Ronda Collier: Bulletproof iPhone App, Food Sensitivity & HRV

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It’s the 50th episode of Bulletproof Executive Radio, which has now been downloaded more than 1.3 million times, and has reached #1 status on iTunes. It’s time to celebrate and say thanks, so in true biohacker style, here’s a brand new free iPhone app to help you upgrade yourself, along with an interview with the scientist who made it all happen.

The new iPhone app is called Bulletproof® Food Sense and you’ll hear a lot more about it in today’s show, and you can read more about it in the full blog post to come. Thank you for your support for the show and the blog – I am humbled.

Today’s interview is with long time biohacker and founder of Sweetwater Health™, Ronda Collier. Ronda is putting her more than 25 years of experience in high tech to work at SweetWater Health™, where they are looking at the signal coming from the human heart, and instead of seeing beats per minute or simple heart rate variability, seeing a huge pool of big data just waiting to be analyzed using Ronda’s crazy advanced math skills. There is a lot more information in your heartbeat than you’d think – stress levels are just the beginning. By applying mobile health monitoring and stress management with medical research techniques, SweetWater Health is creating some very advanced, very easy to use biohacking technologies.

My experience as a bio hacker who used to weigh 300 pounds and really struggled with food cravings, is that every single person has a set of things in their environment or their food that makes them weak. SweetWater Health and Bulletproof Executive just partnered to create the free Bulletproof® Food Sense iPhone app to help you find your personal kryptonite by using the phone’s onboard sensors to detect your hidden food sensitivities.

You can also get an amazingly full-featured version of the app that works with a chest strap to measure and track your heart rate variability all day long and use complex algorithms to quantify your food, stress, and overall health.

Click here to download your free Bulletproof Food Sense app from the Apple iTunes store.

This application does not compete with my friends at Heart Math who make the Inner Balance sensor, which you use to train your HRV for short periods, not track it all day. In fact, I’m on the advisory boards of both Heart Math and SweetWater Health. Both companies totally rock!

On to the interview with Ronda…

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What We Cover

  •    2:45 – What is the Bulletproof® Food Sense iPhone app?
  •    5:45 – Your heart’s reaction to food sensitivity
  •   8:00 – Case study: pasta/gluten, food sensitivity, and finding the link
  •   9:30 – Dave’s past food sensitivities
  • 10:35 – Why it is important to take your morning pulse
  • 12:30 – The specifics of the heart rate variability (HRV) app
  • 17:00 – What is the level of expertise you need to use HRV app?
  • 19:10 – What extra information does the chest strap give you?
  • 21:10 – Why Dave uses HRV to improve his performance
  • 22:55 – How little stressors add up and how the iPhone apps an help
  • 26:00 – Dave’s utopian retail stores with the help of data and biohacking
  • 27:10 – Heart rate variability & its relation to your internal organs
  • 29:00 – The Future of HRV & the affect of lighting on your health
  • 32:00 – How comfortable is the chest strap? How often do you need an HRV read?
  • 34:50 – How in-depth can we dig into the data with the chest strap?
  • 38:00 – The power of bodily awareness in alliance with the iPhone app
  • 40:45 – Dave’s personal experience with driving & HRV
  • 42:30 – The Zona Plus & your vagal tone
  • 45:15 – Top 3 recommendations to be more resilient in life
  • 47:10 – Where you to find the apps

Links from the Show


Bulletproof® Food Sense iPhone app

Bulletproof® HRV Sense iPhone app

HeartMath emWave 2

HeartMath iPhone app


Dave’s “40 Years of Zen” Neurofeedback training

Upgraded™ Coffee

Zona Plus

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By Dave Asprey

  • lee

    This was great. Most things on this site are great. But that olive oil offer/scam you sent us yesterday was dubious at best. You have the responsibility to tell us when a “free offer” requires your credit card number and leads to being locked into a program. It’s an old, cheesy, morally questionable sales trick, and it reflects poorly on you and everything you’re trying to build here.
    You need to value us, your followers. You will always be controversial because of your views on butter, on mycotoxins, on coffee, on…well. on most things. Don’t give your haters ammo. Your critics think you’re a snake oil salesman and a quack. And in truth, you often use sales-speak to excess, and you rarely entertain voices who are critical of your science.
    So please please please…be discerning. Be careful who you approve with the Bullet-Proof stamp. Invite guests who disagree with you. And use those extra 20 IQ points before sending out fake free offers.
    Your integrity is part of your brand. Guard it wisely.
    And thank you for all the good you’ve done so many people.
    Stay Bullet-Proof!

    • Jason

      Why do you care so much about what the haters think? You do realize that negative press is just as beneficial as positive press? How do you think George Bush won presidency two times in a row? Stop worrying about what other people, and just worry about yourself. You probably need to do some HRV training.

      • lee chang

        Actually, my point was a strongly-worded but polite and genuine criticism of the olive oil “free offer”. My secondary point was that it confirmed certain critics worst fears, and that Dave should avoid that so his brand remains associated with integrity and quality. When you’re truly Bulletproof you’re open to constructive criticism, Jason. The worrying about yourself vs people’s impressions of you is a false dichotomy. If you care about your brand, trust me, you care how you and it are perceived.

        HRV sounds cool.

        And in any good analogy, Bush would be GMOs and Dave would be…well…Dave.

        • Alex Vigano

          I have benefited greatly from Dave’s advice and am a big fan, but I’d have to agree, an honest up front on the details policy would be much appreciated. I didn’t like how it said in the e-mail to click on the link to find out information on choosing olive oil. Then you find out after a VERY long sales pitch that you have to sign up for this program before you get the info… I found it dishonest and misleading. It kept saying that “here’s the catch, but kept neglecting to say that the catch was that you had to “un-sign” with no directions on how easy that would be.

        • ???ds? ???p

          Guys, I don’t know what to say here. I am friends with the owner of that company. The olive oil is legitimate. I have no idea where to go to get actually real olive oil, and I know their standards for olive oil match mine for coffee. And he agreed to give away about $20,000 worth of olive oil to bulletproof followers. Yes, you have to cancel if you don’t want it…but most followers actually would want a recurring order of properly created olive oil, the same way they care about coffee. The vast majority of people liked the email.

          I’m personally sorry you didn’t like the tone of the email and will do a better job of making it clearer in the future.

          Now, given that this post is about a brand-new iPhone application that is free for everyone, without a credit card number :-), did you download it? What did you think?

        • Alex Vigano

          would love to try it out, unfortunately I’m an android man… Turned on some buddies on to it, though… Waiting and hoping for an android version

        • Bam

          Yes, an Android version would be fantastic

    • ???ds? ???p

      Lee, thanks for your intent in this. I really value my readers and give all I can to them. Sorry this came off the wrong way; it really was $20k worth of olive oil set aside for Bulletproof followers. 🙂

      • lee chang

        Hi Dave, thanks for the thoughtful reply. I have no doubt the olive oil is amazing; it just would have been great to make it clear that you’re signing up for a program. As someone interested in time management, I’m sure you understand that no one wants to read a million-word e-mail only to discover the sales “catch” at the end. Anyway, you’re much smarter than me, so there’s no need for me to pompously lecture. Apologies.
        On a more positive note, my wife and I love your coffee and MCT Oil, your articles are amazing, and your podcasts have evolved into one of the best shows out there.
        Downloading the app as we speak.
        And for God’s sake, open your stores soon!

  • Gerald McLand

    The olive oil email did seem a bit sketchy, although I admit I signed up. There were alot of misleading info in the email, like the consumer guide and the “code” to tell if your olive oil is good or not. But if I get my bottle of olive oil for free then all is forgiven

    • ???ds? ???p

      Gerald, you’ll get it or I’ll personally wrangle the olive oil wrangler’s neck! 🙂

      • Gerald McLand

        Thanks Dave! although I don’t see how that would help my olive oil situation because then he would be either dead or hospitalized further delaying my olive oil. 😉

      • Sveta

        Fantastic olive oil. Thanks Dave!

  • hugh

    When can we get this app on Android Dave?

  • Dagda

    Another fantastic podcast Dave, thank you. I have 2 questions though.

    1. Will there be an Adroid App?
    2. Have you heard about the Scanadu Scout? Its not out yet but realy want one.

    Lastly, thanks. This podcast was quite timely for me, as I was going to talk with my VA doctor to try and get a food sensitivity test and other comprehisive blood work done to try and dial in what I should be doing. I already have a BP/Pulse moniter so i can just use it to check for signs of being sensitive.


  • Devin

    Very informative Podcast, Dave, especially the part about measuring heart rate at different times to determine food sensitivities.

    Being an air traffic controller at one of the busiest airports in the world, the HRV App is a very intriguing way to recognize and manage stress (I love my emWave2). But I’m an Android guy through and through. So please, please create for the Android platform. I’d buy the app now.

  • Elyse

    I for one am extremely excited by this new app. I’ve been eating Paleo for three years but this last year and a half has been a steady spiral down a rabbit hole of food sensitivities. On the positive side I have addressed various gut infections identified via testing during this time. Hopefully next month’s test will indicate that all is finally well and I can now focus on healing and food re-introduction.

    In addition to gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds, I am also histamine intolerant . It was with the discovery of histamine intolerance that I finally understood why I was awake for hours each night with a racing heart. I love the idea of eating a meal and testing whether it agrees with you
    since identifying food sensitivities is such tricky business!

    I will be taking my pulse first thing tomorrow morning and am excited to see what I learn. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making a difference!

  • Jenny

    I’m excited to hear that there will be Bulletproof coffee shops – where are the first locations? Love the idea behind Foodsense app. I’ve already downloading and testing how I do with milk, which I love, but suspect causes me problems.

  • policarpo

    Congrats on finally releasing an app out there which captures this type of data. After using the app for a bit, I had some opinions on it and put together a quick mind map and mood board. You can digest it here:


    • abright

      Hey this is great! Dave is sending it to our app developer! Would love to send you a “Thank you” bag of coffee! Could you e-mail me your shipping address?

      • policarpo

        Thanks for the offer. Keep up the great work!!

      • lance

        I like the app but i sometimes find that it cannot take any elevated heart rate into consideration for people who exercise a lot as it detects elevated heart rate which skews a reading.

        Other than that really good job, well done.

    • abright

      (e-mail: alexis [at] bulletproofexec [dot] com)

  • matt

    Not sure who you used to develop the application but there are some pretty awesome things happening right now in the mono/cross platform/pcl space. If your logic is defined, you should be able to release a true cross platform app with only marginal more development.

  • Sveta

    Dave, what is considered a normal pulse range for rested state in the morning and then throughout the day? My pulse in the morning is around 65 and then it skips from 60+ to 90+ throughout the day. Measurements are just from today while doing BP coffee and not eating anything else. I am using Polar heart rate monitor. Given this wide range while not eating anything, how can I accurately do the Coca Pulse test to measure food sensitivity? Thanks

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  • michael021

    Can someone recommend a good bluetooth heartrate monitor that I can discreetly wear during the day in conjuction with this app? There are several competing brands. I’d appreciate any thoughts.

    • Joshua Rosenblum

      You can see a list of HR monitors compatible with the sweetbeat app here:

      I use the 60 Beat Blue HR monitor and it has worked well with the app so far. I have no problem wearing the strap all day so I can look at my average HR, HRV and stress levels for the day as a whole. The app is buggy when try to upload this much data (10 hours) to the web site though. It doesn’t really bother me because I enter the information separately into a spreadsheet any way.

  • Michael

    If I buy a different chest heart monitor will it still work for the new bulletproof app? Id rather have something under my shirt then clipped onto my ear.

  • Liz

    One thing I was curious about in the functionality of the app, is how do you measure food sensitivity versus caffeine/stimulant heart rate response. I measured my heart rate upon waking and pre-breakfast and found it to be 48-50. Then after breakfast it rose to 60. I’m wondering if it has to do with the coffee consumption or a food sensitivity. Are there thoughts on this?

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  • Sveta

    If I don’t get a spike in my pulse as a result of eating some non-BP foods like raw dairy, does it mean it’s safe for me to have it? (Assuming there are no toxins in the dairy). Thanks

  • ElGeeBe

    Is anyone else having issues with the app not working? The camera sensor has never worked for me. I’ve tried putting my finger over the camera and flash at every possible angle and the signal is never picked up. Any tips on how to get this thing to would would be much appreciated!

  • Angela

    Hi Dave!

    I am new to your approach to personal hacking, but have been doing it myself for a while. I would like to know more about your personal experience with Tomatis method and fixing your auditory processing issues. How did you found out that you have them? What symptoms did you experience? How did the Tomatis method help? How many sessions did you need? Did it affect your ability to stay in coherence?

  • Jason Barber

    After 12 days and 48 sessions or so, here’s some feedback on the app from a user’s perspective.
    First of all, obviously I love being able to track my HRV! This is fantastic technology and I’m seeing benefits already. I will continue to use it with my chest strap and looking forward to seeing how much I can improve my readings over the long term.
    Here are some suggestions to make it more usable:
    1. I can’t save long sessions, so I can’t use it to track HRV during sleep for instance, or for a work day. The maximum time seems to be about 3.5-4 hours. “413 Request Entity Too Large: The requested resource alpha_session_save.php does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.”
    2. Tagging: – would be better if we could save our own custom tags, and have them able to be displayed separately in the graphs the way we can currently see the preset tags, eg. in Average HRV. Otherwise the custom tags have limited usefulness.
    3. On the “Monitor” display page, the Icons (Thinking, Angry, Happy etc.) don’t seem to have any functionality: they’re not connected to the tags, they can’t be tracked, they can’t be customised. They also automatically default to whatever was used last, and I can’t set it to a blank slate, so if I’m “angry” once, I’ll be “angry” for every session in the future until I change it to something else.
    4. On the “Monitor” display page, the “Set Stress” feature again doesn’t seem to have any function. Again it stays wherever I set it in the past, which doesn’t make any sense, I can’t turn it off or set it back to blank, and it’s not tracked in any of the graphs.
    5. The feature to set “Stress Alerts” and “Heart Rate Alerts” is brilliant, but why does it not go away when I bring my stress or heart rate down below the threshold? My phone goes off in my pocket and tells me I’ve exceeded my threshold, but when I bring my stress or heart rate back down it doesn’t stop.
    My first post since finding your site a few months ago Dave. Getting great results with everything I’ve tried and love the constant flow of new ideas. Hope my feedback helps make the app better in a future iteration.

    • Sveta

      Dave, can we pls have an option to manually override/cancel the timer when entering meals and pulse rates? Thanks

  • Chuck Currie

    Great app – now where’s the Windows and Android versions?

  • Luis Arauz

    My heart rate starts speeding up when I consume fat. So am I allergic to fat? Or will the app account for that?

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  • Josh Bobb

    I was so excited about this app, but unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver what I thought it was going to. It seems to be great for monitoring HRV, but not improving or coaching. I was hoping it was more about improving and coaching how to control HRV. In other words, I was hoping for something closer to the Inner Balance sensor/app combo. I can sit and watch my LF, HF, Last RR and rMSSD, but only the actual numbers (not a graph) AND have absolutely no idea how to interpret those numbers.

    I want to love this app, as the Inner Balance Sensor, after day 2, stopped working (currently being exchanged), but find it sorely lacking (for my purposes), at least in its current state. I hope that Dave and Sweetwater continue to improve this app and add many more features regarding actual coaching to improve HRV.

  • Dave, I posted this to BeatHealth Facebook page. Wanted to get your perspective.

    I am curious as to when there will be support for Android-based devices? I am involved with Glass development and see TREMENDOUS opportunity here, yet thus far no enterprise supports Android. It’s sort of dumbfounding to me. Apple offers a closed-system approach to development while Google via Android promotes open source and community sharing – which is exactly what the quantified-self market needs. Yet enterprises reward Apple. I do realize the economics and markets involved – yet to me, positioning solely to an Apple IOS market is very, very near-sighted.

    ** I don’t post this to be dogmatic, partial, or one-dimensional. It is for the sole sake of critical conversation.

    Wearable-tech is going to be HUGE, epic HUGE. And it’s the sharing, open source, community-based mindsets that will flourish. Apple is horribly positioned for the mid/long-term. Can’t just make new Iphone colors and Ipads lighter and think you can compete in this new world.

    I would love to hear your perspective on this.

  • Amy

    I recently purchased the HRV Sense app and neither of my Polar chest straps are being read by the “Bluetooth Smart” pairing option. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Jangali

    One word: Android
    Thanks Dave 😉

  • Lucy Madeline

    AHHH HELP WHERE IS THE APP?!?! I can’t find it in the iTunes store, says it’s not avail in the U.S. please advise!

  • Kris

    Are there any plans to make this compatible with the FitBit Charge HR? I am already tracking my heart rate all day along with steps and activity etc, so I would really like to not have to wear another sensor.

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