Paleo More Popular Than Vegan Diet, Says Google Trends

Paleo More Popular Than Vegan Diet, Says Google Trends
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My friend Steve, a fellow brain hacker and computer scientist, just forwarded an interesting link from Google Trends showing that in early 2010, interest in the Paleo diet surpassed interest in vegan diets.  Paleo diets will help you outperform at work and at home, especially compared to vegan diets.

The Bulletproof® Diet has a lot in common with Paleo diets. The primary difference between them is that the Bulletproof® diet focuses on the types of fat that improve brain function and energy levels.  Fat loss and a gain in muscle mass are side effects (very useful ones!) Both diets focus on protein, fat, and vegetables, and avoid grains, sugars, and carbs.

As a hacker and experimenter, I’ve tried vegan diets a few times and lost muscle mass and gained fat.  My brain also slowed down…a lot.  Although I’m a fan of reducing suffering in the world, vegan diets are not sustainable for the vast majority of people.  A brief, 100%, raw vegan diet high in monounsaturated fat and initially cleanses you and boost your energy (especially compared to eating factory farmed meat fried in hydrogenated fat).  Over time, your health will suffer, and so will your ability to stay level headed and focused at work.

I expect some hate mail in response to this post even though it’s scientifically validated information. The anti-aging physicians and nutritionists who advise the nonprofit I run are unanimous in their belief that a vegan diet does not contribute to long term health.  One M.D. (specialized in aging) told me, “I’m sorry to say it, but vegan diets are thinly disguised eating disorders.”  My book has 1300 references to research supporting these ideas.

In Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, I asked a Buddhist monk how he could justify having a yak skin on the monastery prayer pole. His answer? “We can’t survive without meat and fat.  One death feeds all of us.  It’s a good trade.” But he’d never eat a chicken…

So if you want your brain to absolutely rock, if you want your energy to stay high at work and at home, and if you want to look like you work out even if you don’t, pass the grass-fed beef, butter, guacamole, eggs, and enjoy some vegan salad if you still have room for it.  Your coworkers will thank you, your family will thank you, and your body will thank you too.