The Most-Shared Whole30 Recipes on the Internet (You’re Welcome)

The Most-Shared Whole30 Recipes on the Internet (You’re Welcome)

You’re on the hunt for easy, delicious recipes that will help you lose weight and feel better in the new year. Enter: These Whole30 recipes. The Whole30, often referred to as a stricter form of Paleo, is a 30-day clean-eating plan that cuts out foods that might be wreaking havoc on your body. In that way, the Whole30 is very similar to the Bulletproof Diet (You can read about the differences here). People use the Whole30 as a body reset or even a down-and-dirty weight-loss plan.

Because you’re cutting out a lot of the foods you may be accustomed to eating, finding the best Whole 30 recipes that are quick, easy and don’t require a ton of hard-to-find ingredients is key to your success. These Whole30 recipes are among the most-shared on the internet, meaning, they taste good, too. To give you options for every meal, this list includes three breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

Remember, the key to Whole30 is removing all grains, dairy, soy, legumes, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol from your diet – though after 30 days, you may slowly reintroduce some of these problematic foods. But with a Whole30 meal plan as tasty as this, you might not want to. And in case you’re wondering, these recipes are 100% Bulletproof-friendly, too.

Whole30 Breakfast Recipes

Image via Cooking with Curls

Breakfast Burrito

Ah, the burrito – ultra-satisfying for any meal. How does one make a burrito that’s dairy- and gluten-free? By using eggs as the “tortilla.” Genius. – This Whole30 recipe is easily modifiable, meaning you can make it as simple or complex as your taste buds desire. To make it Bulletproof, bypass the tomatoes and salsa – and go for a Mediterranean flavor instead, with olives and zucchini.

Image via Dine and Dish

California Avocado Sweet Potato Hash

From avocado to sweet potato, this Whole30 recipe is packed with Bulletproof-friendly ingredients. While avocados are technically a fruit, their nutrient content makes them more similar to veggies. They’re also a great source of monounsaturated fat. Sweet potatoes are a low-toxin, clean-burning starch – one of the best sources of carbs on the Whole30 diet.

Image via Paleo Running Momma

“Bacon Burger & Fries” Paleo Breakfast Bake

This Whole30 treat is a medley of savory (bacon and grass-fed beef) and sweet (sweet potatoes). It’s topped with goodness in greens and additional protein and healthy fat in eggs. If you are going for the Bulletproof seal of approval, skip the mushrooms and bake the eggs at or below 320 degrees to retain all nutritional value.

Whole30 Lunch Recipes


Image via Jay's Baking Me Crazy

Grilled Chicken (or Steak) Kabobs

A naturally low-carb dish, these kabobs are great with pastured chicken — or grass-fed meat in particular for a Bulletproof-friendly meal. This Whole30 recipe is from the cookbook Latin American Paleo Cooking (featuring over 80 authentic recipes from Latin America), written by Amanda Torres of The Curious Coconut. It’s a great way to mix up more traditional Whole30 recipes with a Latin flair.

Image via Little Bits Of

Cranberry Grapefruit Meatballs

A zesty lunch take on the traditional meatball, this Whole30 dish is sure to win your belly over. Grass-fed beef (in smaller meatball-sized portions) is a good way to power through the day with energy from that good fat. High in vitamins and low in sugar, cranberries are a Bulletproof fruit; and grapefruit is acceptable on the Bulletproof Diet too, if your liver is healthy and stress levels are in check.


Image via Play Party Plan

Best Homemade Taco Meat

A homemade fixing for enchiladas, taco salad, tacos, or even burritos, this Whole 30 taco meat can be Bulletproof too. Replace chicken broth with bone broth, then double-check your spices. It’s best to use fresh, high-quality spices and flavorings as much as possible so you can steer clear of any toxic mold. As always with Bulletproof, grass-fed beef is key.

Whole30 Dinner Recipes

whole30 lamb
Image via Grits & Chopsticks

Whole30 Lamb, Mint Chimichurri, and Butternut “Rice”

For the juiciest lamb around, you’ve got to make this recipe. A burst of tartness and herbs in the mint chimichurri complements the meaty lamb perfectly. Serve the lamb over butternut squash “rice” (actually simmered butternut squash), and you’ve got yourself a top-notch meal. Infrequent consumption of garlic is ok on the Bulletproof Diet, and olive oil is fine if you don’t cook it. Then, to be completely Bulletproof-friendly, sub apple cider vinegar for the red wine vinegar.


Image via Bazaar Lazarr

Baked Sweet Potato with Arugula, Smoked Salmon, and Poached Eggs

As long as your salmon is low-mercury and wild (not farmed), you are doing your body good with this high- protein and fat combo. By consuming fat with protein, you give your body extra energy to break it down into amino acids – a key piece of daily digestion. This Whole30 meal will set you up for smooth sailing the next day – so make it the night before your big morning meeting.

Image via The Castaway Kitchen

Paleo Perfect Burger

This Whole30 burger recipe, served with avocado, egg, mayo, and pickles, is an easy and satisfying way to end an action-packed day. To Bulletproof it up, skip the mushroom powder and, as always, use high-quality spices to avoid mold. And keep your heat turned down low when cooking (320 degrees or under). You can even try substituting apple cider vinegar for white wine vinegar – which might reduce blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity after a meal.

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