Whole Body Vibration Training with Bulletproof Vibe

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Biohackers are known for finding and testing new tools and protocols that help increase physical and mental performance in the least amount of time.

That’s where a hack like whole body vibration training (WBVT) comes in. This little vibrating plate is one of the best ways to hack your strength and hormone balance in just minutes every day, as opposed to spending hours at the gym every week.

Maybe you love your hours-long lifting sessions or Zumba classes. No problem. You can also use WBVT supplementally to encourage lymphatic drainage, increase bone mass, and lift your mood.

The whole body vibration training plate

WBVT is one tool that the likes of Rafael Nadal[1], Queen Latifah, Serena Williams, Olympic athlete Rebecca Romero, and the whole NFL Broncos team use to take their performance to the next level.

It’s different than spending 20 minutes on the elliptical. WBVT can boost your fitness, strength, tone, flexibility and range of motion in a super time-efficient manner. Like 15 minutes. That is what you can call a fitness hack – more benefits, less time.

How does whole body vibration training work?

WBVT consists of standing on a platform that vibrates at a specific frequency to activate your hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems simultaneously. You can use it to get the lymphatic and circulatory benefits of hours of walking, or you can perform some simple exercises on the vibe plate to stimulate actual muscle growth. Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  • You can use a vibration plate every day, starting with 30-second to 1-minute sessions, slowly working your way up to 15 minutes. Don’t exceed 15 minutes on a vibration plate.
  • Standing on the plate is easy. It doesn’t really matter if you fire it up before you step onto it or after, just be mindful as you step on and off.
  • Keep your knees bent at about a 30-degree angle as you stand on the vibrating plate. Engage in this position for as long as possible, or try holding different positions. Other popular poses include deeper squats or placing your hands on the vibe plate (feet on the floor) in a plank position. Hold this for as long as you can without exceeding 15 minutes!

Now, here are some of the benefits of WBVT with the science to back up the claims.

Spend less time at the gym

Getting a dynamic workout doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. You can, in fact, get the benefits of an hour or so at the gym in about 15-minutes on a vibration plate. Specially designed vibrations work up to 95% of your muscle fibers, whether you’re standing still with knees slightly bent or switching poses.

This level of muscle engagement translates to a high-intensity workout, which means increased gains is less time. I use my Bulletproof Vibe WBV Plate with weights about once a week for 15 minutes. With my extended travel, two kids, and work schedule, this is the right amount of weight training for me. But most other days, I find 10-15 minutes to stand on the platform to refresh my energy, stimulate circulation, and help my body excrete toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Increase your strength, especially explosive strength

The way we conventionally workout uses the formula Force = Mass x Acceleration. Simply put, increasing either of these increases strength. For WBVT, the mass is your body and the vibration is the acceleration.

Using your body and the vibration, the WBV plate also uses gravity as another form of acceleration to generate “G-forces.” It naturally incorporates more acceleration so you become stronger!

According to a study comparing WBVT to conventional training, WBV produces higher strength levels within six weeks. It does so through its use of gravity – added acceleration in the “force” equation – and the reflexive muscle contraction it provokes[7].

A scientific leader in this field, Dr. C Bosco, held many studies on WBVT’s muscular benefits. He came to find out that WBVT has a neural effect on muscle growth, meaning it constantly puts your muscles under load.

Athletes who used WBVT increased their leg press by a significant amount of average velocity, force, and power. While this is what athletes are supposed to do, through repetition without increasing intensity or changing things up, the rate of muscle growth often plateaus. The neural effect of WBVT is what made the difference in this study, and is what makes it ideal for maximizing your muscle potential[20].

Along with enhancing muscle, Busco concluded that vibration enhanced the power capacity we have as humans, which means we may go beyond what our genetic power entails[21]. Both studies show big innovation toward strength, and are the reason why Olympians use these machines.

Lose more fat in less time

WBVT is an efficient way to lose weight and shrink visceral fat.

A weight loss study done in Europe showed a group using WBVT lost 11% body weight during the intervention phase and maintained 10.5% of that loss compared to a group that used diet plus conventional exercise, which lost 7% [2].

In the same study, visceral fat shrank by 48 cm2 in the WBVT group compared to 18cm2 in the diet plus conventional exercise group. This weight loss was caused by the WBV’s metabolic alteration and hormone balancing effects.

Take hormone balance to the next level

Hormone balance is heavily affected by your diet, stress levels, and how much you exercise. Conventional exercise from running or heavy lifting, for instance, can do wonders for your hormone production and overall health, but some conventional training comes at the cost of your adrenal health.

A famous study done in 1995 by Frank Perna and Sharon McDowell states that cortisol levels (a hormone that pumps out when you’re stressed) can spike 20 hours after conventional training [23]. Overproduction of cortisol can negatively affect the body’s recovery process and sap your energy, making it difficult to perform in other areas of your life. On the flipside, WBVT actually decreases your cortisol levels during and after training.

WBVT also helps with healthy hormone production and use by increasing testosterone and growth hormone (GH).

One study shows that after 10 repetitions of WBVT there is a tremendous effect on your endocrine system with:

  • 460% increase in growth hormone 460%,
  • 7% increase in testosterone
  • 27% decrease in cortisol[22]

A similar study states WBV stimulates GH secretion, reduces circulating cortisol, and reduces plasma glucose[10].

Overall WBVT does not represent a stressful stimulus for the neuroendocrine system, which is the opposite of most conventional training[8]. Stress shortens your life, and we’re all better off hacking stress in order to reap the full benefits of WBVT.

WBV training in your later years

Studies show that WBVT improves strength more efficiently in the elderly[5]. Since the elderly have trouble using conventional workout machines, whole body vibration was used to improve balance and muscle tone[3]. WBVT also improves quality of life, ability to walk and balance, and motor capacity in the elderly[4].

For seniors with knee osteoarthritis, WBVT reduced the proliferative response of TCD4+, which is a medical anagram for counting T-cell depleted bone marrow[9].

Other WBVT benefits

  • Increased lymphatic drainage[6]
  • Increased bone mass and mineral density[14]
  • Increased flexibility and mobility[6]
  • Metabolic alterations in bone, stomach, bowel, prostate, kidney, and bladder[14]
  • Enhances knee neuromuscular control[13]
  • Immediate improvement in blood circulation[15]
  • Pain reduction[6]
  • Improved proprioception and balance[4]
  • Multiple Sclerosis Deterrent[17]
  • Increased secretion of serotonin and norepinephrine[6]

From Olympic Athletes reaching their peak to the biohacker seeking better blood flow and bone density to the elderly wanting to improve balance and motor capacity, WBVT is an amazing hack.

Before using a WBV Plate, contact your physician if you are pregnant, have foot, knee or hip implants, lumbar disc problems, or acute inflammations or infections.

For information on who and how to use the WBV Plates go here:

How do you train right now? Do you think a vibration plate can take you to the next level? Let us know in the comments below.

Click to read the complete list of references.

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By Dave Asprey

  • Kenneth

    I think the best part is how much of a *willpower* hack this is.

  • Justin Owings

    So are the increases in hormonal levels like HGH over what you’d get doing conventional, non-WBV training?

    • Dave Asprey

      Depends on the non wbv training, but usually

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

      • A few questions hopefully answered ……

        (1) Vibration by itself is basically useless for training ( or all truck drivers would be skinny )

        (2) The aim of the machines is to induce a “reaction” called an eccentric contraction. It is the “catching or lowering” phase of any resistance program.

        Eg…. jumping off a chair and landing in a perfect squat.

        (3) Lighter vibration cause a very mild local effect on the muscles. A heavy vibration is designed to replicate climbing forces.

        (4) Cavemen didn’t do it. Well yes but all primates climb trees. And a tree shakes and is unstable. So even if you do not realize it. eccentric contractions are a very important exercise tool.

        eg…. When someone spots you with weights. You are using a very concentrated eccentric contraction.

        Heavy weight = heavy contraction

        Heavy vibration = heavy contraction

        (5) A lot of research is fake And by that I mean the machines were not tested first. Under body weight they lost almost all proper function.

        Eg…. Power Plate lost function at 20kg.

        Vibro-Gym at 62kg

        And they are 2 very expensive brands.

        Or they deliberately left out important info like KN value of the vibration, and only quoted Fq and Amplitude.

        So you have 3 very basic levels of equipment.

        Therapy ( light vibration )

        HyperGravity ( lifting you up quickly, making you a bit heavier for a micro second and dropping you back down. That is why people use added weights on this equipment )

        Note: Some people try jumping around and moving on the plates as well. But it is a bit of an oxymoron, and is akin to to mixing up any exercise disciplines. Really not ideal.

        High Energy ( the same forces as climbing or drop jumping. No added weights needed )

        (6) Why do people do this….? It is just a safer way of training to complete fatigue. And condenses an anaerobic workout into a smaller time-frame. With no warmup needed.

        Please note: I do not retail machines and have designed multiple types of machines covering all categories. From ones Olympic athletes use to units for rest homes.

        Beware the salespeople who fail to paint you the full picture and take away your chances of at least making a semi-educated choice..

        . .

        • picbyron

          Just got it in and so far so good! Definitely feels powerful and quite invigorating. Let ya know how it develops.

        • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

          Try to be very strict with the positions…


          Even being out a few inches makes a huge difference.

        • picbyron

          It says vary times based on strength of machine. Is this one considered weak , avg, strong? Thanks in advance-

        • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

          It is a Medium Energy Lineal unit. So static poses with your own body weight will give results. But added weights may be needed in the future

          But for now just concentrate on perfect form for 60 seconds.

        • picbyron

          Thanks again for the advice!!

  • Colin

    I live in a condo. Would the Bulletproof WBV plate be loud enough to disturb my neighbors?

    • I live in a flooded basement. Will this product kill me if I turn it on? How similar is the vibration to electrocution?

  • Erica

    This question isn’t about this blog post, but the sleep posts are older and I didn’t want it to go unnoticed.

    I just got my zeo and I am waiting for my earthing mat to arrive. This may be a silly question, but is it ok to sleep with the earthing mat while wearing my zeo? I’m just wondering if the mat will disrupt the readings of the zeo since it’s messing with electrical stuff in my body.

  • Joshua

    Hi Dave,

    Timely post, since I’ve been looking at WBV a lot recently to decide which machine to buy. I’ve come across information that indicates that high-power linear machines produce the ’10 minute’ training time effect, but high-power machines are rare outside of commercial market, and low quality powerful machine (“3d”) and/or bad positions can be dangerous due to shear placed on joints. Is there any truth in this?

    I’ve been researching the safest and most effective way to train, here’s an example of a training program that makes sense to me as a biomedical engineer: http://www.vibration-training-advice.com/consumer-guide-and-safety-program/lineal-and-pivotal-safety-programs/lineal-program

    Seems like there’s a lot of variance in WBV machine specs and training programs and a lot of the literature does not take this into account.

    PS – I emailed two weeks ago asking for more specs on the BP WBV machine, thanks for getting those posted!

  • Well this should cover my sport specific training. World Vibrational Championships here I come!

    • Personally I was training for the World Seizure Championships, I hope vibration has some sport-specific crossover….

  • so is this like a full body shake weight? are the results as good as the shake weight?

    • well it outperformed leg extensions and partial ROM leg press so it must be good

      • well that sounds like science to me, but do you have a pubmed citation for these suppositions?

  • chrisu

    is this some sort of make shift temporal device designed to make me fit by vibrating my atoms to predetermined frequencies that correspond to elite fitness

    pls respond

    • I think this is the predecessor to eventual Star Trek transporter product.

  • How does this compare pricewise with the following product, they both induce vibration, pls respond


  • Kristine Poirier

    I would love to see an example of this, please post a f/u with video footage.
    Supplements also cannot be > exercise imo

  • Wait if I hack my body don’t I risk opening myself to malware

    sorry I will wait until you release the next security patch after more user testing bc last time I tried a hack I got an AOL toolbar installed on my forearm

    • dehajpls

      This is only the case if you are a Windows person, if your parents used Macs you wouldn’t have this issue.

  • chrisu

    are there result-amplifying effects involved if vibrating while wearing vibrams

    can i become one with crossfit

  • Josey W.

    Will this make my penis thicker? I don’t need it to be any longer. I’m just thinking that all the vibration may have an impact on the girth of my penis.

    My girlfriend is a physicist, and she said that perhaps if I find a way to make my mitochondria use glucose for energy production instead of fatty acids, then all the hormonal changes cause by the vibration might make my cak thicker.

    In all reality, I’m thinking the grass fed butter may be a bad choice for me simply because I want my mitochondroids (see what I did there?) to use sugar for fuel.


  • what do you think about a WBV Vibrator product? My girlfriend said she’d buy a Bulletproof Vibrator immediately. If it raises HGH imagine what it does to estrogen and progesterone!

    And as an aside, I think women are very underserved by the current iteration of the Bulletproof Exec. Just sayin’, could be a valuable new customer segment.


    does anyone know if i could use one of these to get laid in my grindr pic

  • Tybalt

    Would this shake loose the midichlorians in my body? Can I hack my body via vibration to be a real live Jedi Knight?

  • Babby on the way


    unlike these trolls i am legitimately interested in WBV.

    the problem is i am pregnant, as you state.

    will my babby come out more muscular?

    or will this machine shut the whole thing down?

    • Babby on the way

      pls respond david aspie

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        david aspie pls respond i would like to have this on my show

        • Jesus

          Can a ‘Cross’ be placed on top of the device whilst in use? pls be advice.

  • Dehaj

    I would like to buy 1,000 of these. How easily will it be to to fit a layer of pins on top of this?

    Do you ship to Iraq?

    ???? ???????? ???????

  • dear dave,

    i can’t afford this machine. can i just learn how to vibrate dance like this guy, y/n?

    thank you for your time

  • Dave I found a new customer segment, Xzibit would like to speak with your sales team:


  • Broadnax

    I’m concerned about the power of the vibratory rate. Is it possible that you’ve received thousands of mini-concussions by vibration training too hard – which explains this article in general?

  • dehajpls

    This is what’s great about getting old. I’ll read this, forget all of the information and go see the movie. I will enjoy it, half way through the movie I’ll forget what the plot is, get confused and go to the parking lot and try to find my car by holding my keys over my head and pushing the panic button until my alarm goes off. Which will scare the shit out of me, and I will think it is a cop, because I already have one arm up. I bring the other hand up and get on the ground, hands behind my back. Then I will fall asleep. The next morning I will find my car, a mere three feet away. I get inside and discover the battery has somehow died, so I call a tow company. After an hour, for some reason, a tow truck shows up and a black man starts running toward my car. He’s screaming, so I lock the windows and hide in the back seat. I never realize that I’ve set myself on fire from the cigarette I forgot that I’d lit twenty minutes ago. I become an hero. This thread is great. My name is George, are there rules on this internet page?

    • dehajpls

      Also I don’t know if you know this or not, but it seems that there are advertisements for personal lubricant on the side of your webpage.

  • juicy d0om
  • Just trying to help

    Hi David

    i am not interested in your product

    but did you know if you rearrange the letters

    of your name you get “VY is Rape Dad”?

    what does it mean?

  • Charles Poliquin

    I enjoy this product.

  • Hey Dave, I live in an apartment (carpeted floors). Would this be too loud for my neighbors? Any chance of you putting up a video on youtube?

  • hey dave I live in a submarine and I’m not sure I can fit the whole contraption through the hatches. Does it come apart? Can I reassemble it?

    • Dave Asprey

      The top plate is 1/4″ solid steel…not coming apart!

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  • dehajpls

    Sir I am interested in your product.

    Do you have any binders full of customers I can pass around at work to convince others to buy it with me? It’s preferable if the binders are of women.

  • Alan

    Dave — Would this type of thing suffice for whole-body vibration training? http://i.imgur.com/I4Puq.gif

    • Dave Asprey

      Lol no

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

    • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw


  • I love all the other Bulletproof stuff you talk about Dave, but cant get my head around this device.

    It just comes across as gimmicky.

    Cave men didn’t vibrate on a regular basis, they picked up rocks and wrestled buffalo (thats the image in my head anyway)

    I think a person would be better spending 15 minutes dead lifting and doing deep squats.

    • Dave Asprey

      Cavemen didn’t have synthetic fleece, but you wear one…and you use electricity too. Very un-paleo! 😉
      Astronauts and pro athletes use it…it’s about getting more benefit in less time. Totally bulletproof, but not caveman.
      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

      • lol, I should have expected that, especially as I’ve heard similar replies in the Podcasts.

        What I am trying to say is that all the nutrition practices that the bulletproof diet describes is to give us the nutrients similar to or as close as to what our biology was designed for.

        With exercise shouldn’t it be the same? I don’t think that this type of technology can better regular squatting and dead lifting for health benefits. Astronauts and pro athletes may use this in addition to their other training, and already high level of fitness and strength

        My point really was to say that the average Joe may get better results from simple compound exercise. I see this vibration technology as icing on the cake so to speak. I would love to try it and experiment on myself as I already have years of weight lifting under my belt.

        Love all this stuff Dave, cant get enough of the blogs and the podcasts. Appreciate all the work that goes in to getting this information out. I’m also a customer of yours and on my second order of bulletproof coffee beans and supplements.

        • Reading the link to the Denver Post, athletes use it to warm up before exercise/sport and again when warming down. So you’d use it first, then squat, etc. I don’t think it will make you much stronger or lose much weight on its own. Wish my gym had one to test myself!

        • Dave Asprey

          You do the squat on the unit which makes a huge difference. Lymph effect helps weight loss!

        • Interesting, would love to give this a try

      • Maybe its my Limiting beliefs that stop me from truly getting in to this. So I will try to be open minded as possible. Would love to use this device and do some self experimentation

    • AdamFiddler

      Squat and deadlift ftw.

      “Cavemen didn’t do it” argument for the loss. By this argument, “cavemen” themselves would’ve never started eating meat…


  • Wow, whats with all the spam on this post 🙁

    Try getting akismet to stop the spam mate

  • IH8WBV

    What a crock of junk. Devices like these have been sold to lazy idiots since the 60’s. I love your blog but this is straight up BS.

  • aspie asprey’s vibratron 3000. sign me up.

  • Chris

    What makes this device better than say the one from Soloflex at $450?

    • StrongEthics

      cause of the 900% discount obviously

      strong psychology dave

  • BrianBrah

    So Dave, where are the scientifically backed studies that prove this works? I like your business style, lie, cheat, and claw.

  • BrianBrah

    Dave, can I double this machine as a pleasure device when I ram your sister on it?

  • BrianBrah

    Dave, Rosie O’Donnel called, she wants her vibrator back.

  • StrongEthics

    Standard anchoring techniques coupled with a hard sell.

    Strong ethics, brah.

  • BrianR

    Dave, how long have you been in the vibrator business? This is better than the Sybian!

  • StrongEthics

    Interesting how you left up Alan’s comment. Is it because he’s way higher on the status ladder than you, and you’re essentially the Jenna Jameson of cockgobbling media attention-whoredom? pls respond

  • BrianBrah

    Good job Dave man! I’m going to buy this product just to sue you for false advertisement.

  • StrongEthics

    what sort of redundancy is at work here? can this product double as a masturbatory device? I’m looking to replace my Sybian and bulletproof my sex life.

  • Kristine Poirier

    I love that my original request for information was deleted! That’s a great way to run a business! Only post what you want the consumer to know. I wil tell everyone I know to black list you.

  • StrongEthics

    guys I found all the proof I need

    elite athletes training with WBV:


  • StrongEthics

    Btw, this is a quote from the only study you cited that wasn’t done on geriatric, severely obese, or MS patients, i.e. inapplicable populations to your target audience. How do you expect to get away with this stuff, man? These are straight up lies. Quote the ref in a study of WBV in young men:

    ” Since hormonal responses, with the exception of norepinephrine, are not affected by acute vibration exposure, this type of exercise is not expected to reduce fat mass in obese subjects.” Hormonal responses unaffected. You’re just making shit up all over the place. Pretty amazing stuff.

  • Alan

    Hi Dave, this is Alan Aragon, I’m mildly well-known amongst the sciency folks on the internet – some of whom lift weights. Why did you delete my question? I didn’t even get to read your answer to it. Why are so many comments deleted?

    • Dave Asprey

      Hi Alan,

      I totally know your work. This thread got maliciously troll attacked so one of my team must have accidentally deleted your post while cleaning the site. Apologies. What did you ask? By policy I don’t delete questions even if I don’t like them; just spam and trolls …
      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  • cbelling

    What makes this different over other less expensive models? (Soloflex)

    • Dave Asprey

      Harder vibrations, won’t break welds after a few months.

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  • Jack117

    For those of you who are interested in recommendation engines, I’ve recommended and rated a lot of the bulletproof executive’s articles and podcasts on hunch.com. You can rate them by searching in the browse section for bulletproof executive in the browse section (http://hunch.com/browse/?showrated&tags=bulletproof+executive). You can also find them by searching for bulletproofexeccom and dave asprey.

  • jack117

    For those of you who are interested in recommendation engines, I’ve recommended and rated a lot of the bulletproof executive’s articles and podcasts on hunch.com. You can find them by searching for the tags “bulletproof executive”, “dave asprey” and bulletproofexeccom” in the browse section.

  • Jrallo44

    What is the maximum weight allowed on your bulletproof vibration plate? I don’t see it anywhere. I am a 285 lb man looking to enhance my training.

    • Dave Asprey

      300 lbs

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  • There are many people that swear by rebounders (mini-trampolines), and they appear to operate on a similar principle to the WBV. I wonder; what are your thoughts on these, as they may be a bit more accessible to readers than the 5 grand WBV machines?

    • Dave Asprey

      I agree, rebounding is good…but it is

      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

    • Dave Asprey

      Rebounders do 1 bounce a second. WBV does 30x/sec so is much faster. My WBV is $1500 not $5k or $15k like others. But if all you can afford is a rebounder, go for it.
      Sent from an iphone. That means it’s spelled wrong…and I’m probably lost. You understand… -Dave

  • Gabe

    I’m very interested in this.

    For those of us trying to squeeze a little extra out of our training would this help strengthen an already trained athlete and how would you use it in that situation?

    For example, I am an olympic weightlifter and curious whether this would help improve my strength in the squat.

    It also seems like it would be very helpful for recovery between exercise bouts?

  • Brendan Ruh

    Im 19 years old from Portola Valley and Palo Alto CA.

    I want to make an appointment with Dr Justin in cupertino to use this technology. I want to purchase my own, but I dont have the funds….yet.

    Dave, If one does not have access to one of these vibration plates, is jumping rope or using a foam roller a good substitute? I want to increase recovery time after surfing.


  • Jon

    Dave , can I purchase one of yours in UK? And whilst I’m on, do you recommend a UK supplier for upgraded coffee?

  • Depot

    This study including a researcher from NASA states wbv can be harmful. This seems to disagree with your claims?

    Griffin, M.J. “Biodynamic Response To Whole-Body Vibration.” The Shock and Vibration Digest 1981. Vol. 13; 3-12.

    • Most of the concerns about safety are from WBV being used in uncontrolled, unsafe ways, like extended jackhammer use on construction sites. May I suggest this informative buyers guide? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_B9C_OUdxY

      • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

        And right on cue , there you have it…….. ” like extended jackhammer use on construction sites ” ( they are talking about Lineal platforms here.) Classic HyperVibe scare tactic wording.

        But here are 2 interesting facts……

        (1) The only successful all vibration training studio the company is associated with started with Lineal machines ( VibroGym ) and continue to use them to this day. Even the owners who are HyperVibe reps.

        (2) The company CEO Murray Seaton stated the best machine he had ever been on, was a Lineal machine. ( in New Zealand )

        Note: My own private commercial operation uses Pivotal and Lineal.

  • Omdepot

    This study including a researcher from NASA totally disagrees with your claims?

    8. Griffin, M.J. “Biodynamic Response To Whole-Body Vibration.” The Shock and Vibration Digest 1981. Vol. 13; 3-12.

    • lil


  • szuszi

    If one can’t afford the more affordable version of the machine offered at BPE, is it worth buying a machine like (Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine) for a few hundred dollars? Or is it too inferior power-wise to do the job? Thanks for any input Dave 🙂

    • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

      The machines you mention are more Physio based. Not real workout units.

    • Ma D

      Hi, I see your comment was made 3 years ago so it might not matter what I say now anymore but still think it is worth sharing. I actually own two of the Confidence machines (one in the USA and the other in Europe at my parents home). I am a previous athlete (Judo) but this was 20 years ago. In the meantime I got fibromyalgia and 1 kid. I never got fat but totally lost muscular mass (especially in my inner thighs where I started looking like I was 80 already- I am 35). Anyway, I love the machine and the exercise. I built a lot of muscular mass, especially (wait for it…) in my abs! 🙂 It is not my only source of exercise anymore (now it is not but it started that way as I couldn’t do any exercise anymore due to the fybro and this allowed me to get the strength to do other exercises), but it is the main source of the exercise I do (I do it every day) and the most effective. Possibilities are endless as long as you know how to work with it. My mother (65yo) also does it everyday and loves it. Not sure if other types of vibration are as good or better (as I haven’t tried them) but would assume so based on price difference. Even so, this really works for me and I tell my husband every day that this was the best invention since the wheel. Just my 2 cents and hope this helps!

      • Ma D

        Oh, and I forgot to mention I am toned all over my body now (as in swimsuit model toned). Again, not just because of this machine (food is also a major factor), but it surely is the main reason why I am looking this good at this time of my life (and I feel great too)!

  • Oscar Campbell

    How about skate boarding on gnarly asphalt? Here in Sweden, because of the strongly changing temps through the seasons, the asphalt is softer and gravely. I can tell you, you vibrate like hell, get exercise from kicking – and – it’s fun! And a complete deck will only cost you about $200. I go with grass fed ghee that I boil myself from butter, the parts other than the fat in butter are better of in the compost. Kicks ass! 🙂

  • dbr

    My wife is joining an exercise group at the church. The ladies meet a couple of times a week for body weight snd cardio. Would buying your vib unit as a group work well in use and training and is there a good training resource available?

  • Olivia Heartelly

    What a great resource! Two thumbs up! Provided that you need to get more fit and lose weight , delight in a healthy diet and might be in a physical action in your every day schedule and if that you pick whole body vibration keep in mind to do aerobic and quality training exercises as well.

  • Olivia Heartelly

    By far the most ubiquitous new fitness innovation to the uninvolved exercise classification is WBV – otherwise called “Power Plate” practice and if you pick WBV keep in mind to do quality training exercises and aerobic as well.

  • Sophie

    Hi Dave, I live in Australia and as the Bulletproof WBV plate does not currently ship here can you recommend any good machines that I could buy here or could you please start shipping to Australia? 🙂

  • Plucky

    If I buy one is my wife going to want to just sit on it all the time?

    • realeasygoing


  • Hunter

    Hey Dave, I’m new to your site. I found out about you after seeing your recently uploaded vid on the 21 Convention. You mentioned doing Body by Science style workouts on the vibration plate. I also really liked the part about it allowing you to use 95% of muscle fibers. My question is, is it actually possible to use the vibration plate while your on, say, a RenEx machine doing a leg press or any of the big five?

  • Olivia Heartelly

    Entire form vibration can offer a few fitness and health profits, it’s clear assuming that it’s as bravo as customary work out. With entire form vibration, you stand, sit or lie on a machine with a vibrating stage. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your physique, driving your muscles to contract and relax many times every second. You might feel as though you’re endeavoring when you do entire figure vibration. So this is really an effective one.

  • Ann in Dallas

    What sort of workout do you do while on the machine? Free weights?

  • Ann Margolin

    What kind of workout do you do while on the WBV? Free weights? Push ups? Planks?

  • Anon

    The BulletProof plate only provides 3 G of force, and according to the research, it takes 10G+ to get any real benefits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_B9C_OUdxY

    • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

      Caution…… The sales company that put that video up. ( HyperVibe ) only sell Pivotal units ( the opposite of the design being sold here which is Lineal ) ) They also are famous for changing their mind like their underpants on “what is best” depending on what they are selling.

      They also spread BS around trade shows and via info on their websites that Lineal will hurt you. To scare people into buying their machines. They were forced to take it down via legal action.

      Overall the second most untrustworthy company I have reviewed or dealt with.

  • Kevin

    Hey Dave, love it the idea of it. Just wondering if you have looked at the emf factor?

  • Laura Riddle Wittke

    Hi Dave, what is the frequency of the vibration? My brainy boyfriend has a desire to know. Thanks!

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  • sssjohnthomous

    Nice and informative information shared by your blog on

    Whole Body Vibration Training. I really appreciate it.
    Whole Body Vibration Plate

  • Marie

    Looking for Whole Body Vibration? Save 15% today using Preferred Customer
    Coupon Code (313297) at VibraWav (bit.ly/1tuWRZh)

  • Summer Miller

    What settings do you use (frequency/intensity) for fat loss?

  • Simon

    Hey , wondered if you could give me some advice. I cycle to work 3 times a week and its 90 minutes away leaving 7 am. I’d like to try this bullet proof coffee but wondered when to have it , before I cycle? after I cycle? And once I arrive at work should I be having some protein as I normallly do or just waiting till I break the fast for lunch 3/4 hours later? Thanks for any reply you may be able to help me with

  • Angel luis Rivera

    There is lots of misconceptions around WBVT. First NASA did not have any program for the astronaut in using vibration plates.
    The only positive benefits are increase circulation, increase balance and minimal increase in bone density by the studies and other studies need better control and are suggestive at this stage. The elderly may benefit the most from the passive vibration. If you do active exercises on the machine it does help but the question does it enhance the exercise. Only in that it will bring you faster to the exhaustion point. The spindle organ by the any amount of g-force above normal are fool into twitching the muscles at the rate of frequency. Increase G-force if you view it as increase resistant suggest better results because of increase muscle load. This combine twitching and active exercise are beneficial. Do you absolutely need the vibration machine no but if use as an active platform is can be use as a supplement to your exercise program with a shorter exercise phase.

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  • Mark

    Hi Dave. Is the bulletproof decaf coffee swiss water process or mercapto ethanol process.

  • Hey dear I am daisy christen son from New York, i read your blog post, in this post your diet are very effective for me i have follow this thanks for the same. before this i have follow one medicine pharmacy tramadolshop this pharmacy provide body building medicine and his blog suggest me a idea how to use this drug for body building. Once again thanks for your blog post its very good for me and effective for my body build. i say help me for again and again for the same details.

  • Carrie Gentry

    Hi Dave! My Bulletproof Vibe just showed up today. I’m so excited about getting started! One question: Do you let your kids get on the WBV plate? My 2 yo and 5 yo are drawn to it like magnets!

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  • robmac25

    I am a quadriplegic paralyzed from the chest down. I have read about the benefits and want to start benefiting. Is there any machine anyone can recommend to me??

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