5 Anti-aging Secrets for Your Mitochondria

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While wrinkles and a sagging belly might be among the wince-inducing initial signs, aging actually begins in your cells. Mitochondria are the power plants within your cells that are ground zero for energy production.

Often called the “powerhouse of the cell,” mitochondria produce energy as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that your body then uses to fuel your day-to-day activities. Mitochondria dictate how you feel all the time. They’re the bedrock of a strong body and a powerful mind.


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Some cells have more mitochondria than others. Your brain cells are teeming with these little guys. Ditto your heart. Muscle cells have a pretty massive mitochondrial crew.

You want tons of these guys working at full capacity and cranking out constant energy. Stronger mitochondria make for stronger brains and stronger bodies. So does consistency: mitochondrial biogenesis, or creating new mitochondria, becomes crucial for vibrant aging, optimal energy production, and protection against oxidative stress.

The opposite – mitochondrial dysfunction – spells disaster for your energy levels, contributing to numerous problems including cardiovascular disease and obesity. [1]

Unfortunately, the enormous amount of energy your mitochondria produce makes them susceptible to free radical damage and decay as you age.

“Mitochondria slowly decline in number and vigor” as you age, writes Ginny Graves in a fascinating Prevention article. “Little by little, your health and vitality decline, until one day you realize that your favorite clothes no longer fit, you’re exhausted by a trip to the grocery store, and your doctor is writing you a script for metformin to control your diabetes.”

But if you’re familiar with Bulletproof, you know that we don’t stand for weight gain or low energy. Mitochondrial glitches are not inevitable. Here are five ways you can support your mitochondria (even grow new ones!) for greater vitality and a more vigorous life. 


5 Ways to Upgrade Your Mitochondria

In the past, researchers and doctors have relied on things like chronic calorie restriction (CR) to convince your body to create more mitochondria. [2] That works, but it takes a great deal of willpower. These five hacks are much easier than starving yourself.

  1) Curb inflammation

Inflammation plays a key role in aging, damaging mitochondria and increasing mitochondrial dysfunction. [3] Ways to dial down inflammation include Bulletproof Protein fasting, exercising, taking a quality krill oil supplement, and following the Bulletproof Diet, where you replace inflammatory foods like grains, dairy, and omega-6 oils with anti-inflammatory , nutrient-rich fats, meats, and vegetables.

  2) Get good sleep

Studies show crappy sleep and sleep disorders play a key role in mitochondrial dysfunction. [4] In 2012, researchers identified the glymphatic system, which uses the cells’ mitochondria to remove cellular waste from the brain, particularly while you sleep. [5] In other words, as you sleep, the cells in your brain use their mitochondria to remove cellular waste. Here’s a guide to hacking your sleep

3) Boost your brain fuel

Brain Octane turns into ketones within minutes, providing abundant fuel for your mitochondria. Ketones boost your metabolism, increase fat burning, curb hunger, and sharpen your focus. They make your mitochondria more efficient at producing energy. 

4) HIIT it

Among its gazillion benefits, moving your body improves mitochondrial function and helps your brain perform better. [6] Walking has its merits, but the real advantages come from stepping it up a notch. Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to work out your mitochondria. One study found just two weeks of HIIT “significantly increased mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle.” [7]

5) Try Unfair Advantage

The best supplement to crank up your mitochondria is a unique active form of pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), the cousin of the popular supplement CoQ10. Adding ActivePQQ, the activated form of PQQ, can make you feel like you’re flipping on a switch of clean-burning energy. Bulletproof takes it a step further by packaging ActivePQQ in a colloidal delivery system along with CoQ10, to enhance bioavailability and absorption. The result is Unfair Advantage, a powerful way to support your mitochondria.  

Have you hacked your mitochondria to increase your energy? Any tips or tricks? Share them below. Thanks for reading and have a great week. 


Click to read the complete list of references.

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By Bulletproof Staff

  • Bryan Brown

    When is the best time of day to take unfair advantage? With coffee in the am?

    • Thomas Waldenfels

      Look, I’m not the expert here, but I’d never take any supplement with coffee. It’s a diuretic. You’ll just pee it out.

  • Rick Yarussi

    Any advantage (ha!) to taking Unfair Advantage every 12 hours, or is every 24 good enough?

    • Elizabeth Kennedy

      While I was traveling I took it four times per day over a two week period, and boy did I feel good afterwards. Still feeling stronger.

  • Bret Bouer

    Since all toxins disrupt mitochondrial function. I avoid and remove toxins.

    • Exactly, Bret. I use a daily detoxification of clinoptilolite zeolite in suspension because we all absorb and are exposed to metals and other toxins daily. Prevent and stay ahead of dis-ease.

      • Jill Smith

        Do you recommend that form of zeolite over cholestyramine? Moldy here, bought a bank owned home where they hid the mold.

  • Sara Plummer

    Great article Dave! It inspired my first article on GetHSH in 4 months! Thank you for the great topics and information as always. We love Brain Octane and Unfair Advantage. Your philosophy is very much in alignment with our recent weight loss product FreeTheFat. We’d like to feature some of your products in the supplement section with your permission. Who should we reach out to about that?

  • aamar

    In addition to ensuring your mitochondria are optimum, I try to keep my body as pure as possible. I believe toxic load has a lot to do with energy…

    I’ve been playing around with intermittent fasting as it relates to eating and fasting times of day.

    While starting to eat at noon and finishing at 8pm daily seems to be the craze these days and it’s amazing, there may be something to doing this during the daytime….ie, eat at 6 am and don’t eat till 8pm or so and get a 14 hr fast in that way.

    My extreme workouts and fasting have resulted in muscle fatigue at times and have been getting IV injections with Glutathione, B17 and other interesting items in my IV cocktail.

    Lastly on eating meat, albeit at reduced amounts due to the time it takes to digest it. But when I do eat meat I only eat Halal or Kosher as their preparation methods ensure the blood is completely drained. Toxicity is in the blood which leads to disease. It goes without saying that my meat is grass fed organic!

    Last thing I do every time I eat, is drink 2 glasses of water just prior any meal….keeps everything moving….

    • angela-french

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    • Linda Wilcox

      Aamar, I have to admit to being dismayed by your comments. Although I agree with some of your comments like paying attention to toxic load and eating organic food I feel you really need to listen to your body and also understand the science a little better. Intermittent fasting is great at stimulating your insulin receptors but if you do it too much you will deplete your minerals, damage your cells and cause harmful levels of cortisol. Our bodies are designed to be fuelled and work during the day and to detox and heal during sleep. As this article states HIIT is the way to go and to fuel it with appropriate carbs and good fat. No wonder your EXTREME workouts and fasting have resulted in muscle fatigue – the treatment should not be I/V cocktails but a change in how you work with your body for best results. Drinking two glasses of water prior to eating also interferes with normal digestion by diluting stomach acid. If you would like more guidance on a good regime I would suggest you check out Joe Wicks The Body Coach on YouTube.

      • judy.anderson

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  • Aaron Matteson

    What do you think about eating food like brazil nuts for example, rich in selenium. supplementing magnesium good for energy? what about chromium, iron, and other minerals for energy? .. you kinda have to use it all or lose it all in my opinion.

    • janet.barbosa

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