Quiz: How Can You Power Up Your Brain Today? RESULTS: STRONGER PROCESSING

Quiz: How Can You Power Up Your Brain Today? RESULTS: STRONGER PROCESSING

Your answers indicate that you find yourself getting stuck far more often than you want to. Thinking through issues and problem-solving doesn’t come as fluidly as it could.

You might call it creative block, you might think you’ve lost your edge. Or, you might get down on yourself because you think you’re just not that smart. Rest assured, your intelligence is unlimited, and you can get your brain firing on all cylinders with a few easy changes.

Limit sugar and carbs, and burn fat instead

When you limit sugar and carbs, your liver starts producing ketones, which is fantastic news for your brain. Your brain cells prefer ketones to perform certain jobs. In fact, when your liver isn’t producing ketones, your brain will make some on its own to maintain the health of synapses. Ketones are a more efficient source of energy for your brain than sugars are, and you don’t have to constantly replenish your fuel supply  (as in, get hungry and distracted until you get your fix) when you’re burning ketones for energy. When your brain works more efficiently, you do everything better.

Smart Mode™


Smart Mode™ is the brainchild of careful and deliberate research on cognitive enhancing ingredients and how they work together. This all-in-one nootropic (cognitive supporting supplement) contains key ingredients like:

  • Citicoline – an important structural component of the cell membranes in your brain cells that helps with cellular and tissue repair
  • Theacrine and Artichoke Leaf Extract – antioxidants that protect against stress, fight brain fatigue and maintain mental clarity
  • Bacopa and Rosemary – to support memory and attention
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – to reduce feelings of stress and exhaustion, helping ensure that nothing gets in your way

Those are just a few of the many ingredients that were purposefully chosen to protect and enhance the part of your body that controls everything you do.

Get Smart Mode here

Give your brain a workout

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Brain games aren’t just a way to pass the time in the dentist’s waiting room. Well-designed brain challenges improve memory and processing speed. Grab a Rubik’s cube, pick up a complicated puzzle, or experiment with software to see what you like best.

One software program, Dual N Back, sharpens your brain in just 20 minutes a day. They’re computer games that improve memory, problem-solving, imagination, and even REM sleep. Check out Brain Workshop, where you can download it for free. Be prepared to give yourself a daily dose of Dual N Back for about a month. It may not be easy at first — it might be downright dreadful as those neuronal circuits rewire — but soon enough, your super-smarts will kick in.