Become a Bulletproof Coach

By: Bulletproof Staff

Become a Bulletproof Coach

What if you could make money coaching clients toward increased energy, resilience, performance, happiness and creative problem-solving?

Something happens when you adopt a more Bulletproof lifestyle. Your energy increases. Your emotional intelligence skyrockets. You lose weight and gain muscle. Your relationships improve. You think more clearly and productivity is suddenly through the roof.

But something else happens, too. You begin to think about ways you can spread the word about all of it – the coffee, the mindfulness, the diet, and the details you’ve learned about how your body works and responds to food. You want to share how your mind is sharper, how your life is filled with meaning, and how your relationships have gone to the next level.

You’re inspired to start changing lives in the same way your life has been changed.

Many people in the Bulletproof community feel this way: Passionate about kicking fatigue, leading lives filled with purpose, and doing their part to fight the rising tides of chronic disease and negativity.

So, what if you could actually make money coaching clients toward increased energy, performance, productivity and happiness? Or, if you’re already a health coach, nutritionist, or trainer, what if you could augment your education with targeted training that will teach you how to guide your clients toward higher performance, life satisfaction and longevity?

Enter: The Bulletproof Coach Training Certification.

Become an expert in Whole Person Human Potential Development

The Bulletproof Coach Training is designed as a deep dive into the world of presence-centered coaching, mindfulness, performance coaching, human potential development, and positive psychology.

That means, by the time you’re certified, you’ll be prepared to guide your clients to achieve meaningful goals in work, life, relationships, and performance. This includes teaching them how to stay self-motivated and make better decisions in other aspects of their lives.


What Bulletproof Coach Training is NOT:

The Coach Training is not about selling Bulletproof products. Of course, you’ll learn the science behind Bulletproof products – the formulations and how they work in the body – but there is never any pressure or expectation to sell Bulletproof products to your clients.

Bulletproof Coach Training is NOT about learning how to biohack. The program is about how to empower clients to achieve their most productive, passion-fueled lives. It’s about making the world a better place by igniting the spark of conscious living in one person at a time.

img_8072The opportunity

In a 2012 report, an estimated 47,500 coaches worldwide generated close to $2 billion (USD) in annual revenues. Globally, the average fee for a 1-hour coaching session is $229 USD. The average number of clients at any time is 10, with the average number of hours spent coaching clients every week: 13.

The Bulletproof Coach Certification is an investment in your career that will give you the knowledge and confidence to run a coaching business you love, all while helping your clients to achieve their wildest dreams.

The training

This training was designed and written by Bulletproof’s Medical Director, Dr. Mark Atkinson and, of course, Bulletproof Founder and CEO Dave Asprey.  

The training is a mix of virtual and in-person training spanning a total of 9 months. Over the course of the training, you will learn about:

  • The Bulletproof Diet
  • Supplements
  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Stress and building stress resilience
  • Meditation and mind training
  • Hacking happiness
  • The psychology of success
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Holding the space for growth and change
  • Shifting long-held perspectives
  • And so much more…

The training will develop your skills as an effective coach and includes core science-backed information on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

By the end of the training you will:

  • Receive a professional credential from the Bulletproof Training Institute, a leading authority in whole person human potential development.
  • Be eligible to join the Association for Coaching (AC), a leading membership association for professional coaches.
  • Get a discount and commission on Bulletproof products!
  • Achieve the skills to help anyone achieve an upgraded body, mind, and life, regardless of his or her, current level of energy, performance, and health.
  • Be able to charge a premium hourly rate because of your success guiding clients in achieving their goals and realizing their fullest potential.


Get all of the details here, including pricing, a breakdown of the curriculum, time commitment, and how to apply.

Thanks for reading and stay Bulletproof!