Kerri Rivera: Curing Autism? – #78

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Ocean water, full moons, and vortexes: oh my! These are a few of the things you’ll hear about on this episode of Bulletproof Radio. Is autism curable? Most experts would agree: it’s not. Though Kerri Rivera thinks otherwise and comes on the show to discuss her Chlorine Dioxide protocol and why she believes it has the power to heal the symptoms known as autism. It’s a controversial method to say the least, but according to Kerri, 110 children have been cured using her CD Autism protocol. Please listen and enjoy!

Director and Founder of Autismo2 – Hyperbaric Clinic, first and only Biomed-based Autism Clinic in Latin America, Kerri Rivera is the mother of two sons; 11-year old Patrick is in recovery from ASD. Responsible for translating the ARI’s Biomedical Protocol to Spanish, she is a part of “Curando el Autismo” and “Fundacion Venciendo el Autismo” (Puerto Rico and Venezuela); Mexican liaison for AutismOne and ARI, Rescue Angel, bilingual mentor for TACA, and member of the Global Autism Alliance.

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:00 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   0:36 – Welcome Kerri Rivera
  •   1:30 – Isn’t autism incurable?
  •   4:30 – Starting with diet
  •   7:00 – Chlorine Dioxide protocol
  •   8:30 – Autism and auto-immunity
  • 12:00 – How to use MMS
  • 16:00 – How does CD reverse autism
  • 18:30 – Oxidative therapies
  • 20:00 – Controversial claims
  • 25:00 – Drinking ocean water?
  • 27:00 – Full moon/New moon
  • 29:30 – Quantifying parasites
  • 32:00 – Dr. Andreas Kalcker
  • 33:40 – Genesis II
  • 36:30 – Should everyone deworm?
  • 40:00 – Mercury
  • 45:00 – Top three recommendations for kicking ass and being Bulletproof!


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Parasites: Could The Be Making You Sick (Dr. Oz)

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By Dave Asprey

  • Jeff Sha Robes

    Any suggestions for sources to purchase CD and ocean water? Is ocean water much different than Himalayan salt and water? Is it a proportion thing?

    • Go Quietly

      do a google search for chlorine dioxide MMS supplier; also ‘rene quinton seawater’. the seawater is a lot more expensive than Himalayan salt, but you would only use a small amount at a time and would still continue your use of the Himalayan salt. There is a Humble_MMS yahoo group that is helpful with this. changes may have been made in making it so the taste is a bit better than it was years ago.

      • stacy

        Is the an alternative to ocean water, like himalayan salt water, concentrace drops, iv mineral therapy?

    • GTR

      One of the companies Dave mentioned without giving a name was Ocean Grown or Ocean Solution – they do an ocean-mineral based fertilizer. So you can have your own alfalfa, cardamine, or whatever sprouts in your home on it and get the minerals you desire, without drinking too much salt. Their site mentions the fertilizer contains all ocean elements including nice ones like Plutonium or Uranium 🙂

      Unfortunately the fertilizer is expansive.

  • betsy

    I tried MMS/chlorine dioxide a few years ago. The community and forums are really nice and very helpful. I didn’t notice much of a change in my health issues (auto immune) and the chlorine dioxide kinda freaked me out when I was taking it mostly due to the taste. I don’t have autism and I do believe it works really well for some folks and maybe not for others. However, after hearing this I might experiment with it again to see if I notice anything different this time .

    • Abe Blue

      You mean you didn’t die or bleach out your innards?

    • Shanni

      Betsy, Kerri’s CD protocol is not the MMS protocol of a few years ago. The amount of cd consumed is low and dilute. My son and I tolerate it easily, (even the taste). One bit of advice is to do the entire protocol as indicated by Kerri Rivera, which will provide a much better gauge of whether it will work for your autoimmune condition. Best wishes.

  • Ghost

    She’s a homeopath? Sorry but everything about this screams quackery

    • Abe Blue

      Screams quackery? Well to me the wind cries mary.

    • Stanislaus

      Haha.your names apropiate,sent when you get cancer you will die w that idiot belief. she is getting MEDICAL results.

    • Hamilto Bergeran


  • Si-boss

    Speaking of mercury, a good guest would be Chris Shade of Quicksilver scientific, he specialises in mercury detox and comes accross as legit.

    • Kelly

      “Comes across as legit” says it all. He’s very new to mercury detox, and pushes his own products that have undergone no testing. I’d go with someone more experienced, like Andrew Cutler PhD.

  • Sean

    Bought it. Over the last year, I’ve learned the HARD WAY that filtering my drinking water can be dangerous. Bacteria like to grow in water filters, and that bacteria likes to destroy my gut lining… Now I’m using KDF, UV, Ceramic, and NOT plain carbon filters that harvest bacteria… also I’m trying hydrogen peroxide… So I’m gonna try this chlorine dioxide stuff too:

    …I didn’t buy the “stabilized” bottle of “Chlorine Dioxide Solution”… don’t know what sort of preservative it’s using to “stabilize” the stuff.

    • GTR

      My tap water is below the government limits in all contamintants… except chlorine, which is above the allowed norms. So in my case adding even more chlorine do the system is not a wise move. Carbon water filters are good at removing chlorine, they can also remove trihalomethanes (THMs) that are a gunk of organic stuff that reacted with chlorine, and are carcinogenic.

      Bacteria in carbon water filters shouldn’t be a problem, as you can always boil the water before drinking it, thus killing the bacteria. You can also replace filters more frequently than the manufacturer advises.

      Carbon water filters have do have a bad side – they filter out good minerals like magnesium or calcium out of water. So their best case usage is for coffee espresso machine where these minerals cause blockage of pipes. For other uses, like making an herbal tea, you are better off with mineral water from the store – but verify that it doesn’t have too much fluoride before buying; or a water from the spring.

      • Don_C

        One interesting thing about chlorine dioxide is that it does not create carcinogenic compounds like chlorine does. This is why it is used to treat municipal drinking water in many cities and is recommended by government agencies for this purpose. It doesn’t create chlorine-based compounds as it breaks down and eventually becomes NaCl (same as table salt). However, if exposed to sunlight ClO2 does dissociate into chlorine and oxygen, so it must be used in dark conditions for water treatment.

  • bulletproof guinea pig

    The quality of your guests seem to decline somewhat, maybe you should try to release better podcasts on a less frequents basis. I have only have so much time to listen to podcasts, and I only know afterwards whether I wastd my tme or not.

    • betsy

      Your time isn’t our priority…. it’s yours. Meaning if you think a podcast is not worth your time be a big boy and and use your finger to hit the delete button and stop listening.

      I like podcasts as often as possible and I am open to all info. I have been exposed to these protocols years prior so it isn’t that unbelievable to me but at first I was skeptical.

      • James D Miller

        The fact that the human body is mysterious to us in no way provides evidence for the possibility that mysterious sounding techniques involving full moons and vortexes are likely to work.

        • Nikolai

          …nor it disproves their feasibility

        • Ron

          I would suspect she was referring to a water purification process (vortex) and most people know the moon effects gravitational pull on the earth. If that glowing ball in the sky can move a damn ocean what makes you think it can effect a something inside of you? My brother is autistic and you can bet your behind I will be doing some surious research into this.

        • James D Miller

          The science of gravity is extremely well understood, and this understanding precludes the moon from having mystical powers that can help cure autism. Please look into neurofeedback and a paleo diet for your brother long before you investigate this kind of thing. If you do conduct serious research please start by looking into the long and sad history of medical quackery and the very real harm it has done to sick people. (Dave is certainly not a quack and I don’t know enough about the woman on this podcast to make a definitive judgement about her.)

        • xavier

          You are a serious dangerous idiot.I personally eradicated cancer in 4 people with chlorine dioxide. #1advanced acute leukemia in 88 year old lady.
          Stage 4
          #2colon cancer w diverticuli stage 3,100% remission in 4 months all conditions.
          #3 acute advanced stage 4 prostate cancer w 2 months to live,skeletal weight loss,10 months 100% remission.
          #4 double mastectomy and chemo for stage 2 breast cancer,one year later cancer returned, stage 2/3,chlorine dioxide and hypochlorous acid,and clorella and whole leaf aloe vera powder in a capsule ( Russian system aloe vera drying) ALL DONE SEPERATLY = 100% remission in 2
          months. The science is real and valid.the cats out of the bag,and you are redundant and will be forgotten.people want to live.

        • Hamilto Bergeran

          That is insane, and not true.

        • timras

          Your answer shows how ignorant and brainwashed you. Are.gravity is not understood at all.those are theory and hypothisii,never proven.the most accurate is Teslas dynamic theory of gravity,which is are so dumbef down you IGNORED the fact that 150 children are no longer autistic.MEDICALLY VERIFIED.
          WE know why….

        • rather

          They work.
          You don’t.
          BTW isn’t your time special?

        • Prudence Dagg

          The only connection to the full moon that I am aware of is parasites syncing their activity with the lunar cycle. You don’t have to believe that to use the protocol. Some people see dramatically increased issues related to the moon; others may not.

  • Melissa J L

    Our son is one child who has regained his health using Kerri’s protocol to treat what we think was likely parasitical vaccinosis.
    Eddie developed regressive autism at age 2 1/2. He lost his speech, eye contact, emerging social and motor skills…toileting skills even.
    He’s seven and he just started talking again in July, four months into CD treatment and right after his first big parasite purge!!
    Eddie’s out of pull-ups, speaking in sentences, sleeping through the night and his teachers plan to integrate him into a mainstream class after Christmas.
    We are rapt. We’re just two of many parents we know (in real life and online) who give thanks for Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalcker every day for the improved or recovered health we’ve witnessed in our children this year.
    Nick and Melissa.

  • Guest

    It was interesting to hear from someone with such a radical view but I
    agree with Ghost, she does scream quackery. Your last few podcasts have
    been so good, this one came out of left field. But thanks for showing
    me an interesting viewpoint, Dave, even if I don’t believe some of it.

  • Sassy Millar

    What causes autism is really a mystery. I really think the reasons lie around in the child’s own house. Read this:

  • A couple of questions:

    1) Kerri’s website alludes everywhere to the protocol, but I cannot find the actual protocol anywhere

    2) Her website says “ClO2 is a gas that is produced as a result of combining 2 liquids, Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) and citric acid.” Where can we find CIO2 and where can we find CIO2 that is not made using fermented corn?

    • Don_C

      Many now use hydrochloric acid (HCl) instead of citric acid to get chlorine dioxide out of sodium chlorite. Then no need to be concerned about fermented corn. Kerri Rivera’s book with her protocol came out this May and the 2nd Edition is due out this month (Dec. 2013). Many, including my 17-year-old step-son are recovering from autism this way, based on the validity of the ATEC as a means of evaluating treatment efficacy. The oldest I have read about who is recovering through Kerri’s protocols is a man aged 32 in Hungary. At last count, there were 111 autistic people whose ATEC scores have recovered to 10 or below using her protocols in the last 3 years.

    • Amii

      Kerri’s book has the whole protocol. You can ClO2 at

  • bjjcaveman

    Did you guys ever discuss what that ‘vortex’ thinga ma jig was after talking about the ‘full moon’?

  • Kelly

    Oh.My.God. As ‘out there’ as her talk was (and damn, she likes to talk), when she mentioned Dr. Klinghardt, any legitimacy she had went right out the window. If you think Ms. Rivera is out there, schedule an appointment with Klinghardt. You’ll get his specialized “ART testing”, along with a wheelbarrow full of his overpriced supplements, along with his recommendation of “ballroom dancing” to treat Lyme…

    • Lynlea

      Spreading nastiness AGAIN Danny? Maybe take a long, careful look at yourself.

      • Bex


      • Kelly

        Who’s “Danny”? And who’s spreading “nastiness”? All I’m doing is telling the truth about my experience and stating facts from his website. I’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.

        Shame on you.

        • Lynlea

          Read your original comment again. Go on. Nasty much?
          Just my two cents.

          Kerri Rivera’s legitimacy goes “out the window” because she talks a lot (LOL), and she appreciates Dr Klinghardt’s view.
          Did she mention ART? No. Did she endorse it? No.
          Does she recommend wheelbarrows of expensive supplements? No!
          Is she helping autistic kids? Yes!

          Actually, shame on YOU “Kelly” (wink nudge), for bringing your bitter, twisted view to try and discredit good work by a good person.
          I’m sorry for your bad experience and that you didn’t see fit to terminate the relationship before 2 1/2 years, but seriously don’t you think that might just mean you’re not the best “go to guy” for advice on who’s a great practitioner.

          Legitimacy out the window. Yes, yours.

        • Kelly

          Perhaps she didn’t mention ART specifically or “endorse” it, but it was my impression “LynLea” (wink, nudge), that if she knew of him, she is probably familiar with his work, at the very least when it comes to heavy metals and detoxification.

          Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “any legitimacy” and instead used “some of her legitimacy” went out the window. I’m not outright dismissing her protocol and certainly not the patients she may have helped, I’m dismissing the testing methods and what I assumed was her endorsement of Klinghardt, who, according to Andy Cutler, has used very damaging protocols in the past to remove mercury. I’m guessing those protocols were tested on each patient using ART, but maybe not…I wasn’t there.

          FYI: Here’s a link to Cutler’s quote:

          And again, I’m not sure where you’re coming from with this “bitter, twisted” stuff. It’s your posts that come off as very angry and bitter. I’m sorry I didn’t have the 20/20 hindsight or foresight that you expect seriously ill people to have, so that you feel the need to chide them for something they can’t do anything about now. Calling a severely disabled person “twisted” or “bitter” is not exactly kind or compassionate.

          Perhaps a little self-reflection might be a good idea.

        • Kelly

          Interesting too how you’re going after me and my comments, but none of the other negative comments below. Hmmm…

        • Shanni

          I believe Kerri Rivera mentioned Dr.Klinghardt because he is addressing patients’ parasite load. I don’t recall her endorsement of his entire practice or testing methods.

        • Lynlea

          Danny has an axe to grind. Or maybe his parasites do ??????

        • Kelly

          In fact, he doesn’t use any of her protocol as well, at least according to Pam, one of the MMS “ministers”.

        • Shanni

          Having been on Kerri Rivera’s chlorine dioxide protocol, (not to be confused with any other MMS protocol), for the past 4 months, I definitely sleep better, have no more difficulties with yeast infections, have more energy, and am regularly passing parasites. My son, however, who is diagnosed with moderate autism, has been passing many, many more parasites than I have. Furthermore, he is sleeping well, waking up refreshed, saying many novel words, is less aggressive, and more socially interested. This after years of very little progress. Really, arguing about this protocol, (bleach, etc.) when you have little or no knowledge of it holds little weight. Chlorine dioxide is used as an oxidizer to battle, pathogens such as bacteria, yeast, parasites and viruses. Try it! Or, would you rather dismiss it without really understanding its use?

        • Kelly

          I just might do that Shanni. Thanks for your kind reply. Nice to hear from someone who can reply with kindness rather than snarky spitefulness…

          I appreciate it.

        • Lynlea

          Expecting kind replies when your first post regarding this podcast was:
          “Oh.My.God. As ‘out there’ as her talk was (and damn, she likes to talk), when she mentioned Dr. Klinghardt, any legitimacy she had went right out the window. If you think Ms. Rivera is out there, schedule an appointment with Klinghardt. You’ll get his specialized “ART testing”, along with a wheelbarrow full of his overpriced supplements, along with his recommendation of “ballroom dancing” to treat Lyme…”

          You’ve got some nerve!

        • Kelly

          And with all due respect, you’ve got a lot of anger “LynLea”. At least I’m trying to change my perspective and outlook, and have explained my position in subsequent posts.

        • LisetteM

          Please ignore all references to ballroom dancing.
          I’m sure this must be teaming with them.

        • corleone

          Art works how stupid are you people.u can’t deny successful results and klinghart hold the top spot for cures.these trolls aren’t very good.ignore them,their evil will rot them from the inside because they want to hurt children and this will sicken them eventually killing them e cancer and tell be gone.
          Its karma.

        • Guest

          O-kay. I’m curious.
          ….You mentioned you’re just telling the truth about YOUR experience back there. Break it down for me. So you scheduled an appointment with Dr. Klinghardt? He gave you his specialized ART testing and a lot (a very great lot) of ‘overpriced’ supplements. And he also recommended ballroom dancing for your Lyme disease?
          Just needing clarification on a few points here. I was considering a consult and it’s a wonderful bonus to stumble across an actual patient, even if you don’t sound terribly happy. It helps add to a balanced decision making process. Thank you !!!

        • corleone

          U r a P.O.S
          Shame on you

        • MM

          Nice two star review you gave Ms Rivera’s book there Danny.

    • Kenny

      Sorry, just stumbled by and saw your comment. I’m in the greater Seattle area, and saw one of his close associates who used to have her practice in Bellevue, but is now located in Edmonds.
      PS Have you considered taking up ballroom dancing? You might get really good at it – good enough to use it to fundraise for a worthy cause !!!

      • Kelly

        If I weren’t so disabled, due in large part to the fake ‘testing’ they do (and yes, I saw the same doctor you did, for about 2 1/2 years), I might be able to dance. Derksen is all charm, but thanks to her association with Klinghardt, misguided, to put it lightly. After my first appointment I was able to walk about 2 miles a day. 2 1/2 years later I could hardly walk 3 blocks.

        • Kelly

          In hindsight, I was desperate, but gullible and too trusting. I hope others might see this and not make the mistake I did.

        • Kenny

          Sorry to hear about the disability “due in large part to fake testing”. I can understand why you don’t like Dr Klinghardt, his associates or people who endorse his work or products, and why you work so aggressively to educate.

          That really is a bad outcome, only being able to walk 3 blocks. 🙁
          I do hope you’re not holding onto any anger or regrets.

        • Kelly

          Thanks Kenny. I’m working as hard as I can on letting it go, and not letting comments like “LynLea’s” get to me. Anger gets in the way of healing, and I need to heal.

          And BTW, I like Dr. Derksen. She’s very nice, and compassionate. I just think that she was misguided using K’s testing methods. The things missed by that ‘testing’ were very numerous (compared to later blood tests). I have since heard that she changed some of her tests and thus, recommendations, after other patients had negative reactions. I went to her on the recommendation of a friend who had recovered and recommended her highly, so maybe that’s why I kept seeing her for longer than I should have.

          I wish her and her patients well.

    • gwynthfair

      Really? Ballroom dancing is not his recommended cure for Lyme disease. Exercise and physical activity, including ballroom dancing, tai chi, etc. are recommended AS A SMALL PART OF his protocol. Who could argue with that? Your comment was very misleading.

      • Kelly

        Where did I say it was a ‘cure’ for lyme? Your misinterpretation of my comment was very misleading.

        For those who want to check out his recommendations, here’s a link:

        Everyone’s free to make their own choices. Best of luck on your path… 🙂

    • NitaN

      This exact post was copied into a forum for discussion about attitudes that hinder progress.
      I’m curious as to what must be so wrong in your own life that you choose to bash someone who is putting herself out there with information she believes may be helping people.

      Should people stay quiet instead?

      • Kelly

        Hi Nita,

        Did you not read the follow-up posts? I realized that I was too harsh towards Ms. Rivera, and posted that above, while explaining my bad experience — becoming severely disabled (that’s the “wrong” part) — which I believe was a result of the “ART Testing” that Dr. Klinghardt developed and my (then) doctor utilized for all her diagnoses. I trusted this testing method, perhaps naively so, but I was desperate, and of course hindsight is always 20/20.

        I’m all for ‘progress’, but I also wanted to caution patients that may want to hear another side of the story. Obviously some people here don’t, and I perhaps worded my initial post awkwardly or unfairly, but I guess I could ask the same question that you did — Should people indeed stay quiet instead?

        Anyway, I hope I’ve cleared things up. Take care. I’m moving on.

        • FroJo

          “But hindsight is always 20/20” google THAT and “prohealth”.
          You might find a cure.

        • Kelly

          From “Didoe”? 🙂

    • bandini

      Hahaha.your a bad troll.
      Your fired!
      Klinghardts reputation is stellar even amongst world’s greatest scientists such as Lida mattman,Nobel prize winner.
      Crawl back in your hole troll as you suck as a troll.

  • John Schumacher

    Thank you for going out there on the spectrum! So many people need to hear there is hope. I’m going to share this with everyone.

  • Justin

    Awesome podcast Dave. To all you shitty people, you can’t argue with
    results. If you want to complain about Dave or his guests and the FREE

    amazing info. Just leave.

    • Lynlea

      Agree results speak!
      As for shitty people, well you really do have to wonder if they are seeking recovery….or something else.

      • tim

        The black awakening
        Look it up
        They love death

  • GTR

    A homeopath – what a shame 🙁 I understand Dave didn’t know about it until the show was on. Still I suggest, that as a balancing act, and in order not to become associated with the woo side of things Dave should ask a pro-science person for one of his next podcast. My suggestion could be a pro-vaccine person, eg: Abbie Smith from ERV blog:

    • Hambal

      Good grief! Not that trumped up potty-mouth grad student. If people want to hear the orthodox side of things they can get it from their gp. People tune into Dave’s podcast for new and innovative stuff, not the same old orthodox medical garbage. Kerri’s podcast was great! More of the same please Dave.

  • James D Miller

    I wish you asked about her failure rate. How many autistic children who have come to her has she not helped? And what percentage of healthy children have those things in their poop?

    I know a lot about autism. You should consider removing her podcast from your server.

    • Amii

      I don’t know of any child that has not been helped by this protocol. My child is one of the now 112 children that have been cured. Almost everyone in the world has parasites of one kind or another. Many parasites are microscopic so you won’t see them coming out in a child’s poop.

      • James D Miller

        I’m happy that your child has gotten better, but how can you be sure that it was the protocol that helped? Lots of autistic children see significant improvements as they grow up. Correlation doesn’t imply causation.

        One of the reasons I wish Dave asked her about her failure rate was because if she gave an answer of zero we could be almost certain that she shouldn’t be taken seriously.

        • Don_C

          One good way to know what is causing rapid recovery from autism is the sudden change after introducing Kerri’s protocol. As an example, my step-sons ATEC score improved from an 84 to a 53 in the six years prior to beginning to use chlorine dioxide and ocean water (31 point improvement). As you said, lots see improvements as they grow up.

          Using chlorine dioxide and ocean water his score improved from 53 to 19 after three months (34 points) and then to an ATEC score of 12 after 6 months (41 point ATEC improvement in 6 months). He is 17 years old. Most of the parents having success recovering autism this way have tried many other things and say nothing has worked as well, nor as quickly, nor as inexpensively as what Kerri Rivera teaches.

          I had never heard of any of this before May, 2013, so to see such a dramatic and documented improvement in autism symptoms in 6 months, at age 17, cannot be explained by growing up. There is even a 32 year old man in Hungary who is recovering, so there is no age barrier to success here.

          My step-son is just one of thousands all over the world who are seeing dramatic improvements in autism symptoms following Kerri’s protocols. Considering that Kerri only first tried this herself around 3 years ago, the success rate is amazing.

          I also do not know what the failure rate is, but since she has found a common cause for many autism symptoms that is treatable (parasites and microbes) and also has a way to deal with the cause and not just the symptoms, it is resulting in a lot of success for a lot of families.

          Just one more point: Dramatic symptom improvement for many at any age, even if it has not yet resulted in full recovery for all, is still an indication of success.

        • James D Miller

          “so to see such a dramatic and documented improvement in autism symptoms in 6 months, at age 17, cannot be explained by growing up.”

          Six months is a long time and there is such a huge variance in autistic brains that this by itself doesn’t constitute strong evidence that the protocol works. Still, I’m happy for you.

          The vast majority of the living things in the human body are parasites and microbes (as opposed to cells that have human DNA) and blaming them in general for autism is strange. And if it’s true why is autism so common among young mathematical prodigies?

        • Daniel Gabriel

          I suggest you try the protocol according to Kerri’s recommendations and document it extensively. That way once and for all you can disprove the protocol. Otherwise it seems a bit silly for you, with no evidence, to disprove (or bring into question) Kerri’s protocol, when she shows immense evidence proving the veracity of the system.

        • James D Miller

          What is her failure rate? If she hasn’t provided it (and for all I know she has) then she hasn’t provided “immense evidence”.

          You are suggesting I preform a sample size=1 experiment which can’t, by itself, prove or disprove a medical protocol regardless of how well documented.

        • morilli

          Your a pharma troll.
          Since you did not answer her.
          Go home troll,your hurting our children and that will not be tolerated

        • Bishop Hammy

          I know of Kerri and have met her in person, I have helped several families with autistic. The BS you call failure is Zero because in every case the child improved. Total success is based on professional ATEC testing so if a child started out at 156 and progressed to 132 this is not a failure and it sure as hell is not fully recovered but any improvement to these parents is a blessing. I have 7 families of which 3 reported significant improvements ( not recoveries) in weeks. Now if they had used all her protocols who knows what the results would have been. One of my cases was a child that had not spoken a word in his first 5 years but started to recite an evening prayer in his first week. Collect your pay from the big pharma and ask for forgiveness from what ever it is you truly believe in even if it the love of money.

        • Naji Wench

          I’m sorry, but my children are not guinea pigs to test out toxic chemicals on just to disprove some charlatan’s claims.

          How many of these “parasites” have been tested and shown to be non-human dna?

        • Daniel Gabriel

          It’s not toxic.

        • erin

          Oh brother. I have been on the facebook group for 8 months now, and this protocol is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I have seen a mom report their 9 year old 100÷ nonverbal son say “mom” for the first time a week after starting the drops. And many many other stories like this. I check people’s profiles all the time. These are different people from each other, and there are so many of them. Anyone who assumes this “bleach” scare is legit without spending a week at least on the facebook group is doing their child a disservice. It won’t poison your kid to hang out on facebook. Check it out. I don’t care how much you know about autism, if you have a closed mind, you can never really know if what you “know” is correct or not. You always assume you are right. Just consider the possibility. Consider it. How many things have humans been positive about onky to find out they were incredibly wrong?

        • carlotto gambino

          Something is wrong with you Dave.
          Either you r a paid pharma troll or your so dumb you think manual labor is the president of mexico.
          I vote for both!

        • Prudence Dagg

          6 months is a long time? Not in the context of a lifetime of suffering, buddy, not by a long shot.

          I think it’s the typical pro-medical, pro-Western-medicine perspective to think that if a drug doesn’t kick in within a few minutes, it’s not effective. But I’m more interested in holistic body healing. Sometimes that takes more time than masking symptoms, which could be done–somewhat–with powerful doses of psychiatric drugs for some.

        • gambino

          Dr klinghardt is now publilly backing her,widely considered the greatest medical genius of this century.
          Number#1 in Lyme cures.
          What do you say to that pharmaboy?

    • john gotti

      That’s not your pic.and your a liar and a bad one at that.

    • Raymond Santos

      You’ve posted elsewhere, “You are only pro-science if you are willing to abandon your cherished views because they conflict with evidence.”. Your defacto admission is duly noted.

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  • Agasi003

    Thank you very much for useful information.

  • Howard Harkness

    The podcast was interesting, but I probably would have terminated the interview as soon as I heard the word “homeopath.” It is a fact that homeopathy was shown to be superior to “traditional” medicine (in some cases) several decades ago, but this is not really an indication that homeopathy is any good. It is more of an indication of just how truly awful traditional medicine was at the time (there are still some areas where mainstream medicine is pretty poor, but at least it seems to be able to handle things like broken bones and other acute injuries now). It’s also a testament to just how incredibly powerful the Placebo Effect is, as well as how effective the human body’s self-healing mechanisms can be.

    There may actually be some useful information in that interview, but “homeopathy” is a keyword that makes me carefully examine anything else a person says for evidence of Placebo Effect and confounders.

    While this CD protocol might actually have some success stories, I don’t think there is enough information available to pinpoint actual mechanisms or separate the mechanisms from confounders.

  • Amii

    Kerri is an angel! I cured my son’s autism in just over 1 month using her protocol. His starting ATEC was 36 and his ATEC dropped to a 6 after just over one month. The protocol also cured his asthma and spastic diplegia. If you have an autistic child or know one PLEASE look into Kerri’s protocol. Read the book, research it and look into the Facebook group and then make your decision. Don’t just write her off. I see kids getting better everyday. There is a cure!

    • Selma

      What is the FB group name?

      • Amii

        AutismCD is the name of the Facebook group. There is a link on this page listed under the Featured heading.

  • Murray Yedinak

    When you or a family member has a health problem revist this protocol with a tweak or two you can heal…………..

  • Selma

    Where can one find the details of the protocol? That information was not included in the interview.

    • Don_C You can buy her book, published in May, there and on Amazon. The 2nd Edition is due out later this month.

      Look up right here also. There are various links above under “Featured”, including the CD Autism Facebook group.

  • The Romanator


  • not buying it

    Too cool!!! i notice that nearly all of the supporters of Quack Kerri Rivera have only commented on this one post. Never on another thread. I wonder how many people she paid to comment.

    • Shanni

      I am using the protocol, and am commenting without payment of any type. I must say, in all the years I have been trying to treat the symptoms of my son’s autism, this is the only protocol that has had tremendous positive effects. Furthermore, it is extremely inexpensive.

    • erin

      Get this. I have been following kerri for 8 months… only doing the protocol for 2.5 months as my husband was freaked out by all the typical bleach talk for so long. After several months of observing miracles in pics, stories and videos on facebook, I gave it a go. We are still here. Nothing drastic for me. Have definitely seen lots of worms, but physically I feel about the same. My 3 yr old is doing faaaantastic. I saw improvement in her in just 1.5 weeks. Her horrendous diaper rash of 1.5 years cleared up. I dont even give her oral mms, just enemas, and she has become the happiest little girl. The rest of us…2 kids and dh…are about the same. If you want to see I am a real person check out my health crisis on gaps diet by campbell-mcbride review on amazon…jason erin gave it 3 stars. That’s me.

      Anyway, so I read about all sorts of different methods of healing. Always looking and reading and trying, I just barely found 1 or 2 days ago. Thought I’d read around on the site and I find kerri rivera??? I was so surprised. I must have missed that if she mentioned it on facebook…don’t always check it regularly. Anyway, I happened here by chance. I wish someone would pay me something because I really want to buy a pemf machine. But, alas, no one is paying me.

  • duffney

    I appreciate the courage it took to talk about such controversial Topics why people take it upon themselves to bash others for going outside the norm is beyond me. I’m a little confused at why the below article was listed as a resource. . Mostly just bashes mms without valid data.
    The Curious Case of Autism and MMS (Huff Post article)

    • Guest

      Regarding the bashing. I’m speculating here but it seems people have agendas, or they’re hurting or frustrated in some way and bashing helps them to feel what? Powerful?
      Plenty here have dismissed because they don’t trust homeopathy. At least those people are upfront about what their problem is. Fair enough.
      Others are negative because they don’t trust unproven therapies with peer reviewed studies to support them. Just my two cents, but I think that’s okay too.
      There’s the curious case of Mr D….uplicity, or “Kelly” who says he’s not dismissing Kerri’s protocol outright, and on closer inspection seems to be bashing her for being herself – talking too much, and because she mentions a doctor…who trained a doctor he had a bad experience with a few years ago. What his intention is I’m not sure…to champion Andrew Cutler some more maybe? Quick search shows he’s been doing that a while, and running down Dr Klinghardt for years. I feel sorry for the guy. (Not Klinghardt.)
      I haven’t noticed anyone who has actually used the protocol, or met Kerri (a warm and generous woman) bash Dave’s podcast. Perhaps that’s because most of the people using the protocol are happily involved in a supportive community elsewhere? Lucky them!

      • Xin

        To be quite honest, I find that most people have an inaccurate, shallow interpretation of why “bashing” happens.

        It’s quite often done by people very much like you (whoever “you” refers to). They have goals, hopes, and problems which hurt those.

        “Bashing” comes out of disliking something very strongly + “knowing” — deciding that the part of reality the person sees is ALL of reality.

        When you look at reality straight on, it is vastly easier and more likely that you (any human) “knows” about a part of it. A correlation. But, people — you, me, everyone– are very inclined to “know” theur small part of reality as all of it.

        This can easily be seen in, well… say, things like autism. Or disease in general.

        For example: Did your rough marriage cause that adrenal fatigue? Well, okay. That’s the cause, then. (In reality, it’s more likely a web of interconnected factors all impacting each other: the food you eat, the stressful marriage, the air you breathe… and a LOT of other things.)

        With autism: Is it mercury? Parasites? Mycotoxins? Allergies?

        …what if it’s possibly all these things, and not just to differing degrees, but with differing types of positive and negative impacts?


        The point is: The world is complex, and we as people seem to have a … propensity… towards “knowing”. Reducing. Putting how reality works and what it is in a box.

        It is also overwhelmingly likely that neither you nor other humans (doctors, researchers, professionals, etc.) perceive all the little tugs and pushes on the web of reality.

        That means we’re missing factors and aspects of the very reality that affects our lives, right now.


        So, going back to bashing: It’s useful to “know” and “reduce” in a number of ways as well. (I’m not saying it’s “correct” or optimal — simply that it has actuak benefits as well as downsides.)

        One of the most obvious benefits is that it allows us to connect and interact with reality, and make decisions. Take our lives in a direction.

        As opposed to vague, wishy-washy not “reducing” or “knowing” — for example: “I don’t really know anything, so I won’t change ANYTHING” (which often looks like one of the few other choices to most people) … the above looks much better.

        Let me give you a Bulletproof example:

        If your body is ongoingly impacted by the foods you feed it, regardless of whether you have “how am I approaching diet” sorted out or not…

        …in the short term, especially if you have moderate health/performance issues…

        …sticking really hard to the Bulletproof diet (which I’m sure, like ANYTHING we design nowadays, has its flaws. Humans are still improving our biomed-health a lot.) …

        …and becoming “evangelical” and die-hard about all the specific ways in which the Bulletproof Diet has postulated foods affect our bodies, and toxins affect our food…

        …will be much better for your health than not choosing at all because “there are so many fad diets out there, and I don’t know what to choose” — again, reality will keep chugging along and affecting your body and health via junk foods, toxins, etc. regardless of whether you’re confused about whether it does.


        So, people “bash” things because of their attachment to “knowing” and “reducing” reality — and trying to be true to the benefits of that.

        “Knowing” and “reducing” reality to what you see has costs and benefits.

        Overall, it doesn’t produce an accurate picture of the interrelated, inter-causal, complex web of reality.

        But, I think it’s this basic defense of “knowing” and “reducing” reality which results in this style of comment/interaction.

  • Vox Veritas

    Kerri Rivera is a quack and a liar. She gives kids BLEACH to “cure” their autism. Sad to see this kind of BS being promoted on BPE. More info:

    • s

      Wow. Thanks for the article.

      The podcast sounded extremely compelling but not anymore in light of this new information. Almost sent the podcast to a friend with an autistic kid. That would have been embarrassing.

      • Charlie

        Haha.why save the kids life? Lry them dir so u can look good to other idiots.hey do of us why do you ignore the fact that the children were clinically autistic and now are not? Medically verified.
        Whos paying you?

      • Hamilto Bergeran

        Lol. Agreed. Quackery…

    • Abe Blue

      Not really a true statement on your part. 60% of the water companies in the USA
      are now using chlorine dioxide to purify drinking water. Chances are
      very high that if you believe that MMS (again, diluted Chlorine dioxide)
      is a bleach, then my friend you are now drinking bleach in your own
      home. Not to mention compounds that are very toxic in low amounts also lovingly added to water by our governments. (fluoride, chlorine) Huffington post is needs a good bleaching!

    • Greg Aurand

      Yes, because we can always trust that the Huffington Post, or any mainstream media source, always has it’s readers best interests as their very highest priority. There are many clinics in Mexico doing very controversial work, and getting some amazing results.

    • prescoyt

      Then how come the 150 children are cured and back in school?
      U r the quack.

  • Corey
  • Shanni

    My son and I have been using Kerri’s protocol for 3 months now, with excellent results. This was an excellent interview, Dave. Thank you.

    • Gail Pubols

      I sincerely hope your child did not suffer because of this horrific snake oil.

  • lilady R.N.

    I first heard of “Dr.” Kerri Rivera when she was hawking her MMS at the 2012 Autism One-Generation Rescue Conference.

    She is a charlatan and a pathological liar whose involved in a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme, urging credulous parents of children who have been diagnosed as having an Autism Spectrum developmental disability, to “recover” them

    Good grief, she is a science illiterate sorely lacking in basic high school organic and inorganic chemistry education.

    “MMS is an oxidizer and not an industrial bleach”, and is approved by the FDA for human consumption”, according to the pathological lying Rivera?

    Au contraire Ms. Rivera:

    I personally don’t care what toxic substances consenting adults dose themselves with or use as enema solutions, but I care that this quack practitioner is marketing this industrial bleaching agent to parents.

    Ms Rivera presented at the 2013 Autism One-Generation Rescue conference and is scheduled as a speaker at 2014 Conference as well.

    She of course, has opened an Autism Treatment Center outside of the United States and is looking to open additional centers offshore, outside the jurisdiction of United States regulatory bodies, where this ex-pat charlatan would quickly shut down.

    Her “biomedical treatments” for parasites and for “curing” autistic kids has been roundly condemned by science journalists, science bloggers and parents of children diagnosed with ASDs.

    My personal opinion of parents who experiment on their autistic kids is that they are child abusers…no different than the creepy individual who derives his/her perverse satisfaction by inflicting pain on defenseless developmentally disabled children

    • Sebastian L. Jackson

      Then there is the fact that Kerri’s mentor and the creator of MMS, an “inventor and chemist” (read: ex-gold prospector) named Jim Humble, is living in the Dominican Republic in order to dodge international arrest warrants concerning MMS-related fatalities in Africa.

      MMS was banned in Canada after fifteen drops landed a 60-year-old man in the hospital. It was banned in Australia after a tourist in Vanuatu abruptly died twelve hours after taking it. And this woman expects parents to give up to *TWENTY DROPS* of MMS a *DAY* to their kids.

      Autism One and Generation Rescue (and the host of this podcast) could not be bothered to perform cursory research on Kerri or MMS before exposing their followers and their families to this literal poison. If anyone deserves the full weight of the law, it’s Kerri and her enablers.

      • lilady R.N.

        MMS is also banned by the European Union nations, yet a number of anti-vaccine, anti-science groups support parents’ decisions to abuse the autistic children with these “treatments”

        Don’t forget that this is the third year that Kerri Rivera was invited to participate in the Autism One-Generation Rescue Conference in Chicago. Three years of articles and blogs written by physicians and science bloggers and thousands of comments appearing on those websites which roundly criticize Generation Rescue and Autism One for giving Rivera a platform to talk about her miraculous cures of autism and hawk her industrial bleach oral doses and enemas for parents to abuse their kids behind closed doors.

        How about Dave doing some due diligence about this odious charlatan Kerri Rivera and her industrial bleach and issue a retraction of his support for this woman, the Reverend Jim Humble, Generation Rescue and Autism One? He may lose some of his readers who subject their defenseless developmentally disabled children to this bizarre “biomedical treatment”, but he will gain the respect of the autism community, the science community and child advocates.

        • Tina

          Yawn. Thank you in advance for saving the world.
          What would parents do without the likes of you?

        • Disgusted

          Your point Tina?! It bores you that the creators of MMS are banned from other countries? It doesn’t bore me, it scares the hell out of me. But then again,I wouldn’t shove bleach up my kids bum and call it medicine.

        • HolgerAronsen

          tucked up squid

        • corleone

          How about Dave doing an investigation onto the psychopathy of people who willing post lies that may eventually kill children and definatly ruin their liveswe need to find out why and where theses sociopaths live and stop them from the intentional destruction of our children.

        • HolgerAronsen

          begin with the Council on Foreign Relations

        • Lagertha Lodbrok

          well lets get onto big pharma for the same thing then shall we?

        • Lagertha Lodbrok

          Look, I think to imlpy that parents are abusing thier children is a little harsh. Turning concerned parents that are at the end of thier rope into criminals does absolutely nothing to create legitimate support networks for the parents in this situation. Yes, I do agree, these protocols are absolute madness but the other side of the coin is not much better!
          90% of kids on the spectrum with other psychiatric ‘co-morbids’ such as ADHD etc are ten times more likely to go on to have serious psychiatric ‘issues’ from the serious side effects of medication administered to ‘treat’ and manage the symptoms of such conditions. All of which are approved, condoned, endorsed and in some cases handed out like lollies to parents of these poor children already struggling to cope.
          Parents are willing to TRY anything to help their situation because for most, it couldn’t get any worse.
          I am the parent of 2 children with Autism, one high functioning and one level 3 non verbal Autistic.
          I can tell you that every where I turn there are ‘options’ being thrown at me as viable and on days when my son has frequent melt-downs, tears at his own eyes and picks massive holes in his own face I am almost, ALMOST, tempted to try anything.
          You lose all sense of reason, you lose all sense of anything actually! Its a very chaotic, heartbreaking and difficult life to live and many do it without complaint.
          I just wish people would not slander these parents further, the dodgy quack practitioners.. maybe… but the parents who are trying… are trying!
          Personally, I would not do this particular treatment, as it does sound a little off to me, I am not for giving children enemas as they are truly an invasive procedure but I refuse to judge others for thier decisions simply because I don’t agree.
          Political correctness and the objective view of whats ‘right and wrong’ is a slippery slope and we must be so careful not to encroach on personal liberties and freedoms for the sake of our own perception.

      • quenton passent

        Nobody believes the Vanuatu story,and NoboDY believes u.
        Results speak for themselves.

        • Sebastian L. Jackson

          How about demonstrating why the Vanuatu story is fake, Mr. Sockpuppet?

      • Raymond Santos

        Nonsense… You have failed to site any of this…simply because these claims aren’t real. I’ve taken the 100 drop per day 10 drops for 10 hours a day for 4 weeks. My CML is gone, no more 10k a month on drugs. If you are serious about beating a chronic condition, please watch all of the YouTube success stories. Don’t listen to people who aren’t decision makers. Your search lead you here, so you already know western medicine is clueless. How does one ban water purification again? Sure the pharmaceutical companies have leaned on the fda in the way it’s being marketed…but mms can be made from table salt. Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most effective.

    • doc gelton

      Quack,quack goes the troll, pharm style ignoring the facts.

    • Luc Leblanc

      To : lilady R.N.

      Did you talk with parents who used her treatment for autism and where successful ?

      If indeed MMS works and is able to cure children, are you not promoting the keeping of children in sickness ?

      I see you rely on WIKIpedia for your informations. I witness more than once Wikipedia is censoring the content to promote Big Brother’s agenda.

      I invite you to take the time to go and meet the parents and children who successfully used MMS for autism or for any other ailments.



    • Pamela Cohen

      Instead of hawking all sorts of names towards Ms. Rivera, use better sources than WIKI for your facts. However, see the below Wiki info on why Chlorine Dioxide is used INSTEAD of Chlorine. Many drink it already. The Red Cross participated in a video-taped study of victims of Malaria that had no positive test results after just two treatments of MMS. Then they denied being a part of it. They are corrupt, along with the AMA that you are a part of. You can certainly do better than this smear piece. Educate yourself, and listen to the Qualitative Data from people who have been healed by MMS from Malaria to Lyme to Autism.

      “Chlorine dioxide was introduced as a drinking water disinfectant on a large scale in 1956, when Brussels, Belgium, changed from chlorine to chlorine dioxide.[14] Its most common use in water treatment is as a pre-oxidant prior to chlorination of drinking water to destroy natural water impurities that would otherwise produce trihalomethanes on exposure to free chlorine.[17][18][19] Trihalomethanes are suspect carcinogenic disinfection by-products[20] associated with chlorination of naturally occurring organics in the raw water.[19] Chlorine dioxide is also superior to chlorine when operating above pH 7,[13]:4–33 in the presence of ammonia and amines[citation needed] and/or for the control of biofilms in water distribution systems.[19] Chlorine dioxide is used in many industrial water treatment applications as a biocide including cooling towers, process water, and food processing.[21]

      Chlorine dioxide is less corrosive than chlorine and superior for the control of legionella bacteria.[14][22] Chlorine dioxide is superior to some other secondary water disinfection methods in that chlorine dioxide: 1) is an EPA registered biocide, 2) is not negatively impacted by pH, 3) does not lose efficacy over time (the bacteria will not grow resistant to it) and 4) is not negatively impacted by silica and phosphate, which are commonly used potable water corrosion inhibitors.

      It is more effective as a disinfectant than chlorine in most circumstances against waterborne pathogenic microbes such as viruses[clarify],[23] bacteria and protozoa – including the cysts of Giardia and the oocysts ofCryptosporidium.[13]:4-20–4-21

      • Leon Czolgosz

        Are you seriously an RN? Shocking how one can become a healthcare professional without knowing even basic general chemistry.

    • Raymond Santos

      It isn’t profitable for your masters….R.N. Quoting Wikipedia? Since when is Wikipedia a credible source? Having seen what mms can really do, I find this to be a pathetic attempt to discredit that which threatens your symptom treating, masters. You are not in a position to make decisions…You are obviously an order taking RN, perhaps you co-wrote the Wikipedia dribble…oh yeah that’s right, you don’t know how Wikipedia works…

  • Leila Bristow

    I will never see the full moon the same way again.

    • canttori

      What theories?the therapies were taken from years of medically PROVEN in clinical tests ,all put together for kerries and Dr kalckers pgm.AND why did you ignore her saying 110 children were not autistic anymore.
      Medically verified.
      Are you deaf or extremely brainwashed?
      BTW,Dr Dietrich Klinghardt widely considered to be the centuries greatest medical genius had now put his endorsement behind kerriesvpgm/book IN WRITING.
      Please don’t be stupid.

      • Leila

        Cyber bullying is NOT the way to change hearts and minds, canttori. But I understand what you’re trying to do here, and I respect that.

        • Xin

          I respect this response quite a lot –and, I agree: harshness and attacking directed towards a person as if it’s an inherent part of them, or their capabilities (e.g. “You’re retarded!”/”Are you deaf?”) tends to engender pulling away from really considering the message within.

          Even as a quite-open individual who’s gotten benefits from these types of posts in all subject areas of life… I still find that it does not engender a connection between me and the writer, and I have to work to see what is true about myself, my errors in thinking, and what’s within their post.

          …it is very easy to antagonize others whom you do not understand.


          I believe there is a thinking/”logical” fallacy which addresses this. I don’t recall its name, but: humans tend to regard other humans as static. Having particular traits that define them. (e.g. “He’s stupid.” “He’s an angry person.”).

          Whereas, for themselves, people tend to see the reasons — the web and story behind actions.

          (e.g. “I was taking an antibiotic which made me brain-fogged and seem stupid. Plus, I only slept 5 hours last night.”


          “I reacted emotionally to an issue I really care about. I’m also in the middle of a life situation that makes me feel like my views are oppressed and unwelcome. So, I responded in an angry, snappish fashion.”)


          This applies here because within the world of learning about health, it seems common for people on all sides to be mostly quite well-meaning (and often confused).

          Most people were confused at one point, similar to the people they attack.

          However, there is a massive flood of comments like “You work for Big Pharma.” “You’re lying,”

          The comment above by canttori is less in this direction and does sort of try to point out potentially having been misled, but it still seems to lack the understanding that Leila Bristow is likely someone who is being thoughtful and working ot reality for herself, as we all must.

          Perhaps she hasn’t realized imbalanced ways in which she holds back from seriously considering treatments as working.

          Or, perhaps canttori considers things with too great a weight of certainty.

          Or perhaps a bunch of entirely different scenarios.

          The point is that screaming “THIS IS CONVINCING!” is clearly true to the person who’s saying it who is convinced, but it does not at all lead the intended recipient to be able to reach a satisfying conclusion — it’s more like a blunt hammer to the head in terms of flavor and conveyance.

          And, the reply fails to establish much connection to the reasons and circumstances — valid, invalid, questionable, etc.; all of them — that led Leila to say:

          “I don’t know whether to believe anything she was saying, but it was fascinating, and I wonder if her theories work for realsies.”

          canttori’s response is also fairly likely to make most commenters (the majority of whom are often shy/reserved about commenting anyway) less likely to comment (“I reached my hand out to express my thoughts, then I was burned.”) — and thus discuss — their viewpoint

          … which is a bad thing for someone trying to garner more thought about a viewpoint (autism treatment, approach, whatever) that is not very well-known.

          Extrapolating as to her reasons and considerations and mindset from her comment, I think Leila’s original comment was approached from a fairly good viewpoint, and unlike — say, people on the spectrum, she doesn’t HAVE the tons of data and thought (nor necessarily the drive & cause to go digging around all the research & learning to think about the science well) that it would take to form more certain, tangible thoughts on the treatments.

          I suspect that there are small clues and occurances that make someone think a treatment is working, and often these aren’t spoken about coherently.

          This leads people without access to the fine data — whether from personal experience or being close-at-hand — to be unsure, and often not have enough data to tell for themselves whether something does have X effects.

          But I also think that treatments are complex — and even apparently beneficial ones have negative and positive webs of effects.

          Like everything in life.

          All observations — including trials — also have inherent flaws and inaccuracies and limitations: LOTS of them, along with all the potential accuracy and intimate knowledge.

          I think that most people tend to be told (in American/modern first-world society’s culture) to ignore small bits of data, and they tend to conceptually distrust their own experience (and by extension, that of others) much more than is accurate to reality.

          On the other hand, I think that many people healing themselves or relatives/friends/partners tend to overtrust experience as compensation for the above error.

          I haven’t seen anyone think well about the nature of all the virtues and potential issues with reliance on perceptions (whether through experience or scientific tests) and apply it directly to how they think & interact with people/life.

          It’s a worthwhile endeavor to truly try.

          As a Zen teacher once said:

          “People do not see a mirror of reality. *holds up hand in small telescope shape and peers through it * Rather, it’s like peering through a hole and seeing a SMALL PART of the mirror, and calling that reality.”

        • Xin

          Or, “overtrust experience” is a poor way to express that.

          It’s more a tendency to trust experience in a very broad array of applications, rather than detangle where and what kind of pitfalls are also there within the good. 🙂

  • HappyHomemaker

    I had an autistic child and bleach is definitely the best way to go. Just put it in their kool-aid or chocolate milk and they will drink it up. Start with just small amounts at first and then slowly up the dose each week. Thanks to just some cheap household bleach I no longer have the emotional or financial burden of an autistic child. The funeral costs were a bit pricey but way cheaper in the long run than cost of the life long care that an austist needs. And now my husband and I can start over with a clean slate and have another baby and not have to worry about it catching autism germs from our previous child.

    • Alexis


    • Gail Pubols

      Glad that giving your child bleach worked for you. Because nothing is worse than autism. (sarcasm)

  • Joshua Leach

    What was the word on the ocean water and such?

  • rex

    Oxe Scheme of Switzerland, major pharma co uses chlorine dioxide and forms of hypochlorous acid( your killer cells make hypochlorous acid and 6 other Proxidents to kill germs),to purify human blood without harming the blood cells for drug development.they tested on human subjects through oral and I’ve therapies= cited everything,including advanced HIV in 9 eerk by IV.

    • rex

      Cited almost everything including hiv

  • rex

    Spell check pgm dictator

  • rex

    Spell check demon is plaguing me
    CURED everything including advanced hiv

  • clara harry

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  • Hamilto Bergeran

    This podcast is questionable.

  • HolgerAronsen

    I always wondered why the christian institutionalists would spoil my morning highs with their blasted chlorine stinking the place up like a swimming hall. Pah… They weren’t half wrong, it seems. Now, where do you buy smelling salt these days?

  • Eric Vander

    Being in practice for almost 20 years, and seeing the endless stream of lies and misinformation that has been spread by Big Pharma (a 1.2 TRILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR industry) and its henchman, the FDA, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are THOUSANDS of Big Pharma trolls all over the internet, ready at the call to shout down anyone advocating any therapy or product that supplants, competes with, or beats Big Pharma to the punch. As of the present, NOTHING in medicine provides ANY modicum of hope to parents with an autistic child. Other than occupational or physical therapy, there is NOTHING that a physician can write on his script pad that will provide any benefit to an autistic child. NOTHING.

    If you pay close attention to Kerri’s protocol, you will notice that there is a tremendous amount of advice for eliminating parasites from the body. There are MULTITUDES of diseases and conditions that are directly caused by parasites (parasites other than the usual suspects: viruses and unfriendly bacteria). Run down to your local medical school, and do what I did when I was in school: go to the library, and look for ANY book regarding parasites. HAPPY HUNTING!! Medical school does NOT teach parasitology, nor do they have books regarding parasites and conditions resulting from parasitic infections. Oh, sure, in some medical textbooks there is brief mention of certain conditions that are widely known to be caused by parasites, like elephantiasis, but nary a word more than that.

    As someone who has done parasite cleanses with my family for nearly 20 years (following Hulda Clark’s protocols waaaaaaaay back then), and straining the worms out of stools, and filling entire jars with worms, and then seeing the amazing results as various conditions improved, I can state from personal experience just how potent the results can be from parasite cleansing. I am talking about immediate results – within hours or days.

    As an aside, I went searching for books on parasitology, because I knew that my family was infected after traveling in 3rd world countries, and the only information I ever found was from Hulda Clark’s book, “The Cure for All Diseases”. I picked up that book at Whole Foods on a lark, because the title was so controversial. I absolutely HAD to read that book! I expected to have a really good laugh by reading a nonsensical book written by a quack, but instead found the ONLY book available at the time that really delved deeply into parasitology, and provided TREATMENT for parasitic infestations. Thank God for that book.

    With regard to MMS, anyone criticizing people for giving this to their autistic children, I SAY TO YOU BIG PHARA TROLLS, AND MENTALLY RETARDED REGISTERED NURSES WHO PRETEND TO HAVE HAD A MEDICAL EDUCATION, AS MANY R.N.s LIKE TO DO:


    Criticizing is EASY. ANYONE can criticize and use strawman arguments and red herring evidence, but WHAT THE HELL DO YOU POISON-PEDDLERS OFFER AS AN ALTERNATIVE????






    Those studies took into account deaths from PROPERLY prescribed medications, PROPERLY performed surgeries, as well as medical mistakes, errors, omissions, improperly prescribed medications, surgical errors, etc. When you add them all up, MEDICINE IS THE #1 LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE U.S, GREATLY SURPASSING CANCER AND HEART DISEASE (500,000 per year, each).


    By ALL accounts, the protocol that Kerri Rivera advocates is highly effective. I have yet to read a story of a parent who tried this protocol and ended up with a damaged or dead child. THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH THAT A PARENT WHO TRIES THIS PROTOCOL, AND ENDS UP WITH A DAMAGED OR DEAD CHILD IS NOT GOING TO SPREAD THAT NEWS ALL OVER THE PLACE.













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