Dr. Jack Kruse: Live Longer than Most People – #87

By: Dave Asprey

Most people want to live longer, healthier lives, right? The infinitely knowledgeable and epically controversial Dr. Jack Kruse comes on Bulletproof Radio to talk about how he thinks it’s possible to live an optimized life using a high fat diet and some serious biohacks. Have you ever accidentally turned the microwave on with metal inside and seen the sparks fly? On this episode, Jack talks about how many people are microwaving their own cells without knowing it, and how certain lifestyle choices can put your health at major risk. He talks fervently about how important it is to live a Bulletproof lifestyle and even how to hack your flying experience. You’ll also learn about the dangers of EMFs, how physics dictates biology, and what he thinks is the most nutritious food to pack a punch out there. Bring a pencil and enjoy!

Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group. As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Kruse’s research has been published in respected dental and medical journals. His popular blog, gets over 150,000 unique worldwide visitors per month.

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:00 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   1:40 – Welcome Dr. Jack Kruse
  •    3:11 – ATP and high fat diets
  •   7:30 – How to live longer than most people
  • 11:00 – Flying in a microwave oven
  • 12:50 – How to hack your flying experience
  • 17:00 – The altitude effect
  • 21:00 – People who live in skyscrapers
  • 24:00 – How physics dictates biology
  • 29:00 – How to not stop flying
  • 33:00 – How diet isn’t the end-all, be-all
  • 37:00 – Recapturing your longevity through menopause
  • 45:00 – The health benefits of oysters
  • 48:00 – Top three recommendations to perform better!


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Dave:              Today’s cool fact of the day is people used to think that eating cheese before bed would give them nightmares. In true marketing company forum, the British Cheese Board decided it was bad for business. They decided to test it by giving 200 people 20 grams of cheese before bed. No one reported nightmares. Many of them did report vivid dreams, and unsurprisingly to me anyway, the blue stilton affected about 80% of the participants who had vivid visions including talking animals, vegetarian crocodiles and warrior kittens.

However, the study didn’t have a control, so they don’t really know if those people really had those dreams normally, like vegetarian crocodile dreams or not. One reason that the cheese made these dreams vivid is that blue cheeses having mold and fungus, it also contains substances like tyramine and tryptamine. These are amino acids.

It’s well-known amongst people who studied the effects of environmental mold that molding your house will give you nightmares and strange dreams, and I’ve experienced that myself. I’ve also experienced it from eating moldy food. Not all cheese is going to cause this trouble. Most cheese is going to cause inflammation because of the effects of the case and the poor quality dairy used. I do think it’s funny that someone actually did a study of cheese and dreaming to sell more cheese.

Hey, everyone. It’s Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof executive here on ‘Bulletproof Radio’. Today’s guest is an old friend, Jack Kruse. Jack is a neurosurgeon. I first met him at Paleo f(x) a few years ago. We had dinner together, and I found him to be absolutely fascinating.

He’s written a book about what happens when you go all out on some of these paleo ideas including cold thermogenesis. Jack called me when he was in the middle of completing one of the most impressive cold thermogenesis experiments that I’ve heard about when he was literally submerged in ice about half of his body before he was going in for a surgery, a surgery that didn’t require any pain killers afterwards because he had so incredibly changed his body to use ice.

Jack’s also lost more than a hundred pounds using things like the Paleo Diet or his own version of it which is totally worth reading about in his book. He also of course used a lot of cold therapy and some high-intensity interval training.

Anyhow, you were just talking about what happens when our cellular energy plants, the mitochondria don’t have the ability to properly make NAD and NADPH, and that the solution to that to shortcut and summarize all that is if you eat a high fat diet that keeps you in a fat burning mode, the state of ketosis most of the time, that it helps to solve that problem.

Jack:                Absolutely. There’s no question about it. The main reason is … I always tell people it’s third grade math. One, mole of stearic acid or palmitic acid makes a 147 ATP, and one mole of glucose makes 36. If you ask a third grader, “What’s better 147 or 36?”, the answer is obvious.

The key factor is what does that ATP do. That’s where it gets really hairy from those people, because what a biochemist believes that it does is it provides phosphate bonds for high energy bonds. That’s where I completely split apart from the paleo world. I don’t believe that at all.

I believe that ATP has another purpose within the cell where it plays a different role. High fat diet is absolutely critical to health. There’s no question about that.

Dave:              I know we may lose some people who have stopped listening that eat more healthy fat, and that’s totally cool. However, the Biohackers and people who care more about how much energetic focus they have … does the brain work, do they have enough energy to get through the day, when we talk about ATP, that is the fuel that helps people have energy to get through the day and enough energy to turn their brain on even at the end of a long day.

What is the other role of this that you believe it has, and what’s your evidence for that?

Jack:               The evidence is huge. I’m not going to go into it in detail because I got a blog coming about it, but I will give you the references to read.

Dave:              Okay.

Jack:               You need to look up a guy named, Gilbert Ling, and go by his book. I think it’s called, ‘Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level’. In my view, he’s one of the top three scientists that has never won a ‘Nobel Prize’ that should. He came up with a hypothesis called the ‘AI Hypothesis’.

Basically, what ATP does, it donates electrons to specific parts of proteins in cells. For example, let’s talk about the cell we were just mentioning which is glutathione. When glutathione has an issue with its cysteine residues which is one of the amino acids that’s critical in glutathione, and there’s not enough water bound to it, the reason that happens is ATP allows cysteine to completely unfold, meaning that it’s not bent or conformed by any issue.

What a protein is completely open confirmation, it opens things called, ‘Carbonyl Groups’ and also amino groups that allows potassium and cell water to bind to it. When cell water binds in this fashion, it lines up in something called an ‘Antiparallel fashion’. Most people who are chemistry geeks know that water is a magnetic dipole.

When this happens, it allows water to become polarized. When water becomes polarized, it becomes able to conduct electrons and protons, just like all those fancy things that you work with, Dave out in California. Basically, what happens is the cell doesn’t become a bag of fluid like most biochemist think it is. It actually is a liquid crystal in structure that completely conducts electrons and protons. The more of that you do, the more energy you make.

The more energy you make, the less entropy you have. What is entropy mean when we’re talking about it in this scenario? It means that …

Dave:              [inaudible 00:07:03].

Jack:               Yes. It means less chaos, less randomness. There’s less inflammation, and that’s really what the goal is here because the way you tell people to eat and the way I tell people to eat, if we can just get them to understand that eating fat and protein over carbohydrates is the single most important thing, they don’t need to know all that stuff that I just said.

Dave:              That was my next question, Jack was like we went into some incredible detail … I’m familiar with writing about the liquid crystal nature of cells and piezoelectric superconducting effects in different parts of the body, the superconducting around nerves and the piezoelectric effects around bones. Most people don’t know that there’s this big electrical side of our body that goes far beyond just a little of brainwaves and nerve function.

Let’s assume that you and I both agree on that front. What do I do with that information? I mean, as a Biohacker or just as someone who has a job and a family, and wants to perform better, what’s the so what of all this? Okay, eat more fats …

Jack:               It’s simple. It basically tells you that all the things that you believe about diet, you may have to fall to the side. The single most important thing is make sure you eat healthy fats to make ATP to unfold your proteins and drink a lot of water. Guess what? You can probably outlive 90% of the people that are out there. If you want to maximize it, that’s when, when you get to that pristine state, that’s when you can start biohacking from that platform. I think that’s when you can start to see some pretty amazing things being done.

I mean, obviously, the reason I’m interested in this and I think probably the reason you’re interested in this, we both have jobs that put us at risk because we’re in EMF nightmare fields.

Dave:              Yes.

Jack:               The thing is, the more we get right means the more we can do wrong. That may sound crazy to somebody listening to this, but believe me, I know that my day job puts me at significant risk because I’m around things that steal energy from my body consistently. I would tell everybody listening to the podcast, in my view, we all live in an environment that is acting to not only take our energy, but also increase our entropy, increase a randomness and make us more oxidized.

When you get those foundational principles, I think we can teach people how to more chemically reduce their cells so that they can do some of the cooler things that you and I have both tried to go above what the dietary platform allows, because the dietary platform only provides electrons from food. We don’t eat constantly all day. In fact, some of us can only eat once a day.

There’s other ways for us to get electrons, protons. The key thing for people to realize is that when you understand how to rebuild your internal biochemistry that works via a quantum fashion, just like semiconductor chips do, that’s when people can have amazing results for whatever it is they want to do, whether it’s performance athletics or just increasing their wellness quotient, or maybe reversing diabetes or Hashimoto’s disease.

Dave:              It’s interesting when you talk about adding electrons. I’ve used ozone therapy extensively which adds an extra electron all over the body. It’s a very powerful stuff specifically to fix my mitochondrial function. I use glutathione and pulsed electromagnetic fields and things like that partly because I started out from behind, but also because I flew a hundred times last year and I don’t remember how many miles, but it was more than a 100,000. That’s particularly dangerous.

You’ve got EMFs, you’ve got ionizing radiation, you’ve got bad air, you’ve got flame retardants and all that stuff.

Jack:               I’ve got some bad news for you, Dave that you’re probably not going to want to hear. In fact, it’s ironic that you brought this up. I think this is something that everybody in the podcast needs to hear and you do too.

Today, the FAA announced that they are going to let people use their cellular devices from gate to gate. I want to explain to people what that means. That means that everybody in that plane who’s in a long metal tube will be turning on Wi-Fi simultaneously. That’s 250 people.

The best way I can describe it to you, you are flying for two to six hours in a microwave oven. If anybody out there has put a piece of steak in a microwave oven, and then cooked it for say two or three minutes, they know that it comes out like shoe leather. That’s basically what you’re doing to yourself, so I would tell you, Dave, the more you fly …

I’ll make this prediction on this podcast based on this governmental change that more business travelers, more businessmen will have more problem with sleeping and develop more Neolithic diseases in the next 20 years than just about every other group out there if this law stands. Believe me, the public wants this, but they don’t understand why they shouldn’t want it.

Dave:              Jack, I just checked out that stuff. They’re not allowing the cellular phone part of it to be on, just the Wi-FI. The Wi-Fi is already allowed and it has been for the past five years or so, onboard Wi-Fi to connect to a cellular radio that’s outside the airplane, usually in the [nose 00:12:31].

Jack:               Yes, but I think the point is, Dave, there’s going to be way more people using it so their capacity issue is the problem.

Dave:              Got it. Just because there’d be a lot of Wi-Fi signals, not cellular signals.

Jack:               Correct.

Dave:              Yes. What do you do about that? I’ll tell you an experiment. Actually, you can laugh at me when we’re done, but then I want to know your solution, and I want to know why my experiment failed, that’s why I’m telling you about it. I’m familiar with the effects of playing with electrons in the body, so I added a nine-volt battery. Yes, this might have been crazy.

I stuck it in my sock with a electrically conductive fabric wrapped around it, and only one or two alligator clips sticking out. Yes, it looked a little suspicious, but no one said anything. I basically kept myself connected to the negative pole of the battery, or maybe it was positive. This was a couple of years ago, whatever I thought was going to allow me to have … to not build up the static charge when I was flying.

I felt like crap for two weeks afterwards. It’s like my brain didn’t feel like it worked very well. What did I do? What did I do wrong and what should I do when I’m on an airplane sitting around a bunch of people using Wi-Fi in a long metal tube?

Jack:               That one is simple. You decreased the DC current in your brain specifically in the CSF, and you short circuited your ability. In other words, you changed the density of water in CSF so that it became less dense. When water is less dense, it carries less oxygen. That’s the reason you felt like shit.

The simple way to fix the problem is take your shoe off, barefoot, and put it on the metal stanchion right in front of you, because remember, here’s the good thing about airplanes. Because they have all the avionics in them, they have to be naturally grounded. The problem is you’re not grounded to the plane. If you take your barefoot and put it on the metal stanchion, you become grounded.

All the thing that I do is I drink minimum of 32 ounces of freezing cold water before I get on a plane, and I always make sure I have two liters of water during the flight. The other thing I’ll do is I usually preload with reduced versions of coenzyme Q10. I usually start off with 800 milligrams before I take off.

I usually take depending on the flight, I usually take 200 milligrams for every hour I’m going to be on the flight, and I re-dose every two times, because for those of you who don’t know, coenzyme Q10 does two things, it helps quantum tunneling in your mitochondria, but the other thing that’s probably more important that it helps the zeta potential in your blood so that you don’t clot. That’s why so many people would travel for long periods of time, get blood clotting because it causes something called ‘Rouleaux formation’ around red blood cells. If you re-dose with that, that helps.

Then, when I land, as soon as I land, I go and drink another glass of water afterwards. Usually, I’ll go the bathroom quite a bit during this, but I will tell you, the other thing too, it helps mitigate the risk of jet lag as well. If I’m going across time zones like say if I was going to see Dave in the West Coast, I would probably, that night before I went to bed, I would supplement with six to nine milligrams of melatonin just that night.

I tell most of the members on my side, “I’m not a fan of using melatonin, because it’s so important in the Circadian signaling in the brain.” When you introduce melatonin exogenously, you can really screw things up, especially if you don’t know where your adrenal stress index is and your salivary melatonin level. Those are the things that I do when I travel, like I’m getting ready to go to Europe in about six weeks.

What I just told you guys is exactly what my game plan is for me, my wife and my kids before we do this, because that’s an awful long trip.

Dave:              Why do you take so much, I mean six to nine milligrams? We only make like point three milligrams naturally, like …

Jack:               It’s  not about what you make, it’s about what you’re losing in the flight. Here’s the thing, Dave, when … You have to remember, this is something that’s actually tied to the EMF field that people don’t realize. I’ve had this discussion with several of your friends and my friends on Facebook, but I think it bears importance.

People understand that EMF is bad. What they really don’t understand, the higher you go up the altitude, the worse it is, because not only you’re getting a bigger effect of the EMF, but you’re also getting a huge effect from the solar wind. The higher you get up in the atmosphere, and if you happen to say be going between … I don’t know, British Columbia in Asia, you’re flying over the pole which is even worse.

This can really cause havoc in your red blood cells, where you get oxidized really fast. If you are constantly replenishing this source, you’re not going to burn through your glutathione in other parts of your body. Just remember, energy and reduction in the body zeroes some game. We have a huge energy store that we drop on in times of stress. I look at an airplane flight stress probably the same way maybe a triathlete would look at one of their races. That’s the reason why I am very aggressive.

Dave:              You and I both look at airplane flights as a significant biological stress. I take a lot of the Asasantin for the radiation. I prefer Idebenone over coenzyme Q10. Why do you not use Idebenone?

Jack:               To be honest with you, it’s not something that I’ve seen made a big difference, like I’m always … You know how I am with the … draw my bloods and stuff.

Dave:              Yes.

Jack:               If I do a big flight, like I don’t do it for under three hours because under three hours, I don’t think it makes a big difference. When you’re going to do like a flight to Asia or a flight to Europe from the States, that’s when it does have a big effect. I’ll usually draw my blood before I go, and if I happen to be flying to a country that I can get an easy blood test, I’ll do it.

The last time I did this, I actually flew to Germany and actually found, because they have labs there that I was pretty oxidized. It was funny. It took me almost two or three days to get over it. When I opt my coenzyme Q10 the reduced version, I actually felt better right away. This is [empiric 00:19:02] stuff. This is testing over probably seven, eight, 10 years, and I never realized just how bad it was because I always forgot the altitude effect.

I think if you ask me as a scientist, I think the altitude plays a far bigger role than we know, and it’s the one variable that none of us can control for because we don’t know the flight path unless we’re on a private plane. I don’t fly private, I fly commercial. I think any time you go to Europe especially from the States, you’re flying very close to where the Magnetosphere of the earth is not as strong as it could be. The same thing is true when you go to South America.

There’s a thing called the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly’ that actually believe it or not, most commercial airliners will avoid because they even have problems with their high electrical avionics. This is not a little thing to joke around about. There’s also another one that’s off the coast of Australia that causes a huge problem because the magnetosphere down on the Southern Hemisphere is not as strong as it is in the Northern Hemisphere.

Dave:              Wow. The health effects of flying through those, I guess you’re saying most big airplanes …

Jack:               Huge.

Dave:              … you’re saying, but they don’t fly through them anyway, because …

Jack:               No, they don’t. I can tell you the South Atlantic Anomaly is very well-known by commercial airline pilots. I would tell you, Dave, just talk to some of your commercial pilot friends, and they will tell you some of the crazier things that have happened when planes go through there, and it’s directly tied to not only the electromagnetic field below, but it’s really tied to the weird factors that can happen with the solar wind.

I’ve talked to a physicist about this, and I even wrote this in the blog probably two months ago that a guy named, Andrew Marino who’s in Robert Becker’s lab testified in New York State under deposition that they have documented proof that an EMF from a local power line that was being built in New York showed distill effects 90,000 miles above the earth’s atmosphere.

When you start to realize the power of electromagnetic force in biology, I mean, it starts to make you realize that when we leave this planet’s surface, we are doing something radical to our biology, far more radical than any of us realize.

Dave:              All right. What about people who live in skyscrapers? I know a lot of them.

Jack:               Yes, so do I. One of your friends and my friends on Facebook who runs the Circadian Biohacker site, I’ve been on this case for three years to get off the 17th floor Brooklyn, and that’s the reason why. Here’s the other effect that you may not have appreciated, because I just wrote a blog about it today for the first time. It’s something that I probably should have told you even back when we met in Austin because it ties into the cold theory and everything else, but transition metals.

Transition metals are used in all biologic proteins, especially the ones that you talk about on your blog like iron and zinc and copper. Here’s what people don’t appreciate, all buildings that are skyscrapers, no matter where they are usually have huge amounts of these transition metals built in their skins and in their skeletons. This draws EMF towards it.

EMF has a very interesting effect. When you are in the microwave range, it absorbs EMF, meaning that below that level, you’re okay. For anybody who thinks this is total bullshit, here’s the easy Biohack to prove that I’m right. Take a piece of metal, put it in your microwave and turn it on, and you will see electricity sparks and nastiness. The same things happens in our cells except not with as much, how shall we say fireworks.

It screws up two things. It screws up any protein that has transition metals in it, and almost every single one of those are tied to energy generation in the body, as well as neurologic transmission, as well as neuro immunity. The other big effect that it has, it causes intracellular dehydration which I told you ties back to that whole story about the quantum cell in Gilbert Ling’s work. It has even the user effect in humans because we rely on that energy source more so than we do in ATP.

That’s part of the reason why you see some of these guys who are business travelers will drop that of a heart attack as soon as they get off the plane because they have a massive pulmonary embolism because they’re blood clots. People don’t realize that these effects are out there, and part of the reason why is because no one is really talking about actually how electromagnetic energy changes the structure of matter. When I say that to people, they look at me like, “Are you kidding me?”, and I’m like, “No.”

I mean, all you have to do to think about it is very simple. Every single one of us have two eyeballs in our head. There’s a protein in our eye called ‘Rhodopsin’ that allows us all to see. Rhodopsin goes through a primary configurational protein change in about 200 … what we call ‘Femtoseconds’. That’s how small it is.

That conformational change allows you to have all the energy you need to see. This is a quantum effect. The same thing happens when we sleep. The same thing happens on our inner mitochondrial membrane when we go through these cytochromes. If you cannot deliver electrons where it needs to be in the biologic milieu of life, you are going to pay a biologic toll whether you know it or not.

I guess a lot of people don’t believe, like when I was at Ancestral Health Symposium, I asked probably one of the most famous paleo biochemist and even wrote a blog post about it, about “What is the quantum effect of electron?” The answer that I got from him basically made me realize that they don’t have a clue about how physical chemistry is altered by electromagnetic radiation, and there’s so many examples.

I mean, Dave, in your world, because you live in a technology world, there’s now documented proof from MIT researchers that if you take a laser and hit any substance at all, you turn that into a semiconductor. That semiconductor becomes able to polarize water and electrons to move across it. Guess what? Maybe people should start to realize why cholesterol molecule is actually a polar molecule, because when it’s energized by photons, electrons or protons, it becomes polarizable. That means it becomes a semiconductor.

Let’s start talking about why cholesterol is present in just about every cell of the body. It opens up a can of worms that nobody really wants to think about. I promise you, the studies that have been done on this are huge. The problem is nobody is reading this stuff because it’s not published in the biology literature, it’s published in the physics literature.

I mean, Gilbert Ling is one guy. [Mei Ho Wan 00:26:34] another, Werner Loewenstein, Herbert Frohlich … How about Erwin Schrodinger, a famous physicist who wrote a book in 1941 called ‘What is Life?’? I want people to go back and realize that what I’m saying clearly, and whether you think I’m a bad shit crazy or not is that physics dictates biology. Until we get that message, none of us are going to do well.

That’s part of the reason why I’ve always thought you were kindred spirit because I love the fact that you biohack yourself because many of the biohacks that you do are basically taking physics to change your biology. Whether you realize it or not, it’s a very cool thing. I guess I have to be the guy to explain to people how that actually happens.

Dave:              There’s no doubt in my mind, just from my own experience that when you change the environment around you, whether it’s magnetically or electromagnetically, or looking at ions in your environments, looking at there’s too many residents, all of those things have effects that we’re largely unaware of, but they’re increasingly becoming measureable effects because of all my Quantified Self friends because of the number of sensors and the amount of data that we can look at.

I met a guy, in fact someone I’ll introduce you to at the last Quantified Self Conference an engineer, an electrical engineer out of Poland who retired and built an extremely sensitive EMF detector you can hold in your hand. He’s scared himself because he realized that just by thinking, you could change the thing across the room, and it’s [repeatable 00:28:22].

Jack:               That’s right.

Dave:              He’s actually given these out to researchers now, saying, “It looks like I can detect what’s happening from solar wind, and there’s all these other things that basically no one has ever thought might have biological effects that now we can measure, and you can even draw a 3D picture of them if you have enough [inaudible 00:28:40] power.

Yes, we’re walking around in a world that looks nothing like what we see with our eyes, and few people know the difference, but what do I do?

Jack:               Right.

Dave:              How do I stay resilient in all this? This has been my big challenge for the last 10 years. I’m not going to stop flying, because I help a lot of people when I fly. I go somewhere … I’d go on TV, I get on stage, and I might tell 10,000 people something that improves the quality of their life. I’m going to keep doing that.

We talked about CoQ10 and all, but do I wear a foil hat? Do I line my house with a metal mesh that blocks EMF? What are the ways to get around the problems we just talked about because I’d love to get your take.

Jack                It’s pretty simple, and it really comes down to understanding the quantized effect of EMF and matter. I’ll make it simple. You need to become [inaudible 00:29:30] with the first and second law of thermodynamics. I’m not going to go into that here, but I just want to make sure that you understand this. The more we put ourselves at risk, just the way you do in your life and the way I do in my life in the operating room means we have to do more. That’s what people need to take away from this when they’re listening to this.

If you have a lifestyle that you’re not willing to alter or change, that means all the crazy biohacks that Dave does and I do, you need to pay deep attention to, because you may need to incorporate those. If you’re a guy that lives on the farm in Iowa, no, you probably don’t need to do it all.

Everything has a context. I guess my point, Dave that I’m trying to really get across to people, and I have to go a little bit deeper than most, it’s not a macronutrient story. For me, I’ve got to get people to realize that our tissues are a system of excitable media that we call ‘Cells’. Our cells are quantized, and therefore, that means they’re excitable and that means they’re poised to respond specifically and disproportionally to weak, low frequency electromagnetic signals from our environment, that means that the higher range frequencies can be really problematic.

Now, researchers like Becker and Marino have showed that even the low frequency stuff, we have to worry about, but any time we store energy in our body for any reasons at all, our tissues automatically act to amplify and rectify weak electromagnetic signals, which goes back to the story you just told about your friend earlier. This is part of the reason why I’ve got to get people to understand what Robert O. Becker found in 1960s …

Dave:              Yes.

Jack:               … has a huge implication for Dave Asprey being able to live the lifestyle he does and for me, to do my lifestyle. It also, Dave for the random guy listening to us who just wants to get healthy and reverse his type 2 diabetes, he needs to understand that eating fat and drinking good water, and minimizing their risk is something that is in the power of every single person listening to this podcast. This is not rocket scientist.

I mean, it’s not mind-bending stuff. It really becomes pretty simple. The problem is, is people don’t understand why this stuff works, like you remember when we first met, you were fascinated by cold thermogenesis. Cold thermogenesis in a nutshell, why does it work? It’s simple, it increase semiconductive currents in these excitable media we call ‘Cells’. That’s what CT does.

What else does CT do? If you’re a physicist, it’s simple. When things get cold, it decreases entropy. I just told you before that entropy increases inflammation. Okay. There’s the link. That’s why cold isn’t hermetic like some of the paleo biochemist say. Cold is absolutely primordial to a species that requires their excitable media to be filled with energy at all times.

It’s really important for people to understand that the things that you and I do, while they may sound very difficult when you try to … I guess a simile and apply that knowledge, just do it and then see what happens. I think people will be surprised by that. I guess the simple message is if you really want to know how it works, come read my blog and I’ll split your head open. It’s not that hard.

Just eat fat, a lot of protein, limit your carbs, keep your cabs in season, when the life cycle is along, that’s when carbs are fine. If you happen to fly a lot in this and that, then listen to Dave’s podcast and maybe ask me questions on my site about how to biohack your lifestyle best because you know that you have a high-risk lifestyle.

I mean, I’m constantly around ionizing radiation every day on an operating room. I’m constantly around blue light. That means that my battle for survival is always about how good or bad my sleep is going to be. I know that. I’m willing to walk that walk to do the things I do just like you said, Dave, you’re willing to do what you do in an airplane to do what you do.

I applaud you for that. I understand your modus operandi, but I think where people get into some trouble, when they listen to you and they listen to me is they think that we’re saying that everybody needs to do what we do in terms of the [links 00:34:10] that we do. I don’t think that’s true. I think though that you have to put your personal risk in terms of how bad or good your environment is, and then apply that and see how you do.

Now, if you happen to be sick, then I think that changes the metrics of the game a bit. Then, I think you do need to really use a Quantified Self platform, using labs and doing some of the really cool stuff that you’ve talked about and some of the things that I’ve talked about, then I think you can have a major impact.

If anybody didn’t hear me clearly, if you think that just eating a Paleo Diet or an Epi-Paleo Diet, or a Bulletproof Diet is going to completely reverse your problems, you are completely mistaken,

Dave:              Yes. It’s going to move your needle in the right direction, but it’s not going to solve that.

Jack:               Exactly correct, Dave. You know, that’s one of the things that when you first met me at Paleo f(x), what did I say that made me so controversial in paleo? It was simple. I was like, “Paleo is a step in the right direction, but that’s all it’s doing. It’s moving your needle in the right direction.” It’s not the be-all end-all, and the reason why is it’s not just biochemistry. People don’t understand how the quantum world affects, directly affects chemistry. I mean, eyesight does it, inner mitochondrial membrane does it.

Dave:              Right. I think actually what you said that Paleo f(x) that was controversial wasn’t that. It was that you’ve looked at everyone and said, “All of you who are doing CrossFit are going to die sooner because you’re overtraining. I think that might have been the controversial.

Jack:               I’m going to tell you why I said that though, because you see, I didn’t laugh with the joke because I still believe that’s true.

Dave:              I do too. If you’re working out hard and heavy every day, it’s too much. I see it in my clients all the time.

Jack:               The bigger problem is all these kids are using excessive amounts of EMF on top of it. What does that mean for the glutathione? It’s rock bottom. I mean, how many people, Dave did you and I see at Paleo f(x), they look like it [inaudible 00:36:08] on the outside and yet they couldn’t sleep? They felt like crap.

See, that’s the point that I’m trying to make to people. When you go to most of these paleo sites, they tell you, “Just eat more carbs and do more burpees and you’ll be fine.” That’s not good information, because if these kids continue to do what they’re doing, they are going to wind up trashing their telomeres, trashing their stem cells, and then when they’re 50 years old having knee replacements, joint replacements and all kinds of other things going on, I don’t want to see that happen to them.

Dave:              I’m a fan of the high-intensity, but you’ve got to look at rest and recovery and whether the high-intensity is a high intense travel schedule, high intense surgery schedule or whatever else you’ve got, like stress is stress and if you are adding more for no reason …

You said something … I want to make sure we get to that in the time we’ve got about what’s going to happen when you’re 40 or 50. You also have said that almost all women need to be on some kind of bioidentical hormone replacement regimen.

Jack:               Yes.

Dave:              I know that women over 40 have the hardest time losing weight on the Bulletproof Diet, the Epi-Paleo Diet or any other diet, like they tend to work harder compared to guys who can lose weight quickly. Why is it that women have a harder time losing weight when they’re older? Why  do you recommend bioidentical hormone replacement for women more than for men?

Jack:               I mean, this is a very complex issue, but I’m going to discuss it. I do want to tell you that I recently wrote a blog post that I think directly hits this issue. I believe it was called ‘Energy and Epigenetics 7’. There’s a whole section in there about menopause in women, why it’s a big deal.

This is basically what it comes down to. Women are designed by evolution to pass the signals from our environment to our offsprings. That means by evolutionary design, they are more sensitive to electromagnetic signals. The way they do that is they have less Myelin. When you’re less myelinated, you pick up more EMF, and that signal goes to the egg that eventually becomes the child.

How does that happen in a woman? It happens very simply, estrogen blocks the gut absorption of iodine. Iodine is a critical portion of myelination in a human. What’s the main difference between a primate and a human? Very simply, a primate is born with its brain 90% fully formed, and the chimp is razor thin, has no fat. Everybody in this planet knows that a human baby is born, it can’t walk, it can’t talk, it can’t do anything, and it’s got a bunch of sub-Q fat.

How do you form myelin? Myelinogenesis in humans is simple. It requires ketosis, iodine and breastfeeding. When you think about women, they stay this way all the way until they get to menopause. What happens at menopause? They lose their estrogen because their ovaries die. Why in my belief do women go through menopause? It’s to recapture their longevity, because when they go through menopause, they need to become ketotic because estrogen falls. They’re allowed to absorb iodine. This allows them to myelinate.

Many of the symptoms that are associated with menopause if you look at it are associated with the same things we see when uncoupling proteins become active. I talk about this big time in that blog. I even make a model of it using cystic fibrosis on breast  cancer. It’s a huge, huge issue.

The reason why women tend to get fatter when they go through menopause because they believe the things that most other people in the Western world believe that they should eat a balanced western diet, while these women need to be more ketotic at that time. If they do do that, and they have higher levels of ATP, staying ketosis and actually eat a lot of shellfish, they won’t get fat.

I would tell your podcast listeners, if you think that’s total bullshit, you can come on my forum and start talking to some of the people who’ve done this. I mean, just about most of the people on my family have done this. The key factor with women in menopause is that they just have too low levels of progesterone. The reason why is progesterone is vitally important in terms of keeping water inside.

What did I say before when we were talking about the Quantum Cell Theory that I’m getting ready to launch? Water is incredibly important for energy transfers, just like it is when you grow your lawn or your trees. The problem is people don’t realize women have run at an energy deficit from the time they had their period until the time it went away.

This is nature’s way of reclaiming that energy, and that’s why their progesterone estradiol ratio should be upside down. When I hear women being supplemented on transdermal estrogen or estrogen pills, my hair wants to fall out because they’re doing exactly the wrong thing. If they’re going to use estrogen, use it transvaginally or transrectally. The best thing to do is you got to replace your progesterone.

Dave:              Yes.

Jack:               You’ve got to eat ketotic. When you do that, women, you will light your world on fire. This is one of my big beefs with my own profession. Several of the anti-aging doctors that I’ve worked with and actually trained with, they get this message, but not all of them do.

I would say 90% of people you’ll pay good money to will put people on [bull loads 00:41:43] of estrogen, and that’s the wrong thing to do. That’s part of the reason why I wrote the ‘Energy and Epigenetic 7’ blog post. There’s a whole section in there about iodine and ketosis in post-menopausal women, and the disease that I used for people to understand this is actually ironically a genetic one which is cystic fibrosis, because these people have a genetic problem that doesn’t allow them to allow iodine across your basement membrane.

What do you know about people who have cystic fibrosis? None of them can make mucous, they all have altered immune systems and they tend to die early. Guess what? If you want to die early, just take estrogen through the roof through your whole life, and you’re  guaranteed to get it. That’s part of the reason why women who get high levels of breast cancer have high levels of estrogen.

Estrogen is pro-growth and progesterone turns off that growth. It’s vitally important that that kind of information gets out. I hate to say this, you can’t rely on the docs because many of the doctors don’t understand this nuance because it’s not taught in medical schools, it’s not taught in residency. It’s something that you actually have to go back and read the books yourself to realize where these effects are. That’s part of the reason why I use the chimp birth and the human birth to explain to people.

I said, “Guys, look at how a chimp comes into the world, and look at how we come into the world. What’s the main difference? It’s the brain.” The brain myelinates in humans from zero years old to 25 years old. That’s part of the reason why a kid in North America can’t run a hotel room and can’t run a car, because they’re more impulsive the less myelinated they are.

This gets into other diseases that people know that have myelin problems like multiple sclerosis. There’s a lot of keys to fixing your myelin problem. I got news for you. You need to understand the primordial things that happen in a child. What does a child do when it myelinates? Simple, it’s designed to suck on its mother’s breast that’s loaded with fat and protein, it’s designed to take its sub-Q fat and use it to be ketotic, it’s designed to get a ton of iodine from its mother. What happens in six months? It regenerates its own immune system and it grows its brain. That’s exactly what you’re trying to do when you’re a post-menopausal woman, is no different.

People forget that there’s a lot of homology between that. Everybody knows what happens when a child is born. That’s not a mystery to anybody. That doesn’t make me controversial. The problem is people are not taking that example and using it in a disease state or say even a state where you’re trying to figure out, “Why am I breaking down too early?”

If you really want to go deeper here, Dave, Robert O. Becker found that the DC current that regenerates tissues in all mammals is below the myelin level. Guess what he also found? When myelins decrease, the DC current decreases. What does that mean?

If you’re demyelinating for any reason at all, you cannot regenerate your own tissues. That’s part of the reason why diabetics don’t heal well, because they all have myelination problems. That’s what peripheral neuropathy is at its core issue, and people don’t seem to understand that.

Dave:              When we go down … I mean, that’s a lot of info there and I’m trying to translate that into specific steps that women can take or men. One of them obviously is iodine supplementation. I’ve done as high as 12.5 milligrams a day, and I recommend at least 500 micrograms for people. I know you’re getting it from shellfish if they actually have iodine in them which they probably do but you don’t know how much.

What’s your take on iodine? What form, transdermal, oral, how often, how much?

Jack:               I’m not a big fan of supplements for iodine.

Dave:              [inaudible 00:45:37]

Jack:               I tell people raw oysters three times a week is fine. In fact, this is something that I told people on my forum, and you may appreciate hearing it. One, raw oyster has the same nutrient density as a pound of grass-fed liver. Think about that for a minute.

I think people need to understand that the brain’s specific nutrients that are in an oyster are phenomenal. There is nothing more nutritious on this planet than a raw oyster. You can look at any USDA nutrition site and find that that’s absolutely accurate.

If you’re going to supplement, I think using seaweeds are okay. I wrote a blog post called ‘Brain Gut 6’, and it’s also in my book where I breakdown all the different seaweeds. The number one seaweed that has the most iodine in it is Arame. Some people like it, some people don’t. You can use seaweeds in your bone broths when you do that. That’s how I do it.

I eat a ton of oysters as you know and I happen to live in an area where I can get oysters, so for me, iodine is never a problem. For most people, it is a problem. Here’s another good thing about iodine that people may not know. The second best food to replenish iodine happens to be pastured eggs.

Dave:              I definitely think oysters are good, but my bag of raw oyster spoils when I’m on an airplane and traveling, and raw oysters are not something that most people can consume every day. What would the rest of us do?

Jack:               I think that the rest of people can use the seaweeds. Seaweeds would be good. Arame is probably the best one that has the most iodine in it.

Dave:              The reason that that’s better than a 12.5 milligram Lugol’s is what?

Jack:               Because it comes and it’s coming in its biologic package, and that’s the reason why. I mean, I always tell people that when you understand the issue we talked about earlier with myelinogenesis, that there’s many cofactors that go into it. You want to eat the food that has the evolutionary biologic package and not one or the other. We even talked about that earlier about kelp or I should say krill, why krill oil by itself, it doesn’t have the necessary brain specific nutrients tied to it, so if you take in an excess, it can be a problem.

Dave:              Jack, we’re coming up on the end of the show. I’d like to ask you a question that I’ve asked to every guest. What are the top three things that you’d recommend people do if they want to perform better? This doesn’t have to be Epi-Paleo or anything else, just from your entire life experience, three most important things to increase human performance and resilience. Lay them out.

Jack:               Number one, drink reverse osmosis water, number two, go to the library and buy Gilbert Ling’s book, buy Andrew Marino’s book and buy everything that Robert O. Becker ever wrote. Read it, because the most important thing for you improving your performance is upgrading the hardware in your brain by putting new software in it.

Dave:              I love it. A double plus vote on that Robert O. Becker. I’ve read all of his stuff about 15 years ago and a lot of my biohacking has been informed by the knowledge that’s in there. Definitely luminary, so thanks for that.

I will include links to all of these books on the ‘Bulletproof’ show notes when we put this out on ‘’. Jack, I’ll also include links to your site. Why don’t you tell people the name of your book, where they can find it on Amazon, etcetera and the name of your blog so I can also include those in the show notes?

Jack:               Yes. My blog site is ‘’. The book is called the ‘Epi-Paleo Prescription’, and you can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and I think just about every site out there. We also sell it on the forum. If you want to come to the forum, you can get it in the ‘Epi-Paleo Store’. If you buy the book and you want me to write something in it, just drop me a line on my forum that I have there and I’d be more than happy to do that for you.

Dave:              Jack, thanks a ton for coming on the show. It’s great to catch up and I look forward to having you back on hopefully sometime when we have a little bit more bandwidth so we can have simultaneous video. That’d be great.

Jack:               All right. Take care, Dave. It was great talking with you.

Dave:              If you have another chance to check out our ‘Upgraded Aging Formula’, it’s worth a look. It’s an amazing molecule you can take that it helps you to mimic the effects of caloric restriction. You’re probably already practicing ‘Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting’. Adding something like ‘Upgraded Aging Formula’ helps your body to get the benefits of reducing calories without actually reducing calories.

On top of that, ‘Upgraded Aging Formula’ helps your brain deal with large levels of glutamate which is something that causes toxicity in the brain. It helps the healthy brain stay healthy. It also has other very positive effects on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and on other aging risk factors. This was the only supplement I’ve ever come across that very clearly impacts four different facets of aging. That’s why I call it ‘Upgraded Aging Formula’, and it’s available on ‘’.