Biohacking at SXSW: Forbes, MSNBC, Video, and more!

By: Dave Asprey

Biohacking at SXSW: Forbes, MSNBC, Video, and more!

This year’s South by South West (SXSW) show has been amazing so far. If you haven’t heard of this conference, it’s hard to explain – about 40,000 people come together for a week that involves tons of tech talks from a huge variety of industries (social media, emerging tech, etc.), plus a music festival and new movie releases. It’s kind of like “Burning Man meets TED.” Or something like that. Weird but strangely hip…and very well covered by major media because it hits that crossover between design, art, tech, and social media.

I was fortunate to be invited to be on one of the opening panels at SXSW Interactive by Megan Miller of Bonnier’s R&D group. She also invited Dan Wetmore and Michael Scanlon, a founder of Lumos Labs on the panel. The interest was enormous! About a thousand people showed up for out talk, filling the room. I will post video of the talk as soon as it is edited.

You can read the tweet stream on Storify here, which describes the proceedings pretty well. Some juicy excerpts:

“”I tried to lose weight and I found I started to get stupid as well, and had unhealthy stress.” @daveasprey #sxsw #sxbrain

“@bulletproofexec used the 1st #qs tool to bio hack -> FREECELL! saw his ability to win deteriorate over yrs. #sxswi #sxbrain #brainhack

“Your heart and brain are closely connected. Hack your heart first to hack your brain. #sxbrain

“Simply breathing properly makes enormous difference. A simple device can tell you if your heart rate is optimal. @daveasprey #sxsw #sxbrain

“Bulletproof Mindware android app can improve your IQ points by 12 points after about 20 hours of use. Double digits here I come #sxbrain

“woah. mind blown. Goflow ( can put you in the flow state. whaaaa? #sxswi #sxbrain #brainhack

“A DIY kit to stimulate your self with electricity seems like a totally safe idea. Does licking 9-volt batteries count? #sxbrain #sxsw

DavidStinemetzeDavidStinemetzeLight affects your brain: raise your melatonin by wearing yellow tinted glasses at night. Affects sleep radically @daveasprey #sxsw #sxbrain
afairweatherafairweatheryou can buy $10k in devices to improve cognition. i use flux for $0 ( for bttr lighting on computer #brainhack #sxbrain

Sound training: white noise, shamanic drumming – puts you into an altered state. @daveasprey #sxsw #sxbrain

“For about $10k you can seriously hack your brain and improve your mind immensely #sxbrain

Dave Asprey suggests ethical training before brain hacking. #sxbrain


@bulletproofexec – “we don’t have a cognitive bill of rights and we should.” #sxswi #brainhack #sxbrain