Sam Sheridan: Apocalypse Survival, Stress & Shamans

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In an apocalypse, how would you biohack your survival?

This episode dives into answering this question and discusses all things stress-related. It was a blast having Sam Sheridan, best selling author of The Disaster Diaries: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse, on the show to talk about a wide variety of topics ranging from endurance vs. interval training to Cooper’s Color Code and shamans. You’ll hear about the science and psychology of stress, the best way to handle stress, and how to better your chances of surviving an apocalypse.

sam-sheridianSam Sheridan was an amateur MMA fighter, EMT, wild-land fire fighter, cowboy, sailor and worked construction at the South Pole. He is also the best selling author of A Fighters Heart: One Man’s Journey Through the World of Fighting, The Fighters Mind: Inside the Mental Game. During research for his latest book The Disaster Diaries: Sam immerses himself in the survivalist and dooms-day preparation subculture by:

  • Attending stunt driving school
  • Learning the art of eskrima (Filipino knife fighting).
  • Participating in Cody Lundin’s (Dual Survival on Discovery Channel) Aboriginal Living Skills School.
  • Learning how to steal a car with ex-gang bangers in Los Angeles.

A large portion of The Disaster Diaries explains the bio-chemical cocktail that our bodies produce during moments of intense stress (i.e.  an apocalypse.)

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What You Will Hear

  •   1:40 – Dave gets a boost in order to prepare for the show
  •   2:50 – Sam’s book & Neil Strauss’s Emergency
  •   3:30 – Sam’s apocalyptic mindset
  •   4:20 – Endurance training vs. Interval training (in surviving stress)
  •   5:40 – The power of awareness in injury prevention
  •   6:30 – Can you do both, endurance and interval training?
  •   7:15 – Where time comes into play
  •   9:10 – “Take a day hike,” Sam advises
  •   9:40 – Your nervous system, sleep, and high elevation
  • 11:30 – Cooper’s Color Code
  • 12:45 – Your state of arousal
  • 13:45 – Why the Marine Corp created “condition black” on the color code
  • 15:20 – “This is the peak time of fear research”
  • 16:50 – Stress Inoculation
  • 18:00 – The 2 main ways to handle stress inoculation (plus an extra tip)
  • 19:30 – Sam’s personal experience with extreme stress
  • 20:30 – Dave’s escape & evasion experience (before his emWave training)
  • 22:15 – The power of living through highly stressful events
  • 23:40 – Stress inoculation and sleep
  • 25:00 – Understand how GOOD you have it
  • 26:05 – How well you train is highly correlated to how well you react
  • 27:15 – How the majority of behaviors are pre-programmed & what to do about it
  • 30:40 – Why bank robbers took phenobarbital before robbing a bank
  • 32:00 – How to use nutrition to hack stressful situations
  • 34:00 – The power of simple, decisive decisions in catastrophe
  • 34:55 – Using Brain Octane/MCT Oil to avoid mental breakdowns
  • 35:15 – Why MMA fighters are using Bulletproof Coffee before fights
  • 36:10 – Getting your rest and how Laurence Olivier, one of the greatest actors of all time, developed stage fright
  • 36:45 – PTSD, cortisol overload, and dissociation
  • 39:00 – How Dave was born with PTSD
  • 40:50 – What to do in an apocalypse
  • 41:45 – The “trick” to know if you have disassociated
  • 43:05 – Shamans & going beyond conscious thinking
  • 44:10 – Where you should live during the apocalypse
  • 46:00 – Empower yourself by preparing for the apocalypse
  • 46:55 – Where do you find sufficient fat and nutrients?
  • 48:55 – Top 3 recommendations to be more Bulletproof

Links From The Show


The Disaster Diaries

Fighter’s Mind

Fighter’s Heart


Emergency by Neil Strauss

On Killing by David Grossman

Extreme Fear by Jeff Wise

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

The Survivor by Terrance Des Pres

The Evolution of the Human Head by Daniel Lieberman


Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee

Bulletproof® Upgraded™ XCT Oil

Brain Octane™ Oil

Stress Technology

HeartMath® emWave2

HeartMath Inner Balance™ Sensor for iOS

Dave’s “40 Years of Zen” Neurofeedback training

Power Lung Trainer

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By Dave Asprey

  • EricChowles

    Great podcast thanks Dave and Sam!

    I posted a question in the Q&A for Dave thread on the forum about Bulletproof techniques for immediate management of shock, fright, and initial stages of trauma ( While this podcast didn’t exactly answer my question, it definitely shed some very helpful insight.

    I think I will look further into stress inoculation and preventative measures. But I certainly hope that you do cover my question more in-depth in a future Q&A podcast 🙂

    Keep up the great work, 5 Stars in iTunes!

  • Dagda

    Dave I Fing love you! Another fantastic podcast. I had wondered for a while what your take was on these subjects. I would really like to see you interveiw Tim Larkin the creator of Target Focus Training.

  • Lucretia

    Dave are you concerned about Magnesium Stearate used as a lubricant in supplements? I have read it can block absorption by a whopping 65% (limiting one’s uptake of the nutrients) and, worse yet, that is it often made from GMO cottonseed oil that contains heavy metal pesticides. I understand that taking 8 caps per day containing magnesium stearate would, over the course of a year , be equivalent to drinking about 1/4 ounce of hydrogenated GMO Round-up cottonseed oil along with the heavy metal pesticide and fungicides it was sprayed with. See:
    Your thoughts please?
    Also having studied under Iridologist Bernard Jensen back in the 70’s, he taught me that all vitamins are made from coal tar, the same thing they pave our roads with. What do you think of synthetic vitamins vs food form (which are often made from yeast…which I know you said is now bad). Are there types of B-vitamins that are better than others? Your thoughts on the Lypospheric B’s or say the Thorne brand that contain no magnesium stearate? Any thoughts on this also very appreciated. Thank you so.

    • Ben

      Wow that’s scary…would love to hear a response to this as well.

  • The Spartans had 30 words for fear? Really? That’s so badass LOL

  • Sharon

    Dave – your comments about being born with PTDS grabbed my attention b/c I know a 10 yr. old boy who seems to be getting angrier and angrier as he ages. It hit me that perhaps he was born with PTDS b/c his mother was stressed about her pregnancy. What advice can I give his mother who adopted him? Thanks for all the help can give.

  • DevourCatering

    really enjoyed the podcast, especially the part about your nervous system and sleep

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