Bulletproof Coffee On Hawaii Five-0 TV Show

Bulletproof Coffee On Hawaii Five-0 TV Show

Bulletproof Coffee (recipe here) was featured on Hawaii Five-0, season 5 episode 15 this week: E ‘Imi Pono!

If you haven’t watched it before, Hawaii 5-0 is a hilarious crime TV series set in…you guessed it…Hawaii.

Bulletproof Coffee was mentioned not once but twice for its brain boosting deliciousness.

Watch the episode mentioning Bulletproof Coffee (twice!) at


Clip 1, 2:45-4:28:

Watch the lead investigator blend up a cup of Bulletproof Coffee while listening to a song about ‘Bulletproof Picasso.’  His colleague interrogates him about what he’s brewing.

“What the hell is that, what’re you doing?”


“What do you mean what, you just put butter in your coffee!”

“Yeah, that’s grass-fed butter, try it.”

“We do it to boost energy, enhance brain function.”

“Hey, enhanced brain function?  You should try it, maybe you’d think more clearly!”


Clip 2, 14:45-14:58:

Rocking the Bulletproof Coffee consumption.

“I read somewhere that that boosts energy and enhances brain function.”

“Thank you!”