Is Biohacking for Execs Going Mainstream This Year?

Is Biohacking for Execs Going Mainstream This Year?

This is awesome! Fast Company, a highly read, trendy magazine for businesspeople just published some research about Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES).  The article is titled, “Electric Stimulation of the Brain Can Free Your Mind” and it focuses on using CES for creativity. It’s starting to feel like something mainstream and real.

Just as interesting, Jerry Levin, ex-chairman of Time Warner, just backed Organized Wisdom to help doctors act like biohackers (he uses more boring language about leveraging social media for physicians (via GigaOm), but it breaks the medical ivory tower just as effectively).

Jerry is an interesting guy.  He ran a top media company – the pinnacle of the Bulletproof® Executive type A careers – yet when he retired, he referred to the job as a 24-hour isolation booth,  and went on to start “executive resilience summits.”

As Newsweek describes it:

What do the executives get at the one-, two- or three-day seminars? The “summits” are a mix of role-playing, personality testing, lectures and interactive group sessions that Levin says teaches hard-charging executives to understand the toll that relentless overachievement takes on their health and their personal lives. Another tool: hooking the execs to biofeedback devices that help “show that your emotional responses have an effect on your body,” he says.

That sounds like classic biohacking, and it’s even targeted towards senior executives who break their health on the rocks of never-ending work.

I haven’t written about it yet, but personality testing is something that can have a big payoff in your career and home life.  It helps you to know how your operating system works so that you can easily monitor and change (hack!) it.

I’m not ready to drop $15k for a 3 day program with Levin, although I’d like to meet him some day.  If I was going to drop another $15k on brain upgrades, I would purchase a 16 channel EEG and pay for some custom signal analysis software development. 🙂

If top media sites like Fast Company, Newsweek, and GigaOm are covering this stuff, and a top media mogul is using it and offering it to other execs, it’s a good sign that this type of technology is “crossing the chasm” to become mainstream.  Upgrading your head doesn’t just change you, it changes the world around you.  Go, Jerry!

I’ll do my best to share what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to upgrading yourself as an entrepreneur.  I’d bet Jerry’s program rocks, but those are some darn expensive rocks.