6 Common Questions About Bulletproof Coffee

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Bulletproof Coffee has already changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. You owe it to yourself to see how good you’ll look and feel after drinking it for a couple weeks. It’s powerful stuff.

It also goes against almost every mainstream dietary recommendation out there. Dosing your coffee with butter and oil every morning can seem understandably strange at first. Won’t eating fat make you gain weight? How many calories are in a cup of BP Coffee? You shouldn’t drink your calories because it isn’t satisfying…right? Couldn’t you be getting more nutrients and satisfaction from other foods?

Let’s address a few of the common concerns about Bulletproof Coffee. Hopefully you’ll come away from this article ready to take the plunge. If you’re not a fan, you can always stop…but I’m pretty confident you’ll like it.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is a blend of mold-free and mycotoxin-free coffee, grass-fed butter (or grass fed ghee), and Brain Octane Oil (not coconut oil, which is an important distinction). Bulletproof Coffee is carefully designed to:

  • keep you full for hours
  • curb hunger
  • promote mental clarity
  • increase fat burning
  • support your hormones
  • taste awesome


Isn’t Bulletproof Coffee too many calories? And too much fat?

If you’ve ever tried a low-calorie diet you know how unsustainable it is. You starve yourself for a few days, and eventually (probably at nighttime, when the ventral tegmental area – the part of your brain that controls willpower – has used up its energy for the day) your friends order a pizza, your low-calorie plan falls apart, and you eat everything in sight. Plus, because your body slows your metabolism down to match your decreased calorie intake, you end up gaining more weight than you lost. Thus begins a painful cycle of yo-yo dieting.

In the long term, restricting your calories like that won’t help you lose weight. Counting calories doesn’t work because your biology is far too complicated to reduce weight loss to “calories in, calories out.” A better approach is to optimize your metabolism and hormones, both of which contribute to fat burning, while curbing your hunger with food that keeps you full for hours.

Bulletproof Coffee checks those boxes. The saturated fat and cholesterol in the grass-fed butter support your hormones (all steroid and sex hormones, including fat-burning testosterone, come from cholesterol) and provide a slow burn of steady energy that’s an upgrade over the carbs in traditional breakfast fare. The Brain Octane’s medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) metabolize into fuel for your brain and promote thermogenesis, increasing your metabolic rate. Plus, coffee itself increases fat burning and metabolism [1].

All that translates to feeling full for hours while burning fat. Don’t fear the calories or fat in Bulletproof Coffee. They’re doing a lot of good for you.


Drinking calories is unsatisfying, right?

If you’re talking about fructose-laden juice or soda, yes. Most sugary drinks give you a quick burst of energy…then you crash and get hungry an hour later. But Bulletproof Coffee is a different beast entirely.

This is where Brain Octane really works its magic. It rapidly converts to ketones, which are an alternative to the glucose your body usually uses for fuel. Brain Octane is a pure extract of the strongest ketone-producing fats in coconut oil, and it affects two hormones, ghrelin and CCK, in a way that turns your hunger off for hours. Plain coconut oil isn’t strong enough to affect ghrelin and CCK the way Brain Octane does.

In this case, drinking your calories can be more satisfying than eating them. You can read more about the science behind Brain Octane and hunger suppression here.


Does Bulletproof Coffee work with fasting?

Fasting is as great way to slow aging. It promotes autophagy – that’s when your cells clean themselves out and recycle damaged parts into pristine ones. Fasting also has mental and fat-burning benefits.

Won’t Bulletproof Coffee break your fast?

No, as long as you aren’t having protein or carbs with it. The key is insulin. Insulin is famous for regulating your blood sugar, and it’s also what turns autophagy on and off. Your insulin levels drop while you sleep, during which time autophagy cleans out cellular waste and improves your brain function. Traditionally, in the morning, your breakfast will increase insulin and turn autophagy off. But if you keep insulin low (by fasting) you can keep that improved cellular function and mental clarity going.

Carbs raise your blood sugar and insulin levels when they convert to glucose. Protein does the same – your body converts it to glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis, which is inefficient but enough to raise your insulin.

Fats, on the other hand, don’t impact your blood sugar levels. That means you can stay in a fasted state as long as you’re only eating fat – which is why Bulletproof Coffee is such a good complement to intermittent fasting. Again, you can read more about the science behind intermittent fasting (with plenty of references) here.


Wouldn’t I get more nutrients eating whole foods for breakfast?

Potentially. Grass-fed butter is packed with beneficial fatty acids and several vitamins, especially compared to grain-fed butter. You can see the difference in vitamin A content – grass-fed butter has a sunny yellow color that conventional butter lacks. Coffee itself is full of polyphenols and unique cancer-fighting oils like kahweol and cafestol.

That said, Bulletproof Coffee’s nutrient profile doesn’t stack up against, say, an avocado and a couple whole eggs. But that doesn’t really matter if you’re eating nutrient-dense foods for your other meals. If you’re eating lots of greens, grass-fed beef/lamb, eggs, quality fats, and organ meats, all seasoned with a solid dose of salt, herbs, and spices, you’re going to far surpass your daily need for most nutrients. A less nutrient-dense morning meal isn’t an issue.

You owe it to yourself to try Bulletproof Coffee. It may sound like a strange way to start your day, but if you make it right you might be surprised by how incredible it makes you look and feel. And for even better results, pair it with the Bulletproof Diet (all the info is free right here). Expect to effortlessly lose weight, increase your mental sharpness, have hours of stable energy, and feel great every day. Give it a try. It can change your life.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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Click to read the complete list of references.

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By Bulletproof Staff

  • Tom Foolery

    I know ghee doesn’t blend as well as butter but wouldn’t ghee be better to use since it has no protein?

    • Micah

      why would ‘having no protein’ make it better?

      Ghee might be better for some individuals who are extremely sensitive to dairy. I don’t know how well it would blend up or how the nutrition profile would change.

      • Tom Foolery

        Sorry. I meant in regard to fasting.

        If protein throws off fasting and your body converts protein to glucose as stated in the article, wouldn’t it be better to use the option without protein? I realize the amount of protein in butter is slim, but why not just skip it altogether and use ghee?

        Is there a nutritional reason people use butter instead of ghee in this recipe or is it just for the fact that it blends better?

        • Yes. Ghee is better from a fasting perspective because it has zero protein calories. But, it doesn’t blend week or taste very good.

          The cost of a small amount of protein vs the benefit of 10x better taste is well worth using butter.

          For me, butter doesn’t spike blood sugar. If it’s a concern get a glucose monitor, do a little biohacking, and see how butter vs ghee affects you.

    • Katiej

      Ghee is what I use (grass fed of course). I love the taste and I’ve found my guy likes it better than butter. I think removing the milk solids works better for me.

    • Jean Paeth

      I started out with ghee and love it that way….I tried grass fed butter and didn’t do as well with it…a little nausea. I think Less there is less calories too.

  • Leanne Smith

    i have now tried bullet proof coffee at a cafe here in Aus – and am a little underwhelmed by the taste … wondering if making it yourself and finding a consistency and strength of coffee flavour will help? coming from being a “latte” lover i struggle with the black and “fatty” taste of what i have tried here in Bullet proof cafes – any suggestions gratefully received as I want the benefits and want to love it – just don’t currently based on current experience

    • Kirk

      I make BP coffee and then add 2 tablespoons of heavy cream to mine to make it “creamy” enough. I’ve always been someone that liked a little coffee in my cream. ? Not sure what the BP folks would say about that but it tastes great. It adds more fat and very little in the way of carbs so it fits my overall keto diet.

      • Leanne Smith

        thanks Kirk – will need to experiment a little more… there’s a new FB post with tips i need to get to also

  • Frank Ambrose

    Has any been losing there hair after about three months?

    • Heddi Gambale

      in some people, eating low carb can throw off the hormones in your system. I now do a carb-up in the evening on the days I do a moderate/heavy workout. This seems to help with that.

  • Heddi Gambale

    I know Dave talks about this somewhere… what are the advantages of the blended/emulsified oils versus non-emulsified?

  • I have been n BP coffee for several months and have lost some weight, about 5 pounds. But I’ve stalled on weight loss even though I consume very little carbs. Most of my meals consist of healthy fats and some protein. In the evening, I have a small bowl of popcorn on occasion. How can I accelerate the weight loss and get past the 5 pound mark?

    • Katiej

      Are you intermittent fasting too? So nothing for breakfast other than BPC?
      My results got better when I didn’t eat solid food until about 4pm. I combine 16:8 with bulletproof (or LCHF)

      • Katiej, I BPC every morning then I don’t eat until 12:30 – 1:00 pm at which time I have my avocado & smoked salmon slices for example. I don’t think I can hold out until 4:00 without getting a headache! How do you do it? What do you like to have for lunch?

        • Katiej

          I have smoked salmon, avocado and some greens late afternoon, sometimes sardines…
          I have dinner around 7-8 with a big salad, avocado, walnuts, olive oil/lemon juice and either steak or salmon:
          I don’t get hungry during the day any more. That only happened for the 1st week or 2.

  • Katiej

    I was following the bulletproof diet very closely and started losing weight for the 1st time in many years (female 55).
    I went on vacation for 2 weeks and ate more carbs than I should have and no bulletproof coffee. I’m just getting back into the swing of things but am getting bad diarrhea after each cup of BPC. This was happening before too, and even backing down the quantity of fat in my coffee doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m afraid I’m not absorbing any nutrients/

    Anyone else finding this and any remedies?


    • Kristoffer Vågen Birkenes

      Make sure you’re using BO and not XCT/MCT for one. Makes a world of difference from me, and I’ve tried both many times.

      • Katiej


        • Victor

          Brain Octane

      • Katiej

        I use XCT mostly and cut back to a teaspoon but it hadn’t made a difference. I suspect I have a leaky gut and that I need to heal that. I’m about to start bone broth, probiotics Etc.
        I’m not sure what BO is?

  • Douglas Mackenzie

    novice question – how much butter should i be using per coffee? is there a limit to how much you should take per day?

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  • Dara Merin

    It would be great to include how adding gelatin/collagelatin to BP coffee affects all of the above information, since so many people who drink BP coffee add a small amount of this protein source to their drink and still experience many benefits! I ?? BP COFFEE!

    • Naomi Williams

      No! Adding protein breaks the fast.

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