to help make the coffee taste better but you cant even taste the vanilla, no matter how much you use.

    • Dan


    • Benjamski

      Really? I love the flavor of the vanilla, it’s just annoying that it doesn’t dissolve and makes your bpc gritty.

  • Larry

    I like the time release idea of caffeine, but i’m not fasting, or on any diet, in fact i’m bulking at the mo.

    Is it ok to drink an appropriate coffee with gf butter recreationally like after a meal or even with a pie as you do in a cafe? an can you explain the effects of the butter, with carbs, and protein and in terms of and fat storage and insulin? or direct me to a link or something?


    • Trent

      Seriously, we need some more explanation of what you can do with this coffee without ruining what it does. I plan to wake up to this coffee, then workout and I would like to eat after my workout or have a shake, but then is this gf butter coffee going to just make me fat since I am eating now? I will pass out if I workout and wait 6 hours to eat. I know he is all about working out like 12 minutes a month but I actually enjoy working out and I am starting to think you can’t do both. Especially if you workout in the mornings during coffee fasting time…

  • Larry

    Its pretty awesome, how Dave answers most questions on here NOT.

  • Trent

    Is there a better place to chat with someone? I need some help here. I workout in the mornings and don’t think I am helping my muscles by not eating anything after a workout. And the protein they sell on here has such a small amount. If I wake up and drink my bulletproof coffee and then go to the gym, am I killing the whole program by eating something or having a protein shake after my workout? or do I need to wait 5 hours? There is so much info on here, but almost too much.

    • krayziehustler

      You can try him on Facebook or twitter. Only thing i can think of.

  • Dogy

    I’m new to the whole idea, but I’m interested in the bulletproof coffee, as I tried for some time coffee with coconut oil and I loved the added energy I got from it. But I also feared to gain weight and that was why I stopped. I’m female, 50 and don’t really want to lose weight, I’m quite happy with myself, but I’d love to have more energy over the day.
    When I tried the coconut oil (3 times a teaspoon over the day, in my coffee mostly), I had the impression of gaining inches around my midriff, even though I also had less cravings and thought I ate less. I didn’t want to do any harm to my body that would be hard to reverse, so perhaps I didn’t give it time enough to get accustomed to the change (and I ate my normal breakfast regardless).
    I don’t really want to do a real diet thing (that’s not my piece of toast), but many of the regulations of the bulletproof diet are part of my nutritional habits anyway.
    I’d just like to hear from people who only did the coffee and their experiences (as I understand it, the coffee is your breakfast and supposed to bring you over the morning, correct?).

  • Trent

    Is there a reason my questions are being deleted? I really need some help. If you workout int he morning, how does this work? Do I not have any protein or food after a workout because I had this coffee right before? Those protein drinks they sell on here have like 7 grams per serving. That’s nothing. If I eat some eggs or something after a work out will this kill my coffee effects?

  • bicycledoc

    Is anybody doing Bulletproof coffee and then working out immediately? I’m just starting the Bulletproof coffee, and I usually work out relatively hard right away. I get a feeling like I am going to bonk and I get jittery. Is eating something after the coffee a no no? Does it change the effects?

    I did have a bike ride this morning and I felt like I could go forever, so maybe I’m just getting used to it.

    • Trent

      I’m in the same boat. I don’t know what to do. I only work out in the AM before work so I feel like I have to eat after…

  • Question: the California cancer warning at the bottom of the product pages…..do tell. What is that all about?

  • Arthur

    can i use coconut butter in stead of grass fed butter?

  • Arthur

    can i use coconut butter instead?

    • Arthur

      sorry i didnt notice i posted twice.

  • nkitajolie

    What about organic grass-fed heavy cream? or should I just save that for my tea?

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  • Abe Blue

    Grass fed butter has no equal or substitute. I can’t believe how different and superior it is. It has color and flavor and is creamy not oily.

  • PMol

    So how much Coconut Milk should one use in BPC? I’m lactose intolerant, already have MCT oil and Upgraded coffee in my posession.

    • cp

      FYI, coconut “milk” is not dairymilk and therefore contains no lactose.

  • Kal Hameed

    First off I want to say I respect Dave. Pretty phenomenal stuff on this blog. Being a software exec myself I find it funny I gravitate to the likes of Dave and Tim Ferriss.

    Anyhow. I bought the bulletproof coffee and very expensive organic coconut oil and grain fed butter. Although I try my best to buy everything organic, it’s just way too expensive.

    I played with 10-15 recipes. I could have been a chef. My latest formulation which consists of pure butter, tassimo long espresso shots, and a couple of spoons of brown sugar seems to be giving me the energy I need. After a cup or two I am fully energized and don’t want to eat anything for hours.

    I just find coconut oil works better in food based recipes.

    I will buy premium coffee and organic coconut oil when I can. In fact, I try to use my coconut oil with curries I make and use the butter alone for coffee.

  • Liat

    The grocery co-op near me only sells corn-derived xylitol, and Whole Foods seems to exclusively stock xylitol with shady additives. Anyone have a suggested source for hardwood-derived xylitol? Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Privatestock_kaitlin

    I’ve been drinking coffee blended with grassfed butter and MCT oil for 6+ months. This has made my life much easier and more enjoyable as I struggled to maintain focus and energy levels while working long, mentally strenuous days. I am an artist and I have found this combination to be perfect for creativity and motivation 🙂 Thanks for the science Dave! Ps I’ve also never felt more lean!

  • Isaac Andres Figueroa

    What if I have high cholesterol and risk for heart disease (it runs in my family)? Is this dangerous for me? Im following all the directions my doctor (who is a D.O. and focuses on holistic remedies i.e. correct diet and exercise to fight off disease etc.) which include no red meat and no trans fats. At last until my cholesterol in under control. Also, I am very active and love going to the gym and simply want maximum results from everything I do, do you recommend butter (grass-fed of course), MCT oil, collagen protein AND the brain octane oil?

  • Rebecca

    Can you just use the MCT oil if you don’t want to use butter?

  • Matt

    What are the differences between Organic Butter and Grass-fed Butter?

  • Christopher

    I’m certainly fine with the butter and MCT oil in my BP coffee but why is grass fed heavy whipping not BulletProof? It seems to be the same as butter, or am I incorrect?

    • Look up how butter is made : it is what does NOT end up in butter ie the buttermilk that separates out when butter is made that you do not want which is why cream is not good. Butter or Ghee are good.

  • Brandon

    I started BPC a number of months ago…a few rumblies the first couple of weeks, some stomach issues. Recently, I’ve been experiencing some bloating and indigestion. I took myself off it, following a daily routine I go through and…sadly…the symptoms went away. My trial and error reasoning has led me to believe it’s either bacteria build up from the fats (delicious as they are) or acidity from the coffee…..mind you this is a daily habit…one day a week is about as much time as I take off from BPC. Thoughts anyone?

  • Tim Petty

    Great product! An amazing addition to any lifestyle, Unfortunately the bullet Proof products are financially restrictive. i don’t down the products in anyway I do however believe the implication that no other products can possibly be as good. It Is a case of cut of personality <—-Seems derogatory i know. I really am a fan like the philosophy love the coffee and the proof is there Dave went from being very unhealthy to arguable very healthy/ of course he was rather wealthy and could afford the "best" I on the other hand have to live like regular people a lot of what he says is great I just wish the despersions about other products would become less of a part of the ethos if you can not afford this maybe get this instead. somthing along those lines

  • simon

    not trying to rain on the bulletproof parade or anything. But if coconut oil is 100% fat and 60% of that fat are medium chain triglycerides then how can super expensive mct oil have 6 times the mct content gram per gram. Seems to me it could only have 83% more mct if it is a 100% mct oil… Also mycotoxins may be harmful but I think this idea is being pushed way too hard in order to market bulletproof ‘mycotoxin free’ products

    • Benjamski

      I don’t know where you got 60% O_o Anything I have ever seen puts the MCT oil content in Coconut oil around at least half of that.

  • piper

    Do I add the upgraded self cocoa butter to bulletproof coffee.. in addition to the MCT and grass fed butter? or instead of the grass fed butter? Also the upgraded self collagen..can it be added in with the chocolate or vanilla in the bulletproof coffee? Sorry if this was covered elsewhere. still exploring the site.

  • Guy

    What about coconut sugar?

  • Jason Royer

    Is it okay to use organic butter, or does it have to be grass fed butter?

  • Zach

    Dave, I love your blog and have referred it to quite a few people so far. I have had good results with MCT oil and am a firm believer in the benefits of gass fed meat. Yesterday I was given a link about other things that should be added to Bulletproof Coffee to make it better for you and I wasn’t sure how to answer them. Is anyone able to give me some feedback on this? http://butterbeliever.com/better-than-bulletproof-coffee/%5D

  • Collin

    Does anyone ever consider maybe all this stuff doesn’t really do that much different than regular coffee and is just a good way to push products? Just curious. I’ve been doing the bulletproof thing but the more I read about taking modafinil and stuff, you can’t really encourage that for a healthy lifestyle.

    • Benjamski

      modafinil is amazing. It feels more on the extreme side but ive never had any issues with it. Still, that’s reserved for when I’m really pushing beyond my limits. And it works great.

  • Leeboards

    So do eat breakfast and drink the bulletproof coffee?

  • Justin

    I’m going to try this coffee recipe for the first time. Are you only supposed to do it once in the morning in place for breakfast, and not in the afternoon? Or can you also make it in the afternoon too? I dont see that posted anywhere, just “do it in the morning.” I’d hate to OD on MCT oil. 🙂

  • levbronstein

    I love coffee, but I don’t love the bulletproof concoction. I use about 3.5 ounces of very hot water, 2 Tbsps of MCT oil, 2 Tbsps of butter from grass fed cows, 3/4 Tbsp of BP upgraded Chocolate Powder and a small chunk of BP upgraded Cacao Butter + a pinch of BPUG Vanilla and some xylitol or erythritol. It is a good-tasting creamy hot chocolate. A few hours later I have an iced cappuccino made with BP beans. I use abut 2 ounces of raw, non-homoginized, grass fed 4.5% milk (which I suppose is somewhat problematic). In any case, I get to have my BP and my coffee. The various ratings of foods are all on continua. Do the best you can and if you see improvement, take it up a notch. I’ve lost 20 pounds in about 4 months — I’m in my fifties, I weigh about 2 pounds less than when I graduated HS (albeit I was not thin at the time). My body fat is down to 17% from about 22%. I can’t say that I’ve seen a qualitative shift in focus — but I do seem to be getting more done and procrastinating less.

  • Nancy Keeler

    I’ve been adding virgin coconut oil to my regular coffee. It’s amazing how it gives the mouth-feel of cream in the coffee. Can’t wait to try the Bulletproof coffee.

  • Justin

    Great info, but one thing I’m confused about The insulin response link to pubmed says it decreases insulin sensitivity. Granted it’s a over a decade old and there is plenty of other info to contradict…I’m more curious why that was linked to specificaly.

  • Cps

    Will eggs in the morning coffee ruin katoses?

  • LML

    Hi, I tend to use half butter and have Coconut cream (As well as Upgraded coffee and MCT) I’m not sure if I should be using full butter and using Coconut cream as an addition or if I can use less butter and more coconut cream. Since I’m a woman, Asian and have A type blood and the Coconut cream is easier for me to digest than butter seems to be. I have Ghee too but I don’t like the consistency in my coffee. I’ve also been making a smoothy of half an avocado with 2/3 heaped spoons of Organic BPA free coconut cream with Ceylon Cinnamon and Refrigerated raw, organic greens powder (All BP ingredients only).. How does this fair on the BP scale as an acceptable alternative to the coffee as I like to change things up a bit?

  • Greg

    For my lunchtime coffee is it ok to microwave my coffee? I make it in the morning and I am unable to blend etc at work.

  • I have an excellent local source for grass-fed raw cream. I make all of my raw butter from it- which is what I use to bulletproof. But I also like to keep some of the raw cream in it’s pure form, to eat off of as a treat for the few days that it will hold in the fridge. It’s these times that I love adding it to the bulletproofing process. I was confused when I read the article because it says that cream should not be used, because it wrecks the effects. First off, I don’t believe that that’s possible. Butter is merely whipped and churned cream with the liquid (buttermilk) removed. Perhaps the author is referring to pasteurized store-bought cream and not about grass-fed raw cream from the farm. They should be specific. Can someone weigh in here?

    • it is what does NOT end up in butter ie the buttermilk that separates out when butter is made that you do not want which is why cream is not good. Butter or Ghee are good.

  • Dany

    Is the coffee a necessity, and if so then why? I mostly drink herbal teas, so would it be ok to substitute the coffee for tea (eg cinnamon tea)

  • Polaris Koi

    I’m vegan. Is it ok to replace the butter with coconut oil?

    • Benjamski

      It really isn’t. First of all the butter and coconut oil are different parts there. You want MCT oil, not coconut oil and the butter is there to give you a fat bomb, which keeps you full and burning that fat for energy. Ghee might be your next best bet but if you’re choosing to avoid animal products of any kind I just don’t know how to get the right kind of fats in :/

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  • matt

    Can i have breakfast a long with bulletproof coffee or is this a substitute?

    • Mr. Traunt

      It is a substitute. The whole point is to fast and eating will take that away. You will be satisfied and full for several hours and it is high in fat and cals so you surely do not want to eat with it.

  • Shaun

    I’m a Bulletproof newbie, having stumbled across TBE while researching nootropics. I dived right in and I gotta tell you…I am beginning to reap the rewards so significantly, that I am never going back to my old ways nor falling for the brain brainwashing claims of “healthy diets” such as diets rich in grains and unsaturated fats.

    In the last 8 weeks, I have made changes to my diet and my exercise regime within the scope and under the advice of BPE many of which have been so easy to do, I could kick myself for not knowing this stuff years ago.

    Over this period, I have siginficantly increased my lean muscle mass while shredding body fat and reducing my overall weight by 5%. However, more importantly (at least to me), I simply feel on-top-of-the-world. I am sleeping better and I have a focus, alertness, energy and motivation that I haven’t experienced since my twenties. Also, if there was a way to measure my overall state of wellbeing, I’d be off the charts.

    So, what Bulletproof advice has worked for me?

    First, here’s my profile: I’m a 44-year-old creative executive for an independent film company and an award-winning screenwriter and independent producer. I’m 5′ 11 with a baseline weight of 203lbs and 19% body fat (8 weeks ago). Like many creatives, I have bouts of creative brilliance as well as the antithesis which is brain fog, bi-polar mood swings, lack of motivation, self-image issues and that pervasive feeling of “what’s the meaning of life?” I’m pretty stable overall but have an edginess that can be both useful and dangerous. I have a high tolerance for alcohol and have used it extensively for many years. I work 60-or-so hours a week and constantly ride on the edge of excitement. I have a wife of 22 years, two grown up boys (twenties) and a 10-year-old daughter.

    Before stumbling across BPE, I had already been following a Paleo diet for a couple of months and hitting the gym 2 to 3 times a week working out for roughly an hour (sometimes less) doing a combination of resistance training and cardio. I did manage to muscle up in this time pretty significantly – adding around 5-6lbs of lean muscle and dropped my overall weight from 203lbs to 192lbs. It felt good, but the effort was such a drain. I had to force myself to the gym and I still struggled with sleep (terrible anxiety at night over many years), lack of motivation and depression. I am not taking any anti-depressants (did many years ago and would never take them again) but I do take 0.5mg of Xanax at night to calm my nighttime anxiety and have been doing this successfully for 5 years. (I’ve found this low dose to be an incredible mind-calming and extremely effective medication, free from any side effects).

    I would say the Paleo diet and regular exercise were the springboard for me. After that, the most significant changes have been introducing Bulletproof Coffee and Modafinil the benefits of which have been wildly disproportionate to the minimal effort. Here’s what I have experienced:

    Bulletproof Coffee
    I was way too curious not to try this. I was very cynical. I hate cynicism. The only way to negate it is to try whatever it is you’re cynical about. So I did. At least for me (and my wife), this has been an amazing addition to our daily regimen. Right from the get go – the very first time – I experienced a clean energy, mental clarity and a general sense of well-being as well as a feeling of satiety that was significant enough that I didn’t need to eat breakfast. I was simply able to get going faster, approach my work with vigor and just get things done.

    I’ll start by saying that this stuff almost had me over the edge and my personal experience is that dosage is the most siginicant thing to manage. Get it wrong, and you’ll know about it (I did) but get it right and you’re on fire (like I am now).

    On day one, a ‘standard’ 200mg dose first thing in the morning gave me a lot of energy and a mild euphoric feeling but I could definitely tell I was under the effect of a medication. I couldn’t sit still. I had to go do things but I wasn’t really sure whether I was getting my priorities straight.

    Day two, I took another 200mg dose with a similar result only this time I was sweaty and edgy. Day three, I decided to drop to 100mg but still with a ‘pros and cons’ result. Day four, I went with another 100mg only this time, it resulted in a free floating anxiety that I just couldn’t shake, as well as brain fog and confusion. I was very disappointed as I’d raised my expectations pretty high that Modafinil might just be the answer to give me the edge I no longer seemed to have. I almost gave up but I am SO GLAD I didn’t.

    Day five and six, I didn’t take any and had no adverse effects. I did miss the energy it gave me (I was able to work out harder and longer during my first 3 days) so I persevered. I took 50mg on day seven and I haven’t looked back. I don’t feel like I am under the effect of a medication other than understanding the benefits are clearly a result of the medication. What I mean is, I haven’t experienced any “druggie” feelings or side effects. I have an energy, clarity, focus, confidence and an overall feeling of…well…happiness! It’s just unbelievable how effective it is for me at this dose (not to mention how much cheaper – I bought it from a (well-researched) on line supplier and at my dosage (50mg by splitting a 200mg pill into 4), I have 280 doses for around $120 which is almost 10 months supply if I was to take it every day. Cheaper than coffee.

    Everybody’s experience is different. You only have to Google “Modafinl experiences” to see that but what I have read and my own experience tells me that although it isn’t for everyone, it works incredibly well for many people provided the dosage is right. 200mg for me is intolerable. However, 50mgs is an extremely effective dose.

    Based on my own experience, if you have a profile similar to mine, I would suggest you forget any cynicism you may have regarding Bulletproof Coffee and like Dave suggests, you owe it to yourself to try it at least once. I’m glad I did.

    As for Modafinil, that’s up to you. I love the stuff. I feel like I’m 28 again and everybody around me struggles to keep up. I like that. However, if you’re going to try it, I would strongly recommend starting on 50mg and see if it works for you. If it does, you reduce the risk of higher dosage side effects as well as save yourself a lot of wonga.

    Dave, I just want to thank you…seriously man…for bringing BPE to the masses but, selfishly, for bring it to me personally. I’m on fire and without your advice, I’d be still dousing my wet wood with gasoline!


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  • dylan

    Ummm—or just have buttered toast with your coffee…

    • Marcel Acid Jaques

      That doesn’t work.

  • Claudia Pacheco

    I can make ghee out of the butter, would that even be better?

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  • D

    Can I illininate the butter at times. It’s easy to travel with the oil in a little bottle but not butter as we know it melts. Is the butter for the flavor and creaminess. I can be happy with the oil and the vanilla or chocolate.

    Also can you add a quality protein powder when on the run in the afternoon?

  • Jay

    Why does cream wreck the effect? It’s just pre-butter.

  • FrankieB

    Other than the anecdotal evidence that is presented on this blog, is anyone aware of any actual studies that support the claims being made? I’d love to take a look at the science behind this stuff.

  • vanessa

    Anyone try adding progenex more muscle in iced coffee yet? I do crossifit at 9 am. Usually fasting wouldnt end until noon. Its the best option I have. :/

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  • Josh

    I’m trying to find out if “Stevia In The Raw” is okay to use for my stevia in bulletproof coffee? I’ve heard it’s not the best because it contains some stuff that isn’t the best for you. Is this okay to use though with bulletproof coffee or is there another brand of stevia from the store that is better?

    I live in small area and Stevia In The Raw seems to be the only I can find. So is that okay and if not, what brand do you guys recommend?

  • chm

    Hello, I have just started drinking Bulletproof and although I’m enjoying the taste and overall experience, it’s been giving me quite a bad tummy ache.. is anyone else experiencing this and is there any particular reason for it? I’m not dairy intolerant.

  • Michael DeMutis

    Heard about this on the dean blundell podcasts. Need to try it!!!

  • Jeanne Steinbring Bodnar

    I used to go to Starbucks every afternoon to take a break from the computer screen – Starbucks is very close. Since I started Bulletproof butter coffee I no longer feel the need to go there for an afternoon wake up coffee. One question: I add a small amount of fresh raw grass fed (delicious) goat milk that I get from a farm down the road and I put the ground Bulletproof coffee in a small espresso machine. I still add the Kerry butter and MCT oil also. Is this really messing up the recipe?

  • Trailrunner

    Why is everyone paying so much money for this coffee? It’s overpriced, not all that good and all the mycotoxin bs being spewed has been proven to be completely false. Just stick to your favorite brand and you’ll be fine.

  • I…sorta don’t like this just because it’s an advertisement for his mct oil. Reads like a fitness magazine “study”

    “Studies on blah blah have shown that blah blah is more effective than stuff you have at home so blah blah buy this right now blah blah”

  • tdelrio

    I can’t find grass fed butter! Will I still lose if I just use regular butter?

  • VoiceofReason14

    I drank too much caffeine and stimulants in college and ever since have not been able to have any form of caffeine. Dark chocolate is the only thing I’ve discovered I can eat with no problem. But, its the thing that makes me fat.

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  • Pintmann 777

    is it okay to skip coffee(am allergic) and drink herbal tea with oil/butter or just eat butter and oil without liquid at all?

  • Jaakko

    I’ve had bulletproof-tea every morning for one month now. In that time I gained some weight and my waistline has not shrunk at all. I feel hungry after three hours and don’t feel any energyboost what so ever. Ingredients that I am using in my BP-tea are: organic green tea + Cocovi’s MCT-oil (2 tablespoons) + Cocovi’s organic Virgin coconut oil (one table spoon) + organic salt-free butter (2 tablespoons) + stevia + organic raw cacao powder.

    What is wrong?

    • Jaakko


  • Arne Grinsted

    I have been adding a teaspoonful of licorice powder to my BPC with salted grassfed butter, MCT and Brain Octane. It tastes great! But I wonder if there is anything “bad” about that?

  • Crystal

    This is a great drink and helped me lose some weight, however, I am allergic to coconut so I just recently found out that I break out with coconut oil and mct oil as well. I wanted to try Red Palm Oil as a substitute, would that be suitable?

  • gw

    I have had cow’s milk and then butter sensitivity since infancy. Can I use goat butter or something you may recommend instead of butter?

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  • Benjamski

    Congrats! I’m happy to hear it’s working well for you! It makes me so sad how many times I hear people struggling with weight loss, even with crazy excess of exercise and rigid diets only to find some keto-based alternative. More people need to know!

    That recipe sounds really interesting, I’d like to try it. I’m guessing the cacao is powdered right?

  • Hi, I’m not good in English, so can someone answer my question? Is coconut oil with MTC bad or good???? I don’t get it

  • Susan

    Has anyone tried to “cold brew” this coffee to make concentrate stored in the fridge? Brewing is a bit laborious on a busy morning (and dirties several utensils/pieces of equipment). I was hoping to cold brew a whole bag of freshly ground beans and store it in the fridge for daily use.

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  • Ani

    Any suggestions on recipes using coconut milk/cream in the bulletproof coffee recipe?

  • Debbie Armstrong Leek

    I’m curious if Dave, or anyone else can tell us why the MCT oil can have severe stomach affects (tummy ache and or diarrhea) in contrast to a large amount of organic cold pressed coconut oil?? Coconut oil has MCTs in it, but is a broader spectrum. However coconut oil is about 50% or so of lauric acid, the longer carbon C12 chain which is why it tends to get in a solid easier then MCT oil, that has little to NO C12 but the shorter C6-C10 acids, which get less “tangled” thus stay more liquid.

    I have to be careful to take a very small amount of the MCT oil. However I can take a LOT of coconut oil and have no stomach issues – I have even drank like a half of a cup melted (I have a fast metabolism so like to find healthy high calories supplements). On the label of the MCT it says something like it is 6 x stronger – but I can have more than 6 times the coconut oil. Yes, I do have a lot of food intolerance and IBS issues, so I have to be super careful with my diet which is SUPER clean, organic everything, no gluten, no cheese – but yes to the grass fed butter! 😉 I don’t normally have an issue with oils, except the MCT.

    ALSO I found this pretty interesting: since starting Cymbalta a few months ago (a SNRI, for some post partum and anxiety issues I was having troubles with), I noticed that when I took the MCT oil (I did a little less then 1TBS after not doing it for a few months – prob too high), about 15 minutes later I felt the effect in my brain (just like Dave says it can which I found this surprising for an OIL!). It was like a little rush of adrenaline followed by a mild hot flask type surge, then not feeling so well in the stomach with some nausea. I never have this when I do coconut oil, nor did I have this effect with the MCT oil prior to any SNRI medication. So whatever the MCT oil does, it is almost like it enhanced what the SRNI can do to the brain.

    As an ex scientist and engineer, I am very curious to understand the mechanism that is going on here, and why there is a big difference with the MCT vs if I took for example, 6 times the coconut oil (the “good stuff” not crappy quality coconut oil).

    ****I would LOVE it if DAVE could comment on this!!! I know he is an ex engineer too, and I can so related to his biohacking passions coming from that background especially! 😉 We are super lucky he is so into all of this and sharing his discoveries with us – cool stuff! 🙂

  • Noe Flores

    So, I just started a diet and I just discovered Bulletproof coffee. I bought what I need except the butter. My diet is a little extreme (Dukan diet) and its anti-fat in the first week. Can I use grass fed, fat free milk in lieu of butter?

    I have the brain juice and the beans from the site.

  • Ashita Khandelwal

    Can I use Raw organic Cocoa butter instead of Kerry gold? I have tried Kerry gold for last 2 months and I get acid reflux, I don’t know if I did anything wrong. I use upgraded coffee beans and cold brew them (i like the flavor of coffee done that way), When I BPC for 2 people I use 3 tbsp Brain Octane oil, 3 Tbsp Butter, 4 tbsp Upgraded collagen but I still feel sick right after it. I noticed coffee with same recipe but substituting butter with cocoa butter goes down much easily and I don get access refluxes and also I like the taste better. Is it o to use cocoa butter though?

  • Daniel Flemming

    I agree that bulletproof stuff can be expensive as most better quality food is. It is insensitive when people say “oh, of course you can afford it” when they don’t know your situation. Many working people, especially with families, do have a very hard time affording the best quality food no matter how you slice it or budget it. That is the sad situation that (IMO) industrial farming has put us in.
    That being said, sometimes there can also be some perception shifts and some priority shifts that make it more doable than first thought. One example of such a shift is if you are doing the bulletproof coffee in conjunction with intermittent fasting and nutrient dense foods, you are often eating considerably less food overall. Sometimes that reduction in food cost can offset the expense of the correct bulletproof coffee/bulletproof diet ingredients. Some people have a perception that food should cost a certain price or be a certain percentage of their budget. It is an emotional issue and they feel food costs should not cut into anything else that they consider a necessity. I often see people driving top end cars and paying high rents who refuse to spend money on quality food because it’s too expensive. Then I see people at the other end of the economic spectrum who do spend money on quality food even though it limits other parts of their budget. There are many variations of perception and priority in this issue. For someone in business for themselves, or in a competitive/advancement employment situation, the factor of using the increased clarity and productivity of bulletproof coffee to eventually afford better food is quite valid. In that case it is an investment in your future.

  • shokotg

    Hello, does bulletproof coffee HAVE to be blended? I’ve been googling without luck, can someone shed light please?

    • Yes, it has to be blended 🙂

    • SarahMorrow

      No. Do a search on Youtube. There are ways to make it without a blender.

  • Martin351

    XCT oil is expensive and hard to come by. Coconut oil is fine if you get it from the right source. In fact, it is probably 100x better than XCT oil due to it’s wealth of nutritional benefits.

    I do agree though, no cream or milk in it. take it black, with some oil and butter!

  • Molly Bales

    Would eating the butter and blending the coconut or MCT oil with coffee or tea be the same thing here? I am currently sick of the taste of butter coffee and tea for some reason. Like feel-like-I’m-going-to-vomit-just-thinking-about-it sick!

  • Brent212


  • paintidlady

    I don’t understand why everyone is using butter when butter is just whipped cream. Heavy whipping cream to be exact. I was raised on a farm, we let the cream rise to the top of the pail of milk, scoo
    ped it off, placed it in a blender with cold water and ice, and butter would form, drain it and had butter. Heavy cream IS butter, just not whipped, so why are we not just using heavy cream in the coffee?

    • SarahMorrow

      Agreed; I’ve made butter myself; you just churn the cream and it turns into butter. The only advantage I see to butter is that it lasts longer in the refrigerator. Of course pastured heavy cream is far superior to other types of cream.

  • John Gossett

    Would like to know your process and how it’s different than any other top quality coffee produced out of Central America. I would love to see a video, or anything else so I can understand why it’s a superior product. Like, do you fly it home or does it get stuck at port in a sweaty container like all the rest of the beans coming out of the same part of the world? Did you do random tests on beans from other roasters? How is this different than my roaster who provides excellent quality washed Guatemalan coffee scoring 86 and above. Are you sure that the coffee I buy has mold? I think if the regular process is followed by farmers and producers, the vast majority of washed coffee is mold free. IMHO. Otherwise Dave, well done.

  • Lizzy Lockett

    Is there a non-dairy substitute for grass fed butter? I still have allergic reactions to ghee and lactose-free options since it’s a casein (milk-protein) allergy, not a lactose allergy. Thus, the substitute really does have to be dairy free. Thanks in advance!! 😀

  • Hudson M

    to those worrying about money on the BP diet: one of the biggest lies told about BP coffee is that it’s the only one low in or free of mycotoxins. other coffee meets this requirement as well, not to mention that many foods recommended on the BP diet are sources of mycotoxins

  • Caroline Nie Ohuchi

    I never drink coffee in my life however after reading about bulletproof diet …and understanding the reason for drinking bulletproof coffee. I have started to drink it So far I have also added collagen protein in it as well plus coconut milk,Brain Octane and grass fed butter. I have not lost any weigh. Still same as before.Is it because to the collagen? I also try to do the Intermittent Fasting and it’s not always easy to keep 6 hours window between lunch and dinner.

    • SarahMorrow

      A 6 hour eating window does sound difficult. What I do is, whatever time I get up in the morning, I’ll skip breakfast and have lunch 7 or 8 hours later. So if I get up at 7 a.m., I skip breakfast and have lunch around 2 or 3 pm. After that, I can eat freely till I go to bed. My last meal is usually around 8 or 9 pm, then I might snack on some celery or something till I go to bed. This works much better for me than trying to have a “6 hour eating window”… no need to watch the clock, just eat what you want from 2 or 3 pm. till you go to bed.

  • betteronaharley

    Could this be done with Green/Matcha tea instead of coffee?

  • Amrit

    Not entirely sure BP Coffee is for everyone. I did get all the BP ingredients except the butter directly from Daves shop. The butter was a certified 100% grass fed ghee recommend by other BP enthusiasts.

    I got the beans, the XCT and Brain Octane oils and before I started making BP Coffee I got my stomach accustomed to the oils.

    But every time I tried, 7 of them, to make a cup of BP Coffee I was sure getting a very nasty effect. I got extreme brainfog that would last about 5-6 hours and I felt food poisoned every time I tried. Even went so far as waiting another year, still eating the oils in my smoothie every day and then tried the coffee. Still made me feel like utter crap. So I did some experimenting around and finally found that the XCT and Brain Octane oils was the culprit.
    Anything above 4 ml will wreck havoc with my day.

    So no, in my experience BP Coffee doesn’t function for everyone.

  • RedMeatState

    Dave, what about using Heavy Cream instead of grass fed organic butter??

    • SarahMorrow

      I doubt that Dave saw this or will reply to it, but in my experience, organic heavy cream is virtually identical to butter. (You churn heavy cream, and you get butter!) So there’s no reason not to use it. Of course you should avoid regular cream or half and half.

      • RedMeatState

        yeah and it’s hard to find too!!!

      • Olena

        As no one else has pointed out to you. Butter is not the same as heavy cream. When you churn the butter you end up with two products; butter and butter milk. The butter is virtually all fat and the butter milk has the sugar, protein, and most everything besides the fat and a little fat. If you hadn’t noticed heavy cream is about 40% fat.

    • Olena

      You could use grass fed ghee instead of butter. It’s easier to find, you can just buy it online.

      • RedMeatState

        thanks. I suppose there really isn’t a big difference taste wise. the grass fed butter is awesome.

  • Jeremiah Sullivan

    can I add a whole egg rather than just the yoke? What would be the difference?

  • minji

    would a teaspoon of coconut oil into coffee have the similar effect? i’m afraid to try whole 2 tbs & butter from the start…

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  • Syrsei Gow

    Can anyone help me with this? I like my coffee sweet. So here is my recipe: 2 cups of coffee, add 4 packets of truvia, 3-4 tbsp of half/half (or heavy cream), 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, 2 tsp of caramel extract (or vanilla), 2 tbsp of grass fed butter, and 2 tbsp of coconut oil (ran out of brain octane).

    I’m wondering if this is ok? If it is not, what can I do to make bulletproof coffee taste sweeter. I really want to try intermittent fasting.

    • Patty Garafano Baiano

      Don’t think this the recipe is OK. See #4 above “Adding cream, milk, nut milk, sugar, or honey WRECKS the effects”. Here’s my recommendation based on the above: 1) Swap out the half/half or heavy cream with “BPA Free Coconut Cream or coconut milk, NOT coconut water”. 2) Swap out the Truvia for pure Stevia (Truvia has undisclosed “natural flavors” which are always a red flag for me and erythritol, which even though on the ‘approved sweetner’ list above, is made from fermented wheat or cornstarch which could cause food intolerances). 3) Swap out the caramel extract for pure organic vanilla powder. (Extracts can be made from questionable sources or chemical processes so are best to avoid. I add the vanilla powder to the coffee grounds for taste because the powder doesn’t dissolve). Hope this helps.

    • SarahMorrow

      Replace the truvia with stevia; and leave out the half and half. (Use pastured organic butter or pastured organic heavy cream instead.)

  • SarahMorrow

    This article makes some good points, but some of its points are questionable.

    1) The author implies that “pure” coconut oil is inferior to MCT oil (or Brain Octane, a more distilled MCT oil). It’s true that they are different products, but that does not make coconut oil inferior. It actually has some beneficial ingredients which MCT oil does not. For example, it’s a powerful antifungal.

    Rather than saying, “Don’t use coconut oil,” a better recommendation would be to use 1 or 2 tbsp. of MCT oil (or Brain Octane, if you like), along with an equal amount of coconut oil. Then you’ll get the benefits of both.

    Or if you want to keep your bulletproof coffee “pure,” to get the MCT “rush” promoted by Mr. Asprey, at least use coconut oil for cooking. (Make your bulletproof coffee with MCT oil, but use coconut oil liberally in other foods.) (In my case, I get the best results by using the ingredients Mr. Asprey recommends *plus* coconut oil.)

    2) Another thing I would question is the statement that heavy cream will stop autophagy. Um, how? And why? Pastured organic heavy cream is virtually identical to butter; it just butter that hasn’t been churned yet. I use butter instead of cream, as a rule, because it lasts longer in the fridge (cream goes bad in a couple of weeks, but butter stays fresh for months). But the statement that heavy cream would stop autophagy or ketosis, or that butter is somehow innately superior to cream (which it’s churned from) could use citations to back it up. Of course things like half-and-half and milk would be poor additions to bulletproof coffee — they defeat the whole point, by introducing inflammatory proteins — but I don’t at all understand the objection to pastured organic cream.

    • billycruz81

      Are you insane sir? 2 tbls of brain octane AND 2 tbls of coconut oil? That’s 494 calories right there. You add the butter and you’re talking about a 600 – 700 calorie cup of coffee. Your suggestion is foolish and nobody should listen to you.

      • wrampd

        If you are trying to maintain keto, and having troubles getting all necessary calories, you are required to correct that via fats — welcome to how you go about it. Your point is foolish and nobody should listen to you.

      • NanetteB

        A lot of people (I did not say all, but…) who drink bulletproof coffee are typically high fat / low carb eaters, who stay in ketosis. The concern is not about calories, but healthy fats. Seems that you may be unaware of this way of eating, as you are telling someone their suggestion is foolish and nobody should listen to them :/. There is nothing wrong with a person including all these mentioned; brain octane/coconut oil and/or butter in their coffee. Because of this way of eating, they are consistently losing weight and not worrying about “OH MY GOD I am having to many calories”. AND … not worrying about clogged arteries either.

    • NanetteB

      You know what I am finding more interesting as I research this whole MCT craze…how in the world can something that is manufactured/processed/frankensized be better than something that comes from nature?

  • BB

    Everyday at about noon I start to get stomach pains even when I have had breakfast. It goes away after a couple of hours. Has anyone else had this symptom?

  • Tyler Hovind

    So do you want to explain how a nut milk that contains 0 carbohydrates can change your body’s insulin response to the drink? That’s a no brainier that brings the rest of this post into question.