Dr. Pooja Lakshmin: Orgasmic Meditation & Sex Life Hacking

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Discover orgasmic meditation (OMing) and the science behind it with Dr. Pooja Lakshmin, M.D., the CSO of OneTaste, and scientist at Rutgers University Newark Orgasm Laboratory. This episode discusses the relationship between orgasm and the nervous system, the importance of mindfulness, and how often men and women should orgasm for maximum performance in life. Be sure not to miss this stimulating episode!

Formerly a psychiatrist at Stanford hospital, Pooja switched career paths after experimenting with OMing and researching the science behind it. She later moved across the country to New York City to study the neuroscience involved in OMing through fMRI imaging and clinical studies. Today, Pooja continues to conduct OMing studies, while also venturing into further researching the male orgasm.

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What You Will Hear

  •   1:20 – What is Orgasmic Meditation (OM)?
  •   2:20 – What women get out of OM
  •   4:40 – Training your nervous system with OM to connect you to your feelings
  •   6:30 – Mindfulness in relationship to your brain physiology
  •   7:40 – Are the parts of the brain that handle fear and desire undertrained?
  •   8:30 – Genitals and their relationship to the limbic system
  •   9:00 – Are these reactions the same for men and women?
  • 10:30 – Psychological conditioning of men and women
  • 11:40 – What happens when you think about sex
  • 12:00 – Neurological activation in men and women when seeing different types of sex
  • 13:20 – Tantric practices of limiting orgasm
  • 15:20 – Climax vs. orgasm
  • 17:00 – Dopamine resistance in relation to pornography
  • 18:50 – Hacking your nervous system to make sex simpler and better
  • 20:20 – Does OMing bring relationships closer together?
  • 21:50 – How does the connection work when you feel each other in different rooms?
  • 22:50 – Do you track heart rate variability?
  • 24:40 – What happens when you use a polygraph during sex?
  • 25:20 – Why the left side?
  • 26:00 – So what do guys get out of OM other than connection with their partner?
  • 28:00 – Paying attention to the more subtle things in life
  • 29:00 – Increasing intuition in men and women
  • 30:20 – Is there a way of quantifying intuition?
  • 32:40 – Dave’s experiment idea involving boosting mitochondrial function
  • 34:50 – What happens in the male brain during orgasm?
  • 36:50 – More detail on the difference between climax and orgasm
  • 38:20 – Are you redefining what orgasm means?
  • 39:20 – How does “giving up control” work during OM?
  • 40:20 – Women who need more dopamine to achieve climax
  • 42:00 – How often should women (and men) have an orgasm for optimal performance?
  • 42:00 – Self stimulation vs. partnered stimulation
  • 43:00 – Maybe “have sex” should be a top habit on Lift?
  • 43:40 – Pooja’s top 3 recommendations to kick more ass

Links From the Show


Twitter – @PoojaLakshmin

Rutgers neuroscience research

Support research at Rutgers

Dave’s talk on orgasm and performance


Brain Octane Oil

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By Dave Asprey

  • MuseAnn

    Any statistics on the actions of the sexually frustrated men post an orgasmic meditation session? Isn’t this a little too one way? Any guys out there tried this? Interested in hearing your feedback.

    • Eli the OM guy

      Hey MuseAnn – I’ve had several thousand OMs at this point and the experience I often have at the end of my OMs is anything but frustrated. I feel electric, buzzy, and perhaps most interestingly I regularly feel hydrated in this way I used to hope I would feel from sex. OM doesn’t replace anything else you’re already doing though if you’ve been hungry for connection It does tend to make you more aware of that. I think its important that OM is unapologetically asymmetrical. As a man, I came into this practice with the same mindset – hey when do I get mine? I’ve learned that that viewpoint, that reciprocation and fairness are a barrier to having a desire-based sexual relationship with a woman. Learning to stroke for my own pleasure – I mean, you are stroking a woman’s pussy for 15 minutes after all – has simply been one of the most revolutionary experiences I have ever had. What city are you in? You should get some training and check it out yourself.

      • kalidestroyer

        You feel “hydrated” after stroking a woman to orgasm? Sorry but this doesn’t pass the laugh test.

    • Raza

      I’ve read the book and tried it, and IMO it *is* a bit too asymetrical; not because the act of stroking isn’t interesting or educative, but because males as a population need connecting to their sensations as much, albeit in a different way, as females do – and the women in charge over at One Taste seem relatively uninterested in leading in that direction.

      That said, frustration hasn’t been an issue for me.

  • Maurice Oakes

    Something I remembered during the show was a study I saw on Through the Whormhole about a, .5 or so increase of getting the right answer on a precog test. So I guess they had two pics hidden on a computer screen and would ask you to choose A or B and would say always pick the XXX blond, tall, redhead, pick a feature and that the right answer goes up a detectable portion when the picture would involve sex or something sexually stimulating.

  • KM

    Does it have to be a male partner? It seems rather heterosexist… I would not feel comfortable having a man touch me… Could I just have one of my partners participate and be the “stroker” ? (All of them are femal…) I’m sure I’m not the only lesbian who’s trying to be bullet proof.

    • Raza

      You can have a female stroker. The OM literature is heteronormative in tone, but the techniques are broadly applicable.

      • KM

        Oh good, I wish the would address that. Don’t have problems with orgasm but I like the idea of developing an even deeper connection through this, also the whole clearing the mind thing. That doesn’t come easily for me.

  • Tom from Raleigh

    Why so much fixation on “what’s in it for the guy?” Doing things to please your partner is rewarding enough.

    • jmac

      fukn faggot

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  • Joe

    Dave, my understanding of how you feel other people through mediums would be through meta physics I believe. I think you should look into the law of attraction and that would be a serious topic for you to dive into and tackle. Has to do with vibration and energy, right up your ally!

  • D e v i

    Meditation is emptying of the mind….ONE MEDITATES ON NOTHING…..There is no such thing as ” orgasmic meditation”….maybe CONTEMPLATION…BUT NEVER MEDITATION…
    Who is your Guru Pooja Laxmin?
    It is headlines like this, that make me discount what information you are sharing….
    I Remain,
    D e v i k a

    • Derrick Yazwa

      While the first part of your comment is solid, the second part makes me discount anything that you wrote. Meditation and spirituality certainly isn’t about following some “guru” either.

  • Alex

    Awesome Dave! Keep them “coming” 🙂

  • Rdd TheStrong

    Loved this podcast!

  • bailer

    Are you serious ” what is in it for the guy?!” I think you need to see that no matter how you look at this it is a sexual act. This retro feminism is a real bummer. The lesbian wants a woman to do it, is because it is a sexual act. I listened to this whole podcast and can’t believe you took this person seriously in any way. Any time you asked a real question she was lost. No research about how this effects the males in the study. I am sure it is not hard to find men to do this. pluck any dumbass out of a strip club, and tell him he will get to touch a vagina. Sounds real hard! How about we find real researcher that is intrested in science. Maybe just get her the Sex at Dawn book, and get her a martini and a date for a Friday night. I was a real fan up till this. Did you only do half the research for bulletproof coffee? In my opinon this was not bulletproof at all.

    • kalidestroyer

      Dave was impressed with her credentials and connections with a major university. Intellectually as you suggested she was dud. She sounded like she was a nerdy overachieving Indian in high school, college, and then med school. Then got married to a “nice Indian boy” who cheated on her with white chicks on the side. After being childless in her 30’s she went through a crisis and thus we have her work on orgasmic meditation. Btw, I’m an Indian so this not some anti-desi screed but I’d be willing to bet this is her story. Bored me to death, though Dave sounded turned on

  • t

    Hi, I have tried to contact you for a refund:

    Order # 100101918 (request #13546)?

    Could you pls response? Thanks!

  • kalidestroyer

    Very disappointing that Dave didn’t challenge the guest when she claimed that there was no difference in optimal frequency of male vs female orgasm. Or even more fundamentally the guest asserted that a male begins to “orgasm” as soon as there is some engagement in sexuality (ie male arousal occurs in the presence of a partner which leads to sexual congress which (presumably) may or may not lead to ejaculation). It’s disappointing because Dave has very strong views about both these matters which he’s expressed in writing and video. He believes that men should reduce ejaculation frequency while women should increase orgasm frequency. He also believes that males can orgasm without ejaculating but doesn’t define orgasm in anywhere near the way this woman does. It’s inexplicable why any couple or woman would want to shell out hundreds of dollars to be taught by this woman to orgasm when the technique is really not all that complicated. It seems that Dave often invites guests on not to learn anything new (though this does happen on occasion) but to make business connections, increase brand exposure and to increase SEO. This site is becoming lighter and lighter on information and heavier on marketing and branding. There’s likely some kind of relationship between truth and popularity, surely it is not a positive one.

    • TorBaker

      That was probably Dave`s plan from the beginning. Presenting himself as this witty and humble rich guy who has been on a health crusade, and is now willing to help others. After building some rep this way he has steadily been putting out more questionable stuff (overpriced vibration plates, this expensive “upgraded” charcoal that looks like any other charcoal product etc.) Now that he has lots of fanboys, he probably figures that he can get away with not answering critical questions anymore too.

  • nala

    When she says upper left quadrant is that from the females perspective to get body or from the strokers view?

    • Dagda

      2 O’clock. Their left = Your right

      • BeanWanker

        1 o’clock.

  • jqs a Paris

    measuring sex without love and heart energy is just a kind of scientific voyeurism, shallow. banal. It also only records the energetic flows of the brain that happen involuntarily but people are capacle of nourishing their whole life systems themselves…sigh….

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  • BeanWanker

    So they talk about the man “feeling” the electricity of the nerves in the clit he is stroking and putting his thumb in her hole to “make a circuit”.

    Yet he wears plastic gloves which would obviously prohibit the flow of any electrical current.

    BS, perchance?

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  • Bob Nath

    I feel OM is great…But I do agree that men can get more connected if the plastic gloves are not in place. With gloves I feel that doctor is examining the patient and the bliss is lost somewhere. I am sure women too will enjoy better without gloves