Ronda Collier: Hacking Stress with HRV Sense – #84

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“Everything we can do to reduce stress in our lives will lead to great health.” – Ronda Collier

Stress is the new health epidemic only that it’s not new at all. Stress has influenced humans since we were running away from sabre-toothed tigers and living in caves. That same flight-or-fight response still powers our nervous system today – and many of us are not very good at managing it. But that is certainly changeable with generative feedback technology like the HRV Sense™ app. Ronda Collier from SweetWater Health, joins Bulletproof Radio for a second time to discuss the science of Heart Rate Variability and how monitoring it efficiently allows for peak performance and a healthier life! Learn about why the average person should care about HRV, how broccoli is used to qualify fractals, and why self-awareness is key to self-preservation.

Ronda Collier, B.S.E.E., M.A. Psychology holds more than 25 years of experience in high technology product development with a proven track record of delivering leading edge consumer electronic products within both privately held startups and Fortune 500 corporations. She has spent the last 3 years as an independent scholar researching non-invasive health monitoring techniques to improve overall personal well being. This research led to the founding of SweetWater Health, L.L.C. in 2010.

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:00 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   0:31 – Welcome Ronda Collier from Sweetwater HRV
  •   2:30 – Why to use HRV Sense
  •   3:55 – What is stress?
  •   6:30 – Heart Rave Variability
  •   8:30 – Why should the average person care about HRV?
  • 11:45 – How would a soccer mom apply HRV technology?
  • 15:00 – Isn’t stress unavoidable?
  • 17:00 – Generative feedback
  • 19:00 – Turn off alerts!
  • 21:00 – Using broccoli to qualify fractals
  • 26:00 – HRV compared to HeartMath
  • 29:00 – Dave talks about being on CNN
  • 31:30 – HRV Food Sense app and food sensitivity
  • 36:00 – Self-awareness is key!
  • 38:40 – Where’s the Android version of HRV Sense?!
  • 39:50 – Bulletproof Diet infographic
  • 40:10 – Other data
  • 45:00 – The most stressful restaurants…
  • 47:50 – Top 3 recommendations for people to perform better!


HRV Sense app


Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor

Zero Point Field

Why Stress is Deadly


HeartMath™ Inner Balance Sensor for iOS

Bulletproof® Coffee

Dave’s CNN interview

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By Dave Asprey

  • Mark


  • Andy

    Hi Dave,

    Any idea where I can get one of the thin heart rate patches your guest is wearing, the only thing I can see on line is the zio and that looks like it might be tough to get in vancouver.


    • tchazzard

      I am quite sure the patch Rhonda and Dave had is made by Vital Connect ( My guess is that it is not currently available to the masses.

  • Here’s what I’m curious about with the Food Sense app… I tested myself after eating different foods and got a variety of results, how do we know that the heart rate variability change is from the food as opposed to other factors. Glad to hear the Android app is on the way… Keep up the good work!

  • MT_Dreams

    Finally! Looking forward (as countless others are as well) to a post by Dave sometime in Q1 for the andriod version

    • Jason

      Ok…it’s almost the end of Q1….anyone seen the android version yet?

  • Yoni

    Awesome talk – actually exchanged a few mails with Ronda so I could get clearer on the Lf and Hf aspects of the HRV. Was v helpful.
    Two questions:
    1. With the automatic food sense measurements – how do you make sure it’s not higher bc of other factors – since it measures automatically?
    2. Where can we get those cool HR stickers :)?


    p.s. This is first posting – Dave you’ve got no idea how much better I feel since completely going BP over last 4 months! So grateful!! Happy Holidays man

  • Scott

    Interesting podcast, Dave, OK. Broccoli, Ok, it’s like a fractal, OK, and that all ties back, OK, to quantum physics, OK and that’s the same thing as fight or flight response, OK.

  • aseoconnor

    Where can I get a copy of the Fractal Heart Paper?

  • Hi there! I started tracking HRV this morning… Re. HRV Sense, is this something that works on my desktop/laptop? I would like to track/monitor my HRV mainly during times at my laptop (not on my phone).

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