The Future of Upgrading Humans and the Military – Andrew Herr #540

The Future of Upgrading Humans and the Military – Andrew Herr #540

Andrew Herr is a science, technology and strategy consultant. In 2012, he founded a company that develops timed and tuned performance enhancement products to solve jet lag, diving fatigue, and a variety of other performance needs.

For a decade, Andrew led the U.S. Department Of Defence’s efforts on human enhancement envisioning the good, the bad, and the ugly of future warfighter enhancement and developing strategies for the military to capitalize on opportunities.

These efforts included research and development strategy, warfighter bioethics, developing a systems approach to the physiology of leadership under stress, and working with generals and elite operators on unique challenges.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is recorded live at XPRIZE and we talk about the revolutionary ways Andrew’s work is influencing human performance.

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The Future of Upgrading Humans and the Military – Andrew Herr #540


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Show Notes

  • Why Andrew is not a transhumanist 00:04:50
  • Did Andrew really get a “mad scientist” award? 00:06:04
  • How to get the military performing better 00:14:20
  • The craziest biohacks that Andrew sees for Military personnel 00:17:00 and 00:30:10
  • How close are we to creating Wolverine? 00:18:35
  • How upgraded is Andrew? 00:20:10
  • The difference between science and art 00:32:25
  • Professional athletes have wild mutations 00:38:10
  • We live in an Xmen world 00:38:55
  • Advice on altitude climbing 00:48:20
  • How much “science fiction” stuff is happening right now? 00:09:00
  • The new path of technology 00:27:50
  • Are there unethical upgrades 00:36:30
  • Why Jet Lag is cool 00:42:50

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