Abelard Lindsay: Creator of CILTEP® – #82

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From chat rooms to forums, the Internet allows us to communicate anonymously about anything under the sun – the extremely useful and the unfortunately useless. The nootropic stack CILTEP® is one of those “extremely useful” gems from an Internet forum via Longecity.org. The creator of this underground nootropic stack comes on the show for an exclusive talk about CILTEP® and how it works. CILTEP® is  a natural stack designed to improve and maintain brain performance, especially memory, focus, and motivation. On this episode you’ll learn about how it was created and why you should supplement with it for optimal performance.

Abelard Lindsay has been doing software development professionally for 20 years. He is currently in his late 30s and in his second year of earning a masters in computer science.  Abelard started investigating alternative medicine and the brain about 10 years ago and was motivated to apply and go back to graduate school in computer science after he began taking the nootropic stack CILTEP® because, as he says: “…it was so much easier and enjoyable for me to learn new material… CILTEP® made me want to study.”

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What You’ll Hear CILTEP™ Nootropic Stack – 60 ct.

  •   0:00 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   0:32 – Welcome creator of CILTEP® and biohacker Abelard Lindsay
  •   2:40 – Khan Academy
  •   4:00 – Define nootropic
  •   6:00 – Theory behind CILTEP®
  •   8:00 – Viagra for women!?
  • 13:00 – CILTEP® on UpgradedSelf.com!
  • 15:20 – Longecity.com and Racetams
  • 17:00 – CILTEP interactions
  • 19:00 – CILTEP and sleep
  • 21:00 – Hacking CILTEP®
  • 24:50 – CILTEP® Stacks
  • 27:50 – CILTEP® and coffee
  • 31:00 – CILTEP® and modafinil
  • 37:00 – Permission to upgrade your biology
  • 39:00 – Abelard on nutrition
  • 43:00 – Top 3 recommendations for kicking ass and being Bulletproof!



Twitter – @ciltep


CILTEP® White Paper by Abelard Lindsay

CILTEP® on Longecity

Long-term Potentiation

Forskolin-Induced LTP study

Khan Academy

Glial cells in Einstein’s brain

Smart Caffeine™

Schismatrix by Bruce Sterling

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout (NY Times)


CILTEP® Nootropic Stack on Upgraded Self

Choline Force

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Body

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By Dave Asprey

  • Andew McDermot

    Hey Dave, looks like an awesome new product! Definitley going to buy today.
    Quick question though… If I take this right away in the morning with water will it break my fast?

    • Jose Wilches

      Wow, no one answered this question, I’m wondering the same thing.

  • A.Stevenson

    I’m gonna try this out, but hopefully it works better than Alpha Brain.
    I tried that stuff recently and it gave me pretty severe headaches, heart palpitations and jitteriness. Not fun.

    • mike

      Really? I didn’t have the same experience. For me, 1 pill of Alpha Brain was mild and almost unnoticeable, 2 pills I felt focused. Im going to listen to this podcast in 15 minutes !!:)

      • A.Stevenson

        Really. Everybody has a slightly different neurochemistry and mine tends to be super-sensitive to this kind of stuff. Glad (and slightly envious 😉 ) it worked for you though.

      • James

        Alpha Brain seems to do nothing for me 🙁

    • Might have been the huperzineA… it does that to me.

  • Lk

    Hi, is this better or comparable with adderall ? for studying? Because it says 8-14 hours of focus and with adderall i get 7 at most

  • Jamie

    Whatever player this uses repeatedly crashes whenever I pause the show and try to restart. This happens on every bulletproof podcast with this type player. The youtube ones work much better.

  • gdonnellyjr

    is this safe for woman who are breastfeeding. my wife and i are both sllep deprived im ordering some for myself, but want to know if she could take it as well.

    • Marco Solano

      Bio-hacking through breast milk!! Awesome!

  • Sindre

    Looks very promising. One questio though: forskolin increases progresterone synthesis and thats not too awesome for male libido. Any thoughts?

    • Baron Boselli

      Hey Sindre, not too awesome for male libido? in what way? Progesterone actually increases male libido and testosterone… I think that’s pretty friggin awesome =)

  • amanda

    Hi Dave,

    Will definitely be trying this out (esp since ALCAR is on the short list of MANY things I’ve tried that have had any noticeable effect). You also talked a lot about the racetams in this podcast. Piracetam at various doses (+/- choline) had no effect on me whatsoever. Curious if the ani- or phenyl- varieties have a different method of action or are just more “potent”?


    • mikesty

      I tried 3 different kinds of racetams (Piracetam, Aniracetam, something else, oh and Noopept) and nothing seemed to happen (tried Choline, Alpha GPC etc.) – EXCEPT one time I was about to pass out and I took two aniracetam and two of the other one whose name escapes me (it was supposed to be more potent than piracetam) and I had the most vivid dreams I have ever had in my life. They were kind-of lucid dreams.

  • rumurphy

    Dave you mention you are testing out a new sleep monitoring device. You didn’t happen to pick up a prototype of the yet to be released Beddit device?

  • Inconceivablezen

    Anyone who knows the website for modafinil?

    • Luda Drummond


  • Dan Thompson

    Very cool discussion. Thanks so much. Any thoughts on how this would work in conjunction with Ashwagandha?

  • GrzeTor

    The minimum amout of excercise for a human is more like about 30 minutes of movement per day. This is absolutely necessary for proper functioning of your lymphatic system, which is for immunity and toxic waste removal.


    Notice this kind of excercise is not HIIT, but rather fast walking, jumping, dancing etc. It’s also not about moving at your maximum capacity during these 30 munutes, like a classic aerobics, but rather moving at about 40% to half of your limits – this doesn’t generate much stress, has positive effects on the brain and fills in this necessity of moving your lymph.

  • James D Miller

    Dave, where do you get your Aniracetam?

  • conota

    Will you be posting a transcription of the podcast?

  • tanya

    This sounds interesting, but the science is a little under-cooked. Dave, maybe you could pen an article with a more detailed explanation of why you’re getting behind this product. As it stands….there’s a lot of questions yet to be answered.
    Also, I find it odd that you always push Aniracetam when the majority of anecdotal evidence finds it makes them spacey and tired.

  • HowEatBulletProofInCollegDorm?


    I’ve been eating more vegetables and less carbs but I would like to add more healthy fats to my diet. Aside from fish oil pills, where would you look in a college cafeteria to get more healthy fats?

    I can’t start a post on the forum yet but I would like to ask someone about their experiences/advice on this.

    College Cafeteria Food
    1. Should I melt the butter stick slices and eat them in the morning? Not grass fed.
    2. I’m allergic to nuts. Their fish usually is pretty bad.
    3. Currently my only source of healthy fats is fish oil pills but I’d like to add some healthy fat to my dorm meals as well.

  • CJ

    Can we get a link to the extract product for sale Abelard mentioned that made him “do nothing but want to study?”

  • Bill Plucky

    CAN’T GET THE DISCOUNT CODE TO WORK…to bad wanted to try it.

    • tyson

      If you but it from the Natural Stacks site you don’t get the 20% off, but you do get free ground shipping, which almost makes up for it.

      • Bill Plucky

        Your right! Bought it last night. Hope we have a good product here.

  • DigitalJazz

    For Dave or anyone else who may read this: for someone taking a low dose of deprenyl (selegiline, 2.5 mg/day) for dopaminergic, motivation, antiaging purposes – is CILTEP safe to add or do you run the risk of some kind of hypertensive crisis or BP issue. Anyone have some insight on this?

  • marc

    I’d love if some people would post about their experiences with Ciltep. I don’t trust the Longecity crowd the way I do the people here.

    • Michele Eidam

      I started using it a two weeks ago, and have noticed a change in my focus. The change is really subtle. The best description I can provide is that it’s like being in flow. I can hyperfocus, but I’m also very aware of my surroundings and can incorporate stimuli as needed.

  • The Fit Fifties

    Dave: You’re always coming up with interesting topics and guests, and both the CILTEP Stack and Abelard/Justin rank pretty damn high on the interestingness scale. As a matter fact, curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up placing an order for CILTEP shortly after finishing the podcast (thanks for having that intro discount, too, btw).

    I’ll get back to you with a report/review of the Stack, after I’ve placed myself on at least a two week regime of the nootropic.

  • Marco Solano

    Does anyone have a personal experience report for ciltep yet? I understand it’s a new stack on the market, I will be getting my stack, before spring semester begins.

  • mike

    Who wants to report their experiences with Ciltep, please?

    • Mike: I’ll give a super quick report…

      I’m very, VERY impressed with CILTEP.

      So far, I’ve done five days on, and two days off with the nootropic, and I’m really looking forward to getting back on the cycle tomorrow.

      I initially started off my regime with a single capsule, taken first thing in the morning, and –– at first –– didn’t think there was any effect at all. I was waiting for… Something… Not sure what… Just something. But then, by mid-day, I noticed that the chatter in my head –– the constant buzz of thoughts and sounds –– had quieted down a fair amount.


      The next day, I took two CILTEPs, first thing in the morning.

      Really damn interesting.

      Within a few hours, my head’s internal chatter was practically non-existant, and I had an ability to deep dive into tasks –– paperwork, writing, whatever –– and stick with the task for a good two or three hours straight with no need for a break or diversion.

      And I consider that to be a major miracle.

      I continued the two-capsules per day regime for the next three days, and found myself both hyper-focused and hyper-motivated during that period, from mid-morning straight through till late at night.

      But –– and there is a but –– I did find it difficult to go to sleep while doing the two-capsules per day regime. I had a constant desire to just go, go, go… And sleep seemed liked a distraction –– an annoyance.

      I’ve been CILTEP-free these past two days and have slept hard. REALLY hard. I’m also feel incredibly rested. On the other hand, the chatter in my head is back, and my focus and motivation have dropped back down to their typical baseline level.

      So, tomorrow, I’ll start up on my two-capsules per day cycle for the next five days –– cut the chatter in my head, get all focused and motivated –– and use the weekend as a rest period.

      And, if you’d like, I can report back again next week with a follow up.

      • mike

        Cool cool. very interesting findings, thank you for your report. So, sleep felt like an annoyance.. I’ve felt that way with modafinil, the thing is, I’m not yet exactly sure how much sleep will suffice for me to have energy the next day. Modafinil taught me that I CAN feel awake on 4 hours of sleep, even off Modafinil, if only I keep my focus on my actions rather than on my thoughts.

        – I also think this might interest you, it’s regarding the chatter in your head. Try and learn why the chatter stops while using CILTEP, and i believe you can learn how to make it stop without using CILETP. My theory is that we may develop routines that we, at the time, think to be OK, when it in fact goes against what our body understands. If we can, perform tasks at a slower pace, monitoring our movements taking notice of when and why we sway or twitch, (I bet on CILTEP your body is relaxed an steady) we can eliminate the chatter. I learned this from Tai Chi.

        So, there should be CILTEP coming to my home this Thursday, i’ll start with taking one, and experiment with 2 as well. I enjoyed reading your post and would like to hear more from you, The Fit Fifties.

        • Mike (and Greg and others):

          So, I’ve tweaked my CILTEP regime just a bit, and I’m super impressed with the results I’m getting. Here’s a quick report…

          For most of last week, I was taking two CILTEP capsules each morning –– a dosage that gave me energy and motivation, but perhaps too much energy and too much motivation. As I’d mentioned in a previous comment, sleep was hard to come by, and felt like a bit of an annoyance. I mean, c’mon… There were things to do, and tasks to get accomplished…. Why go to bed?

          Well, it’s hard to have a family life when you don’t feel like sleeping and want nothing more than to get tasks accomplished. Spouses and children aren’t too understanding, nor do they want to get on the minimal sleep, hyper-motivated band-wagon.

          Hmmm… What to do?

          Now, as I’d also mentioned last week, taking one single CILTEP had some effects, but nothing spectacular –– the most noticeable effect being a reduction in “brain chatter.”

          But then I wondered: what if I combined CILTEP with another nootropic?

          Sooooooo… This week, I’ve been taking a single CILTEP in the morning, along with approximately 1.5 grams of piracetam at the same time.

          Perfect… Absolutely perfect!

          I have energy and motivation throughout the day, a very nice reduction in brain chatter AND –– and this is really important –– the ability to go to sleep at a decent hour. The CILTEP and the piracetam seem to work syngergistically with each other, providing clarity and motivation, without too strong or too long of an extended effect. Interestingly (to me at least), piracetam on its own has never done a damn thing. But in combination with CILTEP, it’s as if one of the compounds is acting as a catalyst for the other.

          Everybody’s body is different, and the dosage that works for me might not work for anyone else, but –– again –– I’ve had great results using a single capsule dose of CILTEP in combination with about 1.5 grams of piracetam. I would highly recommend this as a baseline for experimentation.

        • greg

          Sounds fantastic.
          Any other side effects?
          And have you tried it with the Smart Caffeine they sell? (Caffeine and Theanine?)

        • Greg: There are two side effects worth noting: one positive; one negative.

          One the positive side, I think –– and this is totally subjective –– but I think my visual memory is improved slightly by CILTEP. It seems to me that I’m better able to recall text and images I’ve seen on the web or printed page. Again, if this is an effect that’s actually taking place, the improvement is subtle/minor, but something that I’ve made mental note of a few times.

          On the negative side, my CILTEP regime does seem to cause a slight amount of tightness in my upper jaw muscles. Not to the point of being painful in any way… But enough to be noticeable, especially towards the end of the day.

        • FiRo JaiShan

          Fit: I have never tried any ‘racetam’ varieties of nootropics. However I have dabbled with Alpha Brain, which worked for the most part. With that said, I want to try either CILTEP, piracetam, or both, as you have suggested. I was wondering how I could get some piracetam? I notice that peaknootropics.com sold the stuff in bulk. Is this how you are supplementing? Or do you know of a company that sells it in capsule form? Should just experiment with CILTEP first? Thanks.

        • FiRo: I haven’t tried Alpha Brain (yet), though it does interest me, and it would be kinda’ fun to conduct a “compare and contrast” study of Alpha Brain vs. CILTEP.

          The racetam family of nootropics? Very, very easy to find on the web… And piracetam itself is dirt cheap.

          Myself, I went with New Star Nootropics for my piracetam, and I went with New Star due to many positive reviews over on Reddit. Ordering was simple –– really simple –– and the package was at my doorstep within three days. Oh! And the piracetam was/is in powder form.

          Regarding experimentation, you could go with either the piracetam first or the CILTEP. Initially, I played around with piracetam first, because I’d been hearing about it via Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, etc… Interestingly –– and I’d mentioned this before –– piracetam on its own has minimal (if any) effect on me, but seems to act in synergy/catalytically with CILTEP quite well.

          Everybody’s body is different, and so dosages and reactions will vary, based upon age, weight, internal chemistry, etc… I’m a fifty year old guy who’s also mighty lean, so my optimal dosage is different from someone in their twenties or thirties, or overweight.

          Taking just CILTEP on its own, I found one capsule to be too little, and two capsules to be too much –– my wife didn’t appreciate the sleep deprived, hyper-active, two-capsule version of me. The absolute perfect dosage that works for me –– and, again, your mileage may vary –– is one capsule of CILTEP, and approximately 1.5 grams of piracetam powder, taken first thing in the morning.

          Lastly, in an earlier comment I’d mentioned a slight amount of jaw tightness when taking the CILTEP/piracetam combo. I’ve since learned (via the magic of Google) that jaw tightness is a common side-effect of piracetam, but can be alleviated by taking magnesium supplements. I’ll be headed out later on this morning to pick up some magnesium citrate powder at my local drug store.

        • greg

          Awesome. I love when people give honest accounts of their experiences with Nootropics. Thanks.

        • mike

          Dr. Dave Agus is a bullshit artist isn’t he?

        • As a followup to this long thread, I’d like to do a bit of shameless self-promotion and point you all towards a post I’ve just written about CILTEP, over on my “Fit Fifties” blogsite.

          I titled the post, “Brain Hacking With CILTEP: Say ‘YES!’ To Smart Drugs,” and would like to think it’s a halfway decent read.

          You’ll find the post here:


          Future posts on the site will talk about other nootropics (specifically, the racetams), and how they work in synergy with CILTEP.

        • Ryan

          Thanks for all the awesome content you put up in the comment section, your self-promotion is justified!

        • I’m just noticing this too – a bit of painfulness in upper jaw, never had it before…

        • Derek: Try taking a magnesium supplement just before going to bed, and then amping up your choline intake during the day –– either with a supplement, or just by eating a bunch of eggs. The jaw pain shouldn’t be a problem after that.

        • looking up

          That tightness in the jaw is probably due to Piracetam — are you using a choline supplement? Choline bitartrate, Alpha GPC, Citicholine? Add some of that in and your jaw tightness should go away. You may also get an additional neural “kick”.

        • @Looking: The tightness in the jaw comes along when I take both Piracetam and CILTEP together, though a magnesium supplement does take care of that problem quite nicely. I have tried doing Choline supplementation, and it does seem to have a minor (positive) effect on jaw tightness, though magnesium is still much more effective.

      • greg

        Appreciate the update. Please keep it coming. I’m on the fence on this one after being pretty dissatisfied with most Nootropics (I would put virtually all of them well below a good cup of coffee or, better yet, meditation or a good night’s sleep).
        That said, this sounds promising.

  • Crystal

    Hi Dave. Awesome podcast! I found your BPRadio a few days ago and have listened to your lasted 6 podcasts at least twice already. Im looking forward to the rest.
    Anyway, I do take modafanil because I need to. I have stress induced fatigue that will have me napping 2x/day (under my desk, in my car, in bathroom stall at work) if I dont take it. It’s not the typical sleepiness, but the feeling of an achey body, blurred vision, up for days with that aweful sensation that I need be horizontal and rack out NOW. And this comes on about 2 hours after a full night’s rest :-/ Its really quite annoying and I’ve missed out on a lot of the past couple years bc of it. I’ve even had to pull over and nap it out more than a few times.
    So if you are BP and probably not taking it for fatigue, why do you take the modafinil? and what advantage to do you see in stacking it w/ CILTEP. You mention it, but not really. I was surprised and eager to hear what you both had to say about it.
    Perhaps I just need to get over it, but I dont like the idea of takng pills just to stay awake.
    I got my CILTEP this evenning and am looking forward to tomorrow morning! (I wake around 04,/4:40 workout 30min and get to work around 730. Bedtime is 830/9 pm) the idea of 5 hours sleep intrigues me. Oh yeah, modafinil is amazing! Being fully awake and not constantly struggling to stay awake is an amzing feeling. (200mg AM/100mg afternoon)
    On another note, I’m a nobody but I’m super impressed with your podcast content, enough to listen more than twice. Even being a 34yo single chick , no kids, 16.x years in my career, the issues youve brought up of children and age, career stuff, stress management, having a better brain, becoming BP, and ridding myself of this horrible fatigue… I just find that your podcasts/site rock. Thank you. Pardon any typos 🙂

  • Chris

    I’m just getting mine tomorrow. I’m not sure how I will track down changes in my mind and in my body.

  • Luda Drummond

    I couldn’t understand the site that I was reopened after being shut down by the government that sells the substances we are looking for (Some illegal). ‘Something’ 2.0. Could anybody understand it and know their website, please? Thank you!

  • christopher.G

    Could someone explain to me why nicotine and Ciltep can not mix? Your input would be greatly appreciated :).

  • Océane Holbrook

    Is that possible that I’m too sensitive to this product? I started with
    one pill for the first two days… I experienced like it was burning in my frontal
    brain then I had headache, I was so tired by nine pm that it was riciculus… I felt irritable and no more power… I stopped. After 2 days my brain was back to normal… But I really wanted to work, any suggestions?

  • johannanilsson

    Ciltep is a great nootropic stack. And it´s not going to burn you out rather it´s going build up energy.

    What is not focused on in this presentation is it´s effects on general detoxification which is a great benifit. In TCM we would say that it reduces dampness(toxicity and extra weight.)

  • Alsky

    Dave mentions a website for purchasing modafinil which was taken down, but then recently up again. I missed the name of the site.

    • Alsky

      Silk Road 2.0. Never mind. Answered my own question!

  • CILTEP is a game changer. In my 3 years of using nootropics, nothing has worked so quickly and effectively as this little stack. I’ve written about my experience here (http://corpina.org/a-week-using-the-ciltep-stack-review/) and here (http://corpina.org/ciltep-stack-realizing-potential/). If you’re an “advanced” brain hacker, see this resource for some amazing nootropic stack combinations that have an added effect (http://corpina.org/initial-observations-my-experiences-ciltep-reviews-nootropic/).

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  • Nick

    Dave, I would appreciate if you don’t cut off your guests to “beat them to the punch” on already knowing what they’re trying to say. There are many times in this podcast where he was trying to say something and you interjected with your knowledge and sometimes he would even giggle because of it. Let him talk, we know what you take as you tell us every chance you can. We appreciate your knowledge but these are one time guests that specialize in their fields, would appreciate more from them and less from you. Don’t mean any offense by this, just how i feel every podcast with a good guest.

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