Top 15 Things To Add To Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee hacks
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In honor of the new Bulletproof Ground Coffee – available for the first time as ground coffee in addition to whole beans – here are some of my favorite ways to upgrade your coffee even further.

In addition to putting butter in amazing coffee for years, I’ve experimented with adding other nutrients to create new flavors with a bigger impact on how I feel. It turns out I’m not alone; Bulletproof fans add a lot of creative things to their daily Bulletproof Coffee recipe.  A recent thread on Facebook about this inspired me to share my own favorite Bulletproof Coffee hacks.

I’m a Bulletproof Coffee purist most of the time, yet in the morning – depending on how I feel – I’ll add other stuff to my ritual of blending in the unsalted grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil.

Why Fat Helps You Absorb More Nutrients

Blending nutrients into your coffee (or really any beverage) with healthy fats is classical biohacking pure and simple. You’re taking something healthy and wrapping it in small drops of fat (created during blending) called micelles, which increase the absorption of the nutrients. This principle is what helps antioxidants in vegetables absorb better when consumed alongside some fat. We’re talking lipid droplet chemistry here, and you can feel the difference (plus get some awesome flavor combinations).

Without further ado, here are the top 15 Bulletproof Coffee hacks (and a bonus #16 hack too!):

1. L-Theanine

L-Theanine (100 mg) is a popular supplement that works synergistically with caffeine. It’s an amino acid naturally found in tea that increases alpha brain waves. It has been shown to mitigate negative effects from caffeine, including damaged sleep quality and anxiety, while boosting the positive effects. You can also take it in a capsule in the morning along with your coffee.[i] But why not blend it in? It won’t change the taste, but it changes how you feel.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is the popular yellow spice used mainly in Indian cuisine. Turmeric contains a powerful compound called curcumin, which has profound anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong antioxidant. Adding it to your coffee will boost the total amount of antioxidants, but will diminish the coffee flavor.[ii] If you don’t like coffee, but want to drink it for the antioxidant polyphenols, turmeric erases the coffee taste. Turmeric doesn’t absorb well without fat anyway.

3. Ginger

Ginger is rich in gingerols, and has been used for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-nausea effects. Like turmeric, ginger will diminish some of the coffee flavor.[iii] Mix this stuff with turmeric, and you’ll taste NO coffee (but what kind of masochist would do that???), and get a powerful anti-inflammatory herbal blend.

4. Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract has an astringent, tannin flavor that’s not bitter (depending on the brand). It also has positive effects with blood cholesterol and inflammation.[iv] A pure grape seed extract can add amazing flavor notes to coffee.

5. Upgraded Collagen

Upgraded Collagen is a great addition to Bulletproof Coffee as less inflammatory protein source high in the amino acid glycine. It aids healthy tissue repair while maintaining healthy levels of inflammation and revitalizing your skin.[v] It also stands up well to the heat of coffee, which is not true of quality whey protein.

6. Upgraded Vanilla

Upgraded Vanilla adds a great flavor and has historically been used as a cognitive enhancer.  Real vanilla (only about 5% of the “vanilla” people consume) has a super high ORAC score of 122,400. You can mix the Upgraded Vanilla in with your coffee grounds or add them after brewing.[vi]

7. Cayenne

Cayenne is well known for its health impacts, especially since it works synergistically with MCTs for thermogenesis. However, cayenne has a high risk of mold toxin contamination, so opt for a high quality source.[vii] It is also a nightshade, so it’s a suspect food on the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap. Be sure it’s helping you. And get ready to sweat!

8. Blueberry Powder

Blueberry Powder has a high amount of polyphenols as well as a high ORAC score. It also raises BDNF, which helps brain function. Remember to watch out for high amounts of fructose![viii] I use blueberry extract in the morning, or real powder in my second cup when I have one.

9. Eggs and/or Egg Yolks

Eggs, and especially egg yolks, are a good alternative as a source of healthy fats in the absence of butter. They are great sources of micronutrients like omega-3s and vitamin K2 (see below). Check out also Mark Sisson’s Primal Egg Coffee recipe!

10. Bilberry Powder

Bilberry Powder is made from bilberries, a close relative of cranberries. It can improve vision, reduce eyestrain, and support overall eye health.[ix] It’s expensive – so increase it’s bioavailability.

11. Upgraded Cacao Butter

Upgraded Cacao Butter provides a subtle chocolate finish to your coffee. It’s also a great source of healthy saturated fats![x] It’s not a replacement for real grass-fed butter. Just add a little!

12. Upgraded Chocolate Powder

Upgraded Chocolate Powder can make your Bulletproof® Coffee into a mocha, and adds lots of polyphenols to your morning blend.

13. Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is found in your grass-fed butter, but it is also a powerful addition to your coffee. It’s heat stable and doesn’t change the coffee flavor. For the lowdown on how crucial K2 is to your biology, check out the Bulletproof podcast with Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue.

14. Maca

Maca, also known as Peruvian Ginseng, is an endocrine adaptogen that can help balance hormones and reverse hypothyroidism. It’s also high in vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc.  I like this one. But watch out: when I was looking to create a maca supplement, I put a high end supplier’s brand through the exhaustive Bulletproof Process for testing, and it failed with high aflatoxin levels of 13 ppm. Also, natives use gelatinized maca, NOT raw maca, because raw maca has anti-nutrients in it.

15. Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon can help you regulate your blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance, along with helping guard against irritable bowel syndrome and stomach flu, while increasing memory and response times.[xi] Ceylon is in contrast to the kind of cinnamon you usually find in generic grocery stores, which is called Cassia – it isn’t actually made from the real cinnamon plant.  It’s worth upgrading to Ceylon, especially since a lot of people have a small reaction to Cassia they often aren’t aware of.

16. Bonus Tip: Add Nothing At All!

Black coffee is great too, when you’re not hungry.  So I often enjoy a cup of black Upgraded Coffee straight up. Or I make a shot of espresso made with Upgraded Beans in my La Marzocco GS3 (at 198.7 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact).

Next up in the coffee series, stay tuned for the top 10 most common Bulletproof Coffee mistakes you want to NOT to make in your own morning brew.  And don’t forget: Bulletproof Coffee now comes as Bulletproof Ground Coffee, in addition to whole beans – available for purchase in the Bulletproof Store starting today.

How else have you successfully hacked your morning (or early afternoon) Bulletproof Coffee?  Share it in the comments below.




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By Dave Asprey

  • duffy

    Thanks for this! I routinely do Upgraded Collagen, K2 and a few drops of vitamin D3. Last week I tried adding a mini-shot of Unfair Advantage to the blender. Makes for a sweeter bp coffee. Any reason NOT to put Unfair Advantage in the mix?

  • Crazy4Weims

    I add a few drops of doTERRA cardamom oil to my bulletproof coffee. It reminds me of Turkish coffee, only better.

    • morning lion

      just saw your post…it’s really food grade oil? Where do you get it?
      I’ve used Scrappy’s cardamom bitters, but I don’t know if all the ingredients in bitters are allowed on this food plan.

  • PghPammy

    A couple drops of peppermint Sweet Drops with the Upgraded cacao for Peppermint Mocha!

    • Juline An

      My Iast pay check was $9500 working l2 h0urs a week 0nline, My neighb0ur’s sister has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 2o hours a week. l can’t beIieve how easy it was 0nce l tried it 0ut…..http://?.ws/happyearning

  • jess

    A little of each every day in my coffee (besides the butter): ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.

    Thanks for the Maca recommendation. I just got some and was debating what to do with it.

  • Jules

    I’ve been adding organic pure vanilla and organic Ceylon cinnamon in mine for months. Love it!

  • Yogesh Riyat

    Other than the upgraded products, do you have any suggestions on where to get (or brands) of the other items? Especially curious on where to get the cinnamon, maca, l-theanine, bilberry, blueberry powder…cost effective sources like amazon are appreciated! but I assume these can be found at whole foods?

    • Stephanie

      Try to find them at your local health food co-op. Better prices and you’re supporting your local economy! Whole Foods kinda sucks…

  • noflies

    Organic raw cacao powder. Yum!

  • morning lion

    What about cardamom? It tastes wonderful, has a multitude of health benefits, and goes well with coffee. Scandinavians put it in baked goods, which are consumed with coffee, but in Saudi Arabia they put it directly in with the coffee, on special occasions brewing as much as half coffee grounds, half ground cardamom.

  • Your Mother

    I love bulletproof coffee and the tricks are very interesting. I do take a different stand on the idea of salted butter. I do use salted butter on purpose now but at first it was an accident. I was buying unsalted amish roll butter from a local raw milk farm. There was a choice of salted and unsalted. I always bought unsalted for cooking and general use. This was not my first purchase of this farmer’s butter so when I started making my coffee at home, the first pot with this butter had a very chocolatey taste and I attributed it to the new coffee we were trying out. The next time, I got a little gutsy and added twice the amount of butter and all I could taste was salt. The butter label said unsalted so we went back to the farm and they had mislabeled the butter. I decided I liked the taste of the coffee the first time so using salted butter in moderation is giving us a flavor boost due to the salt content. It’s not noticeable and we use more coconut or mct oil for the fat content. Also, it is impossible to find Kerrygold in our area in its unsalted form. So it’s a choice at first and then a preference, for those who decide to try the salted version and can make peace with that. I love it, pesonally.

  • I loooove cacao in my BPC….so yummy. I’d like to try the vanilla powder. And I ALWAYS use the collagen.

    I used to fear having a 300 calorie cup of coffee/ or in my case often times I will use Yerba Mate. But now it’s just what I do first thing in the morning before going to the gym 🙂
    The thought of eating a conventional breakfast anymore doesn’t even appeal to me. I cannot imagine eating solid food before 10 am…..

  • Isiah Kunzman

    I have a question about the Maca. You said that you like
    But you also said that raw maca has anti-nutrients. Wouldn’t gelatinized maca be better?

    • Lynette Cano-Aguirre

      I was thinking the EXACT thing. Can you recommend a gelatinized Maca?

      • Isiah Kunzman

        I’ve never tried Maca, so I can’t say. I think Dave meant to link to the Gelatinized Maca by Navitas, as he mentions this in the last line.

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  • Keith Chester

    Hi Everyone, I Pologize I advance if I missed the answer, but how much K2 can be added to the brew? What is maximum amount? Many thanks.

  • Shari

    I’ve just been ‘bulletproof’ for a few days (and with great success, I might add!) and I don’t want to goof it up… I see that the Upgraded Chocolate Powder has carbs and protein, so if I put that in my morning coffee, am I going to goof up the ‘fast’ and ketosis effect? If so, I’ll skip it for now! If not, bring on the chocolate!! Thanks in advance!

  • Miguel Espejel

    A “thing” that he is missing and probably is more beneficial than any on that list is reishi mushroom. You can buy the organic powder at amazon. For people under paleo this is a MUST since after oats this is one of few high sources of beat-glucan, under the paleo diet you consume almost zero beta-glucan. There are many benefits that you can look up. I would high recommend to include this
    on the list as well.

  • Nina

    I just made my cup of coffe and I feel hungry!

  • Stephanie

    Can you recommend a bulletproof maca powder? The one thats linked is raw and I want a gelatinized version that isn’t moldy! 🙂 Thanks, Dave!

  • Kishore Baskaran

    Does ginger affects intermittent fasting? Can I add ginger with my coffee during IF days?

  • Monimoo

    I have order Collagen to add to my bulletproof coffee. Can anyone tell me the recommended dose?

  • allen saenz

    I actually had bronchitis so I took plenty of Turmeric Powder and Milk and I absolutely loved it to the point I became addicted to the taste. Once I migrated over to eliminating most of my dairy intake and to employing bulletproof coffee, I add a tsp of Turmeric Powder to my Coffee and it is absolutely heavenly in taste for me. And believe you me, I was skeptical in thinking something like Turmeric Powder could complement milk or BP Coffee so well.

  • bayhamster

    I find different brands taste different in the coffee. I’ve tried Organic Valley and didn’t like it. Same with some other imports I’ve tried. My mainstay is KerryGold. Love the taste.

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  • Ryan Maddox

    There is no perfect coffee or chocolate elixir. There are literally thousands of potential combinations. Ive been doing this for many years now and it is always fun to develop new recipes and flavors. If you ever need a break from coffee you can do adaptogenic tea bases such as gynostemma, or chaga decoction. If you’re really looking to upgrade the mineral content and compensate for the diuretic property of the coffee, I humbly suggest (a high quality) shilajit extract. Shilajit possesses a massive array of minerals as well as unique acids that support their assimilation. I don’t know for a fact but I’ve heard that combined with he shu wu the effects are amplified. From a Chinese perspective, many of these elements are Jing supportive and help to restore deep energy reserves.

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  • Shelley Hubbard Miller

    Can organic full fat canned coconut milk be used in BPcoffee? Are there any issues from adding this?

  • Amber Daughhetee Adams

    I have an allergy to milk. What can I use that will be most effective without sending me to the ER?

  • Marie Ganoga

    Savvy analysis , Incidentally , if someone needs a FL DR-501T , my company filled out and faxed a sample form here

  • Syrsei Gow

    Can anyone help me with this? I like my coffee sweet. So here is my recipe: 2 cups of coffee, add 4 packets of truvia, 3-4 tbsp of half/half (or heavy cream), 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, 2 tsp of caramel extract (or vanilla), 2 tbsp of grass fed butter, and 2 tbsp of coconut oil (ran out of brain octane).

    I’m wondering if this is ok? If it is not, what can I do to make bulletproof coffee taste sweeter. I really want to try intermittent fasting.

    • Jean Paeth

      My functional medicine dr. Told me Truvia is the worst ….it raised my glucose. So I switched to 1 tbls.stevia coco syrup….yum I just use the coffee, syrup and 2 tbls. ghee. Yummy.
      I’m also not hungry very much either and I intermittent fast like this.


      To me, cinnamon has more of a sweet taste so that’s what I add to my coffee in larger amounts than your recipe, like 1 tsp and more up to 1 T depending on the quantity of drink along with Stevia.

    • andiwwjd

      I add vanilla and pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, & cloves) and it makes it sweet without the added sugar.

  • andiwwjd

    I’m confused, you said coconut cream is ok but heavy whipping cream is not. Heavy whipping cream is all fat and coconut cream has carbs so how is that better in BPC?

    • Deb Bacharach

      Until someone else comes by… HWC is not 100% fat. It is usually 33-36% fat, and there are carbs in the remaining ‘milk’ portion. 100% fat is butter, not HWC. The coconut cream’s fat portion would consist of MCTs (medium chain fats) which we want (are good!). I do add a blip of HWC to my BPC – I prefer the texture that way.